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Pick-up Lines

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Summary: "So did it hurt?" "What?" "When you fell from heaven."

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Supernatural > Buffy-CenteredAngelBlackFR1514144233,19220 Jan 0920 Jan 09Yes
Pick-up Lines

Disclaimer: Don't own 'em
A/N: I don't even know, man.

He was just sitting at the bar with his brother when she strode in.

"-well from the reports I dug up, it looks like the spirit tends to-"

"Sammy," he cut his brother off, "I'll be right back."

Slight confusion was written in the form of his brother's forehead as Dean put down his beer and walked away, but it was quickly erased as he saw whom he was heading to. Sam rolled his eyes.

Buffy's short, quick steps belied the frustration that she felt as she walked into the bar.

As she snagged a stool with her foot, pulled it over, and sat in one motion, she looked with pursed lips and a clenched jaw at the brunette slouching lazily next to her.

The woman merely smirked and raised an eyebrow at her, her crimson-painted lips quirking as if to merely aggravate the blonde staring daggers at her.

Oh, wait. That might be because it was.

Between grinding teeth, Buffy growled out, "Faith. My bike."

Her amusement even more prevalent now, Faith's eyes crinkled and her eyes spoke of mischief.

"What about it?"

Buffy's jaw dropped and she gave the other girl an unbelieving stare.

That's when he came onto the scene.

He came up on her from behind, his confident smirk dropping as he fixed an expression of total innocence on his face.

Then he tapped her shoulder and she whirled around.

Actually, he couldn't really tell which one came first.

Her golden eyebrows were arched as if to question the reason for his existence.

Or, at least why he had interrupted her.

In any case, Dean Winchester had never been one easily dissuaded from his goal, especially when the goal in question was a beautiful woman.

"Would you mind telling me something, ma'am?"

Without waiting for an answer, Dean bulldozed ahead.

"Did it hurt?"

Confusion slightly marred her delicate features and she said, out of confusion more than as a reply-


Dean smirked as he spoke the clich├ęd line.

"Why, when you fell from heaven of course."

With a change of expressions far too quick to follow, the blonde's underwent exasperation and then gut-wrenching sadness before settling on anger.

In one fast movement she stood up, swept out his legs from under him, and then, standing over him, she whispered harshly-


A/N: There. Actually came out a lot more serious than I had originally intended.

The End

You have reached the end of "Pick-up Lines". This story is complete.

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