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Beyond The Horizon.

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Summary: SG-1 arrive, unexpectedly, on a world called Tara.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralDavidFraserFR1555,20312311,38320 Jan 098 Feb 10No


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All disclaimers still apply: We own no part of BtVS or other Multi-Verse characters herein.

Jack O'Neill did not appreciate the experience of flying without a jet strapped around him, but luckily, instinct and training kicked in pretty quick as he flew through the air after being ejected rather forcefully from the Stargate. It was also immediately obvious that this was not the desert landscape of P-whatever.

Grunting softly to himself as he raised to one knee, P90 held ready, he quickly checked his team. Teal'c was already upright watching their six, and Carter was crouched by Danny, checking him over carefully, as he seemed to have landed awkwardly.


She looked up quickly. "He's okay, just stunned."

"Right. Next priority then. Take a look around, we're not where we're supposed to be. No MALP. And most important Carter. No Stargate."

Helping Daniel to sit up, then to his feet, she took in their surroundings. The valley was fairly wide where they were, a line of trees bordering what appeared to be a track or road of some kind, and she could hear the sound of water behind her. She could also feel as if the Stargate should be there, between the trees and the river. "Sir, I think it is there, we just can't see it. Teal'c can you sense anything?"

"No Major Carter, I cannot."

O'Neill watched as she wandered about the area they had 'landed', one arm held out in front of her in defence as if she expected to suddenly bump into something. "Very scientific approach there, Carter."

She was about to protest, vehemently, when Teal'c interrupted.

"Colonel O'Neill, we are being observed."

His P90 came up ready again as Carter followed suit, Daniel placing his hand over a holstered pistol. "Where away?"

"To our left, halfway up the slope of the hill, where that lone tree grows beside the large boulder."

Even as he looked over the terrain, a horse and rider appeared suddenly from behind the boulder; not even stopping to look them over before moving down the hill towards the trees lining the track.

End of Two.
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