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Beyond The Horizon.

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Summary: SG-1 arrive, unexpectedly, on a world called Tara.

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Disclaimer: We own no part of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any of the Multi-Verse characters mentioned herein. No infringement of copyright is contemplated or intended. (No resemblance to anyone living, dead or undead is intended either).
Title: Beyond The Horizon.
Authors: David Fraser and Emily Louise Moore.
Rating: FR15. Don't ignore this!!
Feedback: Please. Any author craves feedback and we're no exception.
Note: By its very nature Crossover Fanfic is AU, so please accept that this Universe does exist somewhere.
AN: This is our long one, and chapters will be of variable (short) length.

Joyanne Summers, Slayer Prime attached to the XIVth Legion, paused her movement as every hair on her body reacted to the activation of the magical wards around the 'Gate in the valley below.

She'd lucked out when the time to use this observation point had come round to her; the small fruit just coming ripe as she had set up her camp in this hollow scoured out by the ice aeons ago. The last of her handful now in her mouth, the tart sweetness spreading across her tongue, she clicked her fingers at Tawny, who was standing in the shade of some trees behind her.

As her mount moved up beside her, she removed the glass from her saddlebag and crept up to where the tree and rock broke the line of the ridge before her.

Using the features to break her outline she raised her spyglass, careful of the Sun lowering towards the hills on the other side.

Unlike the other 'Gate, which had been discovered high in the Myst Range on Indiana, this one was located almost at sea level, between the river running down from the gorge away to her right and the trackway on her side of the valley which led up to and through that same gorge; which had cut its way through the mountains which defined this area. The valley itself widened dramatically to her left as the vista opened up to a view of the 'Lantic, but she did not think that the visitors appreciated the view as they were unceremoniously ejected from the stone sculpture a lot faster than they could have anticipated.         

Lowering her glass to take in the wider view as they sorted themselves out, she nodded to herself as their actions confirmed her immediate impressions. Military.

Activating her comms, she sent a quick report. Benev Valley. Four travelers. Military.

As the 'Gate disappeared behind them, she smirked.

End of One.
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