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Memories in the Afternoon Sun

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Summary: Derek reminisces in the afternoon sun. Derek/? Please R&R - Thanks

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Television > Terminator: The Sarah Connor ChroniclesBillyBeeHoneyFR1819470180220 Jan 0920 Jan 09Yes
Title: Memories in the Afternoon Sun
Fandom: BTVS/T:SCC
Parring: Derrek/?
Rating: FR-17 / R
Disclaimer: I don't own either shows, I just borrowed them for a short time.
Spoilers: t:scc season one
Author's note: this is for my darling muse...I uhh didn't post this right away...but i did...two months later. And special thanks to Charlotte for helping me finish writing and being an awesome beta (and naming the thing with a wicked title...she's just too cool).

The sounds of various ads and heartfelt melodies melded into one static sound as he fumbled with the radio knob, trying to find something to listen to while he waited. Finding nothing but noise he shut it off. He'd really rather listen to the sounds of the quiet street; the sounds of birds, light traffic driving by, and the quiet chatter of the two women talking on the patio of the local Starbucks. When the only sounds you heard were that of battle, gun shells, explosions and death; it was a nice change of pace. For most people, the radio would be the prefered alternative but for Derek Reese, the sedate street sounds were relaxing, the perfect escape. The last time he experienced this kind of calm, this sense of normalcy was when he took John to the park to see Kyle.

Now, once again, he was doing something ordinary; picking up John from school. Sarah and the Metal were off investigating the power plant, which left him to look after John. Derek was used to looking after John Connor, helping to protect him and he would willingly sacrifice his own life for John. His nephew had to live, so he could lead, so he could be John Connor, the face of the resistance. But for Derek, the boy was more than that; John was all that remained of Kyle. Every time he looked at John he saw his brother. So Derek fought to protect him, perhaps thinking that by doing so he could make up for his inability to protect Kyle. Kyle had been his responsibility. It had always been his job to look out for his brother, and he’d failed that one task. If only...

The abrupt sound of the bell broke Derek from his thoughts, bringing his attention back to the task at hand, John. He watched the large group of teenagers pour through the front doors; all in a rush to head home, a friend’s or some other mundane activity. Their lives were so carefree, completely unaware of the looming doom in their not too distant future.

Their faces all blurred into one, his eyes honed only to pick out the distinct face of one John Connor. But a flicker in the corner of his eye caught his attention and he noticed her. She was standing at the bottom of the steps riffling through her bag looking for what was probably lost cellphone. He took in her appearance, her brown locks hanging loosely around her shoulders.

He ran his fingers through her wet strands, she sighed, leaning into his touch, their chests colliding.

He watched through the windshield as she bit her lip in concentration.

He lifted her chin, brushing his rough lips against her supple ones. His caress gentle, inviting. She moaned, her lips parting enough for him to tease her bottom one like she often did in a moment of thought.

She smiled triumphantly as she flipped open the silver Razor and brought it to her ear.

His lips trailed along her neck, finding the sensitive spot just below her ear. Her nails dug into his skin as she clung to his back. Her soft voice was barely audible over the water, “Derek...”

As she laughed into the phone, he wondered if her voice would sound the same. If his name would ever again fall from her lips. She was different, youthful and innocent, not yet changed by Judgment Day. She wasn’t like the woman he remembered, but yet she was the same. He could see the similarities, the amused smile curving slightly on the left side and the light...

His hands trailed down the curve of her back and she grabbed his hair, bringing their lips back together. She pulled back for a moment to catch her breath, leaning her forehead against his, eyes half closed. He caressed her cheek, their eyes staring into one another’s soul. And he saw it, the little light that shone behind her eyes. It was only in the brief moments like this that the glow appeared; the rare times they were alone, when she was content… happy. He kissed her again and this time it was soft, not as rushed as before.

She ran her hand down his chest, letting it rest above his heart. She could feel the increased tempo beating beneath her palm. He placed his hand above hers, grasping it softly, he brought it up to his wet lips. His lips trailed over her water covered skin, exploring as his free hand traveled over her hip to rest just below her breast. He could feel the rapid beating of her heart. Capturing her lips again he led her backwards, her back colliding with the cold tiles. He grabbed her thighs, lifting her up, her legs resting on his hips interlocking behind his back.

He watched her transfixed... until a sharp knock on the window pulled him from his memories. John stood at the door, waiting impatiently for him to unlock it. Derek abruptly flipped the switch letting John in. John looked at his uncle, taking in his rough demeanor, wondering what caused this sudden harshness. Derek started the engine, glancing back to seek her out. She was gone, only his memories of her left behind in the afternoon sun.

The End

You have reached the end of "Memories in the Afternoon Sun". This story is complete.

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