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The Begining

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Morphing the World". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: When two universes with two groups of teenagers fighting for the wolrd collide one Halloween night, Xander is changed forever.

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Literature > Childrens/Teen > Animorphs(Past Donor)DakaathFR1816,665475,19120 Jan 0920 Jan 09Yes
Disclaimer – I don’t own Buffy or the works of K.A. Applegate.

My name is Xander, well, let’s that leave it at Xander, names have power after all. And I am in the middle of a violent and bloody war to make sure humanity stays the dominant species on the planet. I fight all those things that go bump in the night. Vampires, demons, witches, ghouls, all of them. Let me tell you how I went from token human, to one of the more adaptable fighters.

It started when Snyder forcibly recruited us into the Halloween escort program, and I learned I needed a costume. The day before Halloween didn’t leave many options that weren’t expensive or mass produced clones that everyone and their sister would wear. So I began to think, hoping for inspiration to strike, and strike it did. The old, out of date book fair poster, sponsored by the Mayor and Scholastic, reminded me of the one book series I read as a kid, one that now held more meaning then ever due to me being a Slayer’s assistant.

I now knew who I wanted to be, the question was how to pull it off? I could use the old bike shorts and muscle top I had, taken from my father after a brief ‘exercise phase’ that didn’t work, but no one would know who I was, so the troll would get mad. Hopefully the new costume shop Buffy and Willow were talking about would have something.

And it did, in the form of a cheap werewolf outfit, perfect for my plans.

I spent the rest of my day browsing through the books, reading some and skimming others. They were meant for kids in elementary and middle school so it wasn’t like they were that long. As I read through one of my favorite ones, involving driving a T.V. star mad, I realized just how much we had in common.

‘It’s almost scary how similar we are, both using jokes and humor as tools. We even have similar mottos, both coming down to “It’s better to laugh then cry.” Baywatch, Xena, videogames and cartoons, all things we both like. Then there’s the fact we’re both in secret wars that involve the existence of the human race and blond warrior women.’

Shaking my head at the strange similarities, I pushed the thoughts from my head, the wrong thing to do at the time. I’ve learned since that there are no such things as coincidences when it comes to magic.

The next evening, after putting the finishing touches on my costume, I started towards Buffy’s house, running just a few minutes late.

“Lady Buffy! You look great! And Willow, nice Boo.” Buffy looked a little put off by my words, but I shrugged it off, after all she probably tried to get Willow into a different costume.

“Xander, couldn’t you come up with anything better then a changing werewolf?” demanded Buffy.

“I’m not a werewolf, I’m-” Before I can explain my brilliant costume choice, Buffy grabbed me and Willow, pulling us out the door and toward the school.

“No time to explain, we’re running late.”

When the wave of magic swept over the town that night, Xander vanished to be replaced by Marco, member of the Animorphs.

The last thing I remembered was agreeing to go on a mission. I knew it would be a suicidal one, that I was throwing away all my wealth and fame gained after the war, but I also knew I couldn’t refuse, not when Jake and Tobias were going as well. I wasn’t afraid, I knew I was too scarred from the war, from doing unspeakable things as a child to protect the human race, to ever really fit in; my mask was just good enough that no one but the other survivors really knew. So I went, and we rammed the ship and destroyed the One, saving the world one last time. Hurrah!

But here I was, in some suburban town that could pass as mine with little freaks and monsters running around, partway into my wolf morph. ‘Better get out of this, no telling how long I was in for and getting stuck as a wolf man, particularly an ugly one, wouldn’t be good. Though there are the horror film options…’

Shrugging my head I quickly followed my own advice, feeling the half formed tail, ears, and scattered fur slurp inside me. Looking around at the chaos, I decided a gorilla would fit in perfectly, and the change began. As soon as it finished I set off, just one more monster in the parade, to do what I could.

When the effect wore off about two hours later, my body was sitting on a rooftop, apparently resting. Having only a vague idea how I got there, I immediately scrambled down. As I began to make my way back home, I thought everything seemed a bit strange, a bit bigger than normal, and I was defiantly stumbling more, but I pushed those things to the side and made it home to my room. When I did, I was shocked. There in the mirror was not my face, but Marco’s. Sure the face looked about my age, something surprising considering he was about 19 or twenty when the series ended, I guess constantly refreshing your DNA had a good effect on your health (Boy would find that out later), but I knew for a fact I wasn’t Hispanic.

Naturally, I did what any sane and heroic fighter of the darkness that inhabits our world would do; panic. I immediately wished for the familiar contours of my face, closing my eyes and trying to picture it, hoping when I opened them that it would be there. When I opened my eyes, my face was shifting, morphing, and I realized the truth.

I had the Andalite morphing power, the ability to take anything’s DNA and become it. And now my body was just another morph.

So here I was with the power to make a difference in the fight. To actually be someone that the darkness might fear, and all I had to give up was my body.

I could easily give it up, just stay in my own body until the two hour time limit, and everything would be back to normal. I would be a nothlit, someone who stayed in a morph over the two hour period, trapped in the new body. But I wouldn’t really be trapped, would I? After all, it was my own body. But could I do that, just give up the power to make a difference? No.

So I decided to keep the power, to hide it. From Everyone. That was a lesson that all of Marco’s memories screamed at me, that secrecy is a weapon unto itself. The Animorphs had depended on secrecy for years and it worked, but when their identities began to get out, everyone they loved and cared for was a target.

I decided to test out my powers that night. Opening my window, I concentrated on the Great Horned Owl, perfect for night flying, which was something my memories reminded me of. It is impossible to describe the feeling of your bones liquefying and reforming, organs shifting, muscles changing. Nothing about morphing makes sense either. You would think you might shrink first and then the rest of the change, or something orderly like that. Instead my finger tips sprouted right through by fingers, clearly showing the bone as they became wings. It didn’t get any less weird as the changes went on.

Finally though it was done, and I was an owl sitting on my floor.

That was when I began my new life. It was easy to keep the power a secret, to use my body as just another morph. It took less than a minute to switch from my old body to Marco and back again, after all it was just going from human to human. I have to say I am so glad that each animal form comes as a complete package with a set of instincts, otherwise I probably would have killed myself that first night, ran into a tree or some electrical wires and that would have been the end of my story. But I made it, and you can never describe the feeling of flying to someone who has never done it before, it would be like describing color to the blind. I could see why Tobias chose to trap himself as a hawk, the feeling of freedom flying five hundred feet above the town and yet able to see the bugs crawling on a tree was indescribable. Eventually though, it had to end and a glance at a clock in a pawn store told me my time was nearly up.

My new life began the next day. It was easy to hide my new body, demorphing and remorphing in the bathrooms between classes. I probably could have even done it in class, just going from human to human being almost unnoticeable and all the students to bored to pay any attention to me.

At night though, it was a different story. While Marco might have preferred using a gorilla as a battle morph, and I can see why, the pure strength of a gorilla dwarfs any vampire, that would have stuck out a little too much and might not have been covered by the Sunnydale Syndrome. The last thing I needed was poachers and zoo keeps out looking for a lost gorilla. Instead I went with Hork-Bajir.

Don’t go looking in your demonology books to find one, you won’t. They are a genetically designed species meant to care for gigantic trees. They stand seven feet tall with dark green, thick leathery skin. Their necks are long and they have a mouth that resembles a falcon's beak with teeth. Their legs are long and their knees bend backwards. They also heal fast, in the books one of them cut his head straight through to the brain and it began to heal immediately afterward. What makes them so ideal as fighters though, are their blades. They have bone-like blades at their wrists, arms, knees, and forehead, in addition to spikes on their tails. While these blades were given to them by their creators, the Arn, to help them climb and cut bark from trees, they also work as fearsome weapons. I found them ideal for literally disarming vampires, allowing me to loot them, and then decapitating them. They’re also great against demons, as they are at least as stronger, if not stronger then, the average one. And best of all, they’re covered by good old Sunnydale Syndrome and any surviving vampires or demons that see me will go looking for a demon race that doesn’t exist. Win-win situation for me.

So I kept my secret from the gang, still playing the part as the loveable fool and comic relief, though occasionally I let slip Marco’s ruthless side, the one that let him see from point A to Z and how to best get there. And hiding was actually rather useful, as it let me get some cool morphs.

The bezoar baby was really nice; I mean it’ll let me take over a person’s mind, always useful.

Then there was the Judge. The rest of the gang was lucky I was there when they opened the box with the arm. The only reason we managed to get it to loosen the death grip it had on Buffy’s throat was I put it in an acquiring trance. The bright side of that was I got the DNA; never know when you might need a soul-burning, immune to ancient weapons, demon.

When it came time to kill, well, honestly, we had no plan. I would have killed for a Shredder or Drakon beam. Instead they decided on cross-bows, which I thought was pretty suicidal, if it was up to me I would have tried ramming him with a truck, but my suggestion was ignored. I managed to come up with a pretty good plan for ditching them, so they let me go and I followed them to the mall. Then I went Hork-Bajir. It was the first time any of the gang or the Scourge of Europe had seen me, and let me say you should have seen their faces when I dropped through the mall skylight and down onto the Judge, taloned feet first. I would have preferred to use the Judge’s own form, but that would have brought up to many questions.

Let me tell you, the Judge’s human-soul-burning-lightening might not have killed me, but it sure did hurt. I got revenge though when I eviscerated him and through his organs all over the mall.

The gang began to ask some questions after that, and Giles went on a wild goose chase looking for the Hork-Bajir in any of his musty old books. Thank god Willow never read the Animorphs when we were kids, though they were too childish.

The werewolf that came after that was actually rather easy to deal with. They might have called it a werewolf, but I honestly think Oz looks more like a deranged yeti or my gorilla form with a bad hair day when he changes. My real wolf form to find him, and then a couple of nice Gorilla punches to put him down, the Hork-Bajir would have been overkill, which while I normally don’t have a problem with it, dealing with a transforming human made me make an exception.

The love spell fiasco that fallowed wasn’t my fault, honestly. Just because I cracked a joke and mentioned the old witch doctor song did not make it my fault that one of the nerds decided to try it.

I managed to save Ms. Calendar, which I count as a good thing.

School window: $150 dollars.

Medical bills for crashing through said window as a half-man half-owl creature: Covered by morphing

Getting to claw Angelus’s pretty boy face as I sped past? Priceless.

When Buffy was in the hospital, I got what has to be one of my favorite new morphs, the Der Kindestod. Sure, finding the invisible dead body was a bitch, but the ability to be invisible? Worth every moment of searching. I now had the perfect spying tool on my hands.

I ended up using it soon after when I spied on the swim team. Those fish creatures were a nice addition to my arsenal, though the hammerhead can fight better in deeper water. Man did I have fun turning into a giant squid to take down the one in the school pool, they still don’t know how all the ink got there.

I didn’t manage to save Kendra, which is something I deeply regret. I would have revealed my secret in an instant if it meant saving her, but in an ambush like that there just wasn’t time. Morphing leaves me vulnerable, the more different the creature the longer it takes and I would have been easy pickings if I tried. I got revenge though. Leaving Drusilla as a limbless torso wasn’t my original plan, but Spike interfered before I could finish the job. Ms. Calendar cast the curse at the same time, having to wait until then due to moon phases or something, and the world was saved.

Buffy left, abandoned her duty, but I couldn’t really blame her. I had memories of what Tobias was left when Rachel died, and while I might not have approved of her obsession with Angel, I knew how death and war, especially personal battles, could affect someone.

The summer months were pretty calm, nothing I couldn’t handle, and it spared the rest of the gang the trouble of trying to hunt.

When Buffy came back I was able to make sure she was accepted back to school, the bezoar baby being a wonderful morph to use on Snyder and the police.

The new slayer was interesting, I could tell something was off with her from Marco’s memories, but couldn’t tell what. When the truth about Kakistos came out, I wasn’t able to help much, two Slayers able to handle it, and I would have been in the way.

Whenever I watched Oz, it was always in the wolf morph, it seemed to calm him some and he never remembered anyway. I had always left the window open, I knew he couldn’t get out and the fresh air seemed to help some, but with the murder they actually noticed the window. I knew it wasn’t Oz, the smell was wrong, but they still kept trying to say I might have dozed off or something. It was fun to say ‘I told you so’ when the truth came out.

Saving the babies during the band candy incident was nice; it was good to be the public hero for once. The giant snake morph was rather nice as well; I had fun chasing vampires with it later.

When I found out Angel was back during the incident with the fake Watcher, that was a nasty shock. I could have killed him, it would have been so easy, but I wanted the truth. So I told Giles, know an intervention would occur. Everything worked out in the end, just not as well as I hoped.

Spike showing up was a rather nasty surprise, though it was hilarious to hear that torso-Drusilla had left him for what might have well been an ambulatory snot ball. In the end, he ran off, Willow was safe, and my secret was as well.

He incident with MOO was actually kind of funny, in a scary way. The fact that the mob actually managed to find real witches like Willow, Amy, and Ms. Calendar was strange, but I guess it was part of the demon’s magic. Morphing into that giant baby-eating demon snake and chasing the stupid troll around was hilarious, especially when the news talked about giant escaped anacondas the next day. The gang just assumed it was a territorial dispute.

The Watcher’s Council made me so anger with Cruciamentum. I wasn’t able to do anything at the time, having been patrolling a different part of town, but afterwards was a different story. It was the first time I used the Judge morph. Burning that bastard might have been wrong or evil, but you won’t be able to convince me of that.

The incident with the Sisterhood of Jhe was actually a good thing. Being pushed away meant they paid attention to me less and I had more time for my solo patrols. Those zombies were actually pretty pathetic, but I got some nice loot from their bodies. I wish more of our enemies didn’t turn to dust.

The Assistant Mayor incident was a mess. The moment I heard the story about the Assistant Mayor I knew something was wrong. All my memories were screaming about the David incident. Our group couldn’t have another traitor, so I took matters into my own hands. I went to her hotel room, if you could call that trash heap a hotel, my memories of Ax’s scoop are better. For those of you who don’t know, it’s basically a grassy hole in the ground with a covering. Yeah, I’d prefer one of those over any of the rooms offered.

I knocked and waited for her to answer, I knew she was there, I had seen her less than a minute ago when I flew by.

“What?” She sounded bored, but I knew she was covering something up.

“I just, uh, came by to see how you are, actually. Seeing someone murdered in front of you, that must have been bad.” I started my detective work; depending on how she responded would let me know what I needed.

“I’m sick of people asking me that, for one thing.” The venom in her voice let me know she was covering something. I waited a moment, but she wasn’t saying anything else.

“Can I come in for a moment, just to talk? I promise.”

“Fine, not like you could do anything I didn’t want you to.” That comment surprised me some, I had guessed her live was bad before becoming a Slayer, but that bad?

“Exactly, my arms are like limp noodle, no muscles at all.” In my defense, that was an exaggeration. I do have muscles, I just hide them.

She stared at me for a minute before letting me in. “Five minutes.”

“Look, it won’t even take that long if you don’t want it to. It’s just, uh… I heard what happened, and I thought you might need a friend.” My wording was deliberate, the way she took my statement with what I had said before would tell me the truth about that night.

She glares again. “So go talk to Buffy, she’s the one that killed a guy.”

I sighed, so that’s what really happened then. I wanted more proof first; after all, I didn’t exactly have many options for dealing with her. “Yeah I heard that version.”

“Version?” The hostility in her tone was digging her deeper.

“Yeah version, but that’s not important. Either way, it sounded accidental, late night, lot of vamps, and some idiot jumps you, so accident, which is the important thing.”

Her response is quick and angry. “No, the important thing is that Buffy is the accidental murderer.” That was all I needed. Her constant interpretations of my answers to make it seem like I was blaming her, despite my first statement, her aggression and anger, it was all the proof I needed to act. I needed to get out of there and dimorph so I could go combat form.

Something must have changed in my eyes or body language, maybe even my scent; I don’t know how strong the Slayer senses are. She abruptly changed. “I know what this is all about. You just came by here cause you want a taste, don’t you?”

She began to move closer as I backpedaled. “No. N-n-n-no, that’s not it.”

“Whatever makes you feel better. So how do you like it? Lights on or off? Kinks or vanilla?”

I knew I had to get out of there, something was wrong and I was vulnerable. “Faith, come on. I came here to help you.”

She laughs and pushes me away from the door, freedom, and towards the bed. “You wanna help me? Then show me some skin.” She rips open my shirt, something I had finally got the hang of morphing, no more spandex for me. “I see…I want…I take.”

As she began to rub herself on me, I look frantically for options. Demorphing wouldn’t work, seeing me shifting to another guy would probably make her snap my neck. My only option was to wait and hope something came up.

“I could do anything to you right now. I can make you scream.” As she leans forward to kiss me I prepare to try and kick her, hoping it will work, but then I feel her hand on my neck. “I could make you die.”

As she begins to choke me, I frantically grab at her hands. I need to get out of here1 As my vision starts to go I begin to dimorph back to Marco’s, now my, body, hoping the change will give me some wiggle room. Maybe my desperation helped control the morph, but my neck shrunk slightly, just enough to loosen her hold and allow me to take a breath. Following up on my advantage, I kick out at her as I continue to change, and her surprise at seeing my face melt away works in my favor, allowing me to get free.

I begin to run and as she gives chase, Angel appears and smacks her with a bat. I think that was the first time I’ve ever been grateful to a dead body. He ignored me, probably just thinking I was some random guy she was attacking, after all by that point my old body, smell and all, was gone.

I debated about what to do after that point. The gang had been leaving out of the loop after the whole Sisterhood of Jhe incident, which I supported, more free time and all, so I only heard about the Vampire Willow incident after it happened. I spent most of my time thinking about the Faith crisis, get it? Yeah, not that funny but I use what I have. My only option was to kill her since I didn’t have the luxury of trapping her in rat form like Marco did, so I had to be sure of her guilt. I knew she did kill the Assistant Mayor, but like I told her, it was accidental, and the attempted choking could be blamed on stress. That meant waiting for proof she was truly evil.

I got it after hearing the story of the attempted sting operation. Thank god I wasn’t involved in that fiasco, too busy hunting normal run of the mill vampires. But it gave me my proof.

So I went hunting for Faith; that was another pun for all you slow people.

I ended up tracking her to a new apartment, a nicely furnished one at that. Stealing a car was simple, hot wiring being a necessary evil in the war on the Yeerks, and I parked it right outside the apartment. Then it was gorilla time, she had to be alive for interrogation.

I knocked on the door and waited.

“Yeah, yeah. Coming,” I heard her yell through the door.

When she opened it her eyes got as wide as dinner plates right before my ham sized fist knocked her out, got to love the element of surprise. Carrying her into the apartment I found some belts and used those to tie her, hopefully the leather would hold. Dumping her in the truck I proceeded to loot the apartment. I know what you’re thinking, but like I said, it was a nice apartment.

From there it was a trip to one of the suspiciously empty warehouses Sunnydale always seems to have. Tying her to a post, this time with chains, I waited for her to wake up.

“Whu? Gorilla!” with a cry she was awake.

“Finally, I was afraid I hit you to hard.”

“Who’s there? What do you want?” As she looked around trying to pierce the shadows, I decided to humor her and stepped forward. “Who the hell are you?” Not that it actually gave her anything; she’d never seen Marco before.

“That doesn’t matter right now because you’re going to answer my questions.”

She spit on me and began cursing; I have to say she did have a large vocabulary. Ignoring her, I began to morph. My arms split as the bones disintegrated, forming four waving tentacles. My feet changed, becoming webbed. My head grew, taking over my neck, and my mouth stretched obscenely large as my eyes seemed to bulge from their sockets and turn bright green. The last thing that changed was my skin, turning yellow and slimly while somehow looking gravely. My memories of Marco remembered dubbing the Leeran as giant yellow physic frogs. And that is why I chose this form, it was physic. I could pry the answers right from Faith’s head.

Faith remained quite throughout all of this, too shocked at the horrifying spectacle to continue ranting.

{Now the questioning begins.} She looked startled hearing though-speech for the first time. {Don’t bother saying anything, I can read your thoughts.} As she began to scream and rant again, I began to scan her, occasionally asking questions. She didn’t have to answer, but she instinctively though of an answer, which was good enough for me. Finally, my quiet interrogation ended and I morphed back.

“You are guilty Faith, and I’m afraid I only have one option available.” I began to morph to Hork-Bajir. I had considered the Judge to burn her soul, but that was crossing over a line I wasn’t ready for yet.

She glared at me before sagging as the truth that she wouldn’t be getting away came crashing down. “At least tell me who will be killing me.”

{No. There is the chance your patron the Mayor could resurrect you somehow and then he would find out.} Saying that, I brought my blade to bear and decapitated her. Ignoring the blood, the stench of voided bowls, everything, I set about my task, dousing the area with gasoline. Flicking a match, I ran to the car and drove off as the warehouse burned behind me.

It was after that incident that my secret came out. Buffy was fighting a pair of telepathic demons and one of them infected her. By the time I found out about it…I was in the room with her.

“So she can read our mind? Our every impulse and fantasy?” questioned Cordelia.

“Every one,” confirmed Buffy. Of course at hearing that, everyone one of those secrets flashed through my mind. It’s like someone telling you not to think about elephants, you automatically think about them. She turned to me, horror in her eyes. “XANDER! You-”

I cut her off before she could continue. “Let’s not discuss that know, you have more important problems, like how you could go insane.”

Willow pipes up, adding her own opinion. “What? How could it be bad? I think it’s good. I mean she enjoys her other Slayer powers.”

“Yeah, but how long until she can’t control it, or it grows? Until she becomes the mind she’s reading? Or the dozen, hundred, thousand minds? What then?”

Giles began to ramble about history, past cases, and checking books. I looked at Buffy, who was still glaring at him with shock and horror. “I’m leaving; we can talk after all this is through.” Getting up I hurried away. No telling which secret she got and I’d like to keep the others safe.

When I later that day they needed help finding the demon, I volunteered, talking about old coveralls and protective gear I had from my Uncle’s job. They bought it, so I went hunting. I knew I would be safe, morphing is a total DNA reset, it can cure wounds and disease, even things like rabies and blindness. The sooner this was over with, the better. I like my secrets right where they are, hidden. Plus the chance to get a non-amphibian telepathic morph was nice.

Finding it was simple, Buffy had used the Library to change after getting sprayed with demon blood, and had left the bloody clothes there, so I used them to get the scent, then the hunt was on. The demon ignored me until I was close enough to rip its throat out, apparently the animal mind and body helped mask me. I gave the cure to Giles and Wesley to pass on, and then headed to school.

Buffy was back and I told her we’d talk after class. There was more excitement that day though. Apparently one of our classmates, Jonathan, was going to commit suicide. He stopped by the cafeteria to get a last meal and saw the lunch lady poisoning the food. He reported it and became a hero, from suicidal to celebrity. However, not even that managed to put off our talk, and we met in the park, away from prying eyes.

“You killed Faith!” She swung at me, but I was expecting it and managed to dodge.

“Yes I did.” She stopped trying to kill me, apparently my frank admittance managed to stun her.


Seeing the look on her face, I decided to be honest. “We couldn’t afford to have another Angelus.” That was a cruel thing to say, but I had to press my point, to make her see we were in a war. I could see the shock in her eyes that I would actually bring that taboo topic up, but I continued to press on. “How many did he kill on his rampage that we don’t know about, the ones he fed on? He knew about us, was a part of the group, knew what made us tick. Faith was a part of us as well. How long would it have taken you to kill her and what havoc could she have wrecked, knowing what she did about us? She was already trying to split the group by blaming you for the accident. She was human; she could have gone places Angelus would never have been able. She could have gone in your home; she could have gotten to your mother.” That got through to her; I could see realization hit her. “So I did what I had to do. I saved us all the future trouble.”

Buffy nodded reluctantly, but then a morbid curiosity appeared on her face. “How did you kill her?”

Now it was time for a game of dodge the question. “It was quick. I had the element of surprise.”

She accepted that, and I hugged her as she broke down.

So she learned one secret, but it was one I was willing to give up, and we bonded over it.

The incident with the Box of Gavrok is something we all messed up on, and it damaged my standing with the group. Sometimes I curse my ability to see from point A to Z and how to best get there, ignoring things like morals. I didn’t want to sacrifice Willow, but it was the only option. The others didn’t understand that, and they caught me, knocking me out and tying me up before I could finish the Ritual. The fact Oz destroyed the pot I would need after my attempt, to make sure no one else tried, meant I didn’t have another shot.

Prom night was nice, and Marco’s memories and influence helped my wit enough that I was named Class Clown something I will always treasure.

Graduation forced me to give up my secret. We needed a plan, so I provided one. I called the entire group together, Buffy, Giles, Ms. Calendar, Willow, Oz, Wesley and Cordelia.

“You’ll fight it?” Cordelia was the first one of the group to express disbelief, but she summed up the groups thoughts perfectly.

“Yeah I will, but I’ll need help.”

“You’ll fight it?” Apparently they were still stuck on that thought.

I sighed and decided to prove my power. “Watch.” Slowly I demorphed back to my body, allowing my old features to fade and be replaced by Marco’s. Needless to say that caused quite a stir. When I finally got them to calm down I morphed again, this time to a dog, I figured I would need the sympathy points. I used thought-speech, and told them everything. Halloween, zombies, the Judge, and finally, killing Faith.

That was when Wesley interrupted. “I knew she was dead, just not what killed her. The council reported another Slayer being called, but told me to stay here with Buffy. They didn’t particularly care what happened to Faith once I told them she fell.”

All the others continued to question me, criticizing my decision to keep my powers a secret, until I finally had enough. {Quiet!} Thought-speech can be rather loud when you want it to be, and it got everyone to shut up. They remained quiet until I was back to human form.

“I don’t want or care about your approval. I did what I and the memories of a guy, who fought in a battle for Earth just as long and brutal as ours has been, thought was best. I only told you know because you needed to know. Don’t question my decision, it was mine to make. Now about my plan…”

And so graduation day arrived in all is blue-robed glory.

As the Mayor started to change, my plan went into effect. All of the students and several parents, those Giles, Wesley, Jenny Calendar, and Joyce Summers knew could be trusted, all drew their weapons. While the Mayor was distracted and ran forward and absorbed his DNA. There was hardly an absorption trance, but I just chalk that up to demonic resistance. While the students kept him busy, I began to morph.

My transformation was just as ugly as the Mayors. I could feel bones shifting and liquefying, muscles growing, organs rearranging. Soon I was just as big as the Mayor, fully changed, and then the demons mind appeared.

When you absorb and morph into an animal, you don’t get their memories or anything like that, but you get what amounts to a user’s manual, basic instincts and knowledge on how to use the form. This can even be used like an auto pilot when doing some repeating task, like flying or swimming. You let the animals mind take over while you dream about Baywatch, or whatever it is you dream about. With sentient creatures you can get more complex instincts, and with lower life forms you may not get any. When we first morphed shark, the scent of blood in the water nearly made us all kill each other. I have memories of morphing into an ant and a termite, not something I will ever do, for they are completely controlled by their instincts and their queen, something my human mind could barely overcome.

With the demon it was much the same, the user’s manual of instincts. Mostly, it kept crying out to me to feed on all the little people running around, but I resisted. Instead I attacked the Mayor, harnessing the demons aggressiveness. Apparently Olvikan demons are fiercely territorial. It was a clash of titans as the school was destroyed around us and the students and vampires all fled. We fought, both trying to get a death grip on the others neck while avoiding the spiked club tail. In the end I won. The Mayor had no experience with his new body and had been slightly hurt by the students’ attacks while I had all the instincts of a natural demon coupled with my own mind. Gripping hi neck with my sharp teeth, I plunged my mandibles in, and jerked my body with all my strength, snapping his neck. I kept chewing, biting, and ripping until his head was completely free, making sure to finish the job. Slithering away, wounds weeping acidic blood, I made sure to find a safe place to demorph as the Mayors body began to dissolve, the toxic blood working away at the body now that it was no longer healing.

And that was the end of my high school career. Sure it doesn’t beat saving the Earth from Yeerks, but I like to think I at least saved the southwest US.

Authors Notes: this was meant as a short one-shot, part of my Halloween ficlets, but somehow it got longer. I might or might not finish it, as it can stand alone for now.

I always liked the Animorph books, the idea of children gaining the power to change into animals and fight evil. It wasn’t until I started to reread them when I was older that I realized the truths that are in many of them, issues that seem out of place in a children’s book series. Things like the horror of war, loss of innocence, acceptable looses, good and evil, and moral compromises and horrors done during war. I happened to glance at the books on my shelf while I was stacking even more books there, and I thought, hey this would make a great crossover. The similarities between Marco and Xander are scary, they even make similar jokes.

I decided to just do a Halloween one, but at one point I may try and mesh the worlds. Imagine Yeerks with demon hosts.

The End

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