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Harry: the Vampire Slayer

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Summary: Lily Evans was a potential slayer... until she died. Her power was transferred to her son. Now Harry is the first MALE slayer...

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Harry Potter > Dawn-CenteredDrusillaCullenFR1521,1160285,31320 Jan 0929 Jan 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Summary: Lilly Evans was a potential slayer but when she died her gift was past on to her son. Harry is now the first MALE slayer.

Disclaimer: I own…my car. And that’s still on the ‘I’m not sure’ list. So yeah..I don’t own BTVS or HP. I wish I did though…

AN: Thanks goes to those that pointed out my mistakes. Thank you guys!. Ad thanks to everyone that Reviewed. Keep this up and I will pass out cookies!

AN2: Ok Let me say this. This is After season 7 and sometime between book 6 and book 7. Every thing in HP from books 1-5 did happen but I am kinda going AU on the rest. I know Dawn was 14-15 in season 7 of BTVS and in this story she is 17, but that’s how I want it. Harry is 16. Harry is living with the Weasley’s.


Waking with a start young Harry Potter reached over and grabbed his glasses and turned on the lamp that sat next to his bed. Looking around he let out a sigh and shook his head. A dream. It was just a dream. Though this dream was different then the ones he normally had about Voldemort.

The young wizard looked at his clock that sat on the nightstand. It was 4:30 in the morning. Looking over to the bed next his he saw his best friend sound asleep. A small smile crossed the boy hero’s face. It was a sad smile that seemed to be the only smile that anyone really saw. Ever since Cedric had died. Yes, there were times when Harry smiled but it had become few and far in between.

Let out a sigh Harry pushed back his covers and got out of bed. He knew he wasn’t going to be able to fall back asleep and there was just no point in laying in bed when everyone would be up in no more then an hour.

Moving quietly the 16 year old wizard made his way down stairs and into the kitchen. He was going to make himself some tea but stop short in the doorway to the Weasley’s kitchen. “Couldn’t sleep either?”

“Nope. Tea?”

Ginny Weasley stood and went to the kettle on the stove. She pulled down a tea cup and poured Harry some tea. “Cream? Sugar?”

“Sugar please.” Harry sat down at the table and took the cup that the youngest Weasley gave him. Taking a sip Harry gave her a small smile. “Thanks Gin. So how come you couldn’t sleep.”

Ginny sat down across from The Boy Who Lived and smiled. “Just restless I guess. No real reason.” She looked Harry over then sighed “Another Voldemort dream? Or was it something else?”

“Else” he said as he looked down at the cup before him. “And it’s the same thing as before. I see people fighting. And a blonde women fighting off these ugly ..things. Things change and I see this red head women glow white and then everything stops. I wake up.”

Ginny sighed as she shook her head. This dream had been the same for her friend for the last two years. No one was sure what it meant. “Harry have you talked to Dumbledore yet?”

“Three times in the last two months. He has nothing. I am starting to think I am going crazy.”

“Your not crazy Harry,” Though apart of her wasn’t to sure about that. “Who knows maybe it’s something no one here in the wizarding world knows about.”

Harry was about to say more when a sound came from the doorway. Turning around Harry smiled softly “Hello Mrs. Weasley.”

“Harry , dear, I have told you many times in the last month to call me mum. Or molly is just as fine. No more Mrs. Weasley” The large women smiled warmly at the young man then went to start on breakfast. “School letters should becoming today. You two exited?”

“Yes Mum” Two voice rang together, though the truth was that they both would be happy to stay home for a few more weeks then have to go to school. Harry for once was in his life since he had started Hogwarts was happy to be home for the holidays.

Molly Weasley just glanced at the two and laughed. She took down some pots and pans and was getting ready to make eggs and bacon when Ginny let out a shriek.

“Ginny de- HARRY!?”

The Boy Who Lived was glowing green. Molly was just about to call for her husband when a female voice came from the window.

“Well that‘s a first.”

AN: Ok so…Next chapter will be semi explanations. Review?? There will be cookies.

The End?

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You have reached the end of "Harry: the Vampire Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 29 Jan 09.

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