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Harry: the Vampire Slayer

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Summary: Lily Evans was a potential slayer... until she died. Her power was transferred to her son. Now Harry is the first MALE slayer...

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Chapter One

Harry: the Vampire Slayer

Disclaimer: I own nothing…Really. I don’t

AN: This is a reply to NeilDingley’s Challenge Harry Potter the Slayer.

Summary: Lily Evans was a potential slayer... until she died. Her power was transferred to her son. Now Harry is the first MALE slayer...

Dawn pushed back her brown hair from her face then let out a sigh when it just fell right back where it was. Flipping the long strands back she bent over to find a hair clip she was sure she had put in her drawer.


Dawn's head snapped up from behind the desk and she looked up at the red head that was standing in her office doorway. Pulling herself up she smiled at her friend, “Hey Willow. What’s up?”

Willow Rosenberg smiled at her friend and walked into the room. The older girl carried a file in her left hand that was thin. It had been three years since the Hellmouth in Sunnydale had closed and the group had been scattered around the world. Dawn, Giles, Faith, and Willow were in England, Andrew, Spike, Kennedy and Xander in Ohio. and Buffy and Angel were in Ireland running a Slayer school.

Dawn had gotten her GED and was now a member of the Watchers Council. Willow was the resident witch. Giles ran the Council, which he did better then when Quentin Travers did. Faith was London’s Slayer and she taught many of the new Slayers there. Xander and Andrew both became council members and worked with Spike and Kennedy in Ohio. The Hellmouth there wasn’t as bad as Sunnydale’s but it was still bad.

“Nothing. But I have a case for you. I found a new slayer.”

Dawn looked over at Willow and sighed. She just got done with her paper work from the last slayer the found. “Where is she?”

“Here in London. But something feels odd about this one.” The witch's face took on a worried look as she handed the file over to her friend. “ I can’t seem to get a grip on just where this slayer is. Like something is blocking me.”

Dawn took the file from Willow. Opening it she read over the short review and then looked back at the red witch, "Willow, why does it say 'high levels of testosterone'?"

“That’s the thing. I have no idea. The spell I am using shows me where the girl is and how her health is. This is a first for that level of testosterone though.”

Dawn nodded. Willow had been the one to come up with the spell to find the girls that were all over the world. She had managed to find more then half, but they all knew that more and more slayers were being born ,and found, everyday. “Well maybe this girl just had some birth problems. I will find her and get her here to check out.”

Willow nodded then turned and left the room so that Dawn could get ready to leave.

Next Chapter will have what is going on with Harry I promise. Please tell me what you think guys! Also it will be longer....I think
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