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Untold Lies

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Summary: When Buffy Summers runs away to New York she finds out her life was one big lie. Pairings Unknown. Open for suggestions

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Television > Law and Order: SVUJusthaveFaithFR1832,6313609,08422 Jan 0923 Jan 09No


Title: Untold Lies
Summary: When Buffy Summers runs away to New York she finds out her life was one big lie.
Disclaimer: I did not create nor do I own the characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Law and Order: SVU. I only own the story line and the characters I make up.


Buffy Summers had only been in New York City for a few hours when she heard the screams coming from a back alley. She had desperately wanted to leave that part of her life behind in Sunnydale, but she knew that she couldn’t let an innocent person die because she did not want to be the slayer anymore. Buffy closed her eyes and tried to sense how many vampires there were, but she found that she couldn’t feel any. It was a human attacking another human. With all the evil from demons and vampires that Buffy had faced day in and day out it had always amazed her how there could be humans that could inflict such pain on others. She knew that she could easily walk away because fighting humans who were evil was not in her job description but she also knew herself. She knew she would never be able to walk away from someone that was being hurt. Buffy ran toward the alley way and saw a man raping this women. She ran forward and pulled him off the young girl. She had a split second to glance at the young woman before she was engaged in a fight with the man. The girl looked like she was about sixteen years old and was currently unconscious.

“Mind your own business little girl,” the man growled as he placed a hand on her shoulder.

She could feel a small pull as the man tried to pull her toward him. Instead Buffy grabbed his hand and was able to flip him over her head. He landed on his back with a loud crack. The man howled with pain and Buffy was happy that she was able to inflict a small portion of the pain that he had inflicted on the unconscious girl. She turned to head back down the alley to the pay phone that she had seen so she could call the police.

“Where are you going little girl?”

The man’s voice sent chills down her back. She would never be able to understand humans. Vampires had no souls and they had no guilt for the pain that they caused. But what was his excuse. Buffy turned around and was about to say something stupid when she saw that he had a gun pointed at her. She froze not knowing what to do. As a slayer guns were not something she had to worry about.

“Where’s that courage you had before?” the man teased.

The last thing Buffy remembered seeing as the bullet pierced through her shoulder was the smile that danced across the man’s face because he knew he had won. Buffy didn’t want what had happened to the other girl to happen to her. With the last of her energy Buffy jumped onto a fire escape a floor above them and kicked out the ladder so the man wouldn’t be able to follow. Buffy felt like she was in a tunnel as the sounds slowly disappeared and all she saw after awhile was black.

Detective Olivia Benson arrived at the crime scene ten minutes after she had received the call. She quickly showed her badge to the police before she ducked under crime scene table and headed into the alley. She spotted her partner Detective Elliot Stabler standing with Melinda Warner over a body. She knew immediately that the victim had not made it. She strode over to Elliot and Melinda.

“What do we have?” Olivia asked her partner.

“The victims name is Teresa Jenson. She was found an hour ago by Richard Tolls who was walking his dog when he got away from him,” replied Elliot.

“I can’t say for sure, but these ripped panties are a sign that she was raped. I’ll have more information for you when we get her back to the morgue,” Melinda added.

Olivia looked around the crime scene looking for anything else out of the ordinary. She was soon glad that she had because she noticed that the fire escape ladder had been kicked out of place and it lay on the ground instead of attached to the wall. She went closer to inspect and found a pool of blood on the floor.

“Elliot come take a look at this,” Olivia said.

Just as she called her partner over a drop of blood dropped from the fire escape from above and splattered the pool of blood. Olivia quickly looked up and could tell that there was someone up on the fire escape. Elliot and Olivia quickly exchanged glances before they ran towards the building so they could get to the window that the fire escape went to. On the way Elliot called told the paramedics that had not yet left to meet them up there because they did not know the status of the second victim. Olivia and Elliot were at the apartment door within minutes before they started to bang on the door. A woman in her late fifties answered the door.

“May I help you?” the woman asked them.

Elliot explained the situation as quickly as he could without including too many details.

“Come in,” the woman said as she moved aside, “I will let the paramedics in.”

Elliot and Olivia dashed to the window upon directions from the woman. They were out on the fire escape in thirty seconds. Olivia reached down for a pulse and found one though it was faint.

“She’s still alive,” exclaimed Olivia.

While they waited for the paramedics Olivia looked for any type of identification but could not find anything. Elliot appeared back in the window and not too far behind him were the paramedics. Olivia told the paramedics as much as she could before she went back through the window so the paramedics had more room to work. Olivia turned to her partner.

“You go to the hospital with the girl,” Elliot told Olivia, “I’ll stay to take this woman’s statement and help Munch canvas the area.”

Olivia nodded before heading outside to wait for the paramedics to leave. She couldn’t help but think there was something familiar about the girl. She couldn’t place where the feeling came from, but it was strong and trying to tell her something. She just wished she knew what it was.

A/N: Ok so this is my first attempt into the Buffy crossover with SVU so please be kind and review. Suggestions are always welcome. :)
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