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Willow Rose Hardcore

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Summary: "The large red welt raised by her hand didn't lower his desire in the least." Same story with the extra Naughty parts. Willow with a twist finds herself alone in the Anita 'verse. She does what she needs to do to thrive.

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Anita Blake > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Multiple PartnerProCannonFodderFR21618,2211187,17522 Jan 092 Feb 09No

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The Intro

Standard Disclaimer: Joss Whedon owns all of Buffy, Laurell K. Hamilton owns all of Anita. I own none of either and will make nothing from them.

"Hey, Willow, did you hear?" the leather-clad bodybuilder said as he made his way through the torture room. "The boss had his baby. A little girl."

"Bacchus, I told you that I don't like to be interrupted when I'm in here," the half naked redhead said with a slight snarl. She was on break and the torture room with it's psychic imprints of pain and sex soothed her mind and her mind definitely needed to be soothed after her last client, the Japanese businessman with the Mommy complex. She grimaced as she remembered pulling his used diaper down and fucking him with a baby bottle. The unwanted memories chased all of the peace from her and she focused on the cause of the interruption.

She could see him trying not to be too obvious about looking at her chest. She only had two thin leather straps that crossed between her breasts on her top half. The tips were better if she showed a lot of flesh. Cutting fools up so that they could get their rocks off, didn't earn a lot of opportunities to get great tips otherwise. She strolled over to him and was pleased that he took a small step backwards.

"Umm...I'm sorry, Willow, I just thought you'd like to hear the news." He swallowed hard. She was the only female member of the staff and all the guys hounded her. The ones that claimed to have nailed her wouldn't talk about it beyond that but they all said they'd jump at the chance to do it again. He looked firmly at the ground until her breasts came into view and then he quickly stared at the ceiling.

"Bacchus, what do I care if Narcissus had his child. I'm not a hyena, I just work here." She pressed against him and slowly put her hands on his muscular chest. "Look at me, Bacchus," she commanded, as soon as his gaze met hers, she barreled past his feeble shields and rolled into his mind. She watched his transformation, his first lover. She knew what he fantasized about when he was alone. "The Executioner shooting you is what you jerk off to? You're a sick little boy. Get on your knees!" He fell immediately as she unbuckled her pants. "Good boy, now eat me." She shimmied her leather pants down to her knees and when he instantly grabbed her red lace panties to pull them down, she slapped him hard across the face.

The large red welt raised by her hand didn't lower his desire in the least. He submitted to her and softly pulled the red lace to the side, exposing a thin strip of red fur. His beast surged forward and a small snarl escaped his lips before he descended his mouth to her skin. He nipped at the hair, pulling at it with his teeth until he felt her sway her hips and then he couldn't contain himself and he lowered his mouth to her folds. The musk of her scent powered to his beastmind and he resisted the urge to change on the spot. He pushed his tongue inside of her as far as it would go and then closed his upper teeth on her delicate lips, squeezing them around his own tongue as he nipped and pulled.

"Good boy, but I got head like this in seventh grade. Do something to impress me or I'll get myself off in your blood." She flexed her thigh muscles and felt the glow of orgasm off in the distance. He really was pretty good at this, she thought, especially liking the rumble of his growls vibrating through her core.

He didn't answer her, but kept at his task, sucking all of her juices that he could coax out of her. He savored the taste, the scent, the coolness of her skin, the soft hum of her power, all of it made his cock painfully hard, but he knew that she would never give him release unless he earned it. He pulled back for a moment to slide his pinkie finger inside of her to collect some of her glistening lube before resuming his efforts with his mouth as he pushed that digit straight into her anus. She cried out and he could feel the tension of her body building and the strobe of her sphincter muscle grasping at his finger.

She screamed as she came, the sensation of waves crashing through her let her ride the glowing feeling for awhile. When he changed his attack to include her clitoris and forced a second finger into her ass, she screamed again and a new set of waves erupted. "Not bad...not bad, Bacchus. Stand up."

He drug his tongue up through her one last time as he slid up her body. Suckling at one hard nipple before biting it and then moved to the other to do the same thing. She pulled him away from her breasts and smiled at his angry growl. Her green eyes drove through his mind again as she penetrated his thoughts and learned exactly what he liked, what made him groan. She dropped to her knees and looked back up at him as his breathing deepened. Her hands struggled with his belt buckle for a second, before just using her strength to break it and pull his pants down, freeing his erection to stand proud in front of her.

He didn't have time to think about buying a new belt because his beast tried to leap out of him again as she ran her cold tongue along his length. When she took him into her mouth, his back arched and he couldn't stop himself from grabbing her head and fucking his cock deep into her mouth as he tried to push it down her throat. She bit him, bit him hard and he tried to pull back, causing even more damage. He screamed as his blood, mixed with her saliva, dripped from her mouth. She kept sucking at him though and soon the pain changed back to pleasure. As he was building up to orgasm, she bit him again. He screamed again and his beast rolled through his eyes and under his skin.

"Not yet, Doggie....Is a Hyena a dog?" she asked, stroking his bloody cock as her red spit dripped down her chin to run in lines on her chest.

"Whatever you want." His voice was so deep that it hurt his throat to talk. He was going to cum like he'd never done it before. He couldn't ever remember being this turned on, even with the pain, caused as she abraided the wounds on his Johnson.

"Whatever I want? Good, Doggie, don't move," she said as she stood and slid her boots off before pushing the leather pants all of the way down to pool on the floor. She stared at the burning desire in his eyes as she stepped out of the panties. The pale redhead gracefully walked over to an inclined bench and laid her back on it. She brought her knees up and spread her legs open. She growled as he was about to come to her, stopping him in midstep. She slid her left hand down along the lines of her sleek body. Her fingers ruffled through her small red patch before she spread her lips open and pushed two of them inside. Her other hand squeezed at her breasts and tugged her nipples. She stared at him, amused as he bounced with barely contained energy as she worked herself up to a nice slick glow.

She had barely crooked her finger to beckon to him when he ran to her and stuffed his bloody cock into her cold depth and pounded forward as he laid his warm body over her cool one. He roughly groped her tits and claimed her mouth with his own as he stroked his length with power and speed. The feeling of her tight wetness being warmed by the friction he generated was so amazing that he couldn't stop himself from gushing a pornstar quality money-shot deep inside of her little white body. He groaned in luxury as he continued to stroke himself in her pussy, draining all of his seed from his aching balls.

"You had better be good for more or I will not be a happy girl," the redhead said with a touch of menace as she could feel his tool soften inside of her. He looked startled for a moment before hanging his head and promising that he could work himself back up. She shook her head as she pushed him off of her. When his member slid out, a stream of semen washed out onto her thighs and dripped down on the bench. She stood up, still dripping, and looked at his equipment. "Change," she commanded.

"What?!" He was stunned, no one had ever wanted that from him before.

"I said change, or are you not alpha enough to hold the beast-man form?" she sniped with sarcasm.

"I'll try." He wasn't very confident as the half-man form was difficult for any hyena to maintain. For most it was all or nothing and the four-legger's junk wasn't really going to be of use to a human shaped pussy, but he was willing to give it one hell of an effort.

"Get out," she said, snarling at his weakness. "GET OUT!" she roared, chasing him from the room. Well that was nice, she thought, her mood changing instantly. She was about to look for her pants when she spotted the puddle on the bench. Smiling, she bent down and licked at it, savoring the sharp flavor as she pulled it into her mouth with her tongue.


As she walked out of the club in the hour before dawn, she buttoned up the red silk shirt she had put on in case she was stopped by the police again.

Ridiculous, she thought, I used to herd people like cattle to the slaughter and now I have to work for a living like one of the Normals. She climbed into her black Porsche convertible and started the high-performance engine. She loved to go fast, to practically fly, Speed limits to her were a starting point. That may be why I send half of my check to City Hall every week, she mused as the sportscar roared through the twists and turns of residential St.Louis while Marilyn Manson blared on her stereo system. She smiled thinking of the Normals being woken up by the pounding base that she had paid the garage so much to produce.

As she ripped around a 35 MPH curve at 70, she waved at the City Police car parked in the alley. Officer Mastriola hadn't bothered to stop her again after she had kept him in her bedroom for three days. The memories of his crying and begging made her smile. She had let him fuck her, let him feel like a big man, stuffing his little sausage in her, taking her up the ass. Shooting his wad all over her chest. He was so pleased with himself when she took his mind and then fucked him with his own pistol. She made him beg to suck the gun clean afterwards. Those were good days, she thought with happiness. "Tool," she said as she cruised down the road in front of her rolling green lawn. Pulling into her long driveway, she lowered the volume and idled to the rear of the large manor that was her home. She could see steam coming off of the illuminated jacuzzi by her red tiled pool. Swimming in the heated pool always gave her the impression that she was floating in blood.

"And again, whoever you are. You have excellent taste," she said aloud as she got out of the parked car after sliding it into the four car garage. She petted her blue and white '69 GT500 as she checked to make sure that the mechanics at the dealership had stopped the oil leak on her new crimson red Harley. "Excellent taste." The red haired woman walked to the back door of her home and entered into the rear kitchen. It was the room that she had first found herself in a year ago.

She remembered the sugarsweet version of herself not letting the others kill her and then they sent her back to the moment of her death anyway. "Morons." Learning the new rules of this world happened instantly. Getting used to them took a lot longer. Vampires were people too! "Gag me." She checked the mail on the table and seen the newspaper had a cover story of the Executioner and Jean-Claude's wolf Jason being involved in some gunfight or something. "Media Whore." As long as she paid her monthly tithe and showed up once a week to kiss his ass, the Master of the City let her stay in town. Pretty boy has nothing on The Master or Xander for that matter, she thought, remembering with anger when he had refused her offer to suck his dick. "Rump ranger."

"Did you say something, Ma'am?" Angelica, her seventeen year old sexy and innocent blond neighbor asked as she walked into the room. Her pomme de sang was wearing only little pink panties and a see-through babydoll tee-shirt. Her perfectly smooth skin glowed in the doorway to the darkened room beyond. Her puffy nipples tightened and made the cloth crest between them as she watched her mistress study her.

"Nothing important, Sweetie," she murmured as she raised the shirt over the French girl's head and pulled her nubile body close. Sinking her fangs into her second favorite spot on the willing girl, right in the side of Angelica's small breast, she thought again that whoever it was that sent her here and gave her the house, the vehicles, the bank account, the job, and this sweet piece of meat, was really tops on her list. Tops, being Willow Rose really did not suck...
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