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"Hope your apple pie is @#$% worth it!"

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Summary: Why is it that whenever Faith's in trouble - Dean's the first one she calls? Cross-over teaming Faith up with the Winchester boys beginning in SPN S1 & BtVS S3.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181118,3460228,73022 Jan 0919 Sep 09No

Back to School Pt1

Disclaimer: Faith belongs to Joss Whedon and Co. Sam & Dean belong to Erik Kripke and Co. I used lots of info from the Wikipedia website for the haunting stories as well as another website dedicated to ghosts in Ohio.

A/N: I know I’m leaving out a lot of what happens in SunnyD, but I trust everyone has seen the episodes and can fill in any blanks. To fill in the blank for F/S/D…the gang is headed to investigate a rash of haunting in Ohio centered around Ohio University. Borrowing freely of dialogue [& another ep] from ‘Everybody Loves a Clown’ but using my own story.
Also...had this on my hard drive forever...headdesk.

Roadtrip to Ohio
“According to the British Society for Psychical Research, Athens is the thirteenth most haunted place in the world,” Faith said knowledgeably.

Sam had barely repressed his satisfied smile when the girl had insisted on sitting in the back seat instead of the front with Dean. “So, Faith, how do you know so much about this case?” Sam asked sounding impressed.

“I watched the episode of 'Scariest Places on Earth' that covered Ohio University,” she said with a wink.

“Dude! This is sweet! We never get to work jobs like this.” Dean said.

“Like what?” Sam asked.

“Old school haunting. You know spooky fog, secret passageways; sissy British accents…might even run into Fred and Daphne while we’re there…mmm...Daphne.” Dean replied.

“This case was your idea,” Faith reminded Sam as she leaned over the seats. He suppressed a shiver as her warm breath tickled his neck.

“Yeah why is that? You were awful quick to jump on this job,” Dean turned to Sam. Dean was working hard to hide his irritation with Faith and was instead taking it out on his little brother.

“So?” Sam challenged.

“It’s just not like you that’s all.” Dean said. “Thought you were hell bent for leather on the demon hunt?”

“I don’t know, I just think taking this job – it’s what dad would’ve wanted us to do.” Sam answered.

Ohio University Campus

Trying to decide the best way to snoop, Dean and Sam applied for a job on campus. The dean, Mr. Cooper, that interviewed them was interested in whether Sam had plans to attend Ohio University. He said ‘no’ he doesn’t intend to go back to college.

“What you told Cooper about not going back to school. Were you just saying that?” Dean asked as he studied Sammy.

Sam sighed, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? I thought that, once the demon was dead and the fat lady sings, you were going to take off, head back to Wussy State,” Dean said.

“I’m having second thoughts,” Sam admitted. With Jessica gone he didn't know if he ever wanted to go back to Stanford.

“Really,” Dean arched an eyebrow in disbelief.

“Yeah, I think Dad would’ve wanted me to stick to the job,” Sam shrugged.

“Since when did you give a damn what Dad wanted? You spent half your life doing exactly what he didn’t want, Sam.”

“Since he died, okay?” Sam countered. “You have a problem with that?”

Dean got a strange look on his face but he shook his head, “No, I don’t have a problem at all.” He gave Sam a tight smile and started to walk away.

After checking into a hotel where Faith to Sam’s delight insisted they all stay in the same room rather than a separate room for her and Dean. They decided to split up in order to cover the most ground in one evening. The plan was to go scope out some bars and parties in hopes of meeting students to get some more info about what had been happening on campus.

Faith was listening to a kid from Voight Hall drone on about the freaky shit that had happened to him in his dorm room.
"About a month ago I woke up during the night and heard things being moved on my desk. The next morning I found things strewn upon the floor and a newspaper was torn,” the guy said as he leaned across the table eagerly.

‘Probably tryin’ to get a peek down my top,’ Faith thought derisively as she sipped the beer the guy had bought for her.

"Then last night I woke up in the middle of the night and looked over and saw a woman standing in front of my closet door. I rubbed my eyes, thinking I was just imagining things, but the woman was still there. She was wearing a dark, old fashioned dress. She was tall...kinda looked like Susan B. Anthony. She was giving me a cold blank stare.” The jock paused dramatically.

Faith gave what she hoped was an encouraging nod. ‘Not that this yapper needs any encouragement.’

"So I’m freaking out, right? I decided to roll over, face the wall, and go back to sleep. I mean I was completely freaked out! Again, things on my desk began to move. I continued to try to fall back asleep. My laptop rests on a table next to my bed. I began to hear the keys of my computer clicking. The typing sound lasted for a few minutes. Then everything stopped." He looked at Faith expectantly.

“Wow, that’s a great story, Bob,” Faith stifled a yawn.

His brow furrowed, “My name’s Joe.”

“Right, Joe,” she smirked, “so it’s been great…thanks for the beer.” She got up to leave.

The knucklehead had the nerve to grab her arm! As if! She twisted and flipped him onto the floor. Stepping over him she swaggered out the door.

Faith finally extracted herself from Joe or Bob or whatever the hell his name was. 'What is it with guys?’ she thought angrily. If she was honest with herself...she didn’t give a crap about the guy from the bar. She was pissed at Dean for acting like he owned her just cuz they’d got bouncy once…well twice... but the same night. “Men,” she snorted. 'First Xander now Dean. I really gotta quit sleepin' with guys from work.'

She walked across the campus and cute guy stopped her to give her a flier. It was for a house party with a band. ‘May as well have some fun while I’m here.’ She thought.

While huddled around the beer keg she meets a girl named Heather who lives in Wilson Hall. “Right, Wilson…that’s the one from 'Scariest Places on Earth'?” Faith asked interested in spite of herself.

"Yeah, the legend is that it’s built right on top of one of the Athens Mental Health Center cemeteries,” Heather said in a hushed tone, she glanced around her as if she feared someone might be listening, “Supposedly there’s been like four student suicides in the last twenty years and no one has stayed in room 333 for more than a month.”

“Know anything else about it?” Faith asked as she wracked her brain for any details from the TV show.

“Well, as far as campus buildings go it's relatively new…I think it was built in ’65.” Heather looked around fearfully once more, “My friend Beth says she’s seen stuff…shadowy, ghostly figures in the halls.”

Dean scanned the house party, honestly this didn’t seem like the best way to get information, but who was he to complain? The place was full of cute coeds.

He’d been standing around drinking a flat beer from the keg when a tall, blond named Summer came over and introduced herself.

“I’ve been hearing rumors about ghosts on campus, you heard anything like that sweetheart?” he asked with his most charming grin.

"Last year I was an RA at Perkins Hall. RAs move in 2 weeks before the rest of the students. All of the people on my staff were next door in Shively Hall watching a movie, so I was the only person in the building. I was in my room standing on a chair in my doorway hanging a cable for my TV around the door when I heard a female voice say, 'Hey!' I looked around and there was nobody there.” She waited for Dean to acknowledge her chilling tale.

He took another pull off his beer and smiled winningly.

She continued, “I still get chills when I think about it. Over the rest of year several other freaky things happened in that room. Around Halloween, my residents and I were in the hallway decorating. I had some stuff in my room that I wanted to get so we walked to my room. I walked over to my closet while one of the girls waited for me in the doorway. We heard this strange laugh coming from nowhere. We both ran screaming from the room.” The girl stroked Dean’s forearm as she told the story.

Dean smiled and nodded for her to continue.

"One night my TV turned itself on. Another night, I woke up when the door to my dorm fridge opened up on its own.” Dean struggled to appear impressed. She prattled on seemingly thinking he was enjoying her story, “Another time I was in my room talking to a friend. I went to the bathroom and my friend stayed in my room. After a few seconds, she came screaming into the bathroom and said that right after I left the room she was sitting on the bed when she suddenly got a cold chill, my box fan started spinning like it was on and she said that she felt like there was someone there watching her."

Summer was smiling up at him clearly admiring.

Sam listened to the almost riveting tale of Jim, apparently a local haunting buff, while he knocks back shots.

“So at the Convo,” off Sam’s look he explained, “where the OU basketball team plays and it has dorms along the outer shell too.”

Sam downed a shot and motioned for the boy to continue his story.

Jim grinned and continued, “The Convo is home to many spirits because of all the deaths there,” melodramatic pause, “a girl died in her sleep there and another RA got killed by her boyfriend there.” Jim paused to take a swig of his beer as Sam motioned to the bartender for another shot. "The murdered girl’s spirit is still seen walking the halls, making sure doors are locked.” Jim had a definite gleam in his eye now. “There’s a story too about a ghost that followed around a later resident who slept in the same bed… One of the rooms has a closet that’s door opens and closes on its own and books and clothes fly out of it.”

Jim’s buddy Greg joined the pair at the bar. “Hey Greg this is Sam,” Jim gestured genially, “I was telling him some old campus spook stories.”

“Did ya tell him about Laura yet?” Greg asked eagerly.

“No,” Jim grinned a tad manically, “I was saving that for last.”

“Laura?” Sam asked.

Greg’s beer came and he nodded to a still empty table. “The freshman dorm, Crawford Hall, has a ghost named Laura.”

“The story is that she fell, but we think she was pushed.” Jim seemed to be enjoying the morbid story, “fell from her fourth-floor window onto the side walk.”

“Yeah after the Easter 1993 death of Laura… Lights would flicker and doors would slam or open--especially on the first floor. One night an RA in a first-floor room was awakened at night by the silhouette of a girl who had opened his door. She said, 'I'm sorry, I've woken you,' and closed the door. The RA ran out into the hall, but no one was there.”

“He found out later that his room's window faced the exact spot where Laura hit the pavement.”

“CD and tape players there will refuse to play the Bob Marley song Laura."

After another beer Greg asked, “You know what’s spookier than Laura?”

Sam now feeling pleasantly fuzzy shook his head then regretted it. The room was starting to spin.

Greg was obviously warming to his macabre tale, “Wilson Hall…it's cursed because it sits dead-center in the middle of the pentagram.”

“Man, you gotta tell him about the pentagram first,” Jim scoffed. “Here's the legend: cemeteries form a pentagram around Athens, with Wilson Hall sitting dead center, at the heart of the vortex of supernatural energy generated by the pentagram.”

Sam struggled to maintain focus, “Which cemeteries?”

“The cemeteries mentioned as points on the pentagram are, variously: Simms, Haines, Hanning, Cuckler, Higgins, Zion, Hunter, Slaughter, Cutler, Mansfield, and Peach Ridge. Some of them are said to be points on the circle which connects the tips, making it a pentagram instead of just a star.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of ""Hope your apple pie is @#$% worth it!"" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Sep 09.

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