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"Hope your apple pie is @#$% worth it!"

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Summary: Why is it that whenever Faith's in trouble - Dean's the first one she calls? Cross-over teaming Faith up with the Winchester boys beginning in SPN S1 & BtVS S3.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181118,3460228,73022 Jan 0919 Sep 09No

Skin Pt 2

Disclaimer: See first chapter. I own nothing!

Thanks again to Laoshi for all of the help!

Skin Walker Pt 2

Sam is released by the police within hours as he isn’t an actual murder suspect. He heads back to their room hoping to catch up to Dean there.

“Dude - you forget the safety word?” he laughs when he finds Dean tied to the chair.

“Very funny. Untie me, dick,” Dean grumbles.


Faith stakes out the motel where ‘Dean’ is staying. She isn’t the trusting sort, but he seemed so sincere. Faith can’t help but be curious…she wonders what the two ‘hunters’ know about the shifter that she doesn’t. She decides to take a chance and approach them again. She’s eager to get out of here and get back on the road to California, but she hates to leave without finishing this thing off.

Dean is debating with Sam on what to do next in the search for the shape shifter. Sam wants to do some more research and approach it with caution. Sam also thinks they should check in with his friend Rebecca before they do anything.

“No, first I want to find that handsome devil and kick the holy crap out him.” Dean argues. He’s ready to go in with guns and silver bullets blazing.

“We have no weapons, no silver bullets.” Sam reminds him. “Everything we have is still in the Impala.”

Dean knows of course that Sam is right, but still… “Sam, the guy’s walkin’ around with my face. Okay, it’s a little personal, I wanna find him.”

Faith walked up to the hotel room door where she held Dean hostage earlier. She listened closely to what they are saying before knocking lightly on the door. The tall one, Sam, opened the door and gave her a stunned look, “Uh, hello?”

“Hey guys,” Faith hovered in the doorway, trying to keep her distance just in case she’s wrong. She battled the urge to drop into a fighting stance.

Dean looks up to see the girl that was kicking him in the head and tying him up not too long ago. She’s changed into a revealing tank top and his gaze lingers on her cleavage, but not too long. She’s got a mean right hook and a powerful roundhouse he’d like to avoid in the future. “Back to kick my ass again huh?”

“Well, it’s such a nice ass…” Faith winks, “Sorry ‘bout earlier - thought you were someone else.”

Dean and Sam exchange a look – can this young girl really be a hunter?

“So…” Dean says to break the awkward silence, “Who are you?”

“Name’s Faith,” she grins, “and you’re Dean…” she points to Sam, “and you’re Sam, right?”

Sam looks at her intensely; this girl saved him earlier, but then kicked the crap out of Dean and tied him to a chair. He thought maybe he was in love… “So why are you here?”

“Well,” Faith says reluctantly, “I thought we might team up to take out this shifter – or whatever it is.”

Sam perked up at joining forces, “Sure, we could use the help!”

Dean looked at him quizzically, but didn’t say anything. Faith shuffled her feet as she slouched against the wall by the door.

“Look, I’ll go check in with Becky and the two of you can see if you can make some progress tracking the shifter,” Sam proposed, hoping Dean would go along with him for once.

Finally Dean nodded, “You go see Becky and we’ll go after the shifter. We’ll call you if we find anything.”

“I need to get something from my motel. I’ll meet you fellas back where your car is parked.” Faith said before she sauntered away.

Sam noticed Dean cocking his head as he followed the seductive sway of her hips.

“What are you doing?” he hissed.

“I’m making a new friend. You said I was too anti-social,” Dean shrugged.

“I’ve got two words for you – Jail and Bait.”

“Ah, she must be at least eighteen,” Dean argued, enjoying the view.

Sam snorted, “Yeah in about two more years.”


Faith returns after getting her meager supply of weapons from her motel room. She and Dean, the older brother, head down into the sewers to try and take the shifter by surprise in one of its lairs. Dean seemed less than a little thrilled to be alone with her in the tunnels. Sure she was hot, but he didn’t trust her half as far as he could throw her.

“I think we're close to its lair,” Faith murmured.

Dean turned to look at Faith, “Why do you say that?”

“Because there's another puke-inducing pile next to your face,” Faith grins as Dean jumps back.

They find Becky, tied up in one of the shifter’s lairs. They know what must be waiting for Sam at Becky’s house.


The shape shifter, as Becky, knocks Sam out. When Sam comes to, the shape shifter is wearing Dean's skin again. It taunts Sam, trying to make him believe that it really is Dean about to kill him. It knows things that it shouldn’t know. It’s as if the longer it has Dean’s appearance the more it is somehow becoming Dean.

“He's sure got issues with you. You got to go to college. He had to stay home - I mean, I had to stay home - with Dad. You don't think I had dreams of my own? But Dad needed me. Where the hell were you?” The shape shifter menaces Sam with a large kitchen knife.

“What are you gonna do to me?” Sam is starting to feel a little nervous. Against the real Dean he’d have a fighting chance, but this thing is much stronger and faster.

The shape shifter says gleefully, “I'm not gonna do anything, Dean will, though. Then he’ll go to jail for a nice long time.”

“They'll never catch him,” Sam tried hard to sound defiant.

“Oh, it doesn't matter. Murder in the first? Of his own brother? He'll be hunted the rest of his life.” Dean’s face smirks down at Sam.

The real Dean and Faith arrive in the nick of time and find the shape shifter choking Sam. Dean is seething with rage as he and Faith bust in the door. He skids to a stop in the doorway of the den and sees the shape shifter holding a knife to his little brother’s throat. Sam is bleeding from several cuts already. Faith bounds into the room hard on his heels and is across the room yanking the shifter away from Sammy before Dean can blink.

The shifter leers at Faith, “Oh, its Dean’s new slut.” He backhands Faith viciously.

Faith smiles as she grabs his hand before he can pull it away. She twists and Sam hears a sickening crunch of the bones breaking. It lets out a hoarse yell and slices her cheek with the knife. Faith is bleeding, but smiling as she pulls back to take a swing.

Dean takes aim and shoots it with a silver bullet.

Faith spins to glare at him, “I was just startin’ to have some fun!”

He looks at her incredulously before staring down at the body. ‘It could be my twin,’ he thinks. ‘Might have been fun to have a twin – if it wasn’t evil.’

Faith hears the sirens first with her Slayer hearing, “Guys, the cops are on the way. Let’s get gone.”

Dean now hears the squad cars too and nods in response. They flee back into the alley where the impala waits.

“Can you take me by my room?” Faith asks as she leans over the seat. Sam can smell her vanilla shampoo as the curtain of her hair brushes his shoulder. He turns to look at her.

“Faith, your cheek…” Sam begins, “It’s not even…” There is a thin, pink mark on her cheek where the shifter cut her that looks like a weeks old scar. ‘How can anyone heal that fast?’ Sam thinks.

Faith look startled, but tries to shrug it off, “Aww, it was just a scratch Sammy. I heal real fast.”

Sam knows by the shifty way she is refusing to meet his eyes that she’s lying. He wonders what she’s hiding. That was a deep gash a few minutes ago.

As they drive through town Dean looks a bit disappointed.

“What’s up, Dean?” Sam asks voice full of concern.

“You know I gotta say... I'm sorry I'm gonna miss it.”

Sam looks confused, “Miss what?”

“How many chances am I gonna have to see my own funeral?” Dean smirks.

Faith bursts out laughing.
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