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"Hope your apple pie is @#$% worth it!"

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Summary: Why is it that whenever Faith's in trouble - Dean's the first one she calls? Cross-over teaming Faith up with the Winchester boys beginning in SPN S1 & BtVS S3.

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Supernatural > Faith-Centered(Past Donor)FaithSummersFR181118,3460228,73022 Jan 0919 Sep 09No

Skin Pt 1

“Hope your apple pie is freaking worth it!”

Title: Random Dean quote from S1 ‘scarecrow’.

Disclaimer: Faith & the Sunnydale gang belong to Joss Whedon and Co. Sam & Dean belong to Erik Kripke and Co. Professor Diana Dormer belongs to Robert Joseph Levy. I will be using some of ‘Go Ask Malice’ for my Faith back-story per usual.

A/N: Begins w/BtVS S3 Faith is on her way from Boston to Sunnydale and SPN S1 ep “Skin”. Faith is in St. Louis at the same time as the Winchesters hunting the same creature. Ages at begin of story: Faith – 17, Buffy – 17, Sam – 22, and Dean - 25. BuffyWiki and Supernatural Wiki have been very helpful for quotes and episode guides.

Thanks to Laoshi for helping me so much with this writing this fic and FaithTales!!

Skin Walker Pt 1

“We should be in Bisby by midnight,” Dean said confidently as he returned to the impala.

Sam stared intently at his laptop, without looking up he said, “We need to go to St. Louis.”


“My friend, Rebecca Warren, she needs my help. Her brother, Zach, is being accused of murdering his girlfriend Emily.”

“Is she hot?” Dean asked eagerly, then off of Sam’s look, “Not our kind of problem.” Dean shrugs. He looked at Sam, “Do your friends know what Dad and I do? What you do?”

Sam looked uncomfortable, but didn't answer his brother's question.

“Well, so you lie to them?” Dean asked.

“No, I just don't tell them...everything,” Sam replied hesitantly.

“Yeah, that's called lying. It sucks, but with a job like this you can't get close to people, period,” Dean sounded adamant.

Sam looks at his brother, a little surprised, “You're kind of anti-social, you know that?”


Faith stumbled along the alley, tripping occasionally. She tried to keep her breathing slow and even, but the panic still threatened to take over. She gasped for air as another wave a pain hit her. Faith tried to take a steadying breath as she closed her eyes. They flew open again as she was assailed by her memories.

She forced herself to keep walking as she fought the urge to retch. She knew she was weaving as though drunk as she walked the alleyway. She let out a muffled curse as she bumped her head on something. Forcing back tears, Faith continued to blindly stagger along toward the bus station.

She recoiled as images of what Kakistos had done to her Watcher flickered through her mind.


Faith got off the bus in St. Louis, MO. She’s picked up the knack for pool during her travels and she knows she’s going to have to hustle a few games here to get another bus ticket. As it is she has just enough cash for some food and a fleabag motel. The next bus west doesn’t leave until after noon tomorrow so she’s got time to kill. Faith checks into a motel, takes a shower then heads out in search of a meal and a game of pool.

She imagines the Boston Metro authorities would like to question her regarding the disappearance of Professor Dormer. Kakistos, tortured and killed her Watcher over a week ago, but since the cops don’t believe in vampires and Faith has extensive record… She’s never felt so scared or alone. Part of her knows the cops aren’t the only ones hunting her. A small voice in her head says she should call the Watcher’s Council and tell them what happened, but she doesn’t need anyone.

“Can’t trust anybody but me,” Faith said with resolve to no one in particular.

Faith eats at diner first. The customer before her left their newspaper and she idly scans the headlines as she eats a burger and fries. The front page headline is a brutal murder – some guy tortured and killed his girlfriend in their apartment. Sometimes Faith thinks people are worse than vamps – at least demons have the ‘no soul’ excuse.

She finds a likely section of town down by the riverfront area, staying away from the tourist area around the Arch, she tries a couple places before she finds a dive bar that isn’t carding on a Thursday afternoon. She heads in scanning the crowd for a likely pool hustle, signs of danger, blind corners, and fast escape routes. After ordering a beer she starts to search the room for an easy pool hustle. She spots a fine guy – tall, black hair, mustache and goatee - a real muffin. He’s got a bad-ass attitude too she can tell just by looking at him. He also looks like he can probably handle a pool cue. She’s not looking to get laid; she just needs to make some cash.

She spots a younger kid that looks like a college jock slumming it. She sauntered over, “Wanna play a game?” She gives him her best smile.

After flashing lots of cleavage she wins the game then later makes a bundle of cash on the rematch. She’s been watching the muffin all night and there is something off about him. She’s still not sure what - must be her Slayer senses or something. Maybe it’s just how he’s been staring at her all night. Not in a ‘Gee baby you’re hot’ kind of way either – more like in an ‘I’m a creepy axe murder’ sort of a way. Then it hits her, there *is* something about him – he’s the guy from the newspaper story about the guy that murdered his girl friend in their apartment – Zach somebody or other. ‘What the hell is he doing running around loose?’ Faith wonders. She’s got enough money to last a few days, now she could use a good fight. She trails him out of the bar, but then loses him briefly.

She spots him again sitting outside an apartment building furtively watching a couple. ‘He looks like he’s taking notes!’ Faith thinks.

The girl has long, auburn hair and is maybe a little older than Faith. The guy looks like he’s in his thirties, olive complexion, attractive with shaggy hair. Faith hears the guy tell his girlfriend he’ll be home tomorrow night as he gets into his shiny car and leaves.

Then the murder – Zach – leaves, Faith follows him for a few blocks before he seems to disappear into thin air.

She checks the apartment building later and sees the police arresting the asian guy from earlier. The poor guys is raving, “He’s still in there! He’s in there!” as they shove him into a squad car. Faith darts around back and sees a figure running away. She tracks the guy… or whatever he is to the sewers.

“Man I hate sewers.” Faith muttered to herself. She finds a skin? Wondering if it skins its victims too… Faith prods the skin with the tip of her motor cycle boot, “Eww…” It doesn’t skin its victims; it’s the thing’s skin.

Professor Dormer had just started making her learn about different types of creatures other than vampires. There had been books full of lore just on shape shifters. Most had the ability to take the shape of animals, but a few had been able to take human form as well.

“Wicked gross,” Faith murmured, then thought, ‘I’m a vampire Slayer, why am I even bothering with this thing?’ But then she remembers the chill she got from the thing in the bar watching her and thinks of the two dead girls.


Faith tracks the “shifter” for a couple of days…

Faith is always one step behind him. She’s learned quite a bit though. It sheds its skin once a day, sometimes more. Damn thing can look like any person it wants to - it chooses the muffin from the first night pretty often. That’s its current skin suit. The only way to tell it from humans is the slight buzz her Slayer sense gives her and by the eyes. If the light hits them just right they reflect silver - almost like an animal’s.

Faith has found at least two separate lairs in the sewers: each one contains candles, ropes, and old skins. The creature also makes itself sort of a nest of old blankets and rags. She thinks it seems kind of pathetic…then again, it’s not so much different than her. She’s all alone too. She hopes to find Buffy, but what if she isn’t in Sunnydale where the Prof said she’d be?

She tracks it from a nice home to the sewers again. He is wearing a new guy’s skin today. This guy is taller, with short, medium brown hair and hazel eyes. “What a hottie - too bad he’s got to die.”

“Hey, buddy! Where ya going?” Faith called to get its attention.

“Be quiet. Cattle shouldn’t talk.” The skin walker glared at her.

“Neither should you - whatever the hell you are. And yet I still hear ya yapping.” Faith circled around ready to make her move.

“Stupid whore.” He reached out and grabbed her forearm.

“You kiss your momma with that mouth?” Faith smiled wickedly as she latched onto the back of his head. She slammed his forehead into hers with all of her strength.

The shifter gave a yelp of surprise and let her go.

“Oh, I’m sorry, maybe you don’t have a momma?” Faith quipped. She followed up with a kick aimed at his head, but he moves lightening-quick and he’s not there to contact with her boot.

Faith pivots and uses her momentum to throw her shoulder into his knocking him back and hopefully off balance.

He fells back into the slimy sewer wall and started to slide down. Faith recognizes it as a feint a second after it’s too late. He sweeps her legs out from under her. She lands on her back and feels the air whoosh out of her lungs.

Instead of attacking again, it flees into the darkened tunnel. Faith is surprised at how much more powerful and agile it is than a normal human or even a vampire. She knows she shouldn’t have let it get away, but damn her back hurts. She rubs her head where she cracked it on the concrete floor and notices the sewer muck covering her. “Great,” she grumbles to herself, “this was my only clean shirt.”

Faith hears something stirring further down the tunnel and goes to investigate. It’s a young guy, he’s unconscious and tied to a post. He’s pretty fly too, but not really her type. The guy looks tall, even though he is sitting down. He’s got shaggy brown hair and a sensitive looking face. He looks like a real broody whiner - cute, but not for her. She’s a get some get gone girl.

As she unties him he finally regains conscious completely. He moans as his eyes flutter open.

“Hey, it’s cool guy,” Faith said as she finished untying him then asked, “Can you walk?”

He nods slowly. She notices his puppy eyes are hazel, just like the new hottie the skin walker’s wearing.

“Who are you?” he asked in an awed voice.

“I’m nobody.” Faith looks uncomfortable, “Listen, you should get outta here. I gotta go.”

“Wait!” Sam called after the mystery girl, but she’s already gone - he can hear her feet pounding down the sewer tunnel. He thinks about her as he walks stiffly along the sewer tunnel. He wonders how long he was out cold, his legs feel numb. She looked young, only 16 or 17, but so beautiful…long dark hair, doe eyes and a full, pouty mouth. He wonders who she is and why she’s in the sewer of all places?


Later in the afternoon…

Faith is waiting by the Impala. She’s seen him with it a couple of times. She hears movement and ducks behind a fence. This time the shifter has a guy with him - which is new.

Sam and Dean have been tracking whatever killed Zach’s girlfriend, Emily for a few days. They’ve learned it can take any form it wants and it seems it has been using Dean’s form quite a lot over the past days. Unfortunately now Dean is wanted for murder.

The two guys are talking as they approach Faith’s hiding spot. The taller one asks, “The car?”

“I'm betting he drove over to Becky’s,” the muffin responds.

The other one shakes his head, “The news said he fled on foot. I bet it’s still parked over there.”

The cute guy gives a mock shudder, “Argh! The thought of him driving my car!”

The taller one rolls his eyes as they approach the Impala, “Oh come on!”

Then Faith recognizes him – the tall one - it’s the guy from earlier that she untied in the shifter’s lair. ‘Wicked strange,’ she thinks.

“It's killing me!” Dean says.

Dean walks around the corner and sees the impala there.

“Ah ha! There she is!” he sighs with relief, “Finally something went right -” He is cut off as a dark haired girl launches herself at him from behind a fence. She kicks Dean in the side of the head. Sam tries to tackle her from behind but she flips him over. Dean picks himself up off the ground only to watch her spin around with another kick aimed at his head. Sam is baffled as he realizes it’s the girl that rescued him earlier.

Faith hears the police sirens and debates on what to do. She needs to put this thing down - if it really is the thing - before it hurts anyone else. On the other hand after what went down in Boston she’d rather avoid the boys in blue. She skips up the fence and watches the cops arrive from the roof top of the building they were just in. She watches as the muffin escapes and the police take the other one into custody.

As she makes her way back to down to ground level she decides that maybe it’s the real guy not the shifter. He was nowhere near as fast or as strong and she’s never seen the shifter in the company of anyone it wasn’t murdering. Also if this guy had tied the tall one up earlier why would he be hanging around with him now?

“Better follow him to be sure,” she mutters under her breath as she steals along behind him.

He ends up at a crappy hotel similar to hers and not far away. As he is fumbling with his key she knocks him on the back of the head. She picks up the key, glances around to be sure no one saw, and drags him inside.

Dean wakes up with his hands tied to a chair.

“Sorry about the bondage fun, but I don’t trust ya,” Faith says by way of apology as she hears him stir and groan. She really tried not to hit him too hard. Faith figures the police can only hold the other one for a couple of hours.

Dean struggles a bit with his bonds then leans back and glares at the girl. It’s the one that was kicking him in the head not too long ago and he wonders if it is the shifter. She’s awful strong for her size just like the creature. Dean can’t help but noticing she’s also hot as hell… those plump, full lips just begging to be kissed. ‘No wait I want to smack this bitch not kiss her!’ Dean reminds himself.

“So you want to tell me what the hell is going on here?” Dean growls out. ‘Man my skull feels like it’s going to split in two!’

“Sorry, sweetheart, I’m the one that asks the questions,” Faith grins. She really hopes it’s the guy and not the shifter, “In case you haven’t noticed your picture is all over the news. You’re wanted for murder one buddy.”

Thinking back to last night watching a news update of the shape shifter's appearance as himself on TV Dean protests, “Man! That's not even a good picture!”

“It's good enough.”

“For all I know, you’re that thing dressed up in some chick’s skin,” Dean counters.

“Funny, I was thinking the same about you,” Faith pauses, “well…only like a guy.”

Sammy said some dark haired girl untied him when the shifter had him trapped in the sewers, maybe this is the same girl? Dean decides to try a different approach, “Look we are hunting this thing… guy. He hurt my brother’s friends. You’ve got to let me go!” he pleads then thinks, ‘That sounds insane even to me.’

“Riiight. I have to let you go.” Faith rolls her eyes. Her Slayer senses aren’t buzzing and she’s starting to wonder if maybe this guy’s the real deal. The second form she saw the shifter take had a real counterpart that she saw – good chance this is the same thing.

“Look, I’ll tell you everything I know. Please untie me?” Dean tries to give her puppy eyes like Sammy would.

“Nah, you look good where you are,” Faith smirks, “Feel free to tell me everything you know ‘bout this shape shifter guy though.”
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