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World of the Wand Wavers

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Summary: Spike realizes something about Xander and it leads to many changes for both their lives and the wizarding world as well. (Will have Slash)

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Harry Potter > Spike-Centered
JaylynnFR1821,3223389,82123 Jan 0924 Jan 09No

Chapter 2

Spike made sure to be in Xander’s line of sight as he walked over to him. No need to get him all jumpy and nervous before he even asked Xander to come with him. “I’m going to England and you’re going with me.” So maybe it wasn’t so much as asked as demanded.

Xander eyebrows raised and looked at Spike intently, almost as if he was measuring the vampire. “Oookay…You going to tell me why?”

The blonde patted his pockets in his duster, before pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighter. He pulled out a lone cigarette but didn’t light it. He really didn’t feel up to a dozen nagging voices, even if he did need a smoke. “Yeah, just not yet. Too many ears around here but what else you got to do?”

Xander closed his eye for a second, obviously thinking about it. There had been mentions of Africa and the search for slayers but he really didn’t want to be alone. Buffy and Dawn were heading to Rome for some relaxation. Robin, Faith and the minis where staying in LA for a while, at least until they could get the funds from the old Watchers Council to buy a place in Cleveland, the new Hellmouth. Giles, Willow and Andrew would be in England too, working on rebuilding the council, but Xander had a feeling Spike wasn’t talking about going to England with them. He could probably stay with any one of the groups but he would be wondering if he was just a burden or tag along. At least Spike obviously wanted him along.

Sighing, Xander nodded, “Sure, why not.”

A week later, on a plane to England.

Spike was enjoying the benefits of the vamp friendly windows and was looking out at the sunny sky. It was amazing how fast Angel could work his contacts if it meant getting his two biggest annoyances away from them, especially if it was as far as another country.

“So are you done being all secretive and finally let me know why you’re dragging me halfway around the world?” Xander asked.

“Time I connected with my past and just thought you could benefit from it as well.”

“That’s nice but I can tell your not saying something, so what is it?”

Spike sighed and ran a hand through his gelled hair, messing it up slightly in the process. “It’s like this pet, I have a gift that lets me see thing in a different way, it’s part of who I was before I ended up with Dru. Well when she found out about it, she didn’t like me using it.”

“Spike, that doesn’t explain why I’m here,”

“I’m bloody well getting to that, just let me tell it my way,” Spike snarled, causing Xander to make calming motions with his hands, “As I was saying before you rudely interrupted. Dru hated me doing something she couldn’t and would punish me for using anything from my human life that she couldn’t. At that point I didn’t rightly care since I had my love of my unlife with me. I probably still wouldn’t care now if I hadn’t used one of my gifts to look at you. ”

Xander was getting nervous now and didn’t like were this was heading, “So…so what did you see?”

“Magic pet, you got it literally trying to escape from you and if you don’t get it trained up right, you could end up hurting yourself or someone else.”

“That can’t be! Bad things happen when I’m around the stuff. Me and Magic is of the badness! ”

“It’s a different type of magic then what Red uses. A type that doesn’t work well when in the influence of the Hellmouth. A simple healing spell in any other part of the world could stop someone from bleeding but if you were to cast the same spell while near the hellmouth, anything could happen. There’s a chance it will work, but more often then not, it will do the opposite of what it was intended to do, so instead of stopping the bleeding it causes even more bleeding. So any magic you used there wouldn’t have worked right since it was suppressing your magic but now your free from it’s influence, your magic is growing, trying to find an outlet and if you don’t learn how to control it before it lashes out…well you understand now pet? ”

White faced and a little shaken up, Xander understood perfectly. He still had nightmares of when Willow’s magic gained control after the death of Tara. “I can control it right…if I get the training I need?”

“Yeah luv, you can control it, just takes the right teacher and I promise to be there with you every step of the way.”

Xander nodded shakily, “Okay good…I’m…I’m just going to sleep now.”

“You do that pet, and I’ll wake you when we get there.”

The End?

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You have reached the end of "World of the Wand Wavers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jan 09.

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