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World of the Wand Wavers

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Summary: Spike realizes something about Xander and it leads to many changes for both their lives and the wizarding world as well. (Will have Slash)

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Harry Potter > Spike-Centered
JaylynnFR1821,3223389,82123 Jan 0924 Jan 09No

Chapter One

Title: World of the Wand Wavers

Author: Jaylynn

Summery: Spike realizes something about Xander and it leads to many changes for both their lives and the wizarding world as well.

Timeframe:Up to the end of Buffy and Book 4 in Harry Potter

Disclaimer: I do not own anything and am only writing this for fun.

Notes: A few major changes to the Buffy world:
One: During Willow’s will be done spell, she says that Spike is so in love with Buffy that she bet he would go get his soul for her and before the spell was canceled he did just that. He went through the trials early and still passed. When he returns he’s just as crazy and ends up staying in a spare room in Xander’s apartment where he gets better and he and Xander become sort of friends.

Two: Anya decides the mouth of hell isn’t a good place to be and since Xander won’t leave, she breaks up with him and goes her own way, so no wedding that wasn't.

Three: Angel was the one to wear the amulet and gained his redemption and got his reward. He is now like his son. Alive but with attributes of a vampire. *can’t see the PTB giving up their champion totally*


They had done it. The hellmouth was finally closed and the First defeated. Now plans were being made. Shaking his head at all the people milling around the Hyperion, Spike looked over at Xander. He was sitting alone with his back to the wall and kept tensing when people got to close on his blind side. Spike had already cursed all that was that he hadn’t been fast enough. During his study of the injured brunette, he noticed something not right about him; it was as if something was trying to escape from the brunette.

Using a gift he had rarely used since becoming a vampire, Spike shifted to mage sight. It allowed him to see things in a much different way. People were shown in a collection of colors that showed power levels and abilities, and magic itself was made up of colorful threads and given enough time he could figure out what it was supposed to be doing. Turning his attention away from the golden colored slayers and green colored wiccan, he looked at Xander and cursed. “Bloody hell pet! No wonder you’re a damn demon magnet!”

His Xan-pet was a wand waver just like he had been before being turned. It’s a wonder he had survived growing up there. Wand magic didn’t work the same way when the Hellmouth got involved. It tended to suppress or warp any magic from or on them. Going by Xander’s past with magic it wasn’t all that surprising and now that the Hellmouth wasn’t around to influence the boy, all that built up magic was looking for a way out and without training it could end up hurting someone.

Nodding, Spike came to a decision. It was time for him to claim his heritage and in the process, teach his friend about a whole new world that was now open to him.
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