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A Little of this, A Little Of That

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Summary: He goes to fix one thing, why not everything else while he's at it? Xander-Centered, eventual slash

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Television > EurekaBlackBettyFR1889,81855633,26824 Jan 0928 Jan 10No


Disclaimer~i don't own anything, well in my own mind i do but that is a scary place so we just wont go there;)

Buffy-About 10 yrs after Chosen
Eureka-During the beginning of Season 3, AU, Allison rejected Nathan's Proposal, and Lexi Carter hasn't shown up yet
I haven't watched season 3 as much as i would have liked to so please excuse any errors or OC-ness

Xander ignored all the stares he got as he walked into Café Diem, he was used to people staring and he figured that the same would be true of a town full of scientists. After all it wasn’t everyday that you saw a man with an eye patch and a Hawaiian shirt just casually walking around. Xander figured that for all that this was a town of geniuses, that it was still a small town and they were reacting to a stranger being in their midst.

He sat down at the counter and smiled at the young blond girl that came to get his drink order. The girl introduced herself as Zoe, and she was obviously Jack Carter’s daughter. He had never met her and he was sure that jack had never mentioned him, but Jack had told him so many stories about her that even though it was a long time ago he still felt like he knew her. Xander sighed, that was another problem, Jack Carter. He had no idea if Jack would even talk to him, let alone want to resume their friendship. He felt that whatever else had happened to them they had started off friends and ended as friends, well up until the whole not talking separate ways thing, but whatever. They still sent emails to each other every once and a while. However a few luke-warm emails did not mean that Jack would appreciate him showing up in his town.

His thoughts were interrupted by a man who was obviously the owner of this establishment, if his bearing was anything to go by.

“Hi, Welcome to Café Diem, I’m Vince, what can I get you?” Vince asked, smiling.

Xander leaned forward, “I was told that I was supposed to order the most difficult thing I could think of.”

Vince’s smile widened, “You order it and I’ll make it. It’s so nice to meet people with adventurous appetites.”

“Well then how about Ceebu Jёn?” Xander asked thinking an African dish might stump the Cook.

However Vince just grinned and nodded, “Coming right up.” Then he disappeared into the back.

Xander was left to watch his surroundings and find out more about the town that Jack had settled into, and that he would be spending the next two weeks, while he oversaw the project and recovered from the procedure that was supposed to take place next week. He noticed a young man watching him interestedly from a couple seats down the bar. Xander assumed it was just because of the way he looked but when the guy just kept on staring Xander turned to him and stared back. Finally the other guy grinned and went back to eating and occasionally looking at Xander.

“Alright, I’ll bite, why are you staring at me?” Xander asked, a little peeved at himself for breaking first.

“Well, on top of trying to figure out who you are, I’m wondering if the dish you ordered is real.” The guy said with a shrug.

“Oh well, I’m Xander, and I guess you’ll just have to wait until Vince brings it out to see if it was real.” Xander said and extended his hand out.

The other guy took it, “Zane. And I figured it was real because Vince went back there to make it, I’m just trying to figure out if it was just a code for something like a hamburger and fries.”

Xander laughed, “And what would be my reason for trying to order a burger in code?”

Zane laughed as well, “Who knows, maybe its pirate speak or something?”

Xander just rolled his eyes, and was about to respond with something that he was hoping was witty, when his meal came out. After Vince set it down Xander expected him to leave but Vince waited, it took a moment for Xander to figure out that Vince wanted to see if the dish was up to par. He dug in and didn’t have to fake the moan of pleasure at the taste. He looked up at Vince and grinned, “This is the best one I’ve ever had, wow, I am suitably impressed.”

Vince bowed and walked away smiling.

“Ok so what is it?” Zane asked, staring at Xander’s plate.

“Sparrow Brains and Cat Liver.” Xander answered matter-of-factly.

“What?! Why would you want to eat that?” Zane asked, horrified and disgusted.

Xander couldn’t keep a straight face at Zane’s expression, he started laughing and couldn’t stop, finally he got control of himself, but one look at Zane’s face set him off again. When his laugh tapered off and he could speak again he said, “It’s not actually.”

After a beat Zane got tired of waiting for the rest of the answer, “So what is it?”

“It’s Rice and Fish. I developed a taste for it while traveling around West Africa.” Xander responded, taking pity on the guy and ending the pretense.

“Africa huh? What did you do there?” Zane asked.

“Oh a little of this and a little of that.” Xander said.

“So you’re not going to tell me?” Zane almost pouted.

“Now where would the fun in that be, to give out all my secrets on the first meeting?” Xander returned.

“So that I know what other people don’t know.” Zane said grinning.

Xander just shook his head and finished his meal, “Yeah I don’t think so, you’re just going to have to wait and learn things as they come.”

“But what’s the fun in that?” Zane asked, but was distracted by the woman who had just come through the door.

“Friend of yours?” Xander asked, but was ignored as the woman came over and settled next to Zane giving him a peck on the lips as she sat down.

“Jo let me introduce Eureka’s newest mystery.” Zane said turning to Xander. “Xander this is Deputy Jo Lupo, Jo this is Xander.” Zane sat back to see how Jo would handle the new guy.

“Hi, how are ya” Xander said, holding out his hand again.

Jo looked at him for a moment before shaking his hand, “So what brings you to town?”

Before he could answer the door opened again, and in walks the Sheriff Jack Carter.

“Well Shit!” Xander whispers to himself, trying to keep his nerve.
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