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Welcome to the Real World

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Summary: W/Spike. X-Over with The Matrix. Willow and Spike take a trip to the real world...

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Part 1

Part 1

"So let me get this straight. The world that we know isn't real and you freaks know how to get out? Yeah, right," Spike snorted. He was sitting on a couch, face to face with the man called Morpheus.

Trinity sighed. She was getting tired. That punk had dyied his hair too much. It was getting to his brain. He was as thick headed as...well...Morpheus. [Great! Just what we needed.]

"Every being on this planet is currently being pumped by machines. The matrix is a big, and I mean big, computer program."

"I'm in a bloody computer program?" Spike asked, seriously disturbed.

Trinity glared at him. "YES! Every living thing on earth is. Now are you finished asking the same questions over and over?"

The blond vampire grinned. "There is just a little problem, luv. I'm not a living thing." The two humans just stared at him. "What? Thought I was some kind of freak that moves too fast for a human being or that has a taste for blood? Not bloody likely. I’m a vampire, mate." Trinity and Morpheus looked at him, doubting him very much. "Don’t believe me? Fine. Believe this?" With that, Spike morphed into his vampire face and jumped on Trinity. "Believe me now?"

The woman stared back in horror. "How is that possible?" she whispered.

Spike sneered. "You’re asking the wrong person." He stood up and offered her his hand to steady herself.

Behind them, Morpheus was staring mouth open. "I’d better call Tank to see what he can find on this particular situation."

"If you have questions, why don’t you just ask them to me right away?"

"Because I’m not talking about your physical abilities or powers but how to bring you in the real world." He took out a phone from his pocket and dialed the number. A man imediately answered the call.

Still stuned, Spike turned toward Trinity who was still shaking from her earlier shock. "He really wants to show me the real world?" he asked, very surprised by the offer the man had proposed him.

The woman in black finally put herself together and answered him, "Yeah, and I would like too. I think you could be a great ally." She smiled at him. "I can’t believe I said that."

"Don’t worry. I won’t tell anybody." He gave her one of his famous smile.

"Ok, Tank, give me a minute." Morpheus pulled back from the phone and turned toward the vampire. "I’ll give you a pill we use to trace every members of my team. With the tracer in you, we’re going to try to locate you in the real world." He took out a red pill from his pocket and handed it to the bleached man.

Spike looked at Morpheus, than shrugged. "I hope you know what you're doing, mate." He took the glass of water on the table and swallowed the pill. He followed the two humans to another room full of computer stuff. "What's all this junk for?"

"It's how we're going to find you in the real world."

Spike turned toward the voice. A man of about 25 years old was starring at him as if he was a bug under the microscope. Frowning, he asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Neo," the newcomer said. He took a few steps and shook the vampire's hand. "I'm going to be your psy for 'How to accept the fact that this world isn't real'. I was brought out of it a bit too old and I had troubled letting it go. I'm sure you're older than any of us, so you might need help."

"I'm 126," Spike told them smirking.

"Well, lets do this," Trinity announced.


Spike opened his eyes. He was floating in some king of pink goo. He tried to sit and it took him a few minutes to get it right. He looked around him and found himself surrounded by other 'bubbles' of people trapped inside. Then, he remembered. He had been in a room of an abandonned warehouse. He had swallow a red pill and then he was surrounded by Trinity, Neo and Morpheus as he was 'sucked' into the mirror.

Suddenly, some kind of machine appeared in front of him and held him by the neck. Then, all was confused. He felt incredible pain in his body and he felt himself falling until he dropped into water. After that, nothing, only darkness surrounding his mind.


"He's cold to the touch."

For Spike, it seemed like the voice was far away. Then he heard others and it came nearer and nearer. Slowly, he opened his eyes. He was on a bed with a string of blood attached to his arm. Morpheus and Neo were there, looking at him as he woke up. "I can't move," the vampire whispered.

"No you can't," Morpheus told him. "Your muscles are atrophied. We're going to regenerate them later. Sleep now."

He did as Morpheus told him. He closed his eyes and welcomed the darkness.


He opened his eyes, blinking rapidly. He slowly sat up, realizing he could finally move. Looking around him, he noticed he was in some kind of bedroom extremly pitiful : the walls weren’t painted and the sheets were old and overused. He also saw his clothes matched with the room. He was plugged to an IV bag full of blood. So, he was still a vampire in this world. He took out the needle from one of the holes he had in his arms… [Wait a minute… holes?!] Then he remembered all the tubes that were attached to him before the weird machine had appeared.

Suddenly, the door opened and Spike stood up as fast as his body would allow. Morpheus came in and the vampire saw he wasn't the only one with ugly clothes. [At least they are comfortable.] He looked at the man, "Where the hell am I?"

"We 're not in the matrix, that's for sure," Morpheus said, smiling at him. "Welcome to the real world, Spike."
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