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Welcome to the Real World

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Summary: W/Spike. X-Over with The Matrix. Willow and Spike take a trip to the real world...

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Part 4

-Part 4-

5 weeks later

"Wakey, wakey, Red."

"Aargh!" Redwitch turned in her bed and snuggle her pillow. "Go away!" She pulled the covers higher around her.

"Reeed," someone whinned.

The young woman sighed. "Spike, go bother someone else."

Spike grinned before grabbing the sheets and pulling them away from her. He laughed as he heard her growl at him. "Come on," he taunted her. "I wanna fight, Witch." One green eye opened and took a peek at him. The vampire raised an eyebrow. "So, are you interested?"

"Ok, just let me take my breakfast first." Redwitch stood up and put her shoes on. Spike, not known for his patience, grabbed her hand and ran to the kitchen. The redhead yelled behind him. "Not so fast!" Together, they barged in the kitchen, startling Morpheus who spit his mouthfull in Neo's face. Upon seing that, the wild duo felt to the ground, holding their sides as they laughed.

Neo glared at them, wipping the mess on him. "It's not funny." At Morpheus look, he gave up and laughed at himself.

The young redhead gathered herself and went to the sink to grab a bowl. Her breakfast in hand, she walked to the table and sat down. Her thoughts lead her back to her first days after she had woken up from what Spike called 'the sleep of the dead'. He told her it was because nothing could disturb you from that state of unconsciousness before you were put back up together. She had been introduced to everybody before taking her first sigh at the true world.

In opposite of the blond vampire, it had been surprisingly easy for her to accept it. Her mind was still young and didn't reject completly the truth. Besides, hackers from around the world knew the matrix exist...they just didn't know what it was.

A few days after, Tank had started her training. She was amazed at the stuff she could learn in a couple of seconds. Neo, the first one to see her fighting ability, wasn't expecting her to be that good. She had been herself quite surprised at her agility and ability in combat mode. After a few well placed shots at him, it was decided Spike was to be her 'punching bag' since he could barely be hurt.

Three weeks after being disconnected from the matrix, Willow Rosenburg was Redwitch. She and Spike had developped a great friendship that still amazed the rest of the crew : the first days, they had been barely able to just look at each other without trying to beat the crap out of the other one. The blond vampire had been the one to gave her the nickname Red. It was shorter than Redwitch and it stuck.

The last two weeks, she had been working on the code of the matrix. So far, she had created a few bugs, but it wasn't enough. The program had too much informations. It took at least several days to decrypt a small part of a small detail. No need to tell you Willow was bored quickly. So, to entertain her free time, she worked on a program to learn magic and demons and other supernatural things. It could come in handy if they were confronted to the agents wandering around in the matrix.

Tank stepped in the kitchen. "Hey Red! Think you're up to some hacking?"

"Nope, sorry. I promised Spike to kick his butt." She smiled at the vampire that was glaring at her.

"Come on, witch. Lets get suited up," Spike told her. He put his arms around her shoulder, leading her to the deck.

As the door closed behind them, Tank turned around and looked at Neo and Morpheus. "I don't know when they are going to realize they are in love."

* * *

"Made some kind of improvement in the hacking department?" Spike asked the redhead.

"Not really." Duck. Punch. "The matrix is very complex." Kick.

"Think you can crack some code?" Block. Kick.

Willow fell to the floor as her partner's leg hit her hard. "You are so going to pay for that, Blondie." She stood up and jumped on him. She slapped his face and twisted his arm.

Spike pushed her off him. He jumped on his legs and punched her. Her head flew at the impack but she didn't back off. "If you've got some free time, think you could try to find something on vampires somehow connected to the matrix?"

She retaliated by a spin kick to his head, making him dizzy. She took that opportunity to knock his feet from under him. "Yeah, I'll do that for my favorite vampire." She offered him her hand and he took it gratefully. "Would you be an angel and test my new program? It should be ready by tomorrow afternoon... well, I think it'll be afternoon. We're never sure in this place devoid of sun."

Spike grinned at her. "It's fine with me. I don't tan very well."

Willow laughed. "You're terrible, you know that?"

"Yeah, but you love me anyway." He turned away from her, missing her troubled look as she suddenly froze right there.

Realization flooded the redhead at the softly spoken words, pronounced with no intentions behind them. It seemed they were quite innocent for the speaker... Quite the opposite for her though. It was as a three by four meters black board that was written 'I love Spike' on it with fluorescents shalks and flashing lights around it.

The most surprising thing was that she never noticed it before.

Spike turned around to look at his suddenly very quiet sparring partner and saw something disturbing. She was looking at him with those big green eyes full of... love? No, it couldn't be love. She hated him.

But she had laugh with him the last weeks and he was sure that she enjoyed every moments they spend together, just like he did. They had touched and flirted as friends often do, but a spark was always present at the small contacts. Still, someone as sweet as her couldn't love someone like him.

But why that thought disturbed him so much. It shouldn't matter if she liked him or not. He shouldn't care. [Oh God, I'm falling for it again. I can't. I won't. I... Bloody hell! I'm in love with Willow!]

The vampire and the witch looked at each other, realization flooding them at the look they gave themselves. They each took a step toward the other, getting the space between them smaller. As their bodies touched, the final step was made as Spike bent his head and took Willow's lips in a soft kiss.

The couple was suddenly pulled out from the training program. They opened their eyes to see the cell of the ship. Trinity disconnected them from their chairs. "There are sentinals wandering around in the sector. We thought it best to get you out."

"Thanks, Trin," Willow whinned, still feeling Spike's lips on hers. She looked at him and he gave her his famous grin.

He caught her hand in his and pulled her close in one pull. He bent his head and whispered in her ears, "Why don't we go finish this somewhere else?" She nodded and he lead her to his room, closing the door behind them.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Welcome to the Real World" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 8 Jan 04.

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