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Welcome to the Real World

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Summary: W/Spike. X-Over with The Matrix. Willow and Spike take a trip to the real world...

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Welcome to the Real World

disclaimer: I own nothing.
author's note : VERY IMPORTANT! When I wrote the ending, I was a bit tired of the fic. So I'm telling it right now, the actual ending sucks! I will post the actual ending, but I will change it.



2199 - the real world

"Where's Morpheus?" Neo asked.

"He's in the Matrix trying to find someone to help us. If we want to win this battle, we're gonna need a little help."

"Do you think we're going to win, Trinity?"

"I really don't know. But alone, we don't stand a chance."

* * *

2000 - The Matrix

"This movie was great!"

"I don't know Xand," Willow said. "It was a bit too unrealistic for my like."

"Unrealistic? On the Hellmouth? No way."

Since there was no big treat over Sunnydale for now, Giles had given the slayerettes the night off. Buffy was busy with her new boyfriend so Willow and Xander had decided to go to the movies.

Linking their arms together, the two friends walked through the park. That's when they were attacked by vampires. (big surprise here)

There was only one thing to do : RUN!! That's what Willow and Xander tried, but they were outnumbered and they were surrounded very fast. The two slayerettes didn't have much choice left. They took out their crosses and stakes they always bring when going out at night. Together, they managed to dust three of them but there was still two left.

That's when Xander was grabbed.

"Nooo!" Willow cried. Drained, Xander fell on the ground. The red head gathered her best friend's dead body in her arms. But no tears came.

The two vampires started to walk toward her. Willow let the rage in her start to boil. When the bloodsuckers came upon her, she let it exploded. She took her stake, turned around and backhanded the vampire on her right. The last one standing was grabbed by the redhead. She spin him around and punched him. She rammed her knee in his stomach and he fell on the ground. Jumping on his chest, she proceed to beat him into a bloody pulp.

Too shocked to react, the other vampire just stood there watching the tiny mortal beat his friend. Finally tired to punch the helpless vamp under her, Willow plunged the stake into his chest. She turned around and glared evilly at the other vamp. Not about to stay to watch what she'd do, he ran in the opposite direction.

Slowly standing up, Willow stared one last time at her friend. Then, she walked away...someone following behind her.

* * *

Spike was walking in the park, just having finished his evening meal. That's when he saw her. A vision in red. She was punching a vampire as if he was nothing more than a helpless boy.

"What the...?"

And then, he saw him. A man dressed in black, hidden in the shadow. He was looking thoughtfully at the red head. When she walked away, the guy followed her, as well as Spike. After five minutes, they saw her enter her house. She stayed there for about half an hour. The blond vampire started to ask himself a couple of questions. When Willow walked out of her house, she was holding her backpack and a suitcase. She went into the car in the entryway and drove away. The men in black turned around and headed back to the park.

Right now, Spike had enough. He followed the men all the way to an abandonned warehouse. [Maybe it's a trap set by the damned slayer,] Spike thought. "Bloody hell, damn it!" He walked through the doorway...

...and came face to face with a gun.

Spike held up his hands and took a step back. "Tsk, tsk, no need to get violent, mate. I'm no treat...ok, I am but that's beside the point." The man holding the gun looked at him strangely. Suddenly, Spike talked again. "Where's the slayer? Come on, don't get all surprised. I know she's behind all this." The guy raised his eyebrow. "I swear you are worst than my damn sire. You talk about as much as him." He was still nose to nose with the gun. "Fine, be that way."

Spike had always a short temper and he had just lost it. Faster thant the man could see, he grabbed the gun and throw it away. He took the guy by the neck and pinned him on the wall, arms trapped into Spike's strong frame. Just as the vampire was about to snap his neck, something cold touched his head. Surprised, the blond turned around to see the baril of a gun.

"It's kind of repetitive tonight," he muttered. He looked at the savior and saw a woman dressed in black, wearing sunglasses. "Now what?" he growled.

The woman look at the guy behind Spike. "What is he? He's not an agent and he move too fast for someone in the matrix."

Spike looked at her. "What's the matrix?"

The two other ignored him and continued their conversation as if the vampire wasn't there. "What shall we do?" Trinity asked.

Morpheus smiled at the vampire. "Bring him with us."
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