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A Series of Carnivorous Events

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Jurassic Park Is Frightening In The Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Formerly Losing Giles, now a series of ficlets to help keep things in order. Chapter Two, Xander reveals to the Scoobies his Pack.

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A Glimpse of Future Sight

Author's Notes: This chapter is set at sometime during the four year gap between Jurassc Park and The Lost World, the exact placing of it temporally speaking is uncertain just for now although I do know it takes place sometime after the Veruca incident. I wrote it because I felt the character needed some logical explanation for being involved in the story as a whole. How Faith Got to Montana has also been edited, many of you were dissapointed in that chapter and I had intended to add some flashbacks in between the Crypt Keeper's narration.

So that has been done. Not as extensively as some might have liked, but hopefully it will meet with your approval. As will this chapter. See Chapter How Faith Got to Montana for Disclaimer information. By the way some of you might question why this even needed to be written. Trust me there is a method to my madness, plus I wanted to get Marcie involved without actually bringing her back to Sunnydale. I hope you'll find this chapter enjoyable at least, thank you for reading and as for another new update. After my mind stops reeling with ideas for Xander's Last Stand and Black Cat Origins then maybe I can finish off A Pack Hunter Stalks Among Us. By the way if you like dark stories I strongly suggest you check out Black Cat Origins and leave me a review. It's part of the Xander's Last Standverse if you're following that one you might like BCO too. That is all.

The mansion sat alone in the dead of night, somewhere that was both on Earth and in another plane of existence at the same time, no one could really tell when it had appeared or where it came from all anyone who ever went there knew was that it existed. Not that the owner received many guests.
Cobwebs filled the main hall, dust littered the floors, and the place looked like it might fall apart at any moment or just crumble into a fine powder due to the untold age of the mansion. Many rooms filled the place littered with furniture, it was a macabre décor that spoke of the being who lived here. Seated in a large chair in front of an aged and tarnished looking desk the owner placed a book in front of him leaving it open to a particular page, with a smile he rose from his seat and left the room journeying to some possibly forgotten meeting or task that had to be performed.

After he’d left the room remained quiet for about five seconds before in a flash a man appeared in a tacky looking suit with a hat, he approached the book cautiously intending to take a peek at it, but he didn’t get very far before the door opened. The problem was there wasn’t anyone on the other side, confused the man took a step back wondering what was going on.

“He was expecting you, you know,” a girl’s voice informed casually.

“Yeah I kind of figured… who are you?”

“I’m surprised the Powers don’t remember me… Marcie Ross, the girl picked up by those government goons to turn into an invisible assassin,” she said her tone implying a chesire cat like grin was spread across her face.

“I see…” he trailed off glancing around for a possible tool he could use to get an edge on the invisible girl. The Powers decided he wouldn’t need sight of the unseen in this instance. “Well no hard feelings are there?” he asked.

“No, no hard feelings. But I’m afraid you and the Powers should have known better than to try and read the book,” she said before he felt her hands wrapping around his throat. Struggling to break her grip he was amazed to discover that her strength almost equaled that of the Slayer, before he could get her off of him Marcie had actually managed to break his neck. Of course it didn’t kill him, not at first, but he did suffer a great deal of pain. Whistler collapsed to the floor moaning unable to move and he felt her foot collide with his stomach, but he couldn’t really feel anything below the neck.

“Whoops my dear, shouldn’t have cut the brain off from the body so quickly,” he stated entering the room wrapped in shadows and carrying a different book in hand.

“I’m still learning sir,” she returned shimmering into sight revealing a plain looking girl with no real distinguishing features to speak of.

“Too true, but if you’re going to be one of my bodyguards you’re going to have to remember to enjoy your work a little like the others do otherwise you might go mad again. And we can’t have that now can we?” he asked chuckling darkly.

“You-You shouldn’t have gotten involved with the Slayers or their business,” Whistler stated trying to pass on the message he’d been given.

“But the Powers are becoming just so dull and boring, why else would I decide to intervene?” he asked casually taking a seat. Marcie smirked and stepped back from the balance demon lying on the floor, the howl of a wolf filled the air. “Ah I see our other guest has discovered her appetite returning.” He laughed at his own joke and closed the first book removing a list from his inside shirt pocket and marking something with an old fashioned ink pen shaped like a feather.

“You can’t kill me,” Whistler accused.

“Oh well you see that’s not true, this little dimension I call home has certain wards cast around it, I’m afraid your immortality my old friend just isn’t up to snuff here,” he returned speaking casually.

“But I’m a messenger for the Powers that Be.”

“The Powers that Can’t Be Bothered more like it,” he returned with a contemptuous sneer. “The rest of the Old Ones went to sleep, they gave up on humanity, they had no imagination. I on the other hand evolved with the times; you could say I had a change of heart.” Bursting into his inane cackle Whistler wished he could shut off his ears.

“What are you going to do with me? And what are you planning on doing to Faith and Xander?” Whistler demanded nervously. His host laughed again and shot him a piercing stare.

“Well the thing about werewolves, when you bring one back from the dead they can be simply ravenous. And as it so happens they aren’t very picky eaters, I liked Veruca a shame that Oz kid had to go and eat her up. As for my plans for Faith and Xander, what makes you think I’m interested in doing anything?” Whistler’s host asked slyly.

“But, you keep watching over them, you even made it possible for Faith to escape and lead Xander back to Kakistos to kill him?” Whistler blurted in shock.

“That’s the problem with you balance demons, you could never understand chaos. Well let me spell it out for you, I’m interested in Faith because she happens to be related to an old fiend of mine. Or should I say victim?” He burst into laughter yet again. “Usually I don’t take a shine to their bouncing baby brats, but in this case when I discovered Faith was a Potential I just had to get involved. Especially after I saw what Kakistos had planned for her and look how battly that turned out for him.”


“I know, I know because of me, but really Kakistos was beginning to bore me. Now I’ve set my sights on young Mister Harris he has so much chaotic potential just being who he is that it’ll be worlds of fun watching him. Janus isn’t the only one who enjoys a little chaos every now and then you know.”

“I still don’t get it, if you know what’s going to happen then why even bother?” Smiling devilishly the Old One known as the Crypt Keeper picked up the book and flipped it open to one of the pages, Whistler was shocked to find that the page was actually blank. As he flipped through the pages for Whistler’s benefit near the back of the book the balance demon was stunned to find that all of them were blank, nothing was written there.

“As you can see, for once even my considerable abilities don’t know how the story is going to end. That’s what’s got me so excited, you could say I’m living to know what happens next.” Crypt Keeper burst into his trademark laugh and Whistler once again wished he could just hurry up and die already. The door opened once more and his wish was granted as a werewolf stalked in dripping saliva on the carpet. “Oh hello Veruca I see you’ve found the dining room, well here’s your dinner. It won’t scream I’m afraid your new sister Marcie severed his spinal column from his brain and in this particular demon species that results in a loss of the pain receptors. Ah well but I’m sure you’ll still find him quite tasty, trespassers often are.” Veruca growled low in her throat and stalked up to Whistler. Whistler was grateful that he wouldn’t have to be in the company of this eccentric being much longer, however he felt a little bit annoyed that the Powers didn’t see it coming.

“Oh well, maybe in the next life,” Whistler commented as Veruca started to devour his bodies flesh.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "A Series of Carnivorous Events". This story is complete.

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