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A Series of Carnivorous Events

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This story is No. 7 in the series "Jurassic Park Is Frightening In The Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Formerly Losing Giles, now a series of ficlets to help keep things in order. Chapter Two, Xander reveals to the Scoobies his Pack.

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Losing Giles

Author's Notes: Second Ficlet although I will admit it's kind of on the longish side for a ficlet, but it ain't a story. Warning Dark Xander alert. Dark theme in general, and if you like Giles then you won't like what I did.

Disclaimer: Joss made them, not me, trust me when I say I wish I had but I'm afriad it's just not in the cards. He was the visonary I am the dabbler, or something like that. I should probably leave a Disclaimer for the Raptors too, but I'm not sure... Oh well they come from Jurassic Park which is owned by a lot of different people. At least these versions of the famous Dinosaurs do, or should I say Infamous?

Xander ran hard, harder than he ever had before. But he still had no way of knowing where Angelus had taken Giles. They’d been hunting out vampire nests the last two days ever since the Pack finally arrived in Sunnydale, earlier than Catherine told him they would.
None of them led to Angelus, now he was beginning to let the Primal dominate his personality, he ran heedless of the dangers should someone spot one of his Pack. He couldn’t let Giles down, he couldn’t.
One of the Pack let out a growl and he paused turning to her.

“Scent near,” she said in her own language. That was weirder than he could have imagined, understanding what a Velociraptor was actually saying, he hadn’t thought they would be that smart.

“Which one?”

“Blonde, not mate,” she said.

“Follow!” he ordered taking the lead. Hissing and growling his pack rushed onwards; they reached the old Crawford Mansion hours after the attack in the library, Kendra was safe at least. Inside Buffy was fighting Angelus while Spike stood nearby looking on with Giles in hand; Xander ran forward knowing that he had to move. But as he got closer he realized something was very wrong with Giles, Buffy’s fight with Angelus was intense and yet she had stopped him from opening Acathla’s portal.
Xander roared in rage and grief, Giles’ neck was broken.

“What the sodding hell,” Spike said turning to see death rushing up to him. Buffy and Angelus paused in stunned disbelief in their fight as three Velociraptors and one supremely pissed off Alpha Primal tore into Spike. They literally ripped every limb from his body, each one dusting as it left contact with his withered heart. Spike roared in pain. Xander roared in rage. Angelus watched terrified as Xander literally tore Spike’s heart out and shoved it in his face moments before Spike was dust.

“He did it!” Angelus screamed as the Raptors whirled to face him. “He killed Rupert, I told him we needed him alive, but when he heard about Drusilla he just lost it… Don’t do it!” he pleaded falling to his knees.

“Why should I give a damn what you tell me?” Xander demanded frostily stalking up to Angelus with two sickle-like stakes in his hands.

“You can’t kill him Xander,” Buffy told him, “he’s mine to kill.” Xander shook his head and hissed furiously; that’s when Angelus collapsed slightly and let out a gasp.

“Buffy…What…Where am I?” he asked obviously confused.

“No, NO! He doesn’t get off like that, damn you!” Xander cried snarling and turning away from Angelus with a cry of primal rage. The juveniles backed away from him nervously.

“Alpha in pain, kill prey now?” the youngest asked.

“Leave him, he will not enter our territory again,” Xander said though he sorely wanted to say something else. “Leave Angel, leave Sunnydale and don’t you ever, ever come back. Because if you do I will not hesitate to do to you what I just did to Spike.”

“I don’t understand, what’s going on?”

“Xander you can’t, he’s Angel again,” Buffy said eyes filling with tears.

“GILES IS DEAD!” Xander screamed falling to his knees and actually breaking into tears. “Don’t you care about that!” he demanded angrily. “He was like the coolest, bestest grownup I’ve ever met, he was more a father to me than my actual father ever was and he never even knew it.” The juveniles backed away still nervous, they had never seen their Alpha act this way before it was unsettling for a predator.

“I get that you’re upset Xander but you can’t punish Angel,” Buffy said, “I lost a Watcher before Giles you know. I know how you feel.”

“No, Buffy you seriously do not,” Xander spat, “get that walking corpse out of my sight before I lose it.” Sobbing hurt that Xander of all people was acting this way Buffy made her way out of the room with Angel in tow.

“Buffy, were those real dinosaurs?” he asked mystified. Letting out a guttural roar Xander charged Acathla and laid into the stone beast with his fists, a long time ago Tim Murphy asked him how strong he had become, as he turned Acathla to stone dust he discovered just how powerful a Primal Raptor enhanced Human could be.

“That is not Prey,” one of the juveniles said nervously.

“He is Alpha, do you wish to challenge him?” the second asked.

“No,” the first replied bowing her head submissively.

“Lost Pack,” the third and wisest of them finally said realizing why Xander was acting so strange. She turned and nuzzled the corpse of the Watcher with her snout. “Pack dead,” she said.

“Pack hurting,” the second added.

“Pack hungry,” the first pointed out. Turning Xander stared horrified as his three Pack started to nibble at Giles’ body, roaring he snapped at them and they backed off.

“Pack eats when I say so,” he stated, “this one mine,” he added hauling Giles’ body up in his arms and walking out of the mansion. “Go kill something in forest,” he said not caring if they might accidentally run into a human. At this time of the day it was doubtful anybody would be around up here except the demons and the local wild life. Turning the three juveniles ran off intent on claiming solid prey, they hunted the strange prey that turned to dust because Alpha ordered it, but they couldn’t eat them. Still Alpha was Alpha and they would obey Alpha. For now.

The End
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