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The Immortals' Dating Service

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Summary: Buffy finds out she's immortal, but she’s sure there are others, somewhere in the universe who share that curse. She sets out to find them, not knowing what she’s unleashing.

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Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am making no money from this.

I know I should be writing updates for my unfinished stories, but I just had to write this first. It wouldn’t leave me alone until I did it!

This is a story anyone can add to.

The concept: Buffy is immortal, but she’s sure there are others, somewhere in the universe who share that curse. She sets out to find them, not knowing what she’s unleashing. Once she’s encountered a sufficient number of immortal characters (you decide what’s sufficient) start pairing them up!

Sunhaven Antiquities, November 6, 2012.

Buffy rested her chin on one hand as she stared out the window. The grounds spread out beyond her were lush and above them the overcast sky brought a quiet, expectant hush, waiting for rain. It had been about twenty minutes since she’d last moved from that position. The news of the test results Willow had brought her shocking her into silence some time ago. She’d noticed something was wrong when she reached her thirtieth birthday without a single wrinkle on her face. She’d tried to ignore it, telling herself she was just lucky, but eventually she’d had to talk to Willow, who’d agreed to do some tests. Outside the window everything seemed to go so slowly, but this weather, these grounds were only temporary – they would change and fade year by year.

But Buffy wouldn’t change. She would not fade or age with time. No, she’d remain exactly the same as she was when Willow had raised her from the grave all those years ago. They hadn’t been able to conclude why, only conjecture reasons for this to have happened. The Urn of Osiris breaking before the ritual was complete, Willow poured too much power into the spell, just doing the spell successfully; all those things and more had been put forth as explanations for how she’d ended up like this. They couldn’t answer the one question she cared about: will I stay this way forever?

It wasn’t right. It wasn’t fair that she would live on while all her friends, the last of her family weakened and died. They were worried about her, she could see that easily enough, but she could sense just as easily they were not unhappy about this development. Why should they be? Now they knew without a doubt when she went off to fight at night she would come back in the morning. She really was The Girl Who Wouldn’t Stay Dead. Where they could pass softly – or not so softly – into the night, she would have to endure.

She stared out the window at the grasses waving. The wind had picked up; droplets of rain began to splatter the window inches from her face.


She hated that word.

Sunhaven Antiquities: 5 days later

“Hey, Will. Where’s Buffy?” Xander asked as he came into the kitchen and began searching through the Council’s private refrigerator.

Willow pointed. She was looking out the window intently, watching Buffy since she’d first gone outside. “I think she’s trying to set up some kind of electric…thing.”

Xander tossed her a bottle of grape soda and sat down at the table beside her. “Nice to know you haven’t lost your edge, tech-gal.”

“Hey! Come on, I don’t know what that is; it’s not anything I’ve ever seen before. Nothing looks like it fits together right and she hasn’t grounded it properly at all,” Willow said defensively.

Xander made a noise of consideration. “Must be using the French side of the manual. Oh, looks like she’s going to try it out. Whatever it is.”

Outside, the little blonde stick figure in the distance pulled down a big heavy lever. Willow and Xander could see sparks coming out of two, thick, broken wires.

“That doesn’t look safe,” Willow said, getting up, “If she’s not careful -”

Buffy picked up both ends of frayed and broken wire and pressed them against her head. Electricity arched through her body, and they could see the smoke from the lounge.

Willow looked downcast. “Oh.”

“She’s still doing that, huh?” Xander remarked, clearly not expecting an answer.

On the lawn, the collapsed body was already beginning to stir.

Willow sighed. “We’d better go help her. Her hair’s going to be frizzy for days.”

Sunhaven Antiquities: 4 months later.

Nothing worked.

She had tried and tried, but not one thing had killed her for good. She’d finally had to stop trying when Dawn came home from her turn running the Council Office in Egypt. Her sister had threatened to lock her up in a room with five feet thick steel walls for the next decade if she didn’t. She was pretty sure she could break through three feet thick steel walls if she was mad enough, but five was probably beyond her and if there was anything worse than being immortal it was immortal and bored.

So she would live forever, abandoned by her friends, forsaken by Heaven. Alone. So very alone.

Wait a minute.

This was crazy. Why should she be alone? Why would she be the only one in the world to be so afflicted with everlasting life? Vampires could live forever if they weren’t dusted, not that she’d really want to hang out with them, but then there was The Immortal, and The Furies. There had to be others. How many of them thought they were the only ones? How many of them were as desperate as her to find someone who could understand, who wouldn’t fade like everyone else? And that was just on this world, in this dimension. This reality.

For the first time in months she felt the beginnings of excitement. She had to find them. Tell them they weren’t alone. Bring them together so they could have some kind of support system.

But first, she needed help.

Luz de Fuego Coven. Rio, Brazil. 3 years later.

“And these pendants will work anywhere? Anywhere at all?” Buffy asked.

“Anywhere in the multi-verse,” Willow promised brightly. The other witches in the circle nodded, confident in the work they had perfected over the last two and a half years.

Buffy had come asking for a few specific lessons in magic, and some enchanted items she could take with her when she went on her search for the other Immortals. She wanted to give each one she found some way of keeping in touch with her, and any others she came across in her travels. That kind of permanent, powerful enchanting was beyond her, but Willow and the coven she’d put together in Brazil had risen to the challenge.

They were a motley bunch. Each of them specialized in a different area and they learned from each other, expanding their knowledge and power. There were three who had been especially significant in the creation of Buffy’s magic pendants. Vanessa, the “communications” expert, a techno-pagan that worked to combine cell-phone technology with locator spells and divination. Doña Pilar, the Master Enchantress, calling to the inner essence of things and imbuing them with a new purpose. Finally, there was Willow, whose magic could reach across the universe and beyond, making each item an integral piece of a greater whole, so each pendant could always find the others. She had worked diligently with Vanessa to make the enchanted items able to integrate with computers. What they ended up with were a crossbreed of magic and technological devices that could be used to plug into a network of such things and send messages to the others.

Buffy had not been sitting back and lazing around while the coven’s leaders worked. She had been busy learning to slip through into other realities, other dimensions. She’d learned changing realities was a lot easier than changing or dimensions. All you had to do was apply a certain amount of power and slip through the void, a nasty, cold and empty place that kept realities separate. To change dimensions you needed to find an outside source of magic power. The witches called it a node, but Buffy thought of it more as a pool of stale water that wanted, needed to be used. Tap into that and direct it to spit you out in another world. It was tricky business – she’d ended up in a place called Pylea more than once without meaning to, which was why it had taken roughly three years to learn.

But now everything was coming together.

She took the pendants hung from strong chains from Willow’s arm, all twenty-three of them with more on the way. The coven had already gotten some requests for a simpler kind of device, and they were planning to start experimenting with other types soon.

She had said her goodbyes. Her family was happy for her, if sad she was leaving them so soon. Putting on her own pendant – shaped like an inch long, thin metal cylinder with holes to plug in small cables dotting its surface – she stuffed the rest into her bag.

It was time to find the others.

Let them know they weren’t alone.

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Who does Buffy meet first? I’m sure there are lots of immortal characters that she could encounter.
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