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Halloween World: Last Night Of The Old World

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Summary: On October 31st 1997, no one knew that the end was almost upon them.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Theme: HalloweenWeaverFR721,002051,73728 Jan 0918 Apr 10No

Minutes to Go

Disclaimer: As always, if you recognize it, it's not mine.

Authors Note: As with the case with most of my responses for this challege, this one is open to all. Please read and review. All characters have appeared in other Halloween World stories, well either them or the people they became. Bonus points for identifying them, double bonus points if you spot the meaningful names/theme naming.

England, Twenty Six Minutes Until The Spell

“Hey John, you want another drink?”

The blond teenager shook his head.

“Nah. Actually, I think I’ll be heading off now.”

“Already? But it’s still early.”

“Yeah, early in the morning. I’ve had a great time, thanks for inviting me.”

“I wouldn’t have a party without you. Even if you didn’t bother with a costume.”

“I am wearing a costume. Like I told you earlier, I’m a monster hunter.”

His friend gave him a look that clearly said that he didn’t think that that counted as a costume.

“Anyway, I’m off. I’ll see you at college. Remember that we’ve got that essay due in on Monday.”

“I’ll do it over the weekend. Hope the arm isn’t too much of a pain.”

John patted the sling.

“Nah, it’ll be fine. It isn’t broken or anything. Bye.”


John Brand walked out of the house into the Halloween night.

America, Ten Minutes Until The Spell

“Okay, what’d you get?”

The gaggle of costumed children held out bags bulging with candy, mostly chocolate. Their green clad chaperone nodded in approval at seeing that they’d taken his advice.

“Okay, on to the next house. Don’t bother about next-door, they always give out healthy stuff.”

He said the last two words with a shudder and the kids grimaced. Trailing after the teen with the stuffed dragon on his shoulder, they headed towards a house that easily had twice as many pumpkins as anyone else.

England, Five Minutes Until The Spell

Hugh Gardener woke up with a groan and looked at the clock on the video player.

“Gah. When did it get so late?”

Turning off the TV, he looked at the sofa’s other occupant. The eight year old boy was still in his karate kit, plus the bandana and fake black belt that he’d added to turn it into a costume, and curled up with his eyes closed.

“Damon, are you awake?”

The boy didn’t so much as twitch.

“Heh. Spark out.”

Hugh briefly considered waking him but thought better of it. Tugging at the downright bizarre novelty tie he had on in lue of a costume (although he still wondered why on Earth Damon had picked the thing), he sighed before scooping his son into his arms and carrying him upstairs.

“You’re getting too big for this mister.”

The sleeping boy just snuggled into his shirt.

America, Two Minutes Until The Spell


In his dorm room, the door barricaded against obnoxious roommates and nosy frat boys, Gabriel gritted his teeth and did his best to ignore the noise from the party downstairs and concentrate on the textbook in front of him. His fellow students may be happy too goof off, but he had to study. If he wanted to get anywhere in life, then he needed a degree and since he wasn’t a genius then he had to put the work in. Which he did, much to the bemusement of his roommate who called him a nerd on a daily basis. Gabriel didn’t care. He didn’t have time to take it easy, if he wasn’t in class or studying then he was working two jobs so that he didn’t have to choose between buying his books and eating that week. It was hard, but he just sucked it up and kept going. He’d made up his mind what he wanted out of life and he would do what he had to in order to get it.

Finishing the notes he was writing on his current chapter, he set about sharpening his pencil before moving on to the next. He was in the middle of doing so when the screaming began.
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