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Baby Days

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Dragons Willow". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: They were so tiny, trusting, amazing little beings...He never thought he would ever get a happy ending...

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Harry Potter > Willow-Centered > Pairing: Draco Malfoy(Past Donor)lckybrFR1862,251067,79030 Jan 091 Apr 14No

happy birthday

The house was quiet.

But the air was heavy with sadness, you can feel it like some thick caressing thing. Your keys you leave on the table, steps quiet as you head down the hall.

He sat on the bed, Noah held in his arms sleeping peacefully but you can see the tears wet on his cheeks.

She would have been six today

His little princess…

I promsed would take her to the zoo, just me her and Faith...

You run your hands through his hair and he takes a deep shuddering breath. It is choking, and he sniffs nose running, emotions threatening to drown him.

She was so excited to see the baby

He laughs and it turns into a sob. You take Noah from him arms brush a gentle kiss on her head before
placing her in the crib with her sister.

He looks up then and there is such pain in his eyes that it steals the breath from your throat.

I wish I could just go back.

His hand is cold, you tug him up.

To the bathroom, and the tears are constant.

Because it has not been very long but maybe he still blamed himself.

There is a picture of them together on the bedside table, his smile is wide and his eyes are shining with
happiness, she is wrapped around his back, squeezing his neck, eyes closed in concentration but she is
smiling, dimples flashing.

I miss her

And that’s okay, and your heart hurts to see him hurting now. You bathe him like a child, slowly until the
tears are gone and he is tired. He tells you about her, things they did together and secrets she died keeping. How excited she was to have Faith as a mom, how he wanted to teach her how to ride a broom.

And when you are both in bed he will pick up his children and they are so small in his arms. He will lay them
between you and the tears will be back.

He will not let anything happen to them.

He just wishes Noah a happy birthday
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