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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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TouchoftheWindFR151836,035710131,45230 Jan 0910 Apr 11Yes

Chapter 10

The Areli and Cinaed are 65 years old meaning they are 18 physically in this chapter. Also the song used is ‘Solo Por Ti’ by Josh Groban.

Chapter 10

The dinner that followed the arrival of the Mirkwood guests was truly amazing and many stared at Prince Cinaed, much to the elfling’s annoyance. They had grown used to the beauty of Areli and now were able to see Cinaed and confirm what they had heard about the Prince. He was just as beautiful as Areli.

The elflings had been seated next to each other in hopes they would become friends but they seemed distant and only spoke a few words to one another. Legolas was pleased though that Cinaed was speaking to Areli, which showed that his brother either liked Areli or was just been polite. Legolas didn’t mind which. Unknown to the adults they were trying to restrain themselves from hugging and kissing one another and the silence simply meant they had opened their connection to speak freely through it.

Soon enough darkness fell and Legolas and Cinaed retired to their rooms and later a pale figure was darting down the corridors, his footsteps as silent as the moonlight that crept along the floor through the window. Areli sighed happily as he arrived at the rooms that were for the Mirkwood guests. He walked up to the door which was Cinaed’s room and listened for a brief moment to make sure that no one was inside beside Cinaed.

Opening the door he slipped inside and shut the door quietly behind him. Leaning on the door he looked to see Cinaed stood by the window looking at him with such a look of longing it made Areli’s knees go weak.

As one they moved forward, arms drawing the other forward and mouths crashing together with need. Areli gave a happy moan as he felt Cinaed’s lips against his, his eyes closed as he focused solely on the sensation. For a few moments they kissed heavily, the room filled with the sound of harsh pants and the rustle of clothing as hands caressed the bodies in front of them.

Cinaed pulled back and began to kiss Areli’s jaw, his blond head dipping to kiss the delicate skin as his hands stroked gently over Areli’s waist silently asking permission.

“We can’t,” Areli whispered, knowing that the whole of Imladris would hear them if they did- Areli did not believe he would be able to be quiet with Cinaed their first time together again.

“It’s just been so long,” Cinaed whispered, holding Areli’s waist tightly once he stopped his movements and lifted his head up and rest his forehead against Areli’s.

“I know, but there’s no rush,” Areli whispered, while his hand stroked Cinaed’s cheek.

“Those dreams of you didn’t help, going through puberty a second time was just annoying,” Cinaed growled making Areli shudder before a smile crossed his face.

“Who were your dreams of the first time round? Pansy?” Areli joked making a look of revulsion cross Cinaed’s face.

“Gross, no. They were of Blaise,” Cinaed answered truthfully but there was still a lingering disgust over the though of Pansy, “yours?”

“Cedric, and occasionally you,” Areli answered truthfully.

“Diggory was hot…and even then you couldn’t deny your unmistakable lust for my body,” Cinaed said arrogantly and in a manner that made Areli snort with amusement.

“I can’t help falling under the spell of my soul mate even if we were enemies,” Areli chuckled.

“You can’t resist me,” Cinaed whispered and moved to kiss Areli but he darted away out of Cinaed’s reach, “come on, Love,” Cinaed whined.

“If you continue, I’ll give in and the whole of Imladris will hear us having sex and no doubt someone will walk in on us,” Areli said firmly.

“Fine,” Cinaed said with a sigh, but drew Areli close to him once more. If anyone had walked by the window or into the room they would have seen lovers hugging one another, silently basking in each others presence and the occasional whispered word between them as the moonlight covered their forms in a silvery glow that enhanced their natural glows which had become brighter been in each others presence.

“I love you,” Cinaed whispered.

“I love you too,” Areli said clearly, “dance with me?”

Cinaed gave a quiet chuckle and to music only they could hear they began to dance together, their fluid and graceful movements showing that they had done this before.

Te daré mil poesías,-
las escribiré para tí.
Cantaré mis melodías,
con la música de tu alma...

I'll give you my poetry
I'll write them for you
I'll sing my melodies
With the music of your soul


The sun rose over Imladris with the promise of another warm day. Cinaed turned over under the sheets and jolted when he came into contact with another warm body.

He opened his eyes to see Areli laid next to him, sleeping peacefully. Though he hated to wake Areli he knew that soon enough the city would awaken and it wouldn’t look good for them to be caught in the same bed. He gave Areli a nudge and smiled fondly when the dark haired elfling gave a groan and burrowed deeper into the covers.

“Areli, you have to wake,” Cinaed whispered, “we can’t be caught.”

Areli opened his eyes and yawned.

“I wish we didn’t have to move,” Areli whispered with a smile. Cinaed smiled back and leaned down, pressing his lips against Areli’s. Areli raised his hands and buried his fingers in Cinaed’s blond locks and deepened the kiss. His tongue darted into Cinaed’s warm mouth, memorizing the mouth that was new but familiar.

After a short while Cinaed pulled back resting his forehead on Areli’s, both breathing harshly but smiling. A sound outside the room caused them to freeze, as one they moved, Cinaed rolled off of Areli while Areli rolled off the bed and onto the floor in a place where someone entering the room would not see him hiding.

The door opened and Cinaed watched a Legolas peeked round the door.

“Morning, ready to go to breakfast?” Legolas asked.

“Erm…not yet…got a bit of a problem,” Cinaed whispered, looking pointedly at his groin area, one of his knees were raised making it impossible for Legolas to actually see if he did have a problem or not.

Legolas gave a blush and ducked out of the room. Once the door was shut Cinaed gave a sigh and watched as Areli popped up from the floor.

“See you at breakfast,” Areli whispered and gave Cinaed a quick kiss, “we’ll do some ‘exploring’ later,” Areli smiled before darting to the balcony and climbing down the wall next to it. He hit the ground with a slight thump and took off running towards his room, ready to scale the wall and climb into his own room.


“Come on, Cin,” Areli whispered, while tugging on the blond’s sleeve. Cinaed rolled his eyes at the nickname, a new one that Areli had given him. Apparently Dragon, Dray, and Drake weren’t enough.

“I am, Areli,” Cinaed whispered back, knowing that they needed to be quiet.

The forest around them was growing denser and the leaves which had been a lush green were now a darker colour of green though just as healthy according the whispers they were getting from the trees. Sunlight barely flittered through the forest around them creating shadows and a dull light on the area but also the warm heat had all but vanished under the cool trees.

“Areli, where are we going?” Cinaed whispered, glad his hair was tied back in a plait. They were beginning to have to duck and clamber a lot more as they reached a particularly difficult area.

“A private place, far away enough that we can have some privacy but also near enough that we can get back to Imladris quickly if needed,” Areli replied as they passed through the thick foliage. After a few minutes walk Cinaed perked his ears as he heard the sound of rushing water. Looking questioningly at his lover all Cinaed received was a dazzling smile and a tug at his hand.

They came through some trees and stopped. All around them were rocks, some taller then the Elflings but all were surrounding a pool of water that looked so clear and inviting that Cinaed gave a smile as he looked at Areli.

“Just wanted to see me wet did you?” Cinaed teased with a grin. Areli gave a chuckle.

“Right,” Areli replied, “deflate your head and we can go swimming.”

“My head is perfect the way it is thank you very much,” Cinaed retorted with a smirk.

Areli just smiled and pulled at his tunic which was quickly made work of and folded onto a rock. Cinaed looked on sadly as the various scars of his life with the Dursley’s were revealed. Cinaed walked over gently and ran his fingertips over the scars with a feather light touch. Areli closed his eyes, partly in shame of his body but also arousal at his lovers touch.

“Beautiful,” Cinaed murmured.

Areli’s eyes snapped open and looked at Cinaed.

“You really think so?” Areli whispered, his old fears rising once again. Cinaed ran his fingers over the pale skin feeling every bit of raised skin that signified a scar.

“Yes, these show everything you have been through, everything that makes you the person I love is there. The scars that hurt you so much but made you so strong and brave,” Cinaed whispered, letting his words flow over his lover comfortably, “I think you are beautiful the way you are, Harry.”

“You’re the beautiful one,” Areli replied though a distinct blush covered his cheeks. Cinaed gave a chuckle and kissed Areli gently on the lips before hugging the smaller elf to him.

“I’m not beautiful, you are,” Cinaed whispered firmly.

“Other people would disagree,” Areli said but clung to Cinaed.

“You can’t class yourself as people, love,” Cinaed chuckled making a small smile cross Areli’s face.

“Now you mentioned something about swimming,” Cinaed prompted giving Areli a slight leer. Areli chuckled and pulled away and sat to take his boots off. Cinaed pulled off his tunic and folded it next to Areli before joining his lover on the floor taking his boots off.

“I wasn’t classing myself as people,” Areli muttered making Cinaed laugh, a smile lighting up the blond’s face in a way only Harry could make it.


Over the next few days Cinaed and Areli would disappear for a few hours ‘exploring’ but spent the time at the secret pool were they simply spent ages cuddling and making out- they were taking things slow and simply enjoying something they had not had before. The first time they started their relationship they were in the middle of a war and things were more urgent between them. There was not a sense of peace and time they had not experienced the first time round.


Areli laid on the grassy floor, the sound of nature surrounding him. Cinaed lay next to him in a light doze, his blond hair sprawled out over the ground.

“Cin?” Areli whispered as Cinaed merely gave a grunt to his lover. Areli smiled and grabbed a lock of his black hair and began trailing it on Cinaed’s face. Cinaed gave another grunt and wrinkled his noise, not really aware of what was going on. His hand came up to swipe to whatever what on him as Areli darted back to avoid his lover’s hand. Areli smothered his laughter and when Cinaed settled down again began trailing his hair over Cinaed’s neck.

“Harry, continue doing that and I’ll throw you in the pool,” Cinaed warned his eyes now aware as the desire to sleep left him. Areli gave a laugh and sat up properly while pushing his hair off of his shoulders.

“I was just having a bit of fun, although after that threat I’m thinking you just want to see me wet,” Areli teased, his eyes sparkling with happiness.

“Damn, you figured out my master plan,” Cinaed replied, his eyes once again taking on a distinctly Slytherin look.

“Cin, how come you are not pressuring me for sex?” Areli asked seriously.

“Of all the things you could have asked, I never expected that to come out of your mouth,” Cinaed laughed.

“Seriously though, why aren’t you?” Areli asked, “I seem to remember you pressuring me for sex between Order meetings and classes.”

“Ari,” Cinaed sat up with his new nickname for his lover and face him with a serious look.

“Before we were in the middle of a war, we had no way to know if both of us would live to see what happened after,” Cinaed took Areli’s hand in his, “our relationship then was about love, but there was also a fear for our future, we didn’t know if we would live to see the next day. I remember feeling scared that I would die and you would always remember a fight that had just happened between us. I used sex to show you how much I loved you- so that if anything did happen to me you would always remember those times when I would pull you into a random room and ravage you while whispering how much I loved you.”

Areli gave a teary smile, finally understanding why Cinaed was not pushing for sex. They both wanted it, but neither seemed to making the next move into that area.

“What about the first night here?” Areli asked, “you wanted it then.”

“I did,” Cinaed admitted, “but I’m a hormone driven teenager who hadn’t seen his lover in years but dreamed of his pale lithe body almost every night.”

“You dreamed of me often,” Areli whispered happily. His fear of been wanted only for sex disappearing.

“I still think most of those dreams we shared through our link,” Cinaed admitted. Areli leaned forward and kissed Cinaed gently which Cinaed deepened immediately. Cinaed suddenly pulled back.

“You know I can pressure you for sex if you really want,” Cinaed said seriously but there was a twinkle in his eye. Areli gave a bark of laughter.

“I like things going slowly, we have time,” Areli whispered and leaned down for another kiss.

End of Flashback

Currently they were in Areli’s garden, Cinaed sat on a bench with a book while Areli wandered around the garden tending to the flowers. Elrond and Legolas were watching them from a balcony.

“They seem to be getting along quite nicely,” Elrond mused.

“I am surprised Cinaed warmed up to Areli so well,” Legolas admitted but there was a pleased note in his tone. His brother was warming up to someone outside of the family, which was good.

They looked down as they heard the elflings begin to talk.

“You know you could help me,” Areli said, his voice teasing as he looked over at the blond. Cinaed looked up from his book and Legolas could sense the raised eyebrow.

“No thanks, Ari,” Cinaed replied making both elves start slightly at the nickname, “I’ll probably just end up killing your flowers.”

Areli seemed to think for a moment before smiling and turning back to his flowers. Crouching down and disappearing among the flowers to work. Cinaed simply turned back to his book and began to read once more.

“My brother has never been the type to give nicknames to people,” Legolas murmured.

“Areli doesn’t usually invite people to help him garden,” Elrond told the elf prince, “he is convinced they would mess it up.”

“Elrond, are you afraid that they are becoming too close?” Legolas asked.

“What do you mean?” Elrond asked the younger elf.

“They are becoming good friends and they seem to relate to each other very well,” Legolas explained, “what if it turns into something more…like they fancy one another.”

“I think they understand that eventually Cinaed will be returning home,” Elrond said, trying to calm the blond but as the thought was brought up he couldn’t help but wonder if the relationship growing between the elflings would develop into more of a romantic attachment.

“I know they understand that, but wouldn’t that give them an incentive to rush things a little?” Legolas asked, worried that his brother may end up hurt but also Areli may end up hurt.

“We will have to keep an eye on them,” Elrond stated, “but I do not believe they are anything more than friends. I think that after hearing about each other and meeting the only other elfling in Middle Earth would form some attachment to each other.”

“I hope that is all it is,” Legolas said but was drawn back to the garden by a shout.

“You two get out of my garden!” Areli yelled at his brothers.


“Little brother-,”

“We only came to see-,”

“Our two favourite elflings,” they finished as one.

“We are the only elflings,” Areli muttered back, glaring at them as they took a step into the garden.

“Ada banned you from my garden,” Areli warned.

“Why?” Cinaed asked from his seat.

“They decided that it would be wise to prank me in the garden and ended up destroying some of it in the process,” Areli growled.

Cinaed stood from the bench, placing the book on it and strolled over to Areli’s side.

“Why destroy his garden?” Cinaed asked the twins.

“We didn’t-,” Elrohir started.

“Mean to,” Elladan finished.

“I think it would be wise to adhere to your Father’s command, I doubt even he could hold back Areli if you make him mad,” Cinaed said wisely but also to the surprise of Elrond and Legolas a hint of warning was heard in the elflings voice. The twins mock bowed and ran from the garden. Legolas and Elrond watched as the elflings looked at one another.

“Thanks,” Areli said with a smile.

“Anytime,” Cinaed replied with a smile too, which shocked his brother since he rarely smiled so freely.

“Now that you’re standing, you can help!” Areli smiled.

“Fine,” Cinaed grumbled as Areli dragged him into the garden properly.

Legolas and Elrond watched with a smile before heading indoors. Both thinking they needed to keep an eye on the elflings.


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