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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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TouchoftheWindFR151836,035710131,44430 Jan 0910 Apr 11Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter 11

Areli and Cinaed are 65 years old meaning they are 18 physically in this chapter.

Slash content in this chapter.

Chapter 11

The sun rose over Rivendell casting a pink glow over the sleeping residents of the city. Legolas lay in his bed dreaming of his brother and father, Elrond dreamed of the trouble his twins would get into and the innocence of his youngest and the twins dreamed of mischief they would cause the coming day.

The only occupants awake, apart from the guards on nightshift, were Areli and Cinaed. Cinaed’s room had quickly become a haven for them when they couldn’t get to the pool. The dim morning light filtered through the white curtains creating a glow through the room and its two occupants.

Cinaed sat on the bed; his legs cross at the ankle and his back resting against the headboard. He was wearing his leggings and nothing else- though his hair was tied back with a strap and wisps fell free around his peaceful face. Areli lay on his stomach, his hands propping his head up so his green eyes could look at his taller lover while his feet were in the air kicking gently. Areli was wearing a tunic, which reminded both elflings of dressing gowns from Earth, and his leggings.

The overall atmosphere was calm and peaceful- the quiet chatter which flowed between the two was easy and natural. They talked about everything and anything- these moments were precious because they knew eventually that Cinaed would return to Mirkwood.

“Dray, when should we consider telling people about us?” Areli asked his voice quiet but loud enough for the blond to hear.

“Truthfully, I do not know. I think for now it would be wise to keep it a secret, we do not want people trying to separate us later,” Cinaed said while his hand played with a stray hair.

“Why would they try and separate us?” Areli asked, his noise wrinkling at the thought.

“I don’t know if they will- but to them we are children and unable to make decisions about this kind of thing. There are not usually two elflings at a time which means any sexual relationships between elflings is unheard of,” Cinaed explained, “I looked for evidence of it in the library. People would assume we are unable to make that choice and may think separating each other would be better for our mental health.”

“That’s ridiculous,” Areli muttered.

“I know it is,” Cinaed soothed with voice like silk. Areli closed his eyes and smiled.

“You wouldn’t let them do that to us,” Areli stated.

“I wouldn’t,” Cinaed agreed with a regal incline of his head. The thoughts running through his mind were dark- he would kill to be with Areli. Even with his new upbringing as an Elf- the innate darkness of a Malfoy was still inside him.

Areli opened his green eyes and looked at his lover before pushing himself up into a kneeling position and crawling forward to hover partially over Cinaed.

“They will understand, but maybe we shouldn’t tell them until we are of age,” Areli whispered and leaned forward and placed a kiss of his lover’s lips. Cinaed’s large hands moved to cup Areli’s face while one began to move into thick dark locks with tumbled freely over pale skin.

Cinaed licked Areli’s lips and with a happy sigh darted his tongue into the warm cavern and caressed Areli’s tongue with his own. The kiss was slow but passionate. The gentle caress of Areli’s fingertips on Cinaed’s collar bone drove a moan from the blond.

One of Cinaed’s hands slipped from Areli’s hair and moved to the tunic and pushed it gently down the shoulders revealing tempting skin. Areli squirmed slightly as Cinaed’s hands drifted over his now bare shoulders and pushed the tunic further off of the elfling.

Areli moved and straddled Cinaed’s lap and happily moaned as their growing erections touched though their leggings. They began to rub against each other as they had so many times before- the rhythm natural and rushed as both cling to one another and hushed whispers pour from their lips.

Heated kisses are exchanged as they moved together- skin became warm and flushed as they watched each other with half lidded eyes. Open mouth kissed smothered any loud moans as they were trying to drink each other in- taste each other once more.

With a cry into Cinaed’s mouth Areli came and the feel of the other’s climax brought Cinaed to his own ecstasy. Areli collapsed into Cinaed’s lap and Cinaed automatically wrapped his arms around the others form cradling his lover close.

They lay in silence for a little while and soon heard the movements from the others as they woke and began their morning rituals. Areli gave a sigh and moved from the warm comfort of Cinaed’s arms and climbed from the bed. Cinaed stood from the bed and placed a tender kiss of Areli’s lips and watches as Areli quickly threw on a robe before heading to the balcony.

“I’ll see you at breakfast,” Areli whispered and disappeared from the balcony. Cinaed sighed and began to get ready for his day.


Elrond and Legolas were sat next to one another as they discussed various issues and both glanced up as Cinaed glided into the hall turning many a head. The Mirkwood Prince wore blue robes which were so pal in places it seemed white. His blond hair was pulled back into a braid and the beautiful pale face was set into the Ice Prince mask. Both Elves knew that no-one would have tried talking to Cinaed while he was in that mask- Cinaed would often ignore those he didn’t like when they talked to him- which was nearly enough in Rivendell.

“Do you know what the boys are planning on doing today?” Legolas asked the Elven Lord.

“I believe they were going to spend some time at the stables and maintain the horses from Mirkwood,” Elrond replied as he watched Cinaed sit down and serve himself some fruit and bread while ignoring those next to him- which happened to be some of the guards from Mirkwood.

There was a loud bang from outside the hall and everyone looked up to see the twins dash in and towards there seats- gleeful smiles on their identical faces. They both sat down and hurriedly heaped food on their plates as if this would persuade their prank victim that they had no part in whatever prank they had done.

Elrond gave a sigh at his eldest sons and Legolas tried to stifle a laugh which was building itself in his throat. Legolas gave a shake of his head and turned to glance at his brother once more.

“I am eternally grateful that Cinaed hasn’t decided to follow the twins into pranking,” Legolas said wincing at the things his brother would consider pranks.

“True- though not from lack of trying on the twins parts,” Elrond replied with a small smile.

It was then that Elrond’s youngest came into the hall of breakfast, his red and gold robes most beautiful as his hair flowed freely and a smile adorned his face. He moved to sit next to Legolas and Elrond and as he passed Cinaed he grabbed a piece of fruit from the blond’s plate and darted off with a laugh.

“Hello, Ada,” Areli smiled as he sat down while popping the piece of fruit into his mouth.

“You do realise that Cinaed will most likely be mad you stole fruit off of his plate, my son,” Elrond stated while he glanced at Cinaed who seemed unconcerned at Areli’s antics while the guards around him seemed shocked. It was well known that the Prince disliked anyone being in his personal space.

“Cin doesn’t mind, Ada,” Areli answered with a grin and started to pile his plate with some meat, fruit and bread.

Legolas and Elrond turned to one another while leaving the elflings to their own devices. Both knew though that Cinaed would mind- if it were anyone else but Areli.


Cinaed and Areli walked over the smooth stone floor down towards the stables, the area was mostly deserted- some of the men had gone hunting and others were at the training field. They would be left alone for the most part. The elflings walked closely – their sides brushing occasionally and their fingers reaching out for one another every so often.

Their heads were bent together as they whispered furiously and if anyone had seen them they would have wondered what the two beautiful beings were planning. Their footsteps were nearly silent on the stone as they hurried down to the stables.

The sun was shinning down on them but there were plenty of white clouds in the sky and a cool breeze which kept the weather nice and cool. They stepped into the courtyard which was empty save for the horses which peered out of their stables.

Areli immediately went to a golden Palomino and stroked its neck lovingly. Cinaed went a little further down the stables until he found his own horse, an Hanoverian Horse which had a grey coat. He ran his fingers down the nose and rubbed slightly on the muzzle making the horse snort at its Master.

“Easy,” Cinaed murmured and smiled when the beast batted at his hand for more attention, “you are quite spoiled.”

Cinaed smiled freely as he showered his horse with attention and heard Areli come up behind him.

“What’s she called?” Areli said while resting his head Cinaed’s shoulder from behind.

“Hedwig,” Cinaed whispered and turned his head slightly to give the black haired elf a quick kiss.

“I had an owl named Draco when I was younger,” Areli told the blond.

“I remember you telling me- please don’t tell me you called your horse that?” Cinaed asked with a groan. Areli gave a laugh before a snort broke from him.

“No, though I was tempted, his name is Albus,” Areli answered. Cinaed glanced at the horse which was looking down at them- an almost ponderous look in his eyes. As if wondering why its Master was down by Cinaed and Hedwig and not with him.

“I want to go for a ride,” Areli announced.

“Were do you want to go?” Cinaed asked as he began to gather his riding tack.

“Let’s just see where we end up,” Areli said before hurrying back to Albus and gathering the tack needed.

They worked in silence with a few words to their horses before leading them from the stables. Both tied their horses to a gate as they removed their outer robes and grabbed a cloak which would protect them from the wind better. Areli pulled his hair back into a braid with Cinaed’s help and both climbed onto their steeds and set off at a walk down a trail.

Their laughs and chatter floated its way back up the path.


Hello everyone! I finally managed to get this chapter finished and I am in quite a productive mood with this story that I hope to get some more work done on it so there may be another update soon.

Please head over to my LiveJournal account and you can find a soundtrack I put together there. There is some Fanart and other things there too.
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