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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Chapter 13

Areli and Cinaed are 65 years old meaning they are 18 physically in this chapter.

Warning- slash sex scene in this! The scene will be marked out for those who want to skip it.

Chapter 13

The sun had set hours ago and the moon had risen but had been covered by clouds. Autumn was coming and in a few days Cinaed would be returning home and Areli couldn’t help but think that the warmth would be leaving with Cinaed and not the season change. As Areli stood on his balcony a cold breeze drifted around the elfling who simply wore leggings and a bed robe.

A few weeks had passed since Cinaed and Areli had being attacked by Orcs. The elflings had barely left each others side but to Legolas, Elrond, and the twins there was a noticeable difference in how they acted around each other. There was almost anger in the air between them yet they seemed to worry about each other.

Areli was constantly fretting over the blond Prince much to Cinaed’s chagrin and the other elves seemed to watch out for the two more than they had previously. It was if this attack had made them more vulnerable and younger in the elves eyes than before. Areli was grateful that these people cared so much but could have done without it. It was hard to find private time with Cinaed.

Areli started from his thoughts as he heard a rustle below his balcony, Areli peered over the edge and smile lit up his face as he saw Cinaed standing there waiting for him. Areli darted into his room and grabbed a tunic and swapped it for his bed robe. He grabbed a small satchel from his bed and hurried down the trellis which stood next to his balcony. He hit the ground lightly and turned to see Cinaed smiling softly at him.

“How long do we have?” Cinaed whispered after he placed a chaste kiss on Areli’s lips.

“About four hours, maybe five,” Areli replied and grabbed Cinaed’s hand and they both dashed silently through the gardens and pathways to the edge of the trees. They then moved quickly through the trees down the path which was invisible to everyone else but the elflings.

After a short time they arrived at the pool which had become their favoured place in Rivendell during their time together. The moon was covered with clouds making it hard to see properly but the water which both elflings assumed was magical held a slight sheen to it and with their elven eyes they could see well enough.

“Let’s take a dip,” Areli whispered seeming to think people would be able to hear them. Cinaed did agree it felt clandestine since everything seemed to be silent during the night for once. Even nature seemed to still for them.

Areli quickly stripped down and made his way into the pool. The only sound was the gentle splashes made as Areli disturbed the water. Cinaed smiled and pulled off his own clothes and joined his mate in the water. For a while they simply relaxed and chatted gently before Areli moved to stand in front of Cinaed and pulled the blond down and kissed him with a hunger.

“I could have lost you,” Areli whispered.

“We were both in danger,” Cinaed replied.

“You were hurt, if the twins hadn’t arrived when they did….”Areli trailed off.

“But they did come,” Cinaed stated. His tone suggesting that there was no use in thinking about the ‘what ifs?’

“It was like a bubble- I didn’t realise how protected I was until then. How dangerous this world can be. How easy I could lose you,” Areli murmured as his hands clutched to Cinaed’s bare shoulders.

“You won’t lose me. We seem to have extraordinary luck in near death situations,” Cinaed mentioned and began to pull Areli towards the edge of the pool.

They climbed from the pool and moved to the grass area where there clothes lie. Areli reached into his satchel and pulled out a blanket and spread it on the ground and laid on it while reaching into his satchel once more and pulling out a bottle of oil.

“Cinaed…Draco…I need you,” Areli whispered wantonly.

Cinaed moved to sit next to Areli and looked his lover in the eye.

“Are you sure? We don’t need to rush,” Cinaed asked.

Slash scene starts here

“Yes, I need to feel you in me. I want you so much,” Areli nodded and pulled Cinaed down into a passionate kiss. They wrestled playfully for a while and soon enough Cinaed was laid on his back with Areli straddling his hips. His bare erection trapped between himself and Areli’s sinful body. Areli gave a smile and leaned down placing his lips to Cinaed’s chest.

His senses exploded as he tasted his mate’s pale skin. It had been such a long time. He had dreamed of this skin so much but nothing matched the actual thing. The smooth and soft feel and the taste of vanilla and what seemed to be a spicy tang that Areli could not place.

The taste and smell was pure Cinaed. Pure Draco.

Draco gave a moan as the lips began to suckle and kiss their way down his body- exploring and teasing. He remembered many times when they had explored each other so thoroughly that they knew each other by heart. They had often blind folded each other but still the sex was perfect and explosive.

Draco’s body was different to his previous one. The territory undiscovered and Harry was only too happy to map out this new territory. Harry quickly moved over the pale skin- searching with his tongue and mouth. Draco simply lay beneath him lying decadently over the blanket as the senses he knew so well rushed to the front and overwhelmed the blond. It had been too long.

Harry pulled back and looked down at the blond with a smile before picking the oil up which had being dropped in the passion. Harry moved back and lay on the blanket spreading his legs and exposing himself to his lover. Draco felt his breath catch in his throat as his gazed at Harry.

Harry coated his fingers in the oil and reached behind his balls and teased his hole before pushing a finger in with a moan. Harry’s head fell back exposing his neck making Draco groan. Draco began to move forward and planted his lips on Harry’s neck. He gently kissed up to his ear and began to whisper into it after he gave the ear point a sensual lick.

“Add another finger,” Draco whispered, knowing his lover was never more turned on then when Draco was instructing him in what to do.

Harry gave a sinful mewl as he added a second finger- his movement speeding up as arousal flooded his body as Draco’s velvet voice whispered teasingly in his ears.

“Faster,” Draco breathed as his own fingers dipped into the oil and coated his fingers in the substance. He moved his hand to join Harry’s and pushed a finger inside too drawing a loud cry from the black haired elf. Moving in time with Harry’s own fingers he moved to stretch the beauty while driving him to the brink.

Draco pulled his finger out and then grasped Harry’s wrist and pulled the wrist back leaving Harry groaning in disappointment. However, he then saw Draco coat his cock in oil and move to his quivering hole.

With a gentle but sure push Draco pushed the head of his cock into the tight heat and groaned breathlessly as the sensation he knew so well coursed through his body. Harry gasped heavily beneath him while he moved to shift his legs to wrap around Draco’s waits pulling the blond in more.

Once Draco was fully sheathed inside his lover he began to move naturally knowing what his lover liked. That was one benefit of this not been technically their first time, though when Harry was wrapped around his so tightly it was if it was again fro them.

Draco leaned down and kissed Harry, his hips moving more shallowly into the tight heat. Harry’s hands came up and caressed his band teasingly. The slow pace was excruciatingly slow and Draco happily sped up at his lover’s sign. Draco moved towards Harry’s shoulders and began to nibble the skin their- intent on leaving a mark.

The sounds coming from Harry’s mouth were pure sin and Draco began to move faster into his lover. The almost jarring yet smooth motions reducing Harry to a mess of mewls and moans. Draco began to slow his thrusting when he sensed Harry getting near to his climax and Harry gave a small sob when he realised what Draco was doing.

“Not yet,” Draco whispered as his hips stilled completely.

Harry leaned forward and kissed Draco’s chest alluringly, however, there was a hint of care as they kissed gently over the healing wound on his shoulder.

“Oh fuck,” Draco moaned as he had no choice but to move as Harry cleaned almost painfully around his erect length.

Draco pulled back and sat up his movement never faltering. Harry was a writhing mess beneath him and that alone sent memories flying back to them of times when they were human when they spent days worshipping each others bodies.

Draco grimaced as his shoulder started aching at the movement. The healing wound still tender. Harry noticed and grabbed Draco’s hips firmly stilling them.

“Position change,” Harry gasped and Draco pulled out and allowed Harry to move into the position he wanted. Harry temptingly lay on his side and motioned for Draco to play behind him. Draco moved and settled his longer form next to Harry’s and sighed slightly as his shoulder ache lessened. Lining himself up with Harry again he moved quickly into the tight heat moved on hand to Harry hip and feeling pleased when Harry’s hand grasped his own. Draco began to kiss Harry’s neck, suckling on the skin and meeting Harry’s movements expertly.

The air had been dropping colder and with a rush of noise the heaven’s let lose and the elflings were covered with a downpour. The rain covered their flushed and warm forms but their movements did not stop.

The rain poured down on the two bodies in the throws of passion and the cries which spilled from their lips were silenced by the downpour.

End of sex scene


The next three days had passed quickly and Areli and Cinaed barely had any time together since that night. Cinaed was being constantly checked on by the guards and his brother. They were also preparing to leave for Mirkwood and Cinaed wondered how they could have accumulated so much more stuff than the journey to Rivendell. It wasn’t like he had bought anything.

Cinaed eventually had left the servants to finish packing and led Areli from the room silently. Tomorrow they would depart and return to Mirkwood. Areli and Cinaed had decided to avoid a scene they would say a proper goodbye the day before. That way they wouldn’t be tempted to cling to each other and not let go.

They walked at a leisurely pace to Areli’s garden, soft whispers following between the two as they walked. They didn’t notice the elf a few paces behind them- always just out of sight. They walked to the bench in the garden and sat down. Areli had his back to the entrance and Cinaed was sat with his back against the wall.

Areli surged forward and kissed Cinaed passionately. His smaller hands grasping Cinaed’s biceps as the black haired elf tried to lean into his lover as much as he could. Cinaed moaned softly and grabbed Areli’s hips forcing the other elf into his lap.

Someone darted away from the garden unaware that Cinaed had seen them leave. Cinaed closed his eyes once more- a plan forming in his head and eventually fell back into his lover’s embrace.

They remained in the garden for a few more hours- kisses exchanged and a last visit to the pool- before heading inside for dinner.

The next morning Areli said goodbye to Cinaed- the soft caress of their fingers going unnoticed except by one person.

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