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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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TouchoftheWindFR151836,035710131,45230 Jan 0910 Apr 11Yes

Chapter 14

Areli and Cinaed are 75 years old meaning they are 20 physically in this chapter.

Chapter 14

Many years had passed since the trip to Rivendell and the seasons had come and gone for the two elflings and soon enough their Coming of Age was approaching and with the birthdays of the two elflings being so close it had been decided that a Grand Ball would be held for the elflings to celebrate their adulthood in Mirkwood. Areli and his family would be travelling from Rivendell and Galadriel, Celeborn and Arwen would be coming from Mirkwood.

Both elflings had grown into beautiful, stunning, and intelligent young men. Cinaed was still as cold as ice but he had melted in the last few years to those he had gained as friends. His visit to Areli seemed to impact the young Prince in desiring company. Areli was still sweet and kind and had been practicing healing under his Father’s tutelage.

The elflings had exchanged many messages through messenger and made a conscious effort to show their family how close they had become as friends which was one of the reasons the ball was being held. They felt the best friends should celebrate such an event together, and since Cinaed had been to Rivendell they decided that Areli would want to visit Mirkwood.

The rapid arrival of their Coming of Age unfortunately meant that both of their Father’s were bombarded with letters of wishes for courtship or betrothal. They were all politely rejected knowing that anyone who even went near Areli would be pranked horribly by the twins or Cinaed would do something mean to them- like somehow make them loose their hair.

The preparations for the Ball had been going on for months with every resident of Mirkwood helping with things from getting the Ballroom decorated to making sure that the elflings favourite foods were made for the event. The spare rooms in people’s homes were taken up by visiting elves and family members who wished to attend the event. The event was free for any elf to attend- but after what happened with Lord Berach no humans were invited unless by special invitation.

The weather was cold and wet the days approaching the ball and Cinaed often spent moments sniggering to himself at Areli’s moans at travelling while it was raining. Though Cinaed knew his little love had a thick cloak which would not allow the elfling to get too wet. Cinaed had spent most of his days inside and was preparing for the ball in his own way.

Currently he was gliding down the halls silently heading towards were he knew the musicians were practicing for the music they would be playing. He had something special in mind for this event. He headed to the door and scowled at the elf which was standing against the doors as if waiting for Cinaed.

“Calanon, what are you doing?” Cinaed asked as he moved to stand beside the elf.

“I knew you were planning something- finally decided to let people know have you?” Calanon answered as he pushed his brown hair from his shoulder. Cinaed nodded stiffly and thought back to the first time he really noticed Calanon.


They had stopped to camp for the night- the few servants and guards were putting up some shelter for them all and making sure that the horses were tied properly to the trees. Cinaed sat on a rock nearby watching them through half lidded eyes. His brother had gone into the forest to help scout the area and Cinaed was left to oversee the camp. Being an elfling meant that even if he did want to help- despite approaching his coming of age rapidly- he was usually dismissed and left to sit things out.

Cinaed’s gaze was set on one elf that was tasked with the fire. The wood in his area wouldn’t burn very well meaning the elf needed to leave the camp to get some decent wood. The elf had brown hair- was about 6 foot, and had hazel eyes. He wasn’t stunning by elf standards. He was ordinary in appearance but stunning to humans.

As the elf left the area Cinaed slipped away silently after the elf. No-one saw him leave. All the memories he had on stealth made it so that with his new elvish agility and grace he was the best. He slipped through the trees hidden by the shadows which had being creeping in as the sun fell over the horizon.

He followed the elf unnoticed and as the elf stood up Cinaed struck. He darted forward pushing the elf against a wide trunk and pushed his arm over the man’s chest while his other hand grabbed out his knife and held it over the elf’s throat.

“Hello, Calanon,” Cinaed said smoothly. Calanon froze under his grip- shocked at the behaviour but his eyes unable to look away from the cold face which could have pinned him with a single gaze.

“Prince Cinaed,” Calanon whispered- desperately trying to keep his voice even though he failed miserably.

“You followed me and Areli,” Cinaed stated coldly.

“I did, I was ordered to watch over you,” Calanon whispered.

“By who?” Cinaed demanded.

“Your brother,” Calanon choked out as Cinaed pressed the cold knife to his neck firmly, “he wanted to insure you didn’t become upset by leaving.”

“Will you tell anyone what you saw?” Cinaed questioned the quivering elf.

“No, it’s none of their business,” Calanon answered and Cinaed sensing the truth stepped back freeing the elf.

“Correct answer. You would have ended up dead otherwise,” Cinaed stated matter-of-factly making the other elf shiver.

“I won’t tell,” Calanon repeated.

“Good. Though remember plenty of things could happen to you should you get the urge to tell anyone,” Cinaed said and walked away into the shadows. Calanon was left swearing the shadows had appeared from no-where.

End of Flashback

“Yes, I have decided there is no reason to hide now,” Cinaed said and walked into the hall to the musicians who had stopped playing as he entered with Calanon following in his wake.

“I need you to play something for me during the ball- but you need to keep this secret from everyone- including my father,” Cinaed commanded them. They all nodded, curious about what the Prince was planning.

Cinaed gave a brilliant smile.


Cinaed stood calmly on the front steps as they waited for the Rivendell party to arrive. The party from Lothlorien had arrived earlier that morning and apart from the secretive smile Galadriel gave to Cinaed it had passed somewhat uneventfully. Cinaed forced himself to remain still on the steps as he heard the murmur of voices and the rush of footsteps on the stone paths.

Elrond, his twin sons and a small group of guards walked into their view- but Cinaed only had eyes for Areli. The elf had grown more beautiful and Cinaed felt his breath catch in his throat. Areli was still pale skinned and his hair was now to his mid back- the soft lush curls curling around his face, his lithe body covered in travelling robes which did nothing to distract from the brilliance that Areli was. Areli had a huge smile spread across his face and he was a little ahead of the group.

“Cinaed!” Areli cried and launched himself into Cinaed’s arms and hugged the blond who smiled happily and hugged the black haired elf.

“I missed you!” Areli said as he attempted to squeeze Cinaed as hard as he could to convey how happy he was to see the elf.

“And I you,” Cinaed replied with a grunt as he proceeded to make Areli loosen his grip around his torso.

Areli jumped back with a smile and turned to Legolas and Thandruil who were watching the two with a smile.

“Hello, Legolas, and King Thandruil it is a pleasure to meet you,” Areli chirped out to them as he grabbed onto Cinaed’s arm. Cinaed rolled his eyes and glanced at Elrond and his twin sons who were watching them both fondly. It seemed Areli’s behaviour was expected. And Cinaed supposed this time the hug was more appropriate since they often cited that they were best friends. Why would friends not hug each other?

“Greetings, young Areli, it is a pleasure to have you here,” King Thandruil greeted the black haired youth with a smile. Legolas smiled happily and moved forward to clasp Areli’s shoulder.

“It is good to see you again,” Legolas stated with warmth.

Areli smiled and then the elflings moved back as Elrond and the twins swept forward to greet the King and Prince. Areli had yet to let go of Cinaed’s arm.

“You may hold my hand, I doubt they would think anything of it,” Cinaed whispered lowly enough so that the others would not hear. Areli smiled and slowly and without thought moved to intertwine his fingers with Cinaed’s.

“Ada, I will show Areli to his rooms now,” Cinaed called and at Thandruil’s nod he led Areli away from the group and down into the corridor. A few elves stopped to stare at Areli, finding the rumours of his beauty to be true, but quickly looked away at the glare Cinaed directed at them.

“It smells like rain,” Cinaed said quietly as they moved through the maze of corridors.

“Yes, it does, it reminds me of Hogwarts and how the smell was so strong there,” Areli replied.

“Me too,” Cinaed said and led Areli into a room just off of the corridor. Seeing they were alone Cinaed quickly moved and brought Areli’s slim form to his own, slanting his mouth and joining their lips. Areli’s body immediately seemed to surge into the blond’s and on hand tangled into Cinaed’s golden locks while the other lay upon the blond’s neck. Cinaed was similarly affected and his strong arms locked around the small waist, the finger tips of his right hand beginning to trace patterns on Areli’s back sensually.

They kissed wetly and noisily, their lips becoming swollen with their passions. There eyes were shut and small moans and gaps escaped their mouths when they broke for small breaths. Pulling back with a heavy breath they leaned against each other looking thoroughly mussed. Cinaed leaned down and pressed his lips against Areli’s sinful ones gently and pulled back after a moment.

“I missed you, love,” Cinaed whispered, his voice husky and breathless.

“I missed you too, so much,” Areli replied and they simply stood their holding one another as they heard the first drops of rain hitting the forest outside the room.


The next few days has passed with a whirl of motion for the ball and Areli and Cinaed could only spend a few moments at a time together and would often spend time with each other before everyone came for breakfast. They ensured through Calanon that no-one would come and disturb them through some clever diversions. Otherwise they would have a lot to explain.

Areli sighed happily closing his eyes as he felt the water drift over his form. The warm muscled body behind him was cradling him gently and the heat from the water reminded him of the pool back in Rivendell. They were currently laid in Cinaed’s bath which was large enough for them to both lay in, Areli was cradled by Cinaed in the warm steaming water and apart from the splashes of water when they moved they were very much content in the silence.

The steady patter of rain hit the greenery outside creating a peaceful noise for them which seemed to lull them but also drive them to each others arms as much as the heat and sun did in Rivendell. The urge to share warm baths and snuggle at night was strong and in the stolen moments they managed they could almost imagine they were back on Earth and hidden away in one of their many hideouts warming each other after the chilly air made them cold.

“I deserve a medal,” Cinaed muttered and Areli was dragged from his thoughts.

“Why?” Areli asked with a smile while turning his head to see Cinaed behind him.

“I am here in my bath with a very wet and beautiful elf, and I am behaving myself,” Cinaed said with a smug smirk. Areli gave a laugh and moved between Cinaed’s legs to sit up and turn to his lover.

“We could do something about that,” Areli said and brought his lower lip between his teeth looking at Cinaed’s from under his lashes.

“Come here,” Cinaed said and grabbed Areli bringing him against his wet chest. Areli gave a laugh which was cut off by Cinaed’s lips covering his own. Areli pulled back leaving Cinaed giving an annoyed growl.

“We have to be quiet,” Areli told Cinaed.

“I’ll keep my tongue in your mouth then,” Cinaed said pulling Areli back down.


The night of the ball came around quickly and after a grand meal they moved into the Ballroom as gentle violin and piano music drifted around them from the band which played from the balcony overlooking the grand room.

People began to mingle and soon enough the elflings were separated and having to talk to many people about themselves, and to their annoyance have to get rid of any admirers who seemed to think since they were now adults they were now fair game. Cinaed had to retrain himself from breaking a guy’s hand when it seemed intent on caressing him.

The rain was still making the air cool but the heat from so many bodies in the ballroom meant that the balcony doors around the room were open but the white sheer curtains kept the wet from making its way inside the room. Though the servants were diligently keeping their eye on things and making sure that any water was cleaned up.

As the first two hours passed and most people had already talked with both elflings they were able to sneak away onto a balcony. Standing under the shelter of the building they moved quickly away from the doorway. Standing in only the dim light and under the soundtrack of rain Areli was pushed against the wall and Cinaed kissing him tenderly.

The rain poured down around them and the air was chilly but they were warm in each others arms. Cinaed pulled back and held Areli gently. His blue eyes pinned Areli’s gaze and soon enough the blond spoke.

“Are you sure about this?” Cinaed asked, he would go with what ever Areli wanted now.

“Yes, I’m sick of people fawning over me- I want them to know I’m taken,” Areli answered, “is the music set up?”

“Yes, Calanon will signal the orchestra when its time,” Cinaed nodded.

They stood in silence for a brief moment longer and simply listened to the noise from inside and the rain. They heard the curtain swish to the side and they took a step back from each other and Areli looked into his Grandmother’s eyes. Cinaed gave the woman an icy stare which she simply smiled at.

“No need to step apart from each other on my account,” Galadriel said quietly.

“You know,” Cinaed stated simply. Galadriel gave a nod.

“I had a vision when you visited Rivendell, Cinaed, and I saw you two,” Galadriel admitted.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” Cinaed asked coolly.

“Because I know that you are soul mates, you had already been together in every way before coming here,” Galadriel explained, “it seemed unnecessary to take any action. You both understood what you were doing.”

“Fine, you’re on our side,” Cinaed said scathingly.

“Regardless of what you believe, Draco, I am on your side,” Galadriel said before sweeping from the balcony and back into the ballroom.

“She knows who we really are,” Areli whispered.

“So it would seem.”


The next hour or so passed easily; however, Areli could sense the tenseness in his lovers form. Eventually the elves drifted back to their family and they were stood waiting for the formal dances to begin. Thandruil motioned to a waiter who then clinked a glass and everyone turned to stare at their King.

“I am most pleased you all were able to join us tonight on such a joyous occasion,” Thandruil said loudly but clearly, “My son has reached adulthood and while we will miss having an elfling in our midst’s we can now watch him grow into a fine young man. However, in my own heart he will always be an elfling!”

The crowd gave a small laugh and several glanced at Cinaed who stood slightly behind his Father, the elf’s face was the icy mask they all knew well. Elrond, however, drew their attention as he moved to stand next to the King and he then began to speak of Areli who was staring pointedly at Cinaed who gave a slight nod.

“Now! It is tradition that the elves who reach adulthood have their pick of dancing partners for a few dances. We shall let Areli go first as he is a guest to this city!” King Thandruil said while smiling at the elf. Areli gave a shy smile and ducked his head as everyone listened to see who the young elf would choose.

“I know a lot of you want to dance with me but because this isn’t just my night I’m going to ask the first dance be with Cinaed,” Areli said clearly and the way his face blushed under the stares of the gathered elves made the crowd smile. The Rivendell Prince was very thoughtful and gracious.

“A wise and kind choice,” Elrond said to his son and Cinaed walked over. Cinaed then held his hand out and Areli placed his smaller one on it. Cinaed then led Areli down the steps and onto the floor as the elves backed away with smiles to watch the Prince’s dance.

Calanon gave a nod to the orchestra and a song began to play that sent the elves murmuring at the unfamiliar tune. As the Prince’s settled onto the dance floor and gracefully started to dance all eyes turned to them. Stepping gracefully through some basic steps it seemed that they were bringing up the speed and as an elf started singing they began to glide swiftly over the floor with simple steps. Moving towards the middle once more Cinaed pulled Areli closer- closer than would be normal for friends.

You’re in my arms
And all the world is calm
The music playing on for only two
So close together
And when I’m with you
So close to feeling alive

As Cinaed held Areli tenderly a shimmering glow seemed to run along there already luminescent skin. The glow was golden and seemed to ripple along their skin. Cinaed and Areli were gently swaying in a box step, Cinaed’s arms wrapped around waist- his head resting next to Areli’s. Their eyes were closed unaware of the golden glow which danced along their skin.

As Cinaed began to speed up their steps and they began to glide around the floor with more intricate steps the glow seemed to fall from them leaving a blue of motion in their wake. Their eyes were now open and both seemed too lost in each other to notice the glow. They were a whirl; of motion and light with eyes only for each other as they glided along the floor with grace and elegance.

The glow moved into one area and soon enough was gathering in one area and as the two elves glided underneath the glow which had risen to form a mass. Slowly the glow seemed to change and soon enough they could see images appearing in the glow. First it seemed as if silhouettes were moving along it but colour seemed to leak in though it was muted.

Every elf watched with bated breath as they could finally see the two Prince’s in the glow- though the scene was very different to what was happening as they two danced oblivious to the glow and its images.

It showed the Prince’s in a random scene in what many recognised as Rivendell. It was a simple image of the two strolling through the garden and chatting. Suddenly the image seemed to melt as another one was replaced and a similar image took its place. It was of two humans strolling by a lake. Both wrapped in thick robes and chatting. There was no mistaking that there was similarity to the prince’s the image had shown before.

The eyes were the same.

A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close

The elves watched with bated breath as the images changed showing the two humans in various situations. Once showed them laid in bed- smiling as the sun bathed them in a gentle light. Another showed them sat by the fire and they were simply holding each other. It seemed that the images sped up showing the pair in various loving positions and to the shock of some elves some intimate positions.

Slowly the images began to change and suddenly the elves seemed to realise they were watching their two youngest in similar positions. Shockingly the change hadn’t occurred to them since the appearance were so similar. And if by thoughts alone the images of the two humans were overlaid with that of the elves. They were the same.

So close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this was not pretend
And now you’re beside me and look how far we’ve come
So far we are so close

The image disappeared as soon as the truth was apparent. There was no mistaking it and eyes were drawn back to the figures who were gracefully whirling along the floor like they were floating.

And as the song came to a close they both leaned in and kissed tenderly.

Elrond and Thandruil wondered how they could have missed this.

How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?
We’re so close
To reaching that famous happy end
And almost believing this was not pretend
Let’s go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far


Calanon means Aaron (Light)

Also wanted to let people know that my update day is now Monday’s, I work Sunday’s, so any new chapters of any story will be on a Monday from now on. I also have a twitter account which I will use more than LJ to let people know my story progress. The link to the account is on my profile.

Thank you for all the reviews- I hope the length of this chp makes it worth the wait.
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