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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Chapter 16

Areli and Cinaed are 75 years old meaning they are 20 physically in this chapter.

Also SmashleighandVahnsen have made some Fanart for me- I have posted the link on my Twitter account which can be accessed through my Homepage link- you may have to scroll down a bit to find the link. It shall make your life better to check it out!

Chapter 16

The sun rose into a cloudy sky and the grass shone with the wet from the previous rainfall. The air was slightly chilly and the scent of rain hung in the air. The sounds of birds could be heard as the elves of Mirkwood city began to move about and start their daily tasks.

Cinaed moved from his rooms in a flurry of robes. Already bathed, dressed, and fed the elf moved through the decadent halls with purpose and headed towards his Father’s study. He had left them with enough time now to discuss their feelings and hopefully come to terms with things. Cinaed, admittedly, did not want to lose them. They were almost as important as Areli which was a big thing for Cinaed.

Cinaed moved through the studies heavy door and into the empty office. He moved to sit in the window seat, lowering himself so his robes fell neatly, and glancing out of the window. It didn’t take long for the door to open once more and Legolas walked into the room and stopped as he saw Cinaed’s form framed by the morning light.

“Good morning,” Cinaed said without turning.

“Morning,” Legolas replied and walked slowly to his brother who had yet to turn away from the window.

“Did you and Adar talk?” Cinaed asked and moved his blue eyes to his brother.

“We did,” Legolas said as he sat across from his brother in the seat. The brothers were sat in one corner each and the sunlight flittered around their forms. They sat in silence for a few moments.

“I was concerned that you might leave us if Areli wanted to live in Rivendell,” Legolas stated after a few moments.

“You weren’t upset that I didn’t tell you?” Cinaed inquired.

“I was at first, but then I thought about how I acted when my Naneth died. I was bitter and only let my Father in. Even now I hesitate to let people inside my heart because I know that if they leave then it hurts. What you did was similar. After a war, where Areli was everything to you, you simply got into the habit of keeping everyone but him at arms length. I suspect that Ada and myself have gotten into your heart without you realising it,” Legolas said with a small smile.

“You have, I realised when I learned my first song on the flute that my first thought, after telling Areli, was to tell you and Adar,” Cinaed nodded.

“Told Areli?” Legolas asked.

“Areli and myself are soul mates on a magical level and that means that we have a mental connection. We can talk, show images, and communicate feelings through it. It was how we know where each other was and how we were able to stay apart for so long,” Cinaed replied.

“Did it hurt to be apart?” Legolas wanted to know.

“Yes and no, true soul mates don’t need to rely on each other physical presence since we have a mental connection but we missed each other. The feeling of the one you love in your arms cannot compare with a mental connection,” Cinaed explained.

“Right. I don’t really know how Adar is going to react now he has had some sleep and time alone with his thoughts. I am happy for you though- it will take me a while to fully understand anything but it won’t change that you are my brother,” Legolas stated and Cinaed gave a rare warm smile at his brother and leaved forward and hugged Legolas’s taller form to his. Legolas grinned and wrapped his arms around his brother.

“Thank you,” Cinaed whispered as he laid his check on his brother’s shoulder.


The rain had held off for the morning but the clouds were starting to darken in the sky and every elf hurried through their outdoor tasks rather than get caught in the downpour which was sure to follow. The elves though where constantly talking about the events of last night as they worked and the opinions varied between outrage that they had brought liars into their Cities and sadness that these two had had such hard pasts that this was the outcome- a lifetime of secrecy from their families.

Everyone knew though that it would be pointless to try and stop the pair from being together because they were both part of the ruling families of Rivendell and Mirkwood and therefore they couldn’t dispute the relationship if it was an ordinary family.

This was Lord Elrond’s and King Thandruil’s call. And even then everyone suspected that if they tried to ban the young elves from being with each other then they could simple disappear. If the two royals wanted to keep their son’s they would have to accept their relationship.

However, it seemed that Galadriel has already accepted their relationship, no doubt having seen it. She had being spotted in the gardens with her grandchild earlier before the pair had entered the private gardens which were for use of the royal family only and their guests.

Galadriel walked through the gardens, her arm linked with her grandson’s as they walked at a leisurely pace. They chatted quietly about unimportant subjects and Areli carefully steered the conversation away from anything important. The elf knew what her grandson was doing but left it for a while allowing him to grow more comfortable.

“Have you spoken with your Father and brother’s yet?” Galadriel asked after they walked for a few minutes in silence.

“No, not yet. I went down to the chambers we are staying but the twin’s were not there and Ada was still asleep,” Areli replied somewhat tensely.

“I am sure that it shall work out- and if they cannot accept this then know you have a place in Lothlorien with me and your grandfather,” Galadriel said kindly, knowing that if her son-in-law could not accept this he might lose his child forever. She was confident that Areli and Cinead could disappear without a trace. By the time Elrond had come to terms with it his son could be nothing more than a whisper in the wind and it would be too late. If Areli was in Lothlorien then it would allow them a chance. Hopefully it wouldn’t come to that.

“Hannon Le,” Areli murmured with a tilt of his head. While he had not spent much time with Galadriel simply knowing that she knew about him and Cinaed for a while and had kept their secret made him feel closer to her. The wise Elven Lady was truly one he felt he could depend on.

“Your love is waiting,” Galadriel whispered and Areli looked up to find Cinaed walking through an archway into the garden. The dim light hitting him features and making him seem ethereal. Areli was always stricken with how Cinaed looked in different lights- he always looked beautiful but in sunshine he seemed to be made of the light itself while on duller days he appeared to be almost glowing in the dim light. Areli particularly loved Cinaed in rain- his lover appeared like mist in the rain- a ghostly figure almost.

“I shall speak with you later,” Areli whispered back to the older elf and left her company and walked into Cinead’s waiting embrace.


Elrond wandered though the corridors- his face a perfect picture of serene while his inner thoughts were a mixture that made him feel slightly ill. He had known for a while now that Areli was attracted to Cinaed- it was easy to see but to know that for so long Areli had kept this a secret him- from anyone- was painful for many reasons.

Elrond felt that his child should have trusted one person- just one- Elrond would not have cared if it was Erestor or Glorfindel or himself- to tell. It would have made things easier on Areli. A large part of Elrond was willing to admit that he was hurt that Areli didn’t mention anything about his past- even if he had neglected to say where he was from or about his relationship with Cinaed it would have been nice to have being told something.

Elrond was jarred from his thoughts as he heard low murmurs coming from the garden, recognising their voices instantly, Elrond locked eyes on his son and Cinaed. They were stood just in the archway; Cinaed had his arms wrapped around Areli’s slim waist while Areli was absently playing with some of the blond locks which had spilled over Cinaed’s shoulders.

There voices were too low for Elrond to hear but as he stepped closer he heard a whisper of what was being said. Cinaed’s melodic voice seemed to caress over the area as he softly sung.

“For only you,
Would I walk in the infinity.
I would face
eternity with you
For only you.”

Elrond watched the brilliant smile spread across Areli’s face and then he knew that this was right- it was going to be okay.


This originally was meant to be the last chapter but I felt that this end might leave too many lose ends- so I shall write a few more chapters. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed!
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