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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Lord of the Rings
TouchoftheWindFR151836,035710131,45730 Jan 0910 Apr 11Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter 17

Areli and Cinaed are 75 years old meaning they are 20 physically in this chapter.

Some sexual content in this chapter.

Chapter 17

Cinaed stood by the window and looked down across the grounds and his eyes took in the familiar sight with little attention. The weather was wet once more and it seemed to reflect the young Prince’s mood. It had been three days since their Coming of Age Ball and in that time Cinaed had yet to see his Father. The elf-king seemed to be avoiding him and one time Cinaed had seen Thandruil walk in the opposite direction when he had seen Cinaed walking towards him.

Areli was trying to help him corner his Father but even his love along with Calanon couldn’t seem to pin the elf down. Cinaed was on the verge of enlisting the twins. However, they might aggravate the situation more than needed.

Cinaed gave a sigh and tore his eyes away from the window and headed towards the bathroom and towards the steaming water that had being poured into his bath earlier. Slipping the light robe from his pale skin he stepped into the tub and sat down in the water with a sigh. Resting his head against the edge he sat quietly in the water for a moment before he sank underneath it and wet his hair. Sitting up he brushed his hair back and gave a huff before reaching for one of the products he used for his hair.

“Isn’t this a lovely sight?” a teasing voice came from the doorway and Cinaed looked over to see the slight form of Areli leaning against the doorframe.

“Morning,” Cinaed greeted as Areli walked inside shutting the door.

“Morning,” Areli said as the smaller elf began to remove his own robe revealing his naked flesh beneath it. Cinaed felt a smirk cross his face at the sight. Even on Earth bathing together had being a favourite activity.

Areli climbed into the tub and laid himself gently over Cinaed’s form, back to chest, and rested his head on Cinaed’s wet shoulder. He reached a hand up into the blond locks which were still soapy.

“Have you managed to corner your Father yet?” Areli asked as he wriggled a little on Cinaed making the blond harden slightly underneath the other elf.

“No, stop wriggling unless you wanna start something,” Cinaed hissed while he grabbed Areli’s arms in a firm grip.

Sexual Content starts Here

“I was wriggling on purpose,” Areli smiled and ground down purposefully on Cinaed’s hardening flesh.

Cinaed gave a growl and started to suck on Areli’s pale neck and his hands roamed over Areli’s chest and his fingers played with his nipples. Areli gave a happy groan and moved how own fingers down to his member and behind his balls to his entrance. Slipping a finger into the already wet entrance Areli gave a squeal as Cinaed unexpectedly pushed his own finger next to his lover’s.

“Already prepared yourself?” Cinaed asked as he bit down on Areli’s shoulder as he us his other hand to lift Areli a little to make movement easier.

“Mhm,” Areli made a positive noise and pushed back on the fingers now moving in and out of his hole.

“Lean forward, hold onto the edge of the bath,” Cinaed commanded and Areli quickly got into position and was soon perched in Cinaed’s lap while he held onto the bath. Cinaed’s began to move his fingers more as his other hand grabbed his own hardened flesh and started guiding it towards Areli’s warm hold.

He quickly removed his fingers and pushed the head of his cock inside Areli’s tight passage. Groaning Cinaed pulled Areli back so he was sat on his throbbing cock.

Areli gave a loud mewl and held tightly onto the edges of the bath. Staying still for a moment to adjust before he started to rock.

“God, you look so pretty- riding me,” Cinaed gasped his eyes fixed on the sight of their joining.

“One of our favourite positions,” Areli whispered between gasps. Areli began to move up and down changing the angle with every lift to find his sweet spot. Soon the bathroom was filled with the sound of splashing water, heated moans and dirty whispers.

Cinaed grabbed Areli’s hips stilling the other male, “Off- and kneel in the floor.”

Areli gave a groan of irritation and a whimper as he pulled himself from Cinaed and climbed from the bath, Cinaed moving closely behind him. Once kneeling Cinaed slammed himself back inside that welcoming heat and started moving quickly and with force making Areli braced his forearms on the floor to stop from being pushed he floor.

“Harder,” Areli gasped as he felt Cinaed hit his prostrate. Cinaed gave a deep growl and started snapping his hips quicker and soon both elf’s were moaning and gasping too much to get any proper words in.

With a cry Cinaed came and continued to rock himself into his lover. The feel of Cinaed’s warmth flood him brought Areli over the edge.

Cinaed pulled out and sat on the floor leaning against the bath side heaving air into his lungs. Areli collapsed on the floor with a mewl as he felt the pleasure through his body start to fade.

Sexual Content Ends Here

They sat side by side after a few moments gaining their breath back. Areli smiled and leaned his head up to Cinaed who knowingly placed a kiss on those waiting lips.

A gasp was heard from the doorway and both shot round and looked over the bath towards the door and saw Thandruil stood looking at them with wide eyes. The Elven King backed out and the door shut with a bang. Both young males gave a shocked groan before Areli let a giggle fly from his lips brining Cinaed’s Malfoy Glare to him.

“He approached you and sees us kissing- naked- at least he waited until we were done with actual sex,” Areli said with a laugh making the glare on Cinaed’s face melt as he caught onto his lover’s thoughts.

“It would only happen with our luck,” Cinaed agreed and leaned forward and placed a kiss on Areli’s lips, “let’s bath properly this time and dress. We shall find my Father after breakfast.”

Areli gave a nod and on shaky legs they both moved back into the now luke warm water. They washed and dried off quickly, Cinaed braiding Areli’s hair into a simply plait before Areli returned the favour. Pulling on their clothes they exited Cinaed’s room hand in hand and headed towards breakfast.

They sat next to the twins and Elrond and smiled in greeting.

“Had a nice night, Cinaed?” Elrond asked and Cinaed nodded as he put some food on his and Areli’s plates.

“I slept fine,” Cinaed said before placing some fruit into his mouth.

“Where did you get to this morning, brother?” Elladan asked his brother who has snatched some food from Cinaed’s plate ignoring that the blond had fixed him a plate too.

“Had some private time with Cinaed,” Areli smiled at his brother’s who promptly blushed.

“We will be talking with my Father after breakfast…he…um…he walked in afterwards,” Cinaed admitted with uncharacteristic stuttering. The twins gave barking laughs as Elrond groaned and hide his face in his hands.

“It will probably be best if I came with you,” Elrond said after a moment and both elves nodded and promptly started eating.


Right- a short update I know but I ran out of steam. Only one more update I think before this story is complete.

News of my upcoming LOTRHP story-

Title: The Princes of Fangorn

Summary: Harry, Draco, Hermione, and the Weasley twins are sent to Middle Earth after the war due to a deal they made to end the war. Placed into the form of an older race of Elves that used to reside in Middle Earth, the group set about building a base and training for the War they know is coming…and trying to come to terms with what happened to them all in their own world.

Set: The bulk of the story will take place in ‘The Return of the King’ for Lord of Rings, but there will be flashbacks of earlier times for the group. Set after Hogwarts for Harry Potter, but will be largely AU after

Pairings: Harry/Draco, past Ron/Hermione, and mentions of Fred/Hermione/George.

Warnings: Mention of Character Deaths (from before the story), mention of torture, general angst, violence, language, explicit sex scenes, and possible Mpreg.

The Mpreg will only be done if the poll on my profile on is in favour of Mpreg. So please vote- i go by the same penname there.
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