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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Lord of the Rings
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Chapter 18

Areli and Cinaed are 75 years old meaning they are 20 physically in this chapter.

Chapter 18

Elrond led them down the hallways towards Thandruil’s study. Cinaed and Areli walked behind in hand in hand. Elrond thought it was partly to show a united front but also for his youngest to stop Cinaed from running in the opposite direction in fear of his Father’s possible response. Elrond, while not entirely happy with everything that had happened between the youngest elves, understood that it was either accept it or lose them both.

Elrond knocked on the heavy door to the study and he pushed it opened and stepped inside the dull room with the others following. The patter of rain which had started during breakfast could be heard outside and the fire in the hearth warmed the place up nicely against the chill that was setting in with the rain.

Thandruil was stood behind his desk with a stern look on his face but his eyes darted over the children to check over them. A habit a father could never stop no matter the age of their child.

“Cinaed,” Thandruil greeted with a nod while smiling slightly.

“Ada,” Cinaed said back and his hand grasped Areli’s tighter making the smaller male hide a wince at the strong grip and mentally push his lover slightly to get the grip loosened.

“I am sorry I have been avoiding you over the last few days, but I had many thoughts and did not want to upset anyone until I had them in order. I realise that by avoiding you I may have already done that,” Thandruil started, “I do not object to your relationship with Areli and I don’t want you to feel as if I am ashamed or angry with you because of it.”

“I only feel saddened that you felt that you could not tell me what you felt for Areli sooner. However, I feel that now knowing your past that you probably wouldn’t have said anything in fear of loosing him,” Thandruil continued.

Cinaed nodded, still unable to speak as his Father’s words lifted his heart and made happiness rush through him. Areli gave a soft smile and shifted closer to his mate in support. It seemed that apart from the few who were angry that they had been deceived by them that their families had no problems with them and any worries they did have would be soothed with time.

“As you know, Elven relations with the other races are strained and I am worried that rumours of your relationship may become ugly with retellings. I do not want you to be hurt by such things. There is no doubt that the other races will hear of this- after all your arrival spread throughout the land and many different versions of it progressed through Arda,” Thandruil said.

“We need to do damage control,” Areli stated and Thandruil nodded.

“Yes, we need to put the story out there ourselves and have some control over it. We need to minimize certain facts- such as you both being intimate before marriage- I don’t want such a stigma attached to you. While I know all races do have sex before marriage they like to pretend they don’t,” Thandruil said and motioned for them to sit on the sofa’s around the fireplace.

“So we will need to be bonded?” Cinaed said. It would not bother him or Areli to be bonded but it would have been nice to actually propose marriage to his mate.

“Yes, we can wait a while before this though- no elves are planned to leave the Elven cities for a while- as it is not hunting season,” Elrond hastened to say seeing his son’s expression. The Elf Lord had to smother a laugh at his son’s expression of confusion that he had basically just been engaged to his Mate by his future Father-in-law.

“Make it seem like we were betrothed to each other to make such a sudden marriage and no mention of courtship seem normal,” Cinaed said while rubbing his hand on Areli’s back. He could sense his lover’s growing amusement at this once the confusion had passed. However, he could also feel the underlying upset at having this decided for him.

“Are we going to make it seem like a secret engagement that only our families knew of? Otherwise it may be wondered why no-one outside the cities has heard rumour that we were promised to one another,” Areli questioned.

“Yes, we shall make it seem that there was an agreement but if neither of you wanted it then we would silently let you both out of the agreement with no-one knowing about it,” Thandruil started. Such a plan was not uncommon and would be seen as parents wanting the match but also protect their children against negative reactions should they publicly cancel the arrangement.

“That sounds alright,” Areli said slowly. He could see the need for damage control but it was all Thandruil had really talked to them about, “do you need us to leave while you make plans for this?”

Elrond and Thandruil exchanged a glance and after a moment both nodded.

“Come back in an hour or so and we’ll let you know what the best course of action is,” Elrond said and both younger males nodded and left the room silently.


“So I guess we just got engaged,” Areli said while they walked into Cinaed’s room. They sat down on his bed and smiled at one another.

“At least I didn’t have to go round asking Lord Elrond’s permission for your hand in marriage- your brother’s may have killed me for even asking. This way I am safe from them,” Cinaed said with a smile. Areli gave a laugh.

“It seems that apart from a few things everyone shall be accepting because no Elven citizen can dispute such a decision made by an Elven King and Lord,” Areli whispered to Cinaed with a soft smile.

“I want to do something first,” Cinaed said with a smile and stood from the bed. Getting down onto one knee in front of Areli he took his lover’s pale, soft hands in his own and smiled at Areli who was staring at him.

“You don’t actually need to propose, Draco,” Areli said.

“I know that- but I want to. You deserve to have me actually ask you,” Cinaed said with a smirk.

“Go ahead,” Areli said with a giggle.

“Harry James Potter, would you do me the honour of becoming my bonded mate?” Cinaed said formerly.

“Yes,” Areli said with a giggle and leaned forward pressing his lips to Cinaed’s and grasping his face gently. Cinaed’s hands came up and wrapped around Areli’s waist and brought the smaller elf closer. Giving a groan Cinaed stood and pushed Areli back on the bed gently while not leaving his lips. Lying on top of his love he continued to kiss the black haired male with passion before pulling back breathlessly.

Resting his forehead against his lover’s he gave a blinding smile and whispered to him gently.

Only for you, I would walk
In infinity
I would face
Eternity with you

Solo por ti caminaria
En la infinidad
Afrontaria contigo
La eternidad

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Solo Por Ti". This story is complete.

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