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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Chapter 3

Special thanks to Wistful-Dreamer for helping me with this chapter!

Solo Por Ti: Chapter Three

Squinting against the light, Harry moved slowly, wary of the pain in his ankle. Wincing as he stepped on an uneven area he grabbed his head as pain shot through. White light flashed across his eyes. Whispers grew around him, increasing in volume until they were a roar making Harry whimper.

Suddenly the whispers where gone and Harry was left standing there panting. Harry gave a shiver and his small hands grasped the small tunic he was wearing and grimaced when he felt the wetness of the material.

After standing for a few moments in case the flashes came back, Harry moved slowly over a wet log, giving a pained moan as one of the cuts on his leg screamed as the small wounds opened at the movement. Stopping and breathing deeply against the pain, he opened the connection between himself and Draco only to find that the Slytherin had yet to wake.

Harry began to move as quickly as he could without jarring his tired and injured body. After a few rests, Harry felt as if he were getting somewhere. He could hear the running of a stream and Harry felt his mouth water as he thought about a cool drink of water.

With renewed interest and motivation, Harry began to climb over things towards the sound, so intent on finding the water that he failed to notice voices coming towards him. He only noticed that he was no longer alone when he heard a twig snap a few feet away making the small elfling turn around, verdant eyes locking with grey orbs.

A tall male elf was standing there, his grey eyes wide and fixed on Harry’s small form. Grey eyes took in the wet black locks which fell to the nape of his neck, pale pointed ears peaking through the black veil, pale luminescent skin, and bright green eyes which the elf was sure were brighter than the greenest leaves in Middle Earth.

“Elladan, we need to get back home; Ada wants a report soon,” a voice called and Harry’s eyes darted over to see an identical male elf walking towards the other elf, his eyes, though, were fixed on his twin in a gaze which seemed to wonder if his twin had lost his mind. After all, with him standing there gaping like an idiot it would appear to be that way.

“Dan, what are you doing?” the elf asked, stopping beside his brother looking irritated, still not glancing Harry’s way.

“Elrohir, look,” Elladan whispered and pointed at Harry’s still form. Elrohir turned around following his brother’s gesture and his eyes widened as they landed on the small elf, amazement now in those grey orbs.

“An elfling,” Elrohir breathed. A light breeze moved through the area making Harry shiver in his wet state. This seemed to shock Harry into moving and he took a step back, not taking his eyes off of the twins.

“Please wait,” Elladan called out softly seeing the elfling take a step back, away from them.

Harry looked at the twins, sensing that they did not want to hurt him. Yet, his experience with adults wanting to care for him but not doing what was actually best for him ran through his mind. Harry took another small step back and turned to run, but only got a few steps before the wet mud beneath his bare feet made him slip.

With a crash, he fell onto the floor and gave a cry as he felt a snap in his arm and pain spread throughout the limb. Harry simply lay there for a moment, his mind fuzzy with the pain and his eyes watering as he tried to fight off the urge to cry.

He heard footsteps approaching and, panicking, he reached out with his magic for anything that could help him. The trees seemed to answer him and a root from a nearby tree lifted from the ground and Harry heard two distinct thuds from begin him with surprised cries accompanying the noise.

Harry turned around, gingerly holding his arm still, and looked to see the root go back into the ground. The twins were on the ground looking stunned. Not what he had in mind but it would do. It seemed his magic worked differently here.

“Brother, did the root just trip us?” Elladan asked his twin.

“I believe it did,” Elrohir said, looking at Harry who was watching them with bright green eyes, “think the elfling did it?”

“Don’t be stupid!” Elladan said as he climbed to his feet.

“Are you alright, little one?” Elrohir called to the child while shooting his brother an irritated look. It was not unknown for trees to react to elflings when they were scared, so it was not such a ridiculous theory. Though, they had never needed protecting from an elf before.

Harry merely gave a shudder as the wind blew by him again. Elladan brought his hands up and unclasped his cloak and knelt down slowly and held out the cloak.

Green eyes met grey once more and slowly Harry’s small hand came out and grasped the cloak. Once he was sure the child had a proper grasp of the cloak Elladan let it go, watching as the elfling wrapped himself up in the material. Elladan was happy to see that the elfling looked a lot warmer already yet his keen gaze took note of a flash of pain that crossed the young features.

“T-t-thank y-y-you,” Harry whispered and both elves smiled brightly as the soft musical voice reached their ears.


Lord Elrond stood in the courtyard as he heard the voices of his sons approaching, they were conversing too quietly for the elven lord to hear but he noticed a bundle in his eldest son’s arms.

“Elladan, what is in your arms?” Elrond called out and his son's grey eyes turned to him. The bundle in Elladan’s arms gave a wriggle and Elrond was startled when green eyes looked at him. It was then the elven lord understood that the bundle in his son’s arms was a child.

“Please tell me I am not a grandfather,” Elrond stated to his sniggering sons.

“You’re not a grandfather,” Elladan spoke clearly and moved the child within his arms so that Elrond could clearly see the child’s face and the pointed ears. If Elrond was shocked he did not show it, he simply motioned for the twins to follow him and headed towards the Healing Wing. By the pale complexion of the elfling he knew that the elfling was not well.

Walking into a room off of the main area he motioned for the twins to place the child on the bed. He sat beside the elfling and motioned for his sons to close the door and sit down as well.

“Hello, I am Lord Elrond, I am Elladan and Elrohir’s Father,” he introduced himself and received a nod from the elfling.

“May I examine you to make sure you are well?” Elrond asked, sensing it was important for the elfling to be given a choice.

The elfling gave another nod and Elrond gently took away his son’s cloak and began to look over the small elfling. Removing the boy’s tunic, the Elven Lord and his sons were angry to see marks along the pale skin, some small wounds, others were burns or bruises. All the marks were carefully placed under the boy’s clothes.

Lord Elrond dutifully and gently treated the wounds, bandaging the skin after rubbing some ointment into the marred skin. He sent his sons to go find some suitable dry clothing for the child and soon enough the child was clothed in dry nightwear and tucked between the covers with a warm drink of broth in his stomach.

Green eyes fluttered sleepily shut and the Elves were left to watch over the child. Harry slipped into a dreamless sleep, with a comforting presence of a silver Dragon in his mind.

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