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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Thandruil sighed and placed the parchment onto his desk. The words written on the parchment weighing heavily on him. No news from Lothlorien about the small elfling. Thandruil’s eyes darted to the window and could see the form on his son walking through the garden, the small elfling walking alongside him.

Not a word had come from those lips despite being here for a while. Legolas spent much time with the elfling and Thandruil could imagine that the small elf was his son and Legolas was spending time with his little brother. They both had golden hair and blue eyes but only one was filled with warmth and happiness. Unfortunately, the eyes filled with those happy emotions didn’t belong to the small child.

He would often catch Legolas standing outside the child’s room looking inside; watching the small child sleep and Thandruil couldn’t help but hope that the child would be able to stay. Legolas was showing a side he had never seen before.

He would meet the child for breakfast and then take the elfling to the library and try and teach him elvish and hope that the little one would try to say some of the words. The elfling had certainly warmed to his son; his cold gaze was not fixed on the elf when around anymore as if waiting for him to do something.

After lunch the two would take a stroll in the private gardens. Thandruil and Legolas both agreed that the elfling would not want to be surrounded by loads of people and the elves of Mirkwood would certainly crowd the child. It had been a long time since they had had an elfling in their home. Thandruil was quite certain this elfling would be spoiled hugely by his people, as they had spoiled Legolas as a child.

Legolas had being the first elfling born in 200 years and the elves were beginning to despair that no elflings were being born anywhere within the elven cities. This child would be special among his people, despite his strange appearance. Something traumatic had obviously happened to the child yet he seemed perfectly healthy despite his lack of speech.

Thandruil looked away from the window and looked at the parchment on his desk; he only hoped that Rivendell could shed some light on the mysterious elfling.


Elrond stood in the courtyard and greeted the messenger with a smile. Taking the offered parchment, he asked one of the maids to lead the weary traveller to a room for rest and refreshment. Elrond strolled leisurely through the halls of the Last Homely House towards the healing wing which held their young guest. He knew his sons would be with the elf, the small elfling having taken a liking to the twins. He only spoke when he had to and hadn’t told anyone his name yet but the small musical voice was enough to make any elf within hearing distance smile.

The small elfling was turning into a real beauty as his wounds healed. His skin now glowed even brighter, his black hair now dried waved into soft ringlets at the ends and his green eyes shone brightly. Elrond could already tell this elfling would be beautiful when fully grown. He could predict many elves, male and female that would be after the beauty as their partner and many fights between them for the right of courtship. He knew the elf would not grow to be tall which would be an advantage to any male suitor that sought his hand in marriage.

Walking into the airy and brightly lit wing, he smiled happily seeing the small elf in a nest of pillows and blankets smiling at the twins who were telling him a story about their pranks. A small giggle, which sounded like a bell, cut through the air making Elrond’s heart soar.

Harry turned as he saw Lord Elrond walk into the room and gave the man a smile. This was how he always imagined a father to be, a solid presence which screamed safety. Lord Elrond was stern with his children when they misbehaved but did not hesitate to comfort them when needed or give them affection for no reason. Harry had seen this when he greeted his sons with a pat on the shoulder or a kiss to the brow.

Elrond smiled at his sons and looked at the small child who looked adorable in his bed. He was wearing a green tunic and leggings which were slightly too big for his frame causing him to look even smaller than he already was.

“Little one, I was wondering whether you had a name?” Elrond asked as he sat down. Harry nodded, thinking to the names he and Draco had picked.

“Will you tell us? After all, a beautiful elfling like yourself cannot be without a name,” Elladan said making the child roll his eyes at the elf.

“My name is Areli,” Harry whispered. The name was Hebrew and meant Lion of God. Draco had picked it for him.

“Hello, Areli,” Lord Elrond smiled widely, “I have another question for you. If we cannot find your family would you like to become part of ours? Be my son and Elladan and Elrohir’s brother?”

Harry sat frozen. He had hoped when he did the spell that he would be taken in by a family who would care for him. And this family he knew would take care of him. A feeling of joy rose within his small body and with a cry he launched himself onto the Elven Lord’s lap and hugged the Elf tightly.

“I take it that is a yes?” Elrond smiled and Harry nodded eagerly as Elrond wrapped his arms around his newest son and held him gently.


Draco walked beside the Elven Prince. He knew he was being rude, not talking to them and being generally cold towards them. Yet he couldn’t shake 18 years of habit, he never was allowed to show emotion around Lucius Malfoy, it would only end badly. He was treated like a prince among his family; he received nutritionally balanced meals and nice clothing, plenty of toys but he didn’t receive any kind of affection from his parents. No wonder he had problems at Hogwarts making true friends.

Draco was still amazed that Harry had fallen in love with him after their past. Harry was truly the most amazing and beautiful person Draco had ever met. He had always been drawn to the black haired wizard and as their relationship turned from hate to love he held on tightly, never wanting to let go.

Although they were apart now, Draco knew that one day they would be together again and have their happy ending if all went well. He could communicate with Harry through their link whenever he wanted anyway. The pair had made it a routine before they slept to tell each other about their day, to anyone else it would appear as though they were sleeping peacefully.

Draco was beginning to like Legolas despite everything. He was always calm and kind which soothed Draco. There was a sense of warmth to the Prince and Draco couldn’t help but enjoy that feeling, he always had felt coldness from others around him before. Harry was the only one who truly had given Draco any kindness. Even when they fought Draco had felt warmth from Harry, not the same warmth, it was like fire, hot and angry, but it made Draco feel alive.

Wandering through the gardens Draco couldn’t help but feel content, he only needed Harry to make this perfect.


It wasn’t until later that Elrond was able to sit down and look at the parchment. Areli had fallen asleep after a short while and he asked his sons to start preparing a room for the Elfling for when he was well.

Sitting down, he opened the parchment and began to read over the contents.

Lord Elrond,

I hope this message finds you well. A matter has appeared in Mirkwood and I was hoping that you would be able to shed some light on the issue. An Elfling has been found by our borders. He is about 5 years old, in perfect health, and has golden hair and blue eyes.

Lord Elrond sat shocked. This was no mere coincidence, Areli joining them and another Elfling in Mirkwood. This was something he could not explain, one Elfling could be considered strange yet not impossible, however, two appearing about the same age was not something that could be written off as normal.

We have not been able to determine much about the Elfling; he has no scars and does not speak. His manner is cold and wary towards everyone and I fear something terrible has happened in the poor child’s past.

Elrond knew exactly how the King was feeling; any Elfling that had being harmed was something Elves found hard to deal with, they treasured their children greatly. Seeing Areli’s wounds he knew that something bad had happened to the child though he most likely wouldn’t speak about it. At least not until he felt he could trust them. Elrond was certain that within his own time the Elfling would be able to tell them.

Have any of your Elves left your city for unknown reasons that could have had the child? Or do you know of rumours or anything that may help me locate the child’s parents?

Unfortunately, Elrond knew of nothing that could help Thandruil and put down the letter with a sigh, the only other thing on the letter was news of Legolas, Mirkwood and general happenings.

Elrond pulled a piece of parchment over to him and grabbed a quill. Dipping it into the ink he began to think about a reply. He would need to tell his friend about the Elfling he too had found and his plans, also any advice he could give Thandruil regarding the blond in his care.

Greetings King Thandruil,

Your message reached me while I have been dealing with my own guest. Another Elfling found in the woods just outside the city. The Elfling has green eyes and black hair; he is very small though I estimate his age is around that of 5 too. He calls himself Areli; he does not speak much but has told us this name.

Upon arrival he was injured with various wounds that hint at abuse, I have treated the child and you will be pleased to know Areli is doing well and is spending time with my sons. I have also asked Areli if he would like to become my son if we cannot find his family. He accepted and is currently sleeping after being greatly excited at the prospect.

I feel that these children were sent to us for a reason and we will not find anything about them in other cities. I will be adopting Areli officially within a few days as I feel any Elfling that had gone missing would have been reported to someone within the Elven Realm.

My advice about your little golden haired Elfling is to find a family willing to take him in. From your letter, and experience with others, I feel that the child will need a stable environment where he can heal mentally and adopt healthy routines which may help him to speak to someone. He may be staying quiet out of fear or sadness.

Give my regards to your son and the Elfling.

Lord Elrond.

Elrond placed the quill to the side and waited for the ink to dry before summoning Mirkwood's messenger, who had been resting and given supplies for the journey back. He allowed the messenger to peak in on Areli to confirm that there was an Elfling residing in Rivendell and sent the Elf on his way.


Thandruil sat heavily in his chair. Two Elflings. Two! It was hard enough for one to be born, but for two to appear at the same time that were roughly the same age however, two appearing about the same age was not something that could be written off as coincidence. They usually had to wait many summers before another Elfling came along.

There were definite differences between the Elflings though. Areli was injured and spoke to Lord Elrond. His own little guest had done no such thing; he was perfectly healthy yet didn’t speak a single word. Thandruil hadn’t heard any sound from the child’s mouth though the healers said the child had no reason physically to not be able to.

The blond was sleeping in his room, it seemed the sun had made the child sleepy and Legolas had ushered the child to bed for a nap. As he slept Legolas had gone to look through the library for books on elflings to learn of their needs. He really wanted to find things out, though before he had never had the reason to find out about Elflings.

There was a knock at the door and Thandruil was broken from his thoughts.

“Enter,” Thandruil called out and the door opened to admit his son. Legolas glided over to the chair and sat down, a book in his hands.

“Are you alright, ion nin?” Thandruil asked.

“Ada, what are we going to do about the little one? He needs a family,” Legolas asked.

“I have received news from Elrond of Rivendell; another Elfling has been found there. This Elfling was injured and has told them his name is Areli,” Thandruil began, “I do not believe our little guest has a family, so I was thinking we could adopt the Elfling,” Thandruil continued.

“I would have a little brother?” Legolas asked, shock in his voice.

“Yes, Areli is going to be adopted by Lord Elrond and I feel we would be able to give our own little elf the best care,” Thandruil explained.

“Shall we ask him when he wakes?” Legolas questioned eager to ask the little blond to be his little brother.

“We shall go and check on him, and ask him once he has woken,” Thandruil said and King and Prince walked down to the Elfling’s room. Opening the door quietly they peaked inside expecting to see the small child resting peacefully but the bed was empty.

The small child was sat by the window, his blue eyes looking down over the scenery with an almost distant look on his face, a small smile tugged at his lips.

“Little one?” Legolas called out and the child shut his eyes before turning to them. His face becoming the emotionless mask they were used to.

Draco snapped his connection with Harry shut, a quick apology sent to his love, and turned to look at the elves that were looking after him.

“We have something to ask you, little one,” Thandruil said as he sat down on a chair and Legolas closed the door, “we don’t expect an answer right away so you can have time to think about it.”

Legolas moves to sit on the bed, shooting the elfling a small smile.

“We were wondering whether you would like to become part of our family?” Thandruil asked.

Inside Draco started; outwardly he titled his head to the side as his mind ran through so many scenarios of what could happen.

Looking at the two elves that were looking at him, Draco nodded once and watched as they both smiled, gently hugging him and smiling down on him. Draco reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of parchment and handed it to his new Father.

Thandruil looked puzzled and unfolded the parchment to see childish scrawl on the paper, it read:

My name is Cinaed.


Meaning of Names:

Areli- Lion of God- Hebrew (Harry)

Cinaed- born of fire- Gaelic (Draco)


Ion nin- my son
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