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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Chapter 5

Adult Age for Elves- In this fic it will be 100 years old. Think of every ten years as two years if they were human. They are both 5 when this story starts out. The age they are considered adults is 100, they will be 20 mentally and physically. Meaning 75 years has passed with the Elves. These are some more ages to help you understand:







75/ 20

Since Draco and Harry are physically 5 years old this means that the Elves believe they have been alive for 25 years already. Making them 100 years old (at least to the Elves) when they reach 20 physically.

Also, I will be referring to Harry and Draco as Areli or Cinaed mostly but sometimes if it is talking about their past they will be called Harry and Draco.

Chapter 5

Much time had passed; the leaves grew and fell as the seasons changed and over time the Elves of Mirkwood and Rivendell had come to cherish their mysterious elflings. Areli grew slightly taller and his hair grew into lush curls that fell to the middle of his back. He was still small in height and Elrond knew his son would never grow to be over 6 foot.

25 years had passed since Areli had arrived in Rivendell; he was quickly accepted by everyone and became well known through the city for his caring and loving nature. At 10 years old (physically), Areli was growing to be even more beautiful and Lord Elrond had already received proposals of marriage and betrothal for the green eyed child. He had politely refused them all on behalf of his son knowing that his youngest would marry for love only. His twin sons were very protective of Areli and he knew that any suitor would have to get through them.

Areli still hadn’t told them about his past and Lord Elrond did not push the child, instead he tried to create a stable environment and create new happy memories for his son. Hopefully, with time the bad memories would fade as newer happier memories took over.

Areli was a quiet child, and rarely ventured out into Rivendell itself…he preferred to stay inside he grounds of the Last Homely House. Areli was given part of the garden to tend to and Lord Elrond was amazed at how the plants seemed to thrive under his son’s touch. Several plants that had never flowered before now grew beautiful flowers and their unique scent filled the private gardens. It had become one of Areli’s favourite places.

Lord Elrond was currently walking down the path to the gardens. The sun was setting, sending a warm glow over the landscape and the previously warm air was now cool.

“Areli?” Elrond called out his eyes scanning the area for his son.

“Ada!” came Areli’s voice from the side. Elrond startled at the panic in the child’s voice and quickly moved through the garden to his son’s side. The child was sat on the floor looking down.

“What is the matter? Are you hurt, ion nin?” Elrond asked as he knelt down.

“No, I am fine, Ada,” Areli answered, though his voice was sad. The child pointed over at the soil and Elrond's eyes landed on a bird, one with a broken wing. The bird was a dark grey and quite small, indicating to Elrond that it was not fully grown.

“Can we help it, Ada?” Areli’s soft voice asked.

“Of course we can,” Lord Elrond said and gathered the small bird into his hands and stood carefully so as not to harm the bird anymore than it already was. Areli stood up as well still looking worried about the small bird.

“Are we going to take him to the healing wing?” Areli asked, his voice curious as he tried to see the small bird in his Father’s hand but he wasn’t tall enough.

“Yes, we will,” Lord Elrond answered, usually they wouldn’t take an injured animal to the Healing Wing but Areli thought if you were ill or injured then that’s where you went, this included anything that was ill or injured. Not just Elves.

Elrond began to walk slowly from the garden and into their home while Areli took big steps to keep up with his Father. They walked into the vacant Healing Wing and Lord Elrond placed the bird carefully onto his desk. Looking over the wing carefully he deduced that the bone would have no problem healing normally and simply bandaged the wing under his son’s watchful gaze. Sitting the bird’s wing down gently he looked over the creature for any other injuries but found none.

“He needs a bed,” Areli piped up from where he was stood beside his Father’s desk, small hands gripping the side.

“Why don’t you make him one?” Elrond suggested and watched as the child’s eyes lit up and he scurried into the store room. He came out with an empty box and some pillow cases. He stuffed the pillow cases into the box and placed it on the desk. Lord Elrond lifted the bird and placed it within in the soft material. The bird seemed to shuffle around as if trying to get comfortable and settled into the soft bedding and began to doze.

After a while, Areli turned his green eyes to his father, curiosity burning brightly within them.

“Ada?” Areli whispered.

“Yes?” Elrond answered.

“What type of bird is it?” Areli asked, his green eyes looking at the bird again as his small hands clutched the desk once more.

“It is a breed of owl; they are quite rare as when they are fully grown their once white feathers turn to black. This one is nearly an adult now, his wings are grey because they are only partway through their change from white to black,” Elrond explained as he lifted the child into his lap so he could see the sleeping owl properly.

“An owl?” Areli murmured, thinking back to his time in the Wizarding world. Although he loved his Father and brothers, he often felt frustrated that he could not talk about everything, and talking to Cinaed through their connection was not the same. He often wanted the friendship he had had with Hedwig again. Someone who wouldn’t judge him and someone he could talk to. Hedwig, though, was no longer around. It was on a cold snowy day that Draco had dug a hole to bury the owl in. She had been attacked delivering a letter and sadly she had not made it.

“Yes, an owl,” Elrond whispered to his child.

“Can I keep it?” Areli asked. Elrond was shocked, surely it would be better to release the owl back into the forest once healed and Elrond could admit he didn’t know how to properly care for an owl, even if they could tame it.

“Areli, why don’t we see whether he can recover first?” Elrond asked, hoping his son would wait for an answer.

“Okay,” Areli pouted and looked at the owl.

“I’m gonna call you Draco,” Areli told the bird and Elrond couldn’t help but smile at his son, looked like his son had claimed the owl.


In Mirkwood, Cinaed had grown even more handsome, his straight blond hair fell to his waist and he grew significantly in height. Legolas and Thandruil estimated he would be well over 6 foot when he reached adulthood which was normal for Elves. They were happy that the elfling was becoming happier, his eyes no longer were cold towards everyone but once in a while they would see a lurking sadness in his eyes. The elfling still had not talked, much to their despair. He was silent and communicated by passing messages to those he was with. After a while, they had begun to understand what he needed and what he was trying to communicate to them without the messages.

The night air was cool as Legolas walked down the corridors of the Royal quarters. His Father was in his study working and Cinaed had been in bed for a few hours. It had become a routine for Legolas to check on the child before heading to his own room for rest. Thandruil would also check on his youngest before going to bed, though he still secretly looked in on Legolas too.

Legolas turned the corridor and walked up to Cinaed’s room, the door was left slightly open so that, should the child wake, he would be able to come and find help. The door was something Cinaed had shown great displeasure of. He did not like it closed. Neither Thandruil nor Legolas knew why but made sure the door wasn’t closed.

Legolas pushed open the door on silent hinges and peaked inside. Cinaed was laid with his back to the door making it hard to see the child properly. Legolas stayed for a moment and looked at his brother, listening to his even breathing as he slumbered.

Just as Legolas was about to leave, he heard the child’s breathing hitch and turned to see the small form move under the sheets onto his back. Looking at Cinaed, he saw the child’s face contorted as if in pain, his lips open and harsh breaths coming from him. His face was sweaty and his blond hair was stuck to his neck and back. Legolas moved forward wondering whether he should wake the child when something happened Legolas had never heard before. A cry tore from the child’s lips and Legolas rushed forward, the sound was full of pain and was the first sound he had heard from the child.

“Cinaed?” Legolas called and walked nearer the bed.

The child gave a small groan and rolled onto his side as if shielding himself from something. Legolas inched forward and reached out to the child. He felt it was best to wake his brother from his bad dreams. He remembered Ada doing it for him.

“Cinaed?” Legolas called again, a little louder this time. His hand fell into the shoulder on the child and Cinaed gave a cry as he moved away from the touch, blue eyes snapping open fully as he gasped for air.

“Cinaed? Are you alright?” Legolas asked as the blond’s attention landed on him.

Cinaed gave a quick nod and sat up shoving the cool sheets off of his warm body and took a few calming breaths while checking the connection with Areli. Turning his eyes to his older brother, he climbed across the bed to the elf and climbed into the older blond’s lap.

Legolas hugged the elfling to him and began to murmur in Elvish to the child. Cinaed simply lay in his brother’s arms trying to shut his mind down so he could sleep but he was still reeling from what he had seen in his dream.

“Do you want to go see, Ada?” Legolas questioned and Cinaed climbed from his arms and set his bare feet in the cold floor. Legolas stood up and offered a hand, Cinaed grasped the offered appendage.

They walked down the hall silently to their Father’s study and Legolas gave a quiet knock.

“Come in,” Thandruil’s voice drifted through the door and Legolas pushed open the door, leading his brother inside. The study was well lit and a fire was roaring in the hearth. Thandruil was sat down on the sofa nearby, parchment in his strong hand as he looked over his sons. Taking in Cinaed’s drawn and pale face, he placed the parchment down and opened his arms to the child.

Cinaed ran into his Father’s arms and clutched tightly. He knew he would regret acting so childishly in the morning, he knew Harry had fully embraced his second chance but Draco found it difficult to forget what had happened to him.

He knew Thandruil and Legolas were nothing like Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy who had raised him to be heartless and emotionless and if he had failed to be the perfect Heir he had been hexed or cursed. However, they always healed him. Sometimes Draco wished they had left the scars they inflicted on his body. It was too perfect, no blemish or mark on his skin.

Thandruil gathered his youngest in his arms and rocked the child as he had done with Legolas so many times many summers ago. After a while, Cinaed seemed to doze off and Thandruil stood up with his child in his arms and, Legolas by his side, he walked back to Cinaed’s room.

Placing the child on the bed, he tucked him under the soft sheets and stroked the blond hair from the elfling's brow.

“Sleep well, ion nin,” Thandruil whispered and pressed a kiss to Cinaed’s forehead. Legolas smiled and repeated the motion and they stood up to walk from the room when they heard a shuffle from behind them. They turned to see Cinaed looking at them and the child smiled.

“Goodnight,” Cinaed whispered and his eyes glazed over in sleep once more, leaving his family smiling widely at him.

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