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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Lord of the Rings
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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter 6

Areli and Cinaed are 35 years old meaning they are 12 physically in this chapter.

WARNING!!! Abuse in this chapter.

Chapter 6

The day was sunny and warm; the Elven City of Mirkwood was abuzz with movement. Today was the beginning of Spring which meant much to the Elves. They were able to partake in Festivals to celebrate life; food grew in their fields providing them with rich foods. The animals thrived so hunting was easier and they dined on succulent meat during the evenings. New animals were born; new livestock were brought into the world. It was a joyous time for the Elves.

Cinaed was walking along Legolas, his face dark and sullen. He hated leaving the privacy of their home and venturing into the City. However, they had no private training grounds in their home, only in the City. Cinaed had begged to learn archery, despite the objections of Thandruil and Legolas that he was too young, they had finally given in.

He remembered Harry and himself attending classes shortly after the war with Voldemort ended, he found it very interesting and regretted not being in the class for longer to really learn the skill. Harry, on the other hand, learned it quickly and surpassed the instructor in skill.

Another class they had attended was fencing; Draco was already adept at this skill and had moved onto a sword when he turned 14. Harry did have some skill, after all he had killed a basilisk with a sword, but his talent for archery was much more refined and prominent.

Cinaed glanced around, his grip tightening on the bow he held in his hand. People always stared at him and he hated it. He could understand the fact he was the only elfling around but he still did not like the fact that they felt if prudent to stare and fuss over him. It was not needed.

The looks directed at him were a combination of admiring him for his looks, which were still striking and beautiful, or looking at him from a family perspective. Never mind he had never met these people.

He knew many people were still amazed that an elfling was there, and how attractive he was becoming. He knew his Father had received proposals and such for him already. The same had happened with Areli much to his chagrin. Legolas walked beside him with a smile, his elder brother knew of his reluctance of socialise with anyone outside the family and direct friends of theirs.

They arrived at the training field after enduring too many stares and Cinaed was relieved to see the training field empty. He suspected his brother and Father had something to do with that.

“Now Cinaed, I have taught some basics about archery,” Legolas began as he led Cinaed over to one of the targets.

“I know,” Cinaed said coldly, Legolas bit back a laugh understanding his brother’s nature of being impatient.

“Show me the position I taught you,” Legolas prompted and watched with pride as his little brother flawlessly held the bow up and strung it with an arrow. He was shocked though when the child released the bow, Legolas watched as the bow landed with a thud a few centimetres from the middle.

He looked down at the child before him, his mouth gaping and his face shocked. He had never seen an elfling get this near to the middle on their first try.

“That was amazing,” Legolas blurted out, shock in his tone.

“Close your mouth, you’ll catch flies,” Cinaed drawled with amusement.

Legolas closed his mouth with a snap and mock glared down at Cinaed. Cinaed stifled a smile and looked back at his brother.

Legolas pulls Cinaed to him and hugged the boy to him. He gave a laugh and looked down at the child. Cinaed pulled back and picked up another arrow and notched it and let it go, hitting the target perfectly. Legolas resembled a fish again.

“I could get used to that expression,” Cinaed teased.

“Shut up,” Legolas said and pulled Cinaed to him one more, tickling the elfling and smiling as delighted laughter filled the air.


“BOY!” Uncle Vernon’s shout echoed through the house, his bellowing tones causing the young boy in his ‘care’ to jump with fear.

Young Harry sat up on his cot in his cupboard and looked towards the door which some light shone through the vent there. The door was wrenched open and a meaty hand shot inside and grabbed the child by the arm.

“What did you do to Dudley?” Vernon screamed, spittle flying from his enraged form onto the terrified child.

“Dudley? I haven’t done anything to him, sir,” Harry whispered, while wincing as his Uncle’s fat fingers dug painfully into his arm.

“His grades from School. You did something nasty and freaky you little brat!” Vernon raged giving the boy a rough shake.

“I didn’t,” Harry protested as he stumbled from the shaking.

“There is no way you could have done better than Dudley,” Vernon bellowed and threw Harry into the wall where the child collapsed with a cry.

Harry could only watch as a large fist moved towards him, his eyes squeezed shut as he waited for the impact of his Uncle’s rage. Cautiously Harry opened his eyes and gasped in horror as he read what lie in front of him.

Cedric Diggory

Died June 24th 1995

Beloved Son and Friend

Murdered by Harry Potter

Harry shuffled back with a cry, his heart racing as he felt let out a sob.

“I’m so sorry,” Harry whispered with sorrow.

Suddenly a hand shot up from the ground and Harry gave a scream and woke with a jolt.

Areli sat up struggling against his sheets with a small cry. His face was drenched in sweat and his long hair was plastered to his bare back with the heat of his body and the heat which still plagued the air after the hot day.

His room was dark and the doors open which lead to a balcony and a cool breeze fluttered through the room. Moonlight lit the room and the curtains danced in the breeze. Areli gasped and tried to draw in breath as he struggled to calm himself down.

The door opened quickly and his Father and brother strode in looking for intruders. They looked at Areli and all moved towards him, concern shining in their eyes and their voice murmuring words of comfort.

Lord Elrond sat on one side and the twins on the other, the Lord of the Last Homely House opened his arms and his son dove into them, clinging to the elf’s bedclothes and he sobbed his heart out. He could feel two pairs of hands run soothingly on his back.

Areli calmed down somewhat and lay limply in his Father’s arms, Lord Elrond simply sat with his child, rocking gently from side to side, whispering comforting words into his sons ear.

This was a common occurrence in the household. Every member of the House was aware of their elflings nightmares which distressed the child so much. Every time one happened they had never being able to pry what had happened from the child and offered him what comfort they could.

“Areli, what did you dream about?” Lord Elrond asked, knowing that his son would either withdraw from his hold or cling tightly. Tonight though, Areli simply laid there in his arms with his eyes closed and his breathing now even.

“Areli?” Elrond whispered, his concern growing. What had his son so troubled?

“It’s my fault,” Areli said, his tone detached and his body posture not changing. His family gazed down at him with confusion, he could feel it.

“What’s your fault?” Elrond asked.

“He’s dead because of me,” Areli whispered into the silence, his tone not changing again.

“Who is?” Elrond questioned, wondering what his son was blaming himself for.

Areli didn’t answer; he simply opened to connection and was relived to find Draco awake and reading.

Love he called out quietly, understanding that Draco does not like to be disturbed.

Hello Love, what’s wrong? Draco’s smooth deep voice came over the link, worry evident in the tone. It always struck Harry how weird it was to speak with their adult voices in the link despite their current appearance, but he did not deny Draco’s voice calmed him and soothed him like no other.

I dreamed of Cedric again…Harry proceeded to explain what had happened to his lover and Draco offered calm reassurance to help put Harry’s mind to rest as he had done so many times before. It wasn’t long before the elflings fell asleep, the connection still open, and began to dream of each other and protecting each other from bad dreams.


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