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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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TouchoftheWindFR151836,035710131,45230 Jan 0910 Apr 11Yes

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Chapter 7

Areli and Cinaed are 45 years old meaning they are 14 physically in this chapter.

WARNING!!! Sexual scene!

Chapter 7

Harry moaned as he felt Draco press his hips down against his own, their hardened members pressing together. The room was dark and only the fire crackling in the hearth created any light for the two men. Their clothes had long since been abandoned on the floor as they writhed together in passionate motion.

Draco leaned down and sucked on Harry’s pale neck and nipped on the skin slightly making it with satisfaction. Harry’s legs were wrapped around Draco’s holding the blond against his smaller form with surprising strength.

The fire sent an orange glow over the two lovers and the sound of the wood burning could barely heard over the moans and pants with came from them.

Harry reached a hand up and rubbed it over the damp skin of Draco’s back, his magic leaving a tingle behind making the older male groan into Harry’s neck.

Draco bucked his hips sensually against Harry’s making their heated erections press hard together- causing a small amount of pain for both men but a wave of pleasure covered them making them both cry out.

Harry’s hands grasped Draco’s hair and pulled the blond to his lips and suckled gently on Draco’s lip.

“Love you,” Draco whispered when Harry let go.

With a cry they both collapsed against each other spent.

Areli woke with a gasp and took a heaving sigh. He could feel his cheeks heating with memory of the dream. He remembered that time- they had just arrived in Italy and had a small honeymoon period where they had sex for hours on end…Areli remembered that they barely had enough strength to go outside and buy groceries.

Areli pushed himself up from the bed- an embarrassed blush covering his face when he noticed the sticky sheets. Areli gave a small smile and a groan.

His first wet dream.

With a sigh Areli pushed himself from the bed and walked over to the water jug and towel that were for his morning wash and grabbed the two and wiped himself clean before putting on a new pair of leggings and gathering the soiled garments from before in his hand. Areli quickly stripped his bed of the sheets and gathered them all into his arms. At this hour no-one would notice him getting clean sheets.

Stepping out into the moonlit corridors Areli quickly made the journey to the laundry room and dumped the sheets in the basket ready for washing. He then grabbed a clean set and started the walk back to his bedroom. On the way Areli stopped suddenly hearing a creak behind him.

“Areli, what are you doing up at this hour?” his elder’s brother’s voice rang out and Areli turned to see Elladan standing there with a jug of water in his hands- a sleepy and puzzled expression on his face.

“Nothing,” Areli said quickly.

“Did you have an accident?” Elladan whispered with a smirk.

“No,” Areli snapped and began to walk away from his elder brother’s quiet laugh.


To say that his brother’s had been weird was an understatement. Areli sighed as he pushed the dirt down around a plant. He could feel their gaze on his back. They were by the hedge on the left side of the garden- watching him. They had been whispering at breakfast and casting him glances.

They had arrived 10 minutes ago and Areli could pick up whispers on the wind. With a frown Areli stood up from the ground and carefully navigated his way through the garden towards the twins.

“You have something to stay- stop lurking and speak with me,” Areli snapped as he sat down on one of the benches.

Elladan and Elrohir walked into the garden silently and sat down on the bench across from their brother and stared at him.

“Spit it out,” Areli stated.

“Well- we think its time we had a talk with you,” Elrohir started and looked at his little brother- panic in his eyes. Areli sat up slightly and looked over his brothers.

“What kind of talk?” Areli asked while he opened his connection with Cinead and practically shoved his lover to attention.

“Well- last night you had a reaction. A reaction that is perfectly natural,” Elladan said while trying to smile reassuringly- but it came out more of a grimace.

“It’s the way your body tells you that you are becoming a man,” Elrohir picked up and glanced at his twin.

“What?” Areli whispered at the twins. Surely they of all people weren’t going to try and give him ‘The Talk’…were they?

“During this time your body will have new reactions to things- we think what happened last night was one of these reactions,” Elladan smiled gently- his nerves receding as he spoke.

“You may be experiences feelings that you didn’t before,” Elrohir continued.

“This is perfectly normal,” Elladan picked up.

“You may find people more tolerable than before- just based on their looks,” Elrohir said.

“You may want more than friendship with them- when an Elf loves and Elf they give themselves to each other fully,” Elladan said and the panic crept back into his eyes.

“Now- this is called Sex. During sex you will be expected to please your partner- are you more interested in men or women?” Elrohir said weakly.

“Men,” Areli replied after a moment.

“This means you are gay- and during sex you may have your partner’s sword,” Elladan stumbled over the word much to Areli’s amusement, “into your sheath.”

“Yes- and by repeating this you will- erm- bleed in a good way,” Elrohir stuttered out. Areli stifled a laugh- they had actually started out quite well too.

“That sounds like it will hurt,” Areli whispered while looking down at the grass. The twins exchanged a look and turned back to their little brother.

“No- it doesn’t hurt- if you trust the person then it is very nice,” Elladan rushed out in one breath.

“I think you guys are getting mixed up- I think you have been training much. I don’t think you have had sex,” Areli said seriously while looking at the twins and hearing Cinaed laugh loudly in his mind.

“The dominate in bed puts his penis in the anus or their partner after stretching the ring of muscles at the entrance so that the submissive won’t be hurt during sex,” Areli started keeping his serious tone.

Elladan opened his mouth shocked at his little brother.

“The dominate will aim for the prostate which will cause their submissive pleasure every time that spot is focused on,” Areli continued while eyeing his brothers shocked forms.

“This can often be enough to cause the pair to ejaculate. The submissive may also be brought to orgasm by having their own erection masturbated by their partner or by their own hand,” Areli finished.

“Areli…?” Elrohir stuttered out.

“I’m glad we had this talk- you two have obviously been very confused by all of this,” Areli said while crossing his arms and standing from the seat, “no wonder you haven’t gotten married yet.”

With a hidden smile Areli walked off into the garden leaving his shell shocked brothers behind him.

In Mirkwood Legolas and Thandruil looked out of their various rooms and down the hall where they could hear their youngest laughing hysterically from his room. The two shared smiled- it was the most free and unguarded sound they had heard from the young elfling.


Draco pushed himself up from the muddy ground, his body pained as the various injuries on his person protested at the movement. He gave a gasp of pain, this one from his heart, as he looked around the area. Bodies littered the ground, the light drizzle of rain washing blood into the ground as Draco’s eyes took in the mutilated and the dead.

The Final Battle had taken place at Godric’s Hollow where the war had ended once before. Many had fallen from both sides and the damage to the Wizarding World would be devastating in the coming years.

Draco’s eyes picked out the forms of the Weasley twins and his Godfather, tears began to gather in his eyes and Draco felt a heavy pain well in his chest. Moving forward on his unsteady legs, Draco could feel the trickle of blood down his leg from a cutting curse.

“Draco…” a weak voice whispered behind him and Draco moved around with a choked pained cry as he looked at his lover laid on the ground. Draco moved forward quickly regardless of his wounds and dropped beside Harry. Draco gave a sob as he took in his lover’s form. Blood covered the teen and Draco could see burns on Harry chest and cuts which were oozing blood. Harry’s hair was matted with blood and there were streaks of blood and soot along his pale skin which were beginning to run in the rain.

“I got him,” Harry choked out his voice weak and pained.

“I knew you would,” Draco whispered as tears fell freely down his face. Draco grabbed Harry’s hand as carefully as he could, the sound of apparition made Draco turn slightly to see some Auror’s and Mediwizard’s arrive- the Ministry had still not accepted what needed to be done for the safety of their world.

“I NEED HELP HERE!” Draco screamed bringing some of the Healers running over. Draco was shoved away from Harry, the Ministry Wizards not caring about an injured Slytherin over the injured Saviour.

Cinaed woke with a start and his hand automatically went to his leg feeling pain in the limb. As Cinaed became aware of his surroundings he sagged onto the bed, he had not dreamed of that day for years. Cinaed could still remember the pain in his leg which even with magic’s aid healed at a slow pace.

Cinaed remembered the days and nights he spent sat at Harry’s bedside as he lay on life support. He had almost lost Harry that day and refused to leave Harry; the staff had recognised their Soul-Mate bond and placed another bed in the room for the blond.

For the next few weeks Harry was placed into a kind of magical rest so that his magic could focus on healing him and replenish itself. Cinaed remembered sitting beside him wondering how he was going to tell him that they were the only ones left- Hermione, Ron, Ginny and the rest of the Weasley’s had all died…even Remus was gone.

Harry woke up and one look into his lover’s eyes he knew that everything was gone. They only had one another. After they had healed they both left the wizarding world behind and went to Italy. There they had healed and eventually the past had caught up to them. The Ministry wanted to take Draco into custody- convinced he was a Death Eater. Harry lost it. His magic exploded and killed several of the Auror’s sent after them, in the chaos Draco and Harry fled to Japan. It was there in a Temple that Harry encountered a snake which bit them both.

The snake had given them a gift- the knowledge to start a new life. It took months of planning and they sorted everything out. Both the Potter and Malfoy fortunes as well as their inheritances from their godfathers Sirius and Severus who had named them both heirs were left to various charities for children. Their properties would be sold and the profit would be given to charities once again.

They had chosen new names (well, truthfully, Draco had chosen them) and Draco had used a potion which connected them mentally no matter their form, age or location meaning that they could always find one another. They did the ritual which had been passed onto them by the snake and with a flash of light and a gust of wind Harry and Draco were pulled apart and taken into separate portals. They both remembered falling as they seemed to shrink. Draco felt warm and comfortable as he fell through what seemed like cloud while thunder roared around him.

Harry on the other hand remembered getting wet from the rain and clouds and generally feeling hurt and uncomfortable as he went

Cinaed rose from the bed and walked over to his balcony and out through the open doors into the cool night air. His blue eyes glanced over the gardens below his room- the silence that only night could bring was soothing to Cinaed. All his life he had wanted peace and he was close to it now…he would finally be at peace with Areli. It was hard being so far away from Areli but the link they had made the pain bearable.

The garden was mainly grass with flowerbeds doted tastefully throughout and Cinaed could see small lamps through the garden which had long been extinguished by the servants when he went to bed. Cinaed sighed contentedly and searched his mind out for Areli’s. His little love was sleeping peacefully making the usually icy elfling smile happily as he felt nothing but happiness coming from the green eyed elf.

Middle Earth had truly been a good experience of Harry- the family he had gained healing over wounds that Draco couldn’t heal since he wasn’t a Father, brother or friend…he was more…he gave Harry everything else he needed but he always knew Harry wanted a family to support him. Draco just hated the fact they weren’t together- personally he was taking the experience worse than Harry even after 45 years…but even Cinaed could admit that having a caring family helped him…but he couldn’t forget what had happened.

Cinaed sighed as a soft breeze blew his blond locks off of his pale shoulders making the elfling shiver slightly before deciding to return to his room. Cinaed looked up at the moon for a second while thinking of his old home for a moment and turning to head into his room closing the double doors behind him.


Thank you for all the reviews!
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