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Solo Por Ti

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Summary: Two Elflings are found, one near Mirkwood and the other near Rivendell, who are they and where did they come from? DracoHarry Slash

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Chapter 9

Areli and Cinaed are 65 years old meaning they are 18 physically in this chapter.

Chapter 9

The sun shone brightly down on the gardens, casting long shadows as it dipped over the horizon. The sky had begun to darken and a mixture of blue, pink and orange stained the sky. The air was warm and close, telling of a warm summer's day, and there was a distinctly lazy air in the area. Many of the residents of the area had retreated into their shaded homes and spent time with their loved ones, enjoying refreshments and snacks.

However, in the gardens an elfling was stood, his black hair fell to his waist in a mass of curls and his slim body was wrapped in a green and white tunic and leggings. His pale skin glowed brightly, a sign of his heritage, and sparkling green eyes told of a gentle caring soul.

"Areli?" a deep voice called, and the elfling turned round to face his Father, who stood on the edge of the garden.

In recent years his youngest son had taken over the garden and made it his own, the scents of flowers such as Jasmine and Carnations hung in the air as beautiful flowers thrived in the garden, creating a small jungle of scents and colour. In fact if it wasn't for the stones creating paths through the flowers there would have been no way to get through the garden. All the grass that had once taken so much of the garden up had now vanished and flowers had replaced it. It was truly a wonderful garden and was admired throughout the city by his people. Even the healing wing now had a shelf which plants were placed by his son.

"Yes, Ada?" Areli asked, flawlessly following the paths he had created through the garden.

"It is time for dinner; we must discuss the upcoming visit," Elrond said, as he placed a hand on his son's shoulder, guiding him through the other gardens and into the house. Despite been near adult hood in the eyes of the elves Areli could not help but think about the time he had spent with the elves.

The family he had gained, the friendships he had forged with Erestor and Glorfindel and the growing bond between him and Cinaed. He would be an adult soon, and he knew that somehow he would end up with Cinaed but he was scared he may loose his family in the process. Even though neither Areli nor Cinaed would have to remain in Mirkwood or Rivendell due to the fact they did not have a position were they would rule over the cities they were free to move around as they wished.

Elrond guided his son into the dining hall and walked to their seats, many elves rising respectively as they walked passed. Areli sat in his chair, which was next to his brother, Elrohir.

"Hello, little brother, did Ada have to pry you away from your garden?" Elrohir teased.

Areli playfully smacked his brother's shoulder and smiled teasingly, making many elves turn towards the elfling. Areli had grown more beautiful with each passing day, and many elves heads turned at the sight of the elfling.

"Areli, no hitting your brother, and Elrohir, stop teasing him," Elrond said in amusement.

"Who is coming to visit, Ada?" Elladan asked from his twin's side.

"Prince Legolas and Prince Cinaed," Elrond stated, noticing the shocked faces of his sons, and the blush which covered his youngest son's face. Interesting, Elrond thought as he looked at his son. He knew Areli was shy among those he didn't know but he had never blushed before. Maybe he had a crush on Legolas; he certainly wouldn't be the first to find the Prince attractive. Areli probably saw the portrait of Legolas from his visit before Areli arrived.

"The other elfling?" Elladan asked looking at his father. It had been the topic of discussion for many years after the elflings arrival. Neither elfling had said anything about their pasts and from what they had discovered it seemed unlikely they knew one another. Thandruil had written and said Cinaed was neglected by his family, and lived in solitude. Whereas Elrond had managed to find out that Areli was an orphan sent to live with relatives who hated him.

"Yes, Prince Legolas has decided that a visit would be beneficial to his brother, from what I gather Prince Cinaed is distant towards those outside the family," Elrond told them, wanting them to understand that if the young Prince did not talk to them it was not something to be offended by, it was simply the Prince's nature.

"I heard they call him the Ice Prince," Elladan piped up with a smile.

"Ice Prince?" Elrohir laughed, "why?"

"From what I gather he doesn't talk to anyone but his Father, brother and occasionally his personal servant. Prince Cinaed has being offered marriage by some of the most prestigious elves but has rejected them all with an icy glare," Elladan explained, "he apparently is very cold towards people and only while in the company of his family does he show emotion."

"Despite any preconceived opinions about Prince Cinaed, we must treat him with respect and warmth," Elrond stated firmly, he did not want the young Prince to get offended by his eldest sons. They would no doubt prank the Prince with some reference to his title of 'Ice Prince' and offend the elfling.

"Don't worry Ada, we won't do anything," Elladan reassured his Father, though it did nothing to elevate the elven Lord's fears. His sons were a handful.

"We won't offend him, Ada," Areli's soft voice said and Elrond knew that he didn't have to worry about his youngest. He only hoped that Cinaed did not offend Areli, he knew his son would look forward the visit. Areli had always known about the other elfling and honestly Elrond knew that if it was him he would be curious about the elfling too.

"From what I gather they will be arriving in a fortnight's time," Elrond stated, making sure that they understood that they had little time to prepare. A room for the Prince's would have to be cleaned and prepared, and rooms for the guards and servants that would accompany them.

Looking at Areli he noticed his child dip is head down, a blush staining his cheeks and a smile on his lips. It seemed something was going on with his son Elrond thought with a smile.


Cinaed was sprawled on his bed, comfortably lounging; the summer heat had now dulled to a warmth that was bearable. Cinaed was wearing just a pair of leggings and held a book in his hands.

DRACO! Harry's voice came through their connection, he sounded both excited and annoyed.

Yes? Draco drawled.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming to Rivendell? Harry asked, the annoyance coming through clearly as the excitement diminished.

I'm going to Rivendell? Draco questioned confusion evident in his voice.

Yes, Ada told us at dinner. Harry told him, his voice becoming confused.

I didn't know I was going, it was suggested but I hadn't being told if it was actually going to happen. Draco explained, wondering why he wasn't told about the visit.

Well it is, you are coming to visit me. Harry said, his voice taking on an exciting tone once more.

We get to actually see one another? Draco said happiness and anticipation coming into his tone.

YES! Though we'll have to keep it a secret we know one another. Harry replied.

How will we get any alone time? Draco asked. He wanted to be able to see his lover again, hold the green eyed man and kiss those beautiful lips and hear Harry's laughter. It had been so long.

We'll think of something, we always do. Harry answered soothingly, knowing of his love's desire to just be with him, as a couple. It didn't even have to be anything sexual; it just had to be them.


Areli was nervous, though he didn't understand why. Cinaed was finally coming, the two weeks wait was up and Cinaed would be arriving that morning. Areli didn't know how he would keep himself from throwing himself at Cinaed and kissing him senseless, but they had to act as if they didn't know each other.

Areli had dressed in his nicest robes, on his Father's orders, but Areli would have dressed to impress anyway. The robes were green, with white patterns. They fell elegantly on his form. His long hair was left free and curled down his back. His skin was positively glowing today, more than usual anyway, and his emerald eyes sparkled.

A knock at the door startled him from his musings and he called out to the person, and turned to see his Father walk into the room stopping when he saw the sight his child was.

"You look beautiful, my child," Elrond complimented his son. It seemed that Areli really wanted to make a good impression, and he was slightly worried that if he was crushing on Prince Legolas then his young heart would be broken.

"Thank you, Ada," Areli said softly, "are they here yet?"

"Not yet, but we must go down to the courtyard ready to greet them," Elrond told his youngest and Areli seemed to glow more and his smile became brighter.

Walking down to the courtyard Areli couldn't help but open the connection between him and Cinaed, despite it been in public, he felt a surge of love down the connection and sent as much back as he could. Cinaed was just coming through the border of Rivendell. Areli knew that within ten minutes they would be face to face.

Elladan and Elrohir looked over at their younger brother, both puzzled at the changes they had seen him go through last few weeks. Over the time they had seen their brother flourish and grow, he seemed to have thrived in the past two weeks. By this they meant he seemed to become more alive, he looked more radiant than ever. Weirdly enough he seemed to spend time sleeping in his garden.

The sounds of footsteps alerted them to the approaching party who had given their horses over to the stable workers. In front of the party was Prince Legolas who looked handsome as always, however, it was the person to his right that drew the attention of the elves. Prince Cinaed.

The rumours of the Prince's beauty were not unfounded. His skin was so pale it reminded them of the moon and stars, his hair was blond yet the colouring of the hair also seemed to have a moonlike quality to it. His face was handsome and his features striking, his blue eyes burned with emotion but they flashed through the light blue eyes too quickly for them to understand. His face was expressionless though and they now knew why they called him the 'Ice Prince'. Only one person they had seen compared to the Prince's beauty, Areli.

"Lord Elrond, it is always a pleasure to see you," Legolas stepped forward and greeted their host.

"Prince Legolas, likewise," Elrond smiled.

"May I introduce my brother, Cinaed," Legolas said gesturing to his brother, hoping that his brother would be polite to their host.

Cinaed stepped forward gracefully and inclined his head respectively.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lord Elrond, I have heard much about you," he greeted quietly while refraining himself from launching himself at Areli and kissing him.

"Prince Cinaed, welcome to my home, it is a pleasure having you here," Lord Elrond said looking at the elfling, "let me introduce my family to you."

He gestured to the twins who were smiling, somewhat mischievously, at the Prince.

"These are my eldest sons, Elladan and Elrohir," Elrond gestured and watched as the elfling looked over them, there seemed to be a sense of mischief in the elflings eyes but before he could understand it the emotion was gone.

"This is my youngest son, Areli," Elrond said and everyone seemed to turn to the elflings, looking at the two beautiful boys who were staring at each other. They look striking together, like day and night.

Cinaed held out his hand, and Areli understanding the meaning reached out and shook it. Something he should have done the first day at Hogwarts all those years ago.

"Nice to meet you," Areli greeted with a smile.

"Likewise," Cinaed answered with a slight smile.


And they have met once more! Yay! Next update should be next Sunday unless I manage to write an update for Shadows and Orbs, The Key and Her Vampire or Through the Monsoon.

Also does anyone watch Criminal Minds? I just started watching it and I am loving it- especially Spencer Reid! I'm currently watching Season 2 Episode 21.
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