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No Such Thing as Coincidences

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Summary: A story in which there are a slew of long-lost relatives, suppressed magical potential, surprises, and a whole lot of coincidences...if there is such a beast. OCs. OotP/AU Ats S5. Rated mostly for language.

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Harry Potter > GeneralheiressofanorFR152071,38023819,2871 Feb 0918 Aug 12No

Prologue: How It All Began Part 2: Unwanted

Prologue: How It All Began

Part 2: Unwanted

May 2, 1980: Bellatrix Black sat stock still on the marble counter of the bathroom at Number Twelve Grimmauld Place, staring blankly at the results of the hated test in front of her.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit,” she said loudly. “Bloody fucking hell!” She let out a primal scream as she slid gracefully off the counter and threw the empty potion bottle as hard as she could (which was quite hard) at the wall, shattering both the bottle and the mirror it had hit.

A timid knock sounded on the door. “Trixie?” came the soft, cold voice. “Are you alright in there?”

Bellatrix wrenched the door open forcefully, her insane grey eyes even more wild than normal. “What the bloody hell do you want, Cissy?” she asked sharply.

The petite blonde almost eleven-year-old stared up at her eldest sister, blinking her cold, ice-blue eyes. “You were yelling, Trixie,” she said simply. “I wanted to make sure everything was alright.”

“I’m fan-fucking-tastic, Narcissa,” Bellatrix growled, her long raven curls falling wildly around her face.

Narcissa’s eyes widened at her almost seventeen-year-old sister’s rather colorful language. “Is this because Andy left to live with that- that mudblood?” she whispered anxiously, spitting out the word as if it were a disease that she might catch.

“You would do well to never speak the name of that blood-traitor again, Cissy,” Bella growled. “She is no sister of ours.”

“But she’s not yet fifteen,” argued Narcissa, eyes wide as saucers, “surely mother can make her come home, whether she wants to or not.”

Bellatrix gave a harsh laugh, her cold, insane grey eyes flashing dangerously. “And why would we want a blood-traitor like her soiling The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black,” she snapped. “Just forget about her, Narcissa. From this day forward, I am your only sister. When you see her at school, you would do well to ignore her completely. She no longer belongs in our family; Aunt Walburga has already burnt her off the tapestry. She is dead to us now.”

Narcissa tilted her head to the side, her silky blonde locks flowing gracefully down her back as she did so. “What if we could make her leave the mudblood? Could she come home to us then?”

Bellatrix stepped forward menacingly. “Poor naïve Narcissa,” she hissed mockingly. “Once a blood-traitor, always a blood-traitor. I don’t think your future husband will much care for that attitude from you.”

Narcissa’s big blue eyes widened. “W-what do you mean by that?” she whispered, shocked.

Bellatrix shook her head and gave her baby sister a scathing look. “Lucius Malfoy,” she said simply. “You’ve been promised to him since your birth, Narcissa, and once you turn seventeen, you will marry him. One broken marriage contract is more than enough shame upon our family.”

Narcissa nodded, eyes wide. “So she—”

“The blood-traitor was promised to Ferdinand Avery,” Bellatrix replied harshly. “Just as you are promised to Lucius Malfoy and I to Rodolphus Lestrange. Now, I am very busy right now and do not wish to discuss such filth any longer. You will go pretty yourself up, Narcissa,” she sneered. “Lucius is coming over for dinner this evening and you are to be formally presented to him since you are starting at Hogwarts this September.”

“Yes Bellatrix,” Narcissa replied dutifully before obeying, turning from her seething sister and gliding gracefully out of the room.

After Narcissa left, Bellatrix quickly locked the door of the bathroom with her wand and cast a silencing charm for good measure; she, her parents, and her sister were guests of her Aunt Walburga, her Uncle Orion, and her cousins Sirius and Regulus—it would not do well for any of them to hear what was sure to be her extremely inappropriate outburst.

Double checking her locks and her silencing spell, Bellatrix finally gave into her frustration and screamed with all her might. “LUCIUS MALFOY, YOU FUCKING BASTARD, YOU GOT ME PREGNANT, YOU BLOODY ASSHOLE!!”


December 14, 1980: “Just get the bloody thing out of me!” Bellatrix hissed menacingly at the scared-looking healer trying to help her.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t like a pain-killing potion, Ms. Black?” asked the mediwizard kindly.

“NO, YOU FUCKING IDIOT!! I JUST WANT THIS DAMN THING OUT OF ME!!” Bellatrix screamed at the old man.

“Ms. Black, please understand, I can’t just make—”

“THE HELL YOU CAN’T!!” Bellatrix screamed at the frazzled grey-haired mediwizard. “USE SOME FUCKING POTION OR SOMETHING, JUST GET IT OUT!!”

The pain, Bellatrix could handle, it was this feeling she couldn’t handle; the feeling of something growing inside of her, making her…feel. She was a cold hearted bitch and proud of it; she’d be damned if she was going to let some bastard kid change that.

The mediwizard held up his hands in defeat. “Alright, Ms. Black, I’ll see what I can do.” He waved his wand at the door and three seconds later a tall, middle-aged brunette witch stepped into the room. “Ms. Black, this is Assistant Healer Maybelle. She’ll be taking care of you while I go see if I can’t find a potion—”


Muttering under his breath about ungrateful, hormonal pregnant women, the mediwizard stalked out of the room, leaving the young assistant healer to deal with the screaming, cursing seventeen-year-old.


“Congratulations Ms. Black, it’s a girl,” said Healer Terse wearily, holding out the small child to Bellatrix. Sixteen hours after she had first come into St. Mungo’s, Bellatrix’s baby had finally arrived.

“I don’t want to touch that bloody thing,” Bellatrix snapped irritably, folding her hands stubbornly across her chest.

Healer Terse’s eyes widened in shock. “Now Ms. Black, surely you don’t mean—”

“Of course I damn well mean that!” she snapped at him, her grey eyes flashing dangerously. “I wanted the fucking thing out, and now it bloody well is. End of story.”

“Ms. Black—”

“Stop ‘Ms. Black’-ing me, Terse,” she snapped irritably. “I want nothing to do with that fucking thing. Put it up for adoption or something.”

“What about the fath—”

Bellatrix’s eyes flashed dangerously. “That bloody bastard doesn’t get a fucking say in this,” she said tersely. “He’s not the one who had to walk around with that fucking thing inside of him for nine months, at school, making him feel things!”

The mediwizard sighed wearily, running his hand through his thinning grey hair. “If you’re sure Ms. Black…” he said.

“Absolutely,” she snapped.

He sighed in resignation. “Alright. I’ll still need some information from you, though.”

“Fine,” she snapped back. “Ask away; the sooner I can get out of this bloody hell-hole, the better.”

“Alright,” began Healer Terse, beckoning Maybelle forward to take down what Bellatrix said. “Mother’s full name,” he asked.

“Mine or the brat’s?” she snapped.

Your full name,” sighed the mediwizard wearily.

“Bellatrix Cassandra Black.”

“Date of birth?”

“September 6, 1963.”

“Blood status?”

“Pureblood,” she said proudly.

“Father’s full name.”

“Lucius Scorpius Malfoy,” she said flatly.

The mediwizard stopped short. “Are you quite sure, Ms. Black?”

“Of course I’m fucking sure,” she snapped at him. “I’m the one who bloody well had sex with him, aren’t I? Now, what’s next?”

Healer Terse heaved a sigh. “Father’s date of birth.”

“November 4, 1962.”

“Blood status?”

“Pureblood,” she said again.

Healer Terse looked uncomfortably at the seething raven-haired beauty in the bed in front of him. “You’ll need to pick a name for your daughter, Ms. Black.”

“Can’t you do that?” she snapped.

He shook his head. “Hospital policy.”

“Fine,” she snapped. She let her mind wander before saying the first thing that popped into her mind. “Fidelius Druella Malfoy.”

The mediwizard nodded. “Perfect. Thank you Ms. Black, that’s all I needed from you.”

She heaved a sigh of relief. “Can I go now? My boyfriend’s family is hosting an exclusive Christmas party and I want to go,” she lied through her teeth. Truthfully it was only a half-lie—there really was a party, but it was an initiation party for some new Death Eaters, including her fiancée Rodolphus Lestrange.

The mediwizard, however, simply shook his head at Bellatrix’s request. “I’m sorry Ms. Black, but I must insist that you stay the night. We need to keep an eye on you to make sure there are no complications from the birth.”

Bellatrix growled under her breath and frowned at the mediwizard. “So I can leave tomorrow?”

“Barring any complications,” he replied. “Now, why don’t you spend some time with your daug—”

“Take it away,” she said sharply.


“Are you fucking deaf?” she said angrily. “I said take the damn thing away!! I don’t want to spend anymore fucking time with that fucking brat! I’ve had it inside of me for over nine bloody months, I just want it gone!”

Startled at the young pureblood’s attitude, but wanting to avoid yet another scene, the mediwizard gestured for Maybelle to take the baby and leave. Bellatrix didn’t even bother to watch as Fidelius Malfoy was taken away; she could have cared less and she sincerely hoped that she’d never have to see that “fucking brat” again.


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