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The Harry Potter Experiment

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Summary: When all things end, they begin once again. In another universe where the curse that was used to take his parents hit Harry, it opened the floodgates to a past of who he might have had always been, and shall always be....

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: Action(Past Donor)gunsmithFR1839,17913110,0941 Feb 098 Jul 09No

Revalations 6 verse 8

the Harry Potter experiment: Revelations 6v8


Disclaimers: I do not own HP, or any other x-over that will pop up. Though I own full rights to this creative fan fiction madness I wrote up.


Summary: When all things end, they begin once again. In another universe where the curse that was used to take his parents hit Harry, it opened the floodgates to a past of who he might have had always been, and shall always be..... especially since he became a part of a much "older" soul thereafter.




Somewhere in the far future, dimension number X194569802…

The man laughed, the sound of his voice echoed across what had once been Glenfinnan. It had been too long, he thought, too long since he had last set foot on the very world that he had lived in eons ago. The dead world barely even resembled the world he knew long ago. Half of it lay under a great mass of ice, while the other, dryer than that of the former Saharan sands by a magnitude of fifty.

There was no one left to remember the world as it had once been, except him.

He was there when humanity was stumbled towards their first journey into greatness. He was there to witness the rise and fall of many great nations, some of which had long passed before humanity even started to record their history, but he remembered them. He was there to witness their first journey as a race towards the stars, and he was there when they fell and returned to them in spirit.

He was there through it all, he helped them when he could. Even when the Game was active, he tried to help them. He led others believe he hid under a facade of bland indifference and self-servitude. Sometimes, he brought out the barest hint of who he was in the persona of a pale rider to confuse them even further. His goal then was to survive, and gave his trust to a certain extent as a means to an end. Cruel as it was to lie to his friends, especially to that damned Scotsman, it was necessary. It had been his nature long before he even rode with his supposed “brothers” as they had led a literal bloody swath across several continents for over two millennium.

His primal urge to survive sometimes left a bad taste in his mouth. Of all the things he had done, that period of his life was his only eternal regret. He’d been making up for it ever since. Still to this day, when humanity had already left the sands of time to become words that were only read in data-pads that lined the planetary library on what was then known as Rigel Six. Even Earth was a forgotten chapter in the cosmic winds that passed through space.

Through all that, he still remembered, and that was why he was back to where it had all began. And when it had started to end…


It had came down to the Highlander and himself, him and Duncan Bloody MacLeod. He chased the insane Scot when he had cut through humanity for the murder of his immortal son by the remaining band of humans who had tried to stave their race’s demise by studying the hybrid human/immortal man. They nearly succeeded, but in their meager attempts to learn what they could of the immortal hybrid’s quickening left the human part of the hybrid unstable. The very power that kept the immortals alive also kept Duncan’s son from the passage of time ceased for an instant, and in that instant, his son crumbled into dust and smoke due to extreme old age.

Of the quickening itself, they kept it and tried to reproduce it. Duncan made short work of that when he killed all of them and absorbed his son’s quickening. But since part of it was part of the so-called Source, being out of touch with it for so long drove the ancient Scotsman even more insane with battle-lust. The only other immortal that remained knew that the Highlander had to be stopped at all cost. There was no second, or better yet, third chance to recover from another dark quickening. Earth was already a dried up ball by then and the very pool that he had used to help cure Mac of his dark quickening was long gone.

He raised his sword once more, for the first time since they had stood side by side with each other as the last of their kind in helping guide humanity to a better future, now, it would also mark the time it would end. The battle was a long, dragged-out affair for their power was such that it almost literally tore the planet they were on to pieces. With one lucky hit from his ancient Ivanhoe, he had disarmed his brother.

Sanity suddenly returned for a brief instant to the maddened Scotsman’s countenance as he gazed into his brother’s eyes, the plea there more palpable than mere words.

“There can only be ONE.” Duncan implored, there was nothing more for him to live for, and they both knew it.

“NO!” His brother screamed, his sword held high, uncertainty warred within him. “I don’t want this. Please don’t make me do this, Duncan.”

“It’s time, I can feel it.” Duncan replied. “I may have gotten the Source, but it’s always been you that helped me take it. I just now realized I’m just holding it till it was ready, ready for you. The gathering has been over long ago, now its time for it to be truly over. Just promise me one thing before I go.”

“No.” The other man repeated; his voice barely above a whisper as he listened.

“When this is over...” Duncan said, the madness slowly came back into his eyes. “Promise me you’ll take me home.”

With the last remains of his sanity, the ancient Highlander reached into his tattered clothes and pulled out a pill-sized plasma grenade. He broke the pill between his teeth with a savage bite and swallowed it. It never had time to reach the back of his throat before it blew his head off and threw the other man twenty yards out with the force of the explosion. Higher up, if anyone were still alive and to watch from orbit, the planet shook with unrivaled violence as the largest unwatched quickening tore whatever was living and not at all immortal on the planet to shreds.


Maybe a few hundred years Earth-relative had passed again for him when a scoutship from a remote star system had found his perfectly preserved corpse floating amongst the planetary debris that had once been a world teeming with life; however scant that life was. They were even more surprised that he came back to life after they dragged his naked hide into an airlock.

When they arrived on their homeworld, he did his best to learn their language long enough to claim asylum as the only last living member of race known as “humans” that came from a planet called Earth. After some time had passed, he approached the leaders of his newfound friends and requested for the use of a ship - to see if he could still go home. It took some time, but they relented and wished him good journey. After a teary farewell, from an entire civilization no less, he was alone once more.

He used the logs given to him from the ship and crew that had originally found him to trace back their route to where they retrieved him. With a little luck, he found himself back amongst the debris of the destroyed world. He searched long and hard for Duncan’s corpse. It took some doing, but he had finally found the frozen headless remains lodged within one of the larger floating islands that threatened to drift outwards into deep space that had wandered too far from the gravitational anomaly that had torn the world asunder. So powerful were they as the last immortals; that even a small residue of whatever was left of the quickening that remained with its former host was able to stop the body from decaying. He tractor-beamed the preserved body, and encased it in resin for the long trip home.

Immortal in life, as well as in death…


A mild chirp from the forward console brought him back from his reminisce. To his surprise, the ship also picked up a gravity well that was still there, however faint, with no logical reason as to why it was so. The hair at the base of his neck pricked up, a feeling he thought he would never sense again with the death of his friend. It was calling to him.

He steered the ship forwards, to the epicenter of where he thought it would be. And there it was, he felt it before he saw it. Dead center of the gravitational maelstrom that should not be, was a large piece of planetary debris, crackling with energy that was all too familiar. He’d seen it only once when he watched Duncan fight the guardian, it was a sight he would never forget.

“My God.” He gasped as he stared at it in awe. It was the Source. He may have absorbed all the quickening his brother had kept within him, but the Source stood apart from all of that, it was indeed a sentient thing. It had the patience to wait for him while it called to him across the stars.

Like a thing alive, the Source spotted the ship that carried its intended host within. With but a thought, it retracted its anchors on the piece of debris and rocketed towards the ship like the quickening it was.

The man could only stare in horror as it breached the shields and bathed the craft in an unholy light. To his eternal shock, none of the destruction that usually followed a quickening occurred. It swept over the craft and into him, wrapped him in a cocoon of light that was pure bliss. It was like magic.

“My friend.” Voices from the past spoke to him as one. “We are one of many, and many of one. From you we come from, and to you we return. Forever, we are ONE. And with us, a new journey shall begin anew.”

Two figures detached themselves from the light enraptured man.

“Duncan!” He gasped as he recognized the Highlander, he gasped again when he turned to the other one by his side. “Connor!”

Both former Immortals placed a hand on each side of the man’s shoulders.

“Aye.” Connor said with a smile. “Take us home, old man.”

“I promise.” He said.

“Da...” Duncan said, looking like he once did back on Earth in simpler times. “Thank you.”

Then the light exploded all around him as the last of the Source’s quickening filled him. And as it did, he remembered EVERYTHING. He wasn’t just the oldest immortal, HE was the FIRST. To create his children, he had split himself from the main part of who he was; the Source. With the Source, he could use it to create life. From there, the race that called itself Immortals were born. The Source had also gained a rudimentary sort of intelligence as time progressed, and within it, the need to be whole again. So it’s primal call came out, and thus the game began.

Of the man, when he started to become incomplete, he did not know that he would also lose most of his memories as more of him split. Now amongst the humans, he kept only hints and glimpses of what may and may not be. When he had taken a quickening by accident in self-preservation part of his mental faculties returned and he started to live as one of his own get, lost to the corridors of the history he made.

History gave him a name: Methos.


When he finally awoke, he saw that the surrounding space before him was now bereft of a debris field. With the Source now gone, the gravitational field that held them dispersed. Each of the pieces that had once been part of a world flew off in different directions across the universe.

He looked down at himself and saw that the Source had changed him yet again, for he was glowing. He willed the light around him to fade as his gaze fell upon the resin that contained his brother… nay, one his son’s son.

“I promise.” He whispered. “I’ll take you home.”

Once he was fully complete, he used his re-awakened powers to return the ship back to his friends with a note of thanks and that he was well. That he had found what he was searching for…

He released his full quickening that turned into pure energy. He wrapped his ethereal form around the resin-like coffin and carried it with him as he flew across the stars.

He was going home.


Time passed again, and here he was now. Back to where it all began.

The Solar system had seen better days.

Now it was dying as well, its yellow sun already felt cooler to his cosmic touch when he arrived. It won’t be long till it died. It wasn’t hard to use his newly returned powers to find the area where his son wanted to be laid to rest. Once done, he held himself in silence as the thin atmosphere howled around him in some sort of elemental eulogy.

For no reason, he started to laugh. He knew what he had to do; he could begin anew. He could use the Source within him to visit them again in every reality he could think of. After all, he was indeed one of many, and many of one. With that in mind, he tore a hole through space and time.

He should have paid better attention to his surroundings, in his haste to be with his children in any shape, or form, he ignored a part of him that warned him that Sol had suddenly gone nova.

It sent him everywhere and everywhen…


Somewhere else, dimension X49851533258….

“No!” A female voice cried out in fear. “Please, not Harry!”

Lily Potter’s soul cried out for help one last time before a flash of green light hit her and all was still except the crying of a child.

That same light flashed out again and rebounded off of a shield that had suddenly snapped into place around the child at the last instant, but not before a scant beam grazed the baby’s forehead.


Methos was, for the lack of a better word, confused. Something had happened at the last moment he had breached the dimensional divide, but he couldn’t put a finger on it. The only thing he knew now was that he was stuck with nowhere to go. He was still coming to terms with being a so-called reawakened god that he had forgotten just what he could do. Time had no meaning for him, so he metaphorically “sat” in nothingness to think until he felt a tug that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere.

It took him a microsecond to realize that it was a desperate prayer for help. Wondering just how he knew what it was, his curiosity got the better of him as he answered it.


A flash of white light this time, and a strange sort of lightning-like energy began to form around the child as it studied the green light that it had caught, then sent it back to its owner with interest and blasted the pitiful excuse of a human into spectral dust.

It turned to the child and studied him as well. And found, to its horror, that even though the cut on the forehead was small, the blood that oozed out from it was blacker than the night. The child was dying. Whatever the human female tried to do, her sacrifice was for naught. Her prayer for help came far too late.

Lightning ran over the bleeding infant as it made a decision, not knowing what would happen, it dove into the child’s body and merged with him.

It didn’t expect what happened next as the floodgates between past, present, future, elsewhere and elsewhen lay open before them…




Years later:


Harry ran, his mind awhirl in fear as Dudley took to Harry hunting while they were still in school. He could hear them gaining on him, he turned around a corner and looked every which way for a hiding place. Frantic at finding no such refuge, he closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable beating that was sure to follow whilst wishing to be anywhere else but where he was now.

A slight tingling a few moments later caused him to open his eyes and he looked around in shock. He had somehow appeared on the roof of his school. Not one to believe what his senses told him, he nudged himself towards the edge of the roof and looked down.

He was indeed five stories up from where he had originally stood, and saw Dudley with his gang come from the corner to stop and look around in confusion. Harry scrambled back to the near-center of the roof and shook with relief.

Then it hit him.

He closed his eyes as a vision of stars filled him. In his mind, he saw vistas of strange lands, some of which he recognized from what little TV he managed to watch. Confusion set in as everything he saw looked as if the places looked new. He saw the great pyramids of Giza as they stood tall and proud, none of the weathering that adorned it was present. He saw what looked liked Rome would have looked like in its heydays.

He saw four people riding across the sands, with himself, riding a pale stallion.

Then the visions shifted, going faster through different periods in time until he saw an older version of himself as he sat on a desk of what looked like a classroom. But what kind of classroom was made of stone? Harry turned towards the voice that seemed to demand his attention and got the shock of his life when he saw a long, greasy-haired man in what looked like bathrobes scowl at him as he said “Ten points from Griffyndor for inattentiveness, Mr. Potter.”.

The strange greasy-haired man’s eyes seemed to linger on him and stared into his eyes. Harry felt like something was digging into his brain and he screamed as a flash of lightning blinded them both.

Harry shook himself awake as he opened his eyes. He was still at the roof, he searched for the cheap plastic wristwatch on his left arm underneath the overly large clothes he wore and saw that only a few minutes had passed for what seemed like an entire lifetime. The young man would have pondered more on what was happening to him, but chose to dismiss it, he’d really rather not be late as recess was almost over. He exited through the roof entrance and hurried to his classroom, all the while, oblivious to the slight scorch marks on the roof where he had arrived.

If he had noticed it and stayed to examine it, he would have been very surprised to see small arcs of lighting play over it before it vanished and took the scorch marks with it.







A/N: I must be crazy starting another story when I should be concentrating on my two main ones. To be honest; once this idea got into my head, it won't let go. This story will cross with Highlander only at the beginning. This will be completely AU onwards with the only connection to Highlander being Methos. I am also unsure if I plan to update this often as I already have more vested interest to finish two of my other stories. In any case, this is an experiment to see if I can screw around the HP events and timeline by adding the proverbial wild-card amongst the Immortal crowd. As some of you who've seen Highlander: The Source -- it was a love-hate kind of movie for me... there were so many things about it that rubbed me the wrong way and some that I liked (the concept of the "Source" should have been done better). With this story, I made it completely AU and the focus would be on Methos as the actual Source in the end -- the reasoning will be explained later if I decide to write this full-time along with the others. In any case, I already have the "primer" for how I want this story to go.... but we'll see. I'm more technology/technomancy inclined and this is my own personal challenge to see if i can write a pure fantasy story with a very mild hint of sci-fi (unlike my main stories). I hope you like it and maybe want more.... if not... well, I can't please everyone.
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