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A Pack Hunter Stalks Among Us

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This story is No. 8 in the series "Jurassic Park Is Frightening In The Dark". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Here it is at last, the long awaited sequel to Bewitched, Bothered & Bermuda Triangled. The question to ask now is, can Xander's life get any more complicated? Need you even ask?

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Movies > Jurassic ParkSithicusFR18240,7444137,6611 Feb 0914 Feb 09No

Adventures in Montana

Author's Notes Ok folks here you go, the second half of this story. It deals with some issues, now you get to see some of the Buffy elements creeping into the Jurassic Park world as Kakistos and his band wind up showing up. There are moments of pure dark comedy, pure dark darkness and a guest appearance by everyone's favorite Crypt Keeper. It's a cameo nothing more so don't get crazy on me.

Please I am really hoping to see a lot of reader reaction to this one, we've got Faith, we've got Xander being furtherly complicated on three levels, well two and a half mostly the third one he isn't aware of yet and the big reveal will be posted up as a ficlet in A Series of Carnivorous Events. So don't read that update until you've read this one otherwise you won't get it. I think that's about it.

Disclaimer Addendum: The character of the Crypt Keeper though not mentioned by name does not belong to me, he belongs to EC Comics and is used purley for comic effect in this work of fanfiction, I claim nothing otherwise even if you torture me oh muse of muses.

The sun shining through an opening above woke Buffy up the next morning to discover an empty nest, she was alone, almost panicking as horrible memories of Angel doing this to her came flooding back she scrambled to her feet and spotted a note on the cave floor by Xander’s closet. Rushing over to it expecting the worst she grabbed the note to read it, what she read made her laugh out loud as all her fears melted away.
Relaxing she went into the other tunnel to pee feeling marginally self-conscious as she used the open latrine, if anybody walked in while she was doing her business she’d just die from embarrassment. But since Xander took her old clothes when he left she couldn’t exactly walk back to the camp to use the port-a-potty.

“Hey Buffy I’m back,” Xander called while she was washing her hands, “Ellie’s closer to a C cup then you, but she found a bra your size with one of the interns. Hope you like hot pink, it’s the only color she wears and I wasn’t about to ask why,” he said strolling into the nest to find it empty.

“It’ll have to do,” she said with a frown, what kind of grad student only wears hot pink underwear?

“Right, well I’ll be just outside if you need me,” he returned beginning to head out.

“You don’t have to leave while I change Xander,” she said coming up beside him and taking him by surprise. He was wearing the glamour again and looked normal, his cheeks flushed pink instead of the charcoal grey from last night and she smiled at his innocent display of chivalry. “Tell me about this place, what do you do here?”

“Um, mostly dig up dinosaur skeletons,” he replied doing his best not to stare while she studied the clothes and then started getting dressed.

“So you can’t get enough dinosaurs huh?” she asked with a smirk, Xander shrugged indifferently.

“I wish you could have seen the other ones, they can be damn impressive,” he said. Buffy shook her head and made a tsking sound.

“Xander I can’t believe Ellie forgot to give you a tampon,” she scolded. Xander’s eyes glazed over and his face paled.

“Do dinosaurs get periods?” he blurted suddenly terrified.

“You’d better hope not, I think they’d give new meaning to the term PMS,” Buffy replied with a laugh. “How was breakfast?”

“Frustrating and tough, if it weren’t for the farms close by we wouldn’t have anything decent to eat,” he replied as though discussing the weather.

“Farms?” she repeated. “I don’t remember that.”

“Uh, we run pretty fast when we’re hungry,” he replied lamely.

“Would you let me eat with you sometime?” Buffy asked turning around to eye Xander. “If I’m going to get used to the new you I have to know everything.”

“Er, ok, but I gotta warn ya Buff it isn’t pretty.” Smiling with genuine mirth since, well forever Buffy showed off her new outfit. A pair of tan shorts that were a little longer then she’d care for a gold baby tee and a flaming red shirt over top of it tied off at the midriff instead of buttoned up.

“What do you think?”

“It’s not exactly color coordinated, but it’s serviceable,” he replied honestly. Buffy slapped him in the arm and got her old shoes back on, with the socks from Ellie they didn’t feel so bad.

“Well I’m ready,” she stated, “show me to the fossils.” Xander nodded and picked her up amazing her yet again with his strength, as he turned to leave the cave and start the run back to camp she cleared her throat and shot him a quizzical look. “So, Lex huh, is she cute for a soul mate?” Xander almost stumbled and looked at her nervously.

“Uh, I guess, I mean yeah she’s um, cute,” he stammered as he started to run. Buffy laughed playfully and rested her head against his chest a thoughtful look in her eyes.

I could never share Xander with a younger girl,” she thought eyeing him slyly, “but I could teach him a few tricks for her benefit when she’s old enough.” She wasn’t going to be critical of Xander not when she’d had the same kind of destiny shoved into her life with Angel, hopefully it’d turn out better for Lex and Xander then it did for her. At least she didn’t have to kill her lover. She couldn’t imagine how worse she’d feel if she’d had to do that to Angel.

Glenna fidgeted while Doctor Carter took a sample of her blood to be tested, the needle was something she did not like and Alpha wasn’t here when he should be too busy running after Pack not mate, but maybe she was now Beta, Alpha’s Mate. Rina rubbed at the spot on her arm where the needle had gone in and looked upset, Tianna growled softly with her agitation as she lay on a table with a big camera taking pictures of her insides hovering above her.

“I know you must not like this because it is all new to you, but please try to remain calm for just a few minutes longer,” the Doctor requested with a slightly unnerved look at Glenna’s teeth.

“It’s not easy,” Glenna said, “but we listen to Doctor Pack.” Roberta eyed the younger wereraptor curiously at the term.

“You, you consider me Pack?” she asked.

“Doctor is Pack,” Rina affirmed, “Alpha likes you, Alpha trusts you, Alpha accepted you so Doctor is Pack.” She nodded subtly and smiled up at the woman who was still not used to the sight, definitely not something she’d been taught in medical school. Nor was this new trailer that had rolled up over night, a mobile surgery and examination room all rolled into one state of the art contained environment. The teenager hadn’t been kidding when he said they’d spared no expense, how on Earth did he convince someone to just give this to him?

“There, all done now Glenna,” she said with an encouraging smile. Glenna snorted and hopped out of the chair stalking over to her sister who started licking at the pinprick wound. “Stop that,” she ordered, “I won’t have you contaminating each other. Here put this on,” she told the girl presenting a band-aid to her.

“No clothes,” Glenna said agitatedly.

“It isn’t clothing, it’s called a band-aid, humans use it to cover up small cuts until they are healed to prevent infection.” Glenna tilted her head sideways eyeing her thoughtfully, taking the tiny band aid in her clawed fingers she proceeded to accidentally shred the thing as she tried to put it on.

“Band-aid is stupid,” she declared and Rina went right back to licking her.

“Oh, no you don’t, I’ve dealt with stubborn patients before,” Roberta informed grabbing the girl by the arm and forcibly sticking a fresh band aid on. Hissing angrily Glenna tried to pick at the funny feeling thing only to receive a hand slap for her troubles.

“Eat Doctor?” Rina asked softly.

“Pack, Doctor is Mother,” Glenna decided equally soft. Rina eyed Glenna confused and Glenna broke into a big smile. “Saw hatchlings of human do this,” she whispered turning to Roberta who was helping Tianna off the table.” We get treat now?”

“What?” Roberta turned to the girl shocked by the question.

“We get treat now,” Glenna repeated, “maybe bird or squirrel,” she added thoughtfully.

“I don’t have any, um, treats Glenna,” Roberta said wondering what the girl was playing at.

“We want treat, we want treat,” Rina and Glenna both chanted circling Roberta almost in a hunting manner. Nervous and beginning to get afraid Roberta took a step back and bumped into a grinning Tianna.

“Treat, treat, treat, tasty treat,” she sang licking her teeth with her tongue.

“Now you girls stop this,” the Doctor stammered.

“Mommy doesn’t love us, mommy won’t give us a treat,” Glenna whined angrily.

“Mommy,” Roberta repeated flabbergasted. Then a wicked gleam shone in her eye and she lost all sense of fear. “You behave all of you or else mommy will give you a spanking.”

“A what?” Rina asked taking a step back, it sounded bad, like punishment to her.

“Doctor is bl-uf-fing,” Glenna said. “We want treat.”

“Alright I warned you,” Roberta stated and then she grabbed Glenna and proceeded to slap her hard across the butt. Glenna hissed in shock and slight pain and she snapped at the Doctor, but Tianna stopped her from biting Roberta whose heart skipped a beat at the close call.

“You asked for that,” Tianna said.

“I don’t like this game anymore,” Rina added backing up from Roberta and covering her behind with her hands.

“Naughty children get punished, even in nature,” Roberta declared shooting Glenna a look. Glenna glared at her strange water leaking from her eyes, she’d never experienced it before, she didn’t like it, but her instinct to lash out at this attacker was now subdued and a feeling of respect filled her softly.

“Sorry Pack Mother,” she apologized.

“Why am I suddenly Pack Mother?” Roberta asked mystified.

“Doctor is like mother, takes care of Pack, Doctor is Pack Mother,” Glenna stated; she then approached Roberta and nuzzled her with her cheek. “Pack miss Pack Mother,” she said. Roberta felt strangely pleased by this display of affection, she was a bit young to consider having family, but these three were just too cute even if they were blood thirsty carnivores.

“Pack Mother miss Pack,” she whispered softly hugging the three girls, “ok now I still need one last thing from you.” Roberta turned to the cabinet and pulled out three sterile bedpans.

“What’s this for?” Rina asked suspiciously eyeing the thing.

“For collecting urine samples.”


“You know, urine, the ah, the liquid that comes out of here,” Roberta tried to explain pointing at the girl’s vagina.

“Oh urine, that’s what that’s called?” Tianna said pleased to learn a new word.

“Ok, we’ll give you the sample,” Glenna said taking one of the bedpans and putting it on the floor under her, before Roberta could stop her she was urinating into it while still standing up. Feeling embarrassed for the girl who didn’t know any better she decided to correct her after this whole testing was finished, since it wouldn’t matter now.

“You drink this later?” Rina asked making Roberta suddenly feel sick.

“No,” she stammered.

“We drink this later,” Tianna said and Roberta shook her head violently.

“Definitely not,” she snapped, “the, ah, test will make it, make you sick if you drink it later,” she tried to explain.

“Humans,” Glenna said rolling her eyes, “they are strange wasting source of nu-tr-ien-ts,” she added. Roberta suppressed the urge to shudder in disgust, just because they were smarter and looked human now didn’t mean they were completely human and trying to make them human wouldn’t help anybody.

“Ok, thank you girls that will be all, please go sit over there while I start… Learning how to keep you healthy,” she instructed picking up the urine filled bedpans.

Buffy wiped sweat from her brow as the noon day sun beat down on her; she eyed Xander with a look that said he was crazy.

“You do this for fun?” Xander rolled his shoulders to get the kinks out as he straightened up.

“Takes my mind off my problems,” he replied reaching for a small chisel to do some careful digging near the tail of the specimen they were working on. He thought he’d found something off about it, but couldn’t figure out what.

“All it’s giving me is sore knees,” she whined.

“Buck up girly,” one of the older assistants named Jake stated, “a couple of weeks out here and you’ll be as nimble as a mountain goat.”

“Girly,” Buffy mouthed at Xander.

“Don’t start,” he pleaded also mouthing the words. Brushing a strand of hair out of her eyes she got back to work.

“We’ve been at this for weeks,” one of the kids spoke up.

“Takes time to excavate a fossil,” his father returned picking up one of the newly freed bones.

“Charlie’s right Donald,” Alan spoke up joining the group. “Buffy we’re sending Brie in for some supplies, if you want to pick up anything you’ll have to leave now.

“Ok, right, thanks Doctor Grant,” she returned getting up off the ground. Xander moved to join her and the two of them shared a quiet moment of uncertainty, Buffy smiled and took his hand in her hands squeezing it for strength.

“It’ll be ok Buffy, just tell her everything’s fine and who you’re with, she’ll understand.” Buffy shook her head but smiled and turned away from him heading down to where the car was, she stopped though and turned back suddenly, rushing into his arms she kissed him hard taking them both by surprise.

“Thank you,” she whispered before heading off.

“Should I be reporting this to Lex?” Grant wondered slyly.

“Doc, don’t make me hurt you,” he returned coldly. Alan laughed and left back to the nest excavation, Xander got back to work and almost broke the chisel in half when he gripped it, he shouldn’t let that get to him, but the part of him that was still Xander just felt bad about doing anything that could potentially hurt Lex. Even if the Primal said it was natural to select the best and strongest mates, as in plural, for himself.

The cell phone rang two hours later and Xander sighed as he finally got back up letting out a slight hiss when his spine cracked, he’d definitely been doing that for too long without moving, pulling the phone out of his pocket he flipped it open and answered without bothering to check who it was.

“Joyce,” he said moving off so he could talk privately the kids working on the dig were a bunch of nosy parkers at times.

“Xander, Buffy told me everything,” she said in a subdued tone, “you’ll bring her home to me?”

“Of course I will,” he returned smiling softly.

“I didn’t mean to push her out like I did,” Joyce continued in an anguished tone, “Xander when we first found out… I had her committed, I thought, and then everything happened, God Xander I’m so scared. What if I lose my baby girl?”

“I won’t let that happen Misses S.,” he promised confidently.

“I know you won’t Xander, such a nice boy, I wish she would have been honest with me from the start.” Joyce sighed.

“Kind of like me huh?” he said with a chuckle.

“Xander I don’t hold anything against you,” she reminded, “she’s ok isn’t she?”

“She’s fine, Pack makes sure Pack is healthy.” He paused wondering if he should mention the new status quo for the Raptors to Joyce over the phone or not.

“Pack better,” Joyce stated slipping into the vernacular, “and you’d better be careful Xander, I expect you to use protection this time if there are any further sleepovers.” Xander felt his cheeks burning with embarrassment and he turned away from anyone that could possibly see him.

“She, ah, she told you about that too?”

“Had questions about size and what to do to prepare for it,” Joyce replied in a mischievous tone of voice.

“Oh God,” Xander blurted with a moan.

“Kendra has had questions as well, I’ve had to explain certain things to her that insufferable man failed to inform her on, Xander I hope you won’t take this Pack mentality too far,” she said in a concerned tone of voice, concern for Xander’s well being as well as both of her daughters, officially Kendra had been adopted after Zabuto was found dead, what was left of him. Oddly enough the Sunnydale Child Welfare services didn’t seem to encounter any problems in that regards, making Xander wonder if it had been all together legal.

“Uh, relax, I… I don’t think I can be, um making any complications for anybody.” He shuffled his feet nervously and wondered what Kendra had told her exactly, he wasn’t exactly proud of the almost animalistic way he’d gone about marking her and claiming her as a Mate, not to mention the rough sex they’d had. “There’s a doctor here I trust, physician not paleontologist, I’ll get her to check me out to make sure nothing, um, unexpected comes up.”

“I see, well I still want you to be careful, and if you must ‘mate’ with more than one girl try not to make either of them feel unappreciated.” Joyce sounded honest to Xander and he smiled anxiously. “Remember Polygamy is a crime in the United States as a whole, most of the world in fact, which I find rather stupid at times due to the religious beliefs of certain people… Still you are not an animal Xander, I accept that you may think and act as one, but there will be no official ceremonies to commemorate any couplings and if they, meaning the girls, wish to marry someone else I trust you’ll do the gentlemanly thing and stand down.”

“Right, gotcha, well thanks for calling Miss S.,” he said preparing to say goodbye and feeling a sudden nervous sweat breaking out down his back.

“Of course Xander, aren’t you glad I insisted on buying you the phone?”

“Yeah, well I’m still paying you back for it as soon as I can.” Which would be sooner than Joyce thought if Xander had anything to say about it, he could have bought the phone himself with the ill-gotten booty from the Vamp nests he and the girls took out, but he had to hock most of it first and that had taken a couple of months to track down the right buyer. Willy the Snitch was remarkably cooperative when faced with three hungry Velociraptors in his bar.

“Nonsense, have a nice time in Montana Xander.”

“I will, goodbye Joyce,” Xander said.

“Goodbye, oh and Xander, I understand,” Joyce remarked cryptically.

“Uh, huh?” he asked a new cold chill creeping down his spine to replace the one he’d felt earlier.

“I understand,” she repeated, “green and grey,” she added smiling playfully though Xander couldn’t tell that; Xander blanched and laughed tonelessly at the comment.

“When I get back, promise, goodbye now,” he babbled and then quickly hung up. “What is it with Summers women and teasing me?” he asked of the heavens.

Roberta didn’t know whether she should be amazed or terrified at the test results in her hand, dinosaurs were most definitely not human in any way, the blood work showed passing similarities, but there were things in it she couldn’t begin to classify. About the only thing she did know was it had red and white blood cells, the immune system was extremely efficient, but it lacked basic protective stop gap measures where human diseases such as the common cold were concerned.
The skeletal system wasn’t human, it was full of air sacs and hollows similar to that of birds, the skin had varying genomes which determined pigmentation. The Raptor could have a slight variation depending on the dominant gene, there was a dark green hue, a brown or tanned reddish hue and a mixture of the two topped off with a shade of grey.
The rib cage, the placement of the internal organs, the hips, the pelvis everything looked like it would be more recognizable to a paleontologist then a mere physician.
The heart was pretty much close to where a human heart would be, the intestines were easily recognized, the lungs, the liver, what could have been kidneys these things she knew and identified. There were no fallopian tubes, each of the girls possessed a uterine cavity which was larger than a human's, where an appendix would be there was a strange combination of tubes and something that looked like a flattened beer bottle on one end. These tubes were interconnected with the uterus and snaked down the intestines without actually touching them due to the organic wall erected between the two.
Speculating they were somehow part of the egg production system she could only guess as to their actual function, unless one of the girls started to produce eggs which would require a male specimen to jumpstart the procedure. They appeared to have traits shared with both reptiles and birds but the similarities stood out as basically superficial, at least from what little understanding she possessed on the subject.

“Paleontologists couldn’t imagine anything like this,” she muttered dropping the test results onto the table, “it’s like Ingen really created mutated aberrations instead of genuine dinosaur specimens. Your blood should be cold-blooded, but it isn’t somehow you maintain a base temperature just as humans do, those scientists either got it very wrong or you were never dinosaurs to begin with.” Roberta pinched the bridge of her nose, it was getting late the girls would soon change back to their dinosaur forms. “Your stomachs are what I’d expect of a carnivores, but there’s no gall bladder that I can find, and I haven’t got any idea how you lay eggs.”

“Mate must impregnate us first,” Rina said, “dangerous to try at our age, eggs wouldn’t harden around hatchling properly.”

“Who are you going to get to mate with you?” Roberta demanded; then she remembered what Doctor Grant and Xander and asked her to check on.

“Alpha would be ideal,” Glenna replied with a private smile, “but mating in Raptor form would be impossible.”

“I can imagine,” Roberta added with a frown. “There’s just no way to determine if you are sterile, except if you were to copulate with a male, but I don’t see Xander agreeing to that anytime soon.” Sighing again Roberta got up and picked up her now cold cup of coffee.

“Alpha could be seduced easily once we start producing pheromones,” Tianna said with a smirk.

“Alpha would have no choice,” Glenna agreed with a nod, “men are so easy to manipulate. Female usually Alpha of Pack, but Alpha chosen and Alpha is Alpha.”

“Jesus Christ,” Roberta cursed, “are you serious?”

“Mother told us, Pack is Pack, Pack is life,” Rina revealed. “Pack not live forever, Pack not as long lived as humans, Alpha changed but Alpha still human, Alpha outlive Pack.”

“Alpha needs Pack,” Tianna stated bobbing her head in a nod.

“Alpha create new Pack,” Glenna said a strong sense of longing and desperate hope in her tone, “Pack must survive.”

“You’ll have to discuss that privately with Xander when the time comes, I can’t promise you he’ll agree or that your pheromones would even affect him. Still I could advise him that for his future well being he might consider it as an option of last resort.” Roberta eyed each girl thoughtfully beginning to wonder what kind of offspring could result and also how the whole process would work. Scientifically it would be a discovery of truly momentous proportions. She just had to be there to see it reach fruition if anything could ever come of such a bonding.

“Pack Mother stay?” Rina asked sensing Roberta had reached an important decision.

“Pack Mother stay,” she replied, “I’m going to tell Xander and convince him to let me run a physical on him; he seemed to hint at the possibility that something had changed.”

“We’ll stay here, but it close to hunting time,” Tianna informed.

“I’ll be brief then,” Roberta assured, “I’m going to observe your eating habits and I want you to let me inject you periodically with lysine. Your system is incapable of creating it due to Ingen’s genetic tampering, even God can’t change that,” she said grabbing her purse and the key to the trailer.

“Ok Pack Mother,” Glenna consented for the trio.

“I’m going to lock the door, don’t let anybody inside and stay away from that window,” she ordered indicating the lone window near the back of the trailer partially obscured by the large grouping of equipment on that side.

“We won’t,” Rina assured. That said Roberta quickly left hanging her med-coat on the door before she did, she’d have to mention that resonance chamber she’d discovered to Doctor Grant too he would definitely be interested in that find and something made her think it was greatly important.

Buffy came back while Xander was off hunting, she left her new clothes in the trunk for now all except the ones she intended to change into, the color combination she currently sported was just horrendous. Going into the medical trailer she stripped off the ugly mismatched ensemble, except the tan shorts she didn’t mind those, and replaced the baby tee with a forest green one that closely matched Xander’s skin tone. And the light cotton material button up top with a white one that would do better to reflect the hot sun, to top it all off she tied her hair back in a ponytail and applied a dull red scrunchy to keep it that way.

“Xander won’t be able to resist,” she said admiring herself in the stainless steel cabinet door. “Not that I’m trying to land him because hey, still getting over Angel here, but he’s become so hunky and that dick… God I can’t believe I’m being so shallow, then again after the whole Angel fiasco I think I’m entitled to care how long my partners’ dick is. Angel can’t compare to Xander, I hope that cream mom suggested will help,” she mused to herself nervously tugging at the edges of her shirt.

“So you’ve been eating raw meat all this time without any ill effects?” Doctor Carter asked as she, Xander and three naked preteens slipped into the trailer locking the door behind them, Buffy stared at the girls unable to break away from them. They looked so, so human and yet inhuman at the same time it was, astonishing.

“Nope, not a one, I just figured it was the spell. I mean I ate our High School’s mascot when I was possessed by the Hyena,” Xander returned.

“Yes, I recall you mentioning that earlier,” Doctor Carter noted with a wry smile. “The same bacteria which helps break down harmful strains in the Raptors must be in your stomach now,” she informed.

“Oh… Buffy, you look… gahhh,” Xander exclaimed staring hungrily at Buffy as he finally caught sight of her, Buffy blushed and smiled appreciating the type of desire she saw in that gaze.

“Thank you,” she returned. It was definitely not like the Hyena at all, Xander made her feel wanted in a good way. Roberta eyed the two of them with a growing sense of uncertain alarm.

“Xander have you had unprotected sex with anyone?” she suddenly demanded realizing what was setting off the alarm bells in her head. Xander almost tripped over his own feet and his cheeks burned scarlet at the abruptness of that question. “From your reaction I’ll take that as a yes, tell me has she missed her period?” she wondered moving over to Buffy and starting to examine her.

“What, oh hold it lady me and Xander haven’t done it… yet,” Buffy said backing away from the doctor.

“Which implies you intend to in the future.” Buffy blushed at the unspoken question. “Then who?” Roberta demanded whirling to face Xander.

“A, a girl, back in Sunnydale,” he mumbled embarrassedly, “it was, I mean, the Primal and all… I kind of marked her as a Mate.”

“Alpha has Mate!” Glenna shouted hissing at him. “When was Alpha going to tell Pack?”

“I must examine her immediately,” Roberta declared before Xander could address the girls.

“What, why?” Xander demanded fear spiking in his tone.

“Xander you’ve changed on a physical and primal level, I didn’t have time to perform as extensive tests as I wanted but I did check out the situation surrounding your reproductive system out of morbid curiosity. You’ve become quite virile for a boy your age more so than usual, you produce at least triple the normal sperm levels.” Roberta’s explanation made Xander blanch while Buffy wondered what the big deal was.

“I don’t get it, what’s the big deal?” she asked cluelessly.

“The big deal is that Xander is currently a walking fertility drug, the tests I took indicate he is more liable to impregnate any partner he sleeps with regardless of species, until his production settles back to more nominal levels.” Roberta shook her head. “Which could be anywhere from a month’s time to a year’s time.”

“Are you implying I’m in some kind of Primal mating cycle or some bullshit?” he wondered disbelievingly.

“Exactly, and I have no way of knowing when it began. I can only speculate, but I would imagine it occurred at some point while you were in Sunnydale, perhaps due to outside stimuli.” Roberta ran a hand through her hair. “I must examine this other girl immediately before she tries to see any other doctor, otherwise your secret could slowly begin to get out.” Buffy frowned slightly while Xander pulled out his cell and quickly dialed a number.

“Does this cycle thing make it so someone would want to, um, mate with Xander?” she asked discreetly.

“No, Xander does not produce pheromones as far as I have determined he just doesn’t have the biology for it. What you’re experiencing towards him is a genuine response not artificially induced, I suspect only female Raptors can produce the pheromones when necessary to produce such an effect, perhaps a different species of animal even triggered Xander’s response in him if the pheromones are similar to one indigenous to the area,” Roberta explained with a knowing smile.

“Oh good, glad I bought those condoms then, no way am I risking getting pregnant,” Buffy said with a sigh of relief.

“Ok, I’ve got you a ride to Sunnydale Doc, normally I’d just get Miss S. to send Kendra here, but she’s needed where she is,” Xander said turning back to the group. “I told them to expect you and, ah, not to panic,” he added trying not to sound too nervous. “Joyce really started going off on me about protection after I brought this up, it’s like they decided my life had to be even more complicated because hey not complicated enough. I think someone up there just likes to see me dig myself deeper into one of those piles of Triceratops sized shit Tim and Lex described to me,” he grumbled.

“I don’t understand Alpha, Alpha has Mate now, why making hatchlings with Alpha’s Mate Kendra a bad thing?” Rina asked, at least Buffy thought it was Rina she hadn’t seen their humanoid forms before now so she had no way of telling which one was which.

“Because, Alpha doesn’t know what kind of hatchlings might come out,” Xander shot back, “Alpha doesn’t need newborn Alpha challenger to worry about. Or daughters, God what if Kendra started laying eggs, what the fuck would I do then?”

“Goodness humans can’t lay eggs just because they start mating with you Alexander,” Roberta chastised, “honestly the things he comes up with,” she added eyeing Buffy.

“Yeah, he’s always been like that, funny guy sometimes, not so funny others.” Buffy turned to the girls. “What he’s trying not to say is he just doesn’t think he’s mature enough to be ready for hatchlings,” she explained with a sly smile.

“Humans,” Tianna said with an eye roll, “Raptor males mature enough when they reach half Alpha’s age, at least that’s what they think of themselves sometimes. Now you see why Alpha always supposed to be female,” she said with a laugh.

“Quiet you,” Xander snapped he was sweating.

“Relax, chances are nothing will come of this,” Roberta said trying to calm Xander down.

“Relax, we did it twenty-nine times!” he shouted back making Buffy’s face flush scarlet and Roberta avert her eyes in mild shock.

“Uh, when exactly does my plane leave?” she asked trying not to panic.

When the Pack hunted next it was for both sustenance and vampire or demon nests, Buffy wasn’t used to being part of such an efficient group, they killed twice as many uglies then she would have in Sunnydale, demons were tough to kill even with the proper knowledge on vulnerabilities. That didn’t matter to a trio of juvenile Velociraptors, their claws could get through everything except the toughest of hides and if their claws didn’t work then she and Xander could eliminate the problem.
Xander was so fast she couldn’t even keep up, at least not on foot, but he’d come up with a clever solution to that and it didn’t involve him carrying her everywhere in his arms.

“You’re sure you can carry me like this?” Buffy wondered from her perch on his shoulders.

“Yeah it’s not a problem,” he replied in his hunched over gait he looked almost like one of the Raptors in the dark. Buffy couldn’t believe how strong he was, but it couldn’t be good for his back, she wished her Slayer speed could match theirs, but that was impossible. Still it gave new meaning to the term, riding Xander. Smirking at that thought Buffy didn’t see the attacker coming otherwise she would have shouted a warning. Something, possibly a vampire jumped out at them knocking Xander to the ground, the juveniles hissed and snapped at it only for them all to be surrounded by at least thirty vamps.

“So, you’re the ones encroaching on our territory,” one of the vampires said, he was dressed in a three piece suit and smiled wickedly at the four of them.

“Now I’ve seen everything,” a female vamp remarked eyeing the closest Raptor hungrily, “I’ve never eaten Dinosaur before, think they taste better than human?” she asked.

“Touch them and you’re dust,” Xander said as he got back to his feet. The thing that tackled him turned out to be a vampire of the aged variety; meaning he had to be a master maybe even older then The Master, he had cloven feet and looked completely incapable of even resembling a human.

“Now boy, do you honestly think you can take on all of us?” he demanded with a malicious laugh. “Your pets are going to be dead and your whore there is going to amuse us until we tire of her, as if that could ever happen.” Xander growled low in his throat eyes darting about at the large group, he didn’t show the fear he felt, he buried it well even the scent did not betray him. The odds were definitely not in his favor.

“Pack surrounded,” Rina stated her head darting back and forth trying to figure out what she should do.

“Pack not destroyed by Dust Prey,” Tianna added with a snarl.

“Pack call for help, help come,” Glenna said turning partially to eye Xander.

“Which one should we kill first Kakistos?” a male minion asked with a vicious smile.

“Surprise me,” the aged vampire said with a dismissive wave. Laughing three of the minions approached Glenna, Xander felt a sudden and powerful urge of protectiveness flood his very core, there was no way he was going to lose his Pack tonight.

“Help,” he fluted in the Raptor language.

“Help,” Rina called.

“Help, Help,” Tianna chimed in.

“Help!” Glenna cried the loudest, the vampires were confused by this and some of them glanced around uncertainly as the cries began to echo off in the night. Buffy grabbed one of the closest vamps and staked her, six more came at her snarling like a pack of rapid dogs.

“Don’t hurt her, too much,” Kakistos ordered with a growl.

“Shut them up already,” the vamp in the three piece suit snapped. An echoing growl escaped from the pack of vamps as they moved in for the kill, but before Glenna could be jumped by her attackers a hauntingly familiar bellow deafened the entire group drowning out the Raptor’s cries for help.
Xander froze, it couldn’t be. The bellow came again and suddenly a hulking figure seemed to appear beyond the encircling vampires. Xander blanched, he couldn’t believe it.
The vampires weren’t so confident anymore. Half of them literally screamed in terror and started to run as the massive form of the T-Rex appeared. “Son of a bitch,” the well dressed vamp cursed staring up at the Rex’s glistening jaws.

“Don’t just stand there stupid,” Catherine blurted in his ear, “they’ll realize she’s just an illusion before too long, get to work.”

“Pack Hunt,” Xander ordered with a feral grin as he leapt at the bitch that had first spoken of killing his girls and staked her before she could react. The four of them moved as one sweeping through the panicked group of demonically possessed corpses. In the confusion which followed Xander lost track of the fossilized vamp, although he did manage to cut one of the bastard’s horns off. Of the thirty which had attacked them only nine got away, the smart ones, among them was the well dressed pimp daddy wanna be and the old guy they’d called Kakistos.

“X-X-Xander,” Buffy stammered nervously eyeing the still figure of the Rex. She hadn’t moved since first appearing.

“Relax Slayer, it is merely an illusion,” Catherine explained as her astral form replaced the image of the Rex, “a shadow of Xander’s nightmares.”

“I miss the clown-phobia, but it was replaced when I became a Primal. Clowns just aren’t that scary anymore when you can eat them,” Xander joked.

“Th-They made big dinosaurs too?” Buffy demanded still a little unnerved.

“Yeah, that big lady was none other than the Tyrant Lizard Queen herself.”

“T-Rex, they made a T-Rex,” Buffy said. Xander nodded; angrily Buffy slapped him upside the head.

“Ouch, what was that for?” he demanded mystified.

“For not telling me Catherine Madison was here too, don’t think I don’t recognize her,” Buffy snapped, “that’s also for making me wet myself.” Her cheeks flushed at the revelation, but for some reason she couldn’t stop herself from admitting it to him.

“Yeah, Rex will do that to ya,” he agreed eyeing his pants briefly. The Raptors made the equivalent of a snickering sound. “What are you laughing at girls; I can smell you just as easily as you smell us.”

“Sorry Alpha,” Tianna apologized.

“Rex wasn’t really here,” Rina said, “how did Catherine do that?”

“Explain later, let’s go back to nest, cover tracks well not let Dust Prey follow us,” Xander told them as he helped Buffy back onto his shoulders. “We’re going home,” he told Buffy, “I don’t like it, but we’d better stick closer to the dig site from now on.”

“R-Right,” she said with a nod. Xander bent down and raced off with his girls hot on his heels.

Kakistos snarled impotently and slapped the girl across the cheek hard, of a grand total of forty-nine minions now thanks to those things and their human master he was down to twenty-eight not counting himself, still a considerable number but nowhere near the levels needed to take down this Pack.

“They used a thrice damned mystical illusion,” he said with a growl turning to Mister Trick. “We left Boston after picking up our little slaves here to take them to Sunnydale and force the Slayer to watch while we turned her.” He smiled as he caressed Faith’s cheek. “Now thanks to these intruders my plans are close to ruin.”

“You chose to come back to Montana first.” Kakistos glared at Mister Trick for his effrontery. “I mean it’s not quite like that boss,” he returned with a soft smile of knowledge. He’d noticed something that apparently Kakistos had not. “That girl with the animals, she was the Slayer,” he revealed with a broad smirk.

“It was?” Kakistos questioned briefly touching where his horn had been before the bastard took it off with his bare hands, the teen had to be a Primal of some kind, possibly related to the dinosaurs that were with him. “We’re still outnumbered Mister Trick, how do you propose to solve that particular problem?” he demanded.

“The kid likes dinosaurs,” Trick began in a sly tone, “there’s that dig going on three hundred miles east from here, sheltered and alone, perfect place to recruit some fresh meat,” he suggested slyly. Kakistos broke into a dark grin.

“I like the way you think Trick,” he complimented, “Sherri!” he shouted. A redheaded big chested former pole stripper came running at his cry.

“Yes Master?” she asked eager to serve.

“Tell Arnold to fetch us a limo, we’re going hunting tomorrow night,” he ordered. Bowing her head Sherri raced back into the recesses of the warehouse they’d appropriated eager and willing to please the Master. Smiling lecherously he turned back to the shackled teenager hanging naked on the wall with her mouth stuffed to keep her silent. Her eyes were almost broken of spirit as were those of the older bitch hanging to her left.

“Hear that my little Faith, soon you and your watcher friend will be meeting the current Slayer, before I turn you into Sherri’s replacements and give her to Trick here for being such a loyal companion all these years,” he informed with a cruel laugh; the brunette teen inched back in fear at those words her eyes briefly going to the badly beaten form of the still clinging to life Diana. They shone with unspent tears of fury at having become trapped in this predicament, if only there was some way she could escape and kill the bastard that dared to use them like this. But she wasn’t the Slayer, she was only a Potential and powerless to prevent them from becoming self-servient undead sex slaves to these goddamn bastards.

“So you want revenge do you,” a mysterious person whispered suddenly in Faith’s head.

Who is this?” Faith wondered mentally. “One of those vengeance demons Diana told me about?”

“Not exactly,” the stranger returned softly an implied smile in her tone, “you could say I’m your Fairy Godmother, girl.”

Yo that’s bullshit,” Faith growled at the woman, for she knew now that’s who it was laughing.

“Temper, temper,” she chastised, “but I have no time to play games speaking to you as it is, is just taxing my limits. You’ll never become the Slayer now Faith, not with Alexander protecting both of the current Slayers.”

Slayers, as in plural, that’s whack yo,” Faith blurted. If she’d been told a month ago she’d be talking mentally to some woman’s voice in her own head she would have laughed it off, now she was just grateful for the company after weeks of forced silence except the screaming.

“It’s a story to be saved for another time,” the woman said impatiently, “they can’t survive if Kakistos succeeds in attacking that dig site, and I’ve become a little too attached to Alexander. There is no time to prepare for this the proper way, if you are willing to become stronger though I could take your Potential Slayer essence and replace it with something else, something that can help you to escape here so you can warn the Slayer.”

I don’t know, Diana says I shouldn’t listen to funny voices that make promises of bestowing’ power.” The woman sighed.

“Faith do you want to die?”

Fuck no,” she spat venomously.

“Do you want to become strong enough to kill Kakistos for what he’s done to you and Diana?”

You better believe it, that bastard is going to pay somehow,” Faith declared glaring at the back of his head. Her cunt was still sore from last nights’ session. The undead fucker didn’t even have a dick anymore thanks to his age, instead he liked to use his horns, she’d been torn up pretty bad down there because of it, but Diana had been hurt a lot worse. He preferred his slaves to be young, hence the whole turning them into vampires before they could reach Diana’s age.

“And D’Hoffryn’s brood hasn’t come to you yet?” the woman wondered in a curious and disbelieving combination. “I will grant you the strength to kill Kakistos, but you wouldn’t stand a chance alone, you’re malnourished and even empowered you couldn’t handle twenty-nine vampires. But you would be able to bust out of these chains and hot foot it to Xander. Are you willing to become a Predator instead of the Prey?” the woman asked with a puzzling tone of voice Faith couldn’t quite place, it was almost as though she were reaching out to her with a hand a knowing smirk gracing her unseen lips at some private joke.

Definitely, I’d sign my soul to the devil if I had to,” Faith stated. The woman laughed and a funny sensation came over her.

“First the Glamour to hide your physical changes,” she said, “incidentally I wouldn’t make promises you never intend to keep my dear it just isn’t done. And this devil, this devil is a far more ruthless individual compared to the one of biblical times,” she remarked in a casual air. Faith then felt it, a gut wrenching pain in her chest that was so intense she screamed into the filth encrusted rag that served as a gag over her mouth to keep her complacent, she slumped in her bonds slowly losing consciousness. “Now the twist to make you equal to any vampire or vampire slayer though I must warn you, what comes next won’t be very pleasant and I do apologize for what they are about to force you to do. Raw hunger cannot be so easily contained.” She heard the woman say in a soft and breathy tone before darkness overtook her.

Faith was in a strange cave, bug zappers hung from the ceiling and a large grouping of grass and moss took up a central position surrounded by a moat and eight curious looking mounds. Completely mystified she turned around trying to find out where she might be; someone suddenly appeared in the center of the mossy ground.

“Newcomer wants to be Pack,” the figure said in a female voice.

“Pack?” Faith repeated dubiously what had she gotten into.

“Newcomer is worthy?” a second girl asked from behind Faith, she wanted to turn to see who was talking but couldn’t move at all for some reason. As though she was still chained to the wall back in Kakistos’ warehouse. Memories of her life flooded her vision; it wasn’t a pretty sight, except for the time spent with Diana before the kidnapping. She was an ok gal, for an older woman with a tea fetish.

“Newcomer has hard past, difficult to decide, what does Glenna thing?” the first girl hidden in the shadows asked. Faith’s eyes widened as a creature emerged from the cave entrance to her right, it stalked up to her on two legs vicious looking claws adorning her feet and the hands on her forearms. Faith had no idea how she knew it was a girl, it wasn’t really that tall with a long snout and razor sharp fangs though it was damn intimidating.

“Newcomer wants Glenna’s strength, Glenna’s speed, Catherine says Newcomer wants help, Hunt, Kill, Rend, Feed,” the creature spoke in a curious combination of flutes and whistles with some deeper sounds used for some of the bigger words. “Glenna accept Newcomer as Pack,” she decided pressing her snout against Faith’s chest.

“What are you?” She finally found the words to ask, the voice to speak, the ability to move and the creature before her impossibly smiled almost humanly.

“Velociraptor,” she revealed, “Humans call our species Dinosaurs.” Faith blinked and let out a growl as her very essence seemed to change. She witnessed a fleeting image of something dark and dangerous slip out of her with a brief hint of forlorn dismay and then something wrapped itself around her heart squeezing it until she almost thought it might burst, her body seemed to strengthen before she knew it but not to the levels she believed they should have.

“Wicked,” she said with a feral grin eyeing the Velociraptor female in front of her before everything faded.

Kakistos slammed Faith against the wall causing her to regain consciousness, blinking confusedly the girl glanced around trying to figure out what happened, slowly it started coming back but she was still groggy.

“Stupid slave,” Kakistos growled at her, “what happened?”

“I don’t know,” she spat, her gag was gone at least that was something but there was no use in screaming for help. It would just get someone else killed like that last time she tried it in Boston.

“I can’t have you dieing on me before I have the chance to tame you in front of the Slayer,” he said with a low hiss of rage. “Trick, feed this bitch her daily bread,” he ordered coldly. Trick smiled viciously and reached for the dead rat from the box, they’d been forcing her to eat them for the last two days it was any wonder she hadn’t been sick yet. This time though the smell of the thing made her stomach practically howl with a primal need, and with one snap she downed the thing almost taking off Trick’s hand with it. He eyed her surprised at this response.

“More,” she said in a desperate tone of voice as blood trickled from the sides of her mouth.

“Slaves should know their place,” Trick said slapping her across the face. Faith wanted to kill him, her body arched against the chains binding her to the wall, but then she managed to settle down somewhat. She needed food badly, swallowing the rage she lowered her head as though cowed, but the spirit to fight back had returned to her and she wasn’t about to give that away.

“Please Master feed me,” she begged disgusted at herself. Laughing sadistically Trick got a really nasty idea.

“We don’t really need the old cow anymore do we?” he asked. “So let’s see just how hungry this bitch really is,” he said waiting for Kakistos’ approval.

“Start with the feet,” he said passing Trick a very sharp sword from the wall of torture equipment. Faith stared at Diana horrified as Trick slowly approached her Watcher with a sadistic gleam in his eyes; Diana shot her an apologetic and understanding look before she screamed out in pain as her left foot was cut off at the ankle. The blood began to spill, a jagged bone stuck out from the clean cut, Kakistos liked his weapons very sharp, Faith tried not to inhale, but her instincts took over. And though she fought with all her might not to she tore into the foot when Trick shoved it into her face. Tears of rage and disgust fell from her eyes.

“My, my, my she is quite the hungry thing isn’t she,” Trick said, “even seems to have the strength to swallow pieces whole. Looks like we turned her into an animal finally,” he said smiling maliciously at the look on Faith’s face.

“Right foot next my dear Mister Trick,” Kakistos said with a gleam of pleasure in his eye. Diana screamed again, the scent of her blood driving Faith almost into a frenzy as she snapped and pulled at her bonds. Trick was right, she had become an animal, but he was going to be proven wrong because it wasn’t their handiwork that made her this way. And as soon as she had her full strength back this Predator was about to teach the lesser Predators just why they should fear her as Prey rightly should.

Xander tended to Buffy’s injuries with the first aid kit, most of them were minor cuts only one could have become more serious if the fight had dragged on too long, Xander didn’t want to admit it but he was unnerved.
If the vamps in Sunnydale got wise to the outnumbering trick it could be devastating, his Pack was only four, five if you counted Kendra and eventually six with Buffy slowly coming around to his way of thinking. The odds of a fair fight against thirty or more vamps were definitely not in their favor.

“We need better equipment for the hunt,” he said in a low growl.

“Xander our options are pretty limited,” Buffy pointed out sitting up and pulling her shirt back down. Xander shook his head.

“I can’t accept that, the Kakistos bastard nearly had us all dead, as Pack Alpha it’s my job to make sure we avoid the dangerous Prey,” he stated. Buffy started rolling up his shirt and sighed.

“Xander it was a fluke, master vamps like Kakistos are way rare compared to garden variety vamps,” she reminded beginning to tend to his cuts.

“Maybe so, but it only takes one wrong move to end it all,” he said dejectedly. “I haven’t known defeat since this spell was cast, I’m not about to start now.”

“You can’t win every damn fight Xander; this isn’t why you changed yourself. I won’t let you burn yourself out trying to protect everybody and kill every last vamp or demon, there are neutral parties on both sides you know.” Buffy’s words rang with a modicum of truth to them, but they also made Xander reassess the overall picture.

“To protect Pack and defend territory we still need some kind of edge, something they won’t see coming,” he mused thoughtfully. Buffy shook her head exasperatedly and took off Xander’s shirt completely to better get at the cut on his chest.

“Don’t even think about bringing the Rex here,” she warned.

“That isn’t the kind of edge I had in mind,” Xander returned with a shudder, “don’t need any bigger Predators around. Batman’s got the Batmobile, Buck Rogers has his space ship and even Iron Man has that whole suit of armor deal.”

“Are you saying you want a car, Xander you’ve already got ‘Attack Raptors’, where are you going to get a damn car?” she demanded making the air quotes with her hands when she brought up the Pack. “And don’t say John Hammond, you already took more than enough advantage of his generosity.”

“No way, not Hammond, but his little island has given me a couple of ideas,” Xander revealed with a sly smile. “Catty, think you could whip up another teleport spell?”

“Whatever for, as if I didn’t know already,” the incorporeal woman remarked appearing in front of them. “You of course realize it would be impossible to operate.”

“Not if I hire a good mechanic to fix it up to exact specifications, my uncle knows a specialist in that field, Eddie Carr,” Xander shot back with a broad grin.

“What are you talking about?” Buffy demanded pouting at Xander.

“Where will you get the money for this miraculous refit?” Catherine inquired slyly; Xander grinned ferally and pulled a large wad of cash from his pocket.

“Raiding vamp nests is highly lucrative, especially in Sunnydale,” he replied.

“Xander you didn’t,” Buffy exclaimed shocked that her friend could be so cruel.

“Oh come on Buffy, haven’t you ever wondered how Spike could afford a car or gas for it? He couldn’t kill every gas attendant he came across, it’d just get him in trouble and noticed in the long run,” he said as if it should be obvious. Conceding to that fact Buffy picked up the wad of cash and absently started to count it.

“That still doesn’t tell me what you’re going to refit,” she said distracted by thoughts of all the pretty things she could buy with her share of the ill-gotten booty.

“Nothing much, just a Jungle Explorer, the problem is the girls aren’t exactly capable of fitting in a car,” he remarked with a frown.

“If I may make a suggestion,” Catherine said drawing attention back to her.

“I’m not adding a funky trailer,” he said venomously.

“Don’t be silly, I was merely going to suggest you modify the rear section to be open-ended for their accommodation.”

“Awwww, but I had plans to stick a bazooka on the back,” he whined.

“Xander.” Buffy stared at her friend incredulously.

“Yeah, that would be pretty hard to explain,” he relented with a sigh. “It was a nice dream though while it lasted.”

“Where should I send your little toy Alex?” Catherine asked.

“Nowhere just yet,” Xander told her, “I believe they should be secure enough wherever they are currently located, besides I want to be there in person when it arrives,” he elaborated.

“As you wish, there is still the little matter of Kakistos, how do you plan to handle him?” Xander’s eyes narrowed and he hissed darkly at the question, there was really only one answer to that.

“Exterminate him with extreme prejudice.”

“Oh my God, I cannot believe you just used that line,” Buffy declared punching him playfully in the arm.

“It’s not a line,” Xander defended the edge leaving his tone.

“I swear I heard that from somewhere before, maybe during the filming, they did a lot of that in L.A and being a valley girl I tried to pick up stars,” she shot back with a smirk.

“Whatever, yeesh, think you can help us find his nest Catty? Usually I’d just go out looking until I found it, but I… I mean we need to face him again at a time of our choosing and not his, preferably while the sun is up,” Xander said. Catherine smirked knowingly and flickered as though she were a bad reception on a T-V set.

“Oh, I think I can give you a hand,” she replied in a sly tone of voice.

“Great, if you can find out before tomorrow afternoon then that’s when we’ll hit them, I think I can persuade Doctor Grant to loan us the sledge hammer they’ve got at camp.” He smiled wickedly. “This time tomorrow their nest will feature several lovely new open air ventilators.” Buffy giggled at Xander’s crude joke and leaned against his chest with her back enjoying his embrace; he smiled and brushed a hand through her hair.

“They can’t find us here can they?” she wondered nervously.

“Not a chance, vamps may be good at smelling blood but they can’t track us, Raptors are smart. Smart enough to know several never before heard of tricks at covering their tracks,” he revealed with a feral smirk.

“Good, then maybe I can interest you in that private repeat performance,” she said seductively. Xander shuddered at the thoughts that gave him, but shook his head.

“Not until after Kakistos is toast,” he said, “I received a very interesting phone call from Joyce this afternoon,” he added mischievously.

“Oh God,” she exclaimed her cheeks growing hot; Xander just laughed the fear and tension from before slipping away. He was grateful for that and together they shared a long hard look of quiet relief, then Buffy moved in and kissed him hard on the mouth.

“Wh-what was that for?” he stammered.

“For saving my life,” she replied shyly, she didn’t like this feeling Xander was making her feel. It was worse than her feelings towards Angel, was it because he’d gone all mysterious bad boy on her or was it rebound syndrome? One way or the other she vowed not to cause problems between Xander and whoever he did choose to be with, and she’d try real hard not to kill Kendra for getting to him first.

When dawn came they left her to get some sleep, Kakistos didn’t leave guards any more he was confident she was broken, that would be his fatal mistake. Eyeing Diana who hung lifeless in her chains Faith shed a few tears, she hadn’t been able to control her hunger and those sick bastards had milked every moment of it.
Faith had wound up eating Diana’s entire lower body, it had given back her long ago lost strength, but it sickened her and upset her to no end. The fifteen year old former potential vowed to make them pay for it, exerting her full strength she snapped the chains keeping her shackled to the wall.
Kakistos was so old he could sleep through anything, and since his minions were ordered to stay in a separate building from him due to his trust issues nobody conveniently heard her. Approaching her Watcher she placed a hand against her cold cheek, snapping Diana’s chains she caught the body, she wasn’t about to leave her here in case she messed up.

“Now to find those people that voice in my head told me to,” she muttered to herself. “Better not run into anybody until I can find some clothes.” Sneaking quietly to the door she unlocked it and strolled out into the sun, the glorious sun, its rays beat down upon her and she smiled all of the shit she’d gone through fading as though a distant nightmare. Turning in the direction of the dig the creeps had mentioned she started to run, and as she ran her gait changed into something less than human.

Glenna could feel her other half as she hunted for breakfast, wisely she had chosen not to alert Alpha to her just yet, not until she spoke in person to the new Pack. So while Rina and Tianna kept Alpha busy she moved to intercept her, for someone capable of running between fifty and sixty miles an hour three hundred proved to be less than an hour to cover half the distance. Especially when running all out.
Glenna stood in a secluded spot and watched as her other half drew close, at the last possible second she emerged from hiding and her other skidded to a halt.

“You feel familiar,” she said warily eyeing the wereraptor.

“Glenna,” Glenna stated, “you are other, you are Hatch Mate,” she added.

“Ok, now this is some freaky shit,” the girl said backing up slightly.

“Follow me Hatch Mate, we cover your tracks, prevent Pack Enemy from finding you,” Glenna insisted turning and starting to walk away.

“Yeah, yeah that I can get behind,” the girl agreed beginning to follow her. Glenna smiled as she sniffed at the carcass in her arms.

“Hatch Mate share kill?”

“Fuck no,” the girl screamed taking a step back. Glenna eyed her curiously and then seemed to understand.

“Sorry, didn’t know she meant something to you, but why you eat her?”

“I didn’t have a choice yo,” the girl grumbled looking as though she might bolt.

“Hatch Mate follow, Glenna apologize, Alpha must learn knowledge of Hatch Mate,” she insisted.


“Alpha leads Pack, Alpha leads Hatch Mate now,” Glenna explained.

“Bull, I ain’t being anyone’s bitch.”

“Hatch Mate doesn’t understand, still thinking like human, Alpha leads Pack, Alpha head of family, Pack like family, understand?”

“Oh, this Alpha’s like the dad or something, like a Watcher?”

“Alpha is Alpha, Alpha will explain, follow quickly waste enough time.” The girl nodded and together they ran for the nest where Alpha was waiting, Glenna smiled at the thought of how Alpha would react to this new Hatch Mate, and it would be fun.

Xander was furious at Glenna, so furious that when she finally did return instead of noticing the naked teenager trailing behind with the ankle and wrist shackles still on her body he roared loudly, grabbed her by the wrist and proceeded to make an example of her by slapping her ass hard six times.
Glenna responded by being suitably cowed her eyes lowered and her temper kept in check, she had disobeyed the Alpha and he was only doing what he had to, at least she wasn’t banished or wounded for her trouble.

“Never ever, ever do that again,” he growled eyes filled with a cold fury and nameless fear. Glenna nodded and indicated the teen behind her who was staring at Xander like she wanted to rough him up.

“Who’s she?” the blonde standing off to the corner asked warily.

“More importantly why are you bringing her here?” Xander demanded.

“Hatch Mate,” Glenna revealed cryptically.

“Funny she doesn’t look like one,” the blonde said with a smirk.

“Yo, I don’t need this,” the girl said a trace of Bostonian accent in her voice.

“Forgive Xander he can be a little overprotective when it comes to the girls,” the blonde said, “oh God what happened to her?” she demanded finally noticing the dead woman in the girl’s arms.

“Son of a …” Xander cursed biting off the last word and rushing up to the mystery girl. He grabbed the woman out of her arms before she could react and headed straight towards a rock wall, angry the girl ran after him and found herself entering a hidden cave. He took the woman’s body into a chamber off to the side and she followed wondering what he was doing, when she found herself in the chamber from her dreams and she saw him trying to help her friend despite it being a lost cause she mellowed considerably.

“She died last night, it’s too late for her,” she said sadly.

“Who was she?” the blonde asked sympathetically.

“My Watcher, ‘til last night I was a Potential, like you used to be I’m guessing if that bastard Trick was right about you,” the girl revealed.

“Trick, who’s that some whack job pimp?” Xander asked suddenly looking very scary.

“Kakistos’ right hand lap dog,” she replied. “When I felt the power last night I got real hungry, they force fed Diana to me in pieces,” she revealed not understanding why she was even telling them that right off the bat, she didn’t even know the Slayer’s name or the Xander guy on a personal level. But something compelled her to tell them.

“Holy Hannibal Lecters, Batman,” Xander blurted, “that does it sicko vamp has to die and I mean now.”

“My sentiments exactly,” the Slayer agreed. “You know where their nest is?”


“We go in fast, explanations and introductions can wait until after he’s dust,” Xander declared venomously.

“We need a plan,” the Slayer argued. Xander let out a loud roar and hissed at her literally snapping his jaws inches in front of her face.

“I am the plan.”

“Wow, that wasn’t clichéd at all.” The girl snickered at the Slayer’s remark and Xander sighed.

“Ok, that royally sucked as far as one liners go, but come on how often do you set me up for something like that?” he asked.

“Point, look we gotta have some kind of strategy, going in half cocked could get us all killed,” the Slayer said wisely.

“Let’s consult with Doctor Grant, maybe he’s got a good idea,” Xander decided.

“One thing first boy toy,” the Potential said plucking a nickname out of the blue and causing them both to turn to her.

“Bury her?” he asked.

“Not here yo,” she shot back, “but I can’t exactly go off without any clothes on,” she added indicating her state of undress.

“Mmmm, she’s hot,” he said appreciatively, “are all Slayers total babes, even the potential ones?”

“Xander.” The Slayer slapped him for his troubles.

“Sorry, it just slipped out, Buffy should have something you can borrow, but first how about we get those shackles off…” Xander trailed off suddenly realizing something he should have earlier.

“Buffy,” the Potential repeated eyeing Buffy.

“What, my mom was a total flower child ok, free love and everything,” she said defensively.

“Hey, no big thing B,” she returned with a smile.

“Quick question for those of us just waking up,” Xander said raising his hand, “how’d you break those chains if you are a Potential, call me nuts but if Buffy or Kendra had died I think I’d know about it.”

“Oh, some weird voice made me stronger by taking my Potential away and giving me whatever your friend Glenna has, said you needed me to help save a bunch of people by getting here before tonight.”

“She didn’t,” Xander said with a snarl.

“She did,” Catherine stated appearing in front of the group.

“Do I have like a sign on my back or something? Make my life continuously more complicated because hey I’m the universe’s butt monkey?” he demanded angrily.

“Oh grow up, you need Faith, trust me on this Alex,” Catherine insisted.

“This really bites,” he complained stubbornly crossing his arms.

“Maybe later,” Catherine teased taking Xander by surprise, “now stop moping and get going, before sunset,” she ordered.

“I hate you,” Xander stated, “Buffy get her clothes I’ll be back with Grant and Ellie and maybe a bazooka if I can find one. I really need to blow something up.” He left them alone disappearing into the sunlight.

“Boys,” Buffy said rolling her eyes, “why do they always want to blow shit up?”

When Xander got back with the others he had gotten them mostly up to speed with what he could so at least they knew about last night’s vampire ambush and also why some people at the dig thought they’d heard the cry of what might have been a dinosaur at two AM.
They also knew a little bit about Faith, the kidnapped Potential turned Velociraptor Primal female, as soon as they got inside the nest Ellie’s first reaction was to gape in amazement. Her second was to take Faith in her arms and hug her tightly, the fifteen year old didn’t seem to like that as evidenced by her awkward gaze.

“This vampire stuff is all new to us,” Grant said bending down to cover up the dead Watcher with a blanket he’d brought. “I don’t see how much help we can be.”

“I know,” Xander said with a frown, “but none of us are thinking too clearly right now to be effective strategists. Except maybe Buffy, and I’m sorry to say this Buff, but I just can’t listen to orders from anybody my own age at the moment.” Buffy tried not to show it, but the words hurt and Faith looked put-off by his callous admission.

“That’s a little cold Xander,” she accused.

“My blood is boiling and my dander’s up to use an expression, being mindful of other’s feelings isn’t exactly in me at the moment,” he snapped; he immediately regretted it and shot both girls an apologetic look.

“Alpha concerned for Pack,” Rina said, “Alpha has big troubles on his mind.”

“No excuse for being a jerk,” Faith stated.

“Ok," Grant said breaking up the fight before it got started. "Let Ellie and me help figure something out here before you start killing each other,” he suggested.

“Where’s the nest?” Ellie asked.

“A warehouse about two hundred miles from here, well two actually Kakistos doesn’t trust his minions when he sleeps,” Faith revealed. “Paranoid bastard.”

“He doesn’t?” Buffy said curiously.

“Hey that could be an advantage, we take out Kakistos all by his lonesome and the goon squad can’t come to help him out… unless there’s sewer access between both buildings,” Xander said thoughtfully. Faith shook her head.

“Diana said there wasn’t, plus I always heard the door when they left him alone,” she stated. “They could still retaliate though, Kakistos was going to attack some archeologists or something diggin’ round here to replenish the rank and file you took out last night.” Ellie and Grant stiffened at this new revelation and Xander growled, he hadn’t learned many of the other worker’s names, but he knew them and some of their kids who were with them for the summer. Nobody was turning any of them, not while he was around.

“How can we take out a bunch of vamps in a confined space without losing anybody?” Xander demanded.

“There are a couple of chemicals we use at the site,” Grant said, “taking out a nest could be as simple as setting the whole place on fire, contained mind you, and keeping the vampires from getting out.”

“Yes you don’t have to always go into these places and personally kill them,” Ellie added in a protective tone of voice.

“We don’t know if they have any hostages inside with them,” Buffy pointed out.

“You know what we could really use,” Faith said a wicked gleam in her eyes, “a flame thrower.”

“Paleontological digs don’t come equipped with military grade hardware I’m afraid,” Grant quipped.

“I like the way you think,” Xander praised with a vicious smirk.

“Hey, I could have come up with that too,” Buffy complained sounding slightly jealous.

“Ok, setting their nest on fire is out, does anyone else have any bright ideas?” Xander asked.

“Gas grenades,” Catherine spoke up shimmering into existence amongst them, “Robert says a very powerful nerve gas might affect them.”

“How, they don’t breathe,” Buffy reminded.

“How do vampires talk then?” Catherine pointedly questioned a knowing look in her astral eyes.

“That son of a bitch,” Xander cursed angrily.

“What?” Grant asked confused at his outburst.

“It’s not important,” Buffy said in a slightly disappointed tone as she eyed Xander, “old news.”

“Sorry,” he apologized to her.

“So over him,” she returned with a false tone of cheer. Xander shook his head; he could tell she was still hurting from Angel’s betrayal even if she wanted to jump his bones big time.

“Sure you are,” he snarked sarcastically.

“Now isn’t the time to start this,” she hissed back.

“Sorry, man I feel like a broken record.”

“Stop puttin’ your foot in your mouth then Xander,” Faith said with a playful smirk.

“Where do we get that type of nerve gas or the protection to use it?” Grant asked resuming the discussion on immediate threat to his people.

“How exactly would it affect them if their brains are dead?” Ellie added uncertain at this solution.

“I hadn’t thought of that,” Catherine admitted, “perhaps I should bring Robert here,” she mused.

“This place is crowded enough as it is,” Faith complained, “I say we stop wasting time B and just go in and kill them all.” Faith’s eyes were full of bloodlust, she wanted revenge or maybe she only thought she did, the point was she definitely was getting antsy just standing around discussing the whole thing like some kind of committee. The clothes she was wearing covered up the fact that they could only get the ankle shackles off before the others got back, Doctor Grant must have set some kind of land record when he heard about what was happening around here. Faith looked hot, and not the sexy kind of hot, the hot kind of hot as in the sweater and long pants combo was making her feel the heat even in the relative coolness of the cave. But she wanted to cover up her shackles.

“We don’t know how many there are,” Buffy argued. “Kakistos is way powerful and Giles always said not to underestimate your opponent… that’s how I messed up with Merrick and Lothos.” Buffy turned away, this was all bringing back some painful memories, every time a Master vamp showed up were they going to have to lose a Watcher? First Merrick, then Giles, now this Diana person and Faith hadn’t even been an active Slayer. Watchers must keep their own short life expectancies to themselves, at least the field variety.

“Giles, he your Watcher B?”

“He was, I, I failed him just like I failed Merrick,” she said hauntedly.

“You’ve been through two Watchers and you’re still alive?” Faith demanded sounding impressed.

“They shouldn’t be dead,” Buffy argued angry that she’d let the conversation go off on this tangent.

“Watcher,” Ellie repeated softly, “then you are the Slayer.”

“Yeah me Slayer, when did you find out about Slayers? Xander said he never told you.” Buffy eyed the pair suspiciously and Grant offered a tiny shrug.

“Robert Muldoon told us about them when we were discussing the subject back in Costa Rica,” he replied eyeing the girl in a new light which made Buffy a little uncomfortable. “We were wondering why Vampires and all that hadn’t overrun the place, well Isabelle Hammond was wondering, Muldoon revealed the existence of a legend referring to the Slayer passed down by Catherine here.”

“Saved us the speech,” Xander remarked the first one able to talk after that little revelation his gaze was locked on the incorporeal Catherine Madison and it promised she was in for a really big dressing down from the Pack Alpha. Glenna snickered under her breath at the look the incorporeal witch shot her Alpha.

“Awwww, I like the speech, it’s so epic and Watchery, you know,” Buffy said with a slight pout figuring there was no point to hide anything now. Xander shook his head and laughed and then a gleam suddenly entered his eyes as he realized with Catherine present they had a resource Kakistos didn’t know about which none of them had thought to exploit.

“How stupid can you get?” he asked rhetorically as he slapped himself in the head. “Catty, can you do fire type spells and stuff?”

“I was wondering when you would ask me,” she said with a wry smile, “unfortunately I can’t fight them for you Alex those spells are of an aggressive nature and require my physical link to the Earth rather than the spiritual one I have currently relied upon. However, I believe my daughter has suitably mastered those spells, she’s more than willing to help you now that she’s had a few days to realize how much you did for her,” Catherine said with a knowing smile.

“Ok then, Faith, Buffy and I will take out the big bad Master vamp first, Doctor Grant you and Ellie can stay outside to guard us from possible suicidal vamp minions,” Xander said.

“But they’ve never fought a vampire before,” Buffy argued trying to protect the paleontologist and his girlfriend.

“That’s where Amy and the girls come in, they back up the Docs and once old horn head is taken care of we finish off the hired help, as it were.”

“It’s a plan,” Faith said, “and we couldn’t just decide on that before because?”

“Level headed thinking escaped us,” Xander said as a joke.

“Yeah maybe,” Faith agreed smiling slightly, “I want the bastard yo; I owe him for the two months of beatings and rape.”

“He didn’t,” Ellie exclaimed.

“Vamps can be sick bastards yo,” Faith said a haunted look filling her eyes as she absently reached down almost touching her still sore snatch.

“You like that word a lot,” Xander blurted his nostrils flaring slightly. “You won’t get yourself killed, you know fighting a vamp when your emotions are involved can be a real mess,” Xander observed with a hint of familiarity in his tone concerning said subject.

“It’s cool, I’m five by five.”

“Well if that’s settled, let’s go kill us some undead chew toys,” Xander declared with a broad feral smile.

“By the way what happened to Doctor Carter?” Grant asked as the group started gearing up for combat. Xander blanched, he’d almost forgotten all about her.

“She left Doc,” he said, “another emergency to take care of with a new patient.”

“Funny I thought she would have phoned by now,” Buffy commented curiously.

“Relax the both of you,” Catherine returned, “she’ll call when she’s finished.”

“Is there something you aren’t telling us?” Xander demanded. Catherine simply smiled playfully and winked out to consult with her daughter; Xander growled about stupid witches and their damn secrets before he pocketed twin curved stakes and tossed another pair to Faith who admired them as though they were the last weapons on Earth.

“I dig your craftsmanship yo,” she said.

“If you don’t stop using that damn word I’m going to rip out your tongue,” he snapped. Faith shot him a glare. “It’s just, you are way too over reliant on that thing, you must have used it like six or seven times since we first met you.”

“Fine X, I’ll keep it out of the vocab, don’t you start pulling any of that Alpha Male dominant crap on me though or else I’ll cut off your dick, y…you damn male you,” Faith shot back. Xander growled darkly and his eyes flashed with the inner light of the Primal, Faith immediately cowed, but she didn’t like it and he could tell in by the way her eyes shone with her own Primal spirit.

“Alpha challenge?” Rina questioned.

“Oh no, no way in hell do I want to lead this sorry bunch,” Faith replied shaking her head. “Just, don’t do that to me again, please.” Her pleading tone and the incredible amount of fear in her eyes made Xander’s Primal relax, he nodded without verbalizing and stalked out of the cave itching to kill something.

“Lucy I’m home!” Xander shouted as he kicked the door open sending it crashing against the far wall.

“You did not just go there,” Buffy said rolling her eyes.

“What, it was a tossup between that and ‘Here’s Johnny’, gotta love the classics,” Xander said grinning goofily.

“Can we just slay the big bad already?” Buffy demanded.

“You will not kill me Slayer,” Kakistos said emerging from his personal room. “I have killed enough of you in my time to know how to beat you down like the bitch you are.”

“Are we done yet, you know by now you’d think they’d come up with something original,” Buffy said conversationally.

“Gotta give the man props though, if you can call him that still, looks more like an animal these days,” Xander observed grinning ferally.

“This is what you do?” Faith demanded angrily. “This bastard owes me big time!” she screamed charging Kakistos who broke into a twisted grin.

“Ah my little Faith slut has come home, its good when the cows know their place,” he remarked ducking Faith’s initial attack and lashing out with a fist.

“Place this asshole,” she snapped flipping onto her hands and kicking him across the face with a split kick that broke through Xander’s hidden rage.

“Xander don’t drool,” Buffy scolded slapping him in the back of the head. Pulling out a stake she charged the vamp intending to finish this quickly and move on to the rest before their backup could get hurt, Kakistos saw her coming and caught her arm in his. Twisting her around until her arm was trapped behind her back he licked his teeth hungrily.

“Such a long time since my last taste, a rare vintage indeed. To be savored, wouldn’t you agree Faith slut?” he asked casually as his fangs began to sink into Buffy’s neck, she whimpered in slight discomfort.

“Bastard!” Faith screamed leaping onto his back with a snarl and grabbing the lone horn, with one powerful tug she tore the thing off sending Kakistos screaming to his knees. Buffy escaped and backed up waiting for another opening while rubbing at the two small pinpricks on her neck, she’d almost been drunk from again like when the Master bit her. Rookie mistakes should have been a thing of the past.

“Bitch, I’m going to make you pay for that, this time I’ll rape your ass with my hooves,” he bellowed in rage as his body lost part of the inhuman animalistic nature and he changed into something that might have been passable as human at one point. It was strange and Buffy was a little confused, but she didn’t have time to contemplate the physical abilities of this vamp. Lashing out at Faith, Kakistos slammed her in the chest with one of his now cloven hands sending her back into a pile of crates. She flailed about suddenly terrified as she was now seemingly trapped inside one of the crates and Kakistos grinned maliciously, turning he intended to finish off the Slayer. Instead he found himself staring into the eyes of a royally pissed off Alpha Primal.
Xander sent his fist clean through the master vamp’s stomach; he grabbed the spinal column and twisted it rendering his legs useless, Kakistos crashed to the floor in shock.

“No more playing games,” he stated coldly. “Faith,” he called out. The younger girl howled in pure adrenaline driven fear and exploded the crate she was trapped in to dust, with murder in her eyes she stalked up to the crippled vamp her teeth bared in a snarl.

“You ain’t puttin’ me in there again!” she cried her anger being used to mask her fear, she’d spent a week and a half boxed up in a crate with no food and no water except when they made sure she was still alive, she never wanted to feel that helpless again.

“You will not win, I will kill you both and Faith will be my slut for all time,” he declared using his arms to strike at Xander who dodged the pitiful attack.

“I feared you,” Faith stated slamming her fist into his face and breaking his nose. “I almost gave up because of you, I sucked more cock than my mom and endured the ultimate pain you could dish out, and I fucked corpses because of you.” Faith kicked Kakistos hard in the crotch shattering whatever was left there. Tears started falling down her cheeks and she tore into the master vamp with a ruthless fury her eyes becoming cold as she broke as many bones as she could in his body.

“Faith,” Buffy said softly putting her hand on the younger girl’s shoulder.

“I lost my innocence to some filthy disgusting demonic parasite because of him B,” she said breaking down and sobbing into the older Slayer’s shoulder.

“At least you didn’t give it away to a great guy only for him to turn on you, try to murder your friends and succeed in killing your Watcher,” Buffy said bitterly. “But you survived, we survived and you want to know why?”

“Because of our power?” Faith said wonder in her tone.

“Because we’re better than them, because we learn from our failures and we make up for them,” Buffy said briefly eyeing Xander with a secret longing in her gaze.

“You still want to kill him?” Xander asked softly.

“No, I just want to go someplace where the sun always shines,” Faith replied turning her back on Kakistos. Buffy nodded and took her outside, when they were gone Xander knelt next to the demon that could barely see him and still somehow looked like he was going to come out on top.

“When you get to Hell, say hi to Spike and Drusilla for me,” he whispered into the vamp’s one good ear. Then he pulled out his stake and rammed it hard into Kakistos’ chest, the vamp dusted almost instantly. “Too quick, too much of a mercy killing, but he was too dangerous to be left alive to heal,” he said to himself climbing to his feet and dusting himself off.

“There are still the rest of the minions you could torture,” Catherine reminded. Xander burst into a feral smile and licked his teeth hungrily.

“A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go, high ho the merry-o a hunting I will go.”

Across the street in the window of an old book shop a face stared out seeming to be watching the proceedings; nobody else was around, they were kept away because he was there, the decayed creature burst into a broad grin or at least what passed for one and pulled out a long list, taking pen to paper he scratched a name off.

“I lose more fiends that way, but that’s what you get for being a vampire who becomes complacent in your lifestyle.” He laughed to himself and eyed Xander briefly. “I hope our new acquaintance won’t forget the most important lesson though, there’s always someone bigger and batter than you so don’t get cocky, hee, hee, hee, hee, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

Feeling as though undead eyes were watching him Xander glanced around briefly, but didn’t see anybody around except for the others, with the minions out of the way it was high time they got out of there before anybody came around and stumbled onto them. It was a miracle no one had seen them arrive.
So the group took off with Buffy promising Faith that Sunnydale would be a nice enough place to stay, if she didn’t mind the vampires. Faith just didn’t care too much, besides with Kakistos gone she wanted to try and salvage something of her life, to do that she needed Xander’s help with the whole carnivorous Primal deal. So they all went back to the nest because it was almost sundown, Alan and Ellie left them there with a promise to come back in the morning. Which just left Diana to see too.

“We should send her to her family,” Faith decided in a forlorn tone.

“Are you really going to be ok with eating half of her?” Buffy wondered.

“I don’t know anymore B,” Faith admitted feeling sick to her stomach.

“It might help if you look at it like she gave her life so you could live,” Xander suggested.

“Seriously not helping yo,” Faith grumbled bitterly.

“I’ve eaten a human too, he was a total bastard who tried to kill me and planned some serious shit for Buffy because he was supposed to be her Watcher, but still I get how you must feel.”

“Maybe, but you didn’t spend two months beside your mentor getting beaten and raped repeatedly,” Faith said wrapping her arms around her to stave off a sudden bone chilling cold. “Before eating half of her for their sick amusement.”

“I get it’s going to be hard,” he said kneeling beside her and wrapping his arms around her. “If I could I’d go back and stop it from ever having happened, because nobody deserves that kind of deal, we just have to help each other to get past this and hey you know what helps?” Faith looked up at him quizzically and Buffy shot him a curious look, Xander broke into a wide grin. “The Snoopy Dance!” Right in front of both girls he got to his feet and started dancing the Snoopy dance, he looked so outlandish Faith couldn’t help laughing out loud and Buffy smirked. The juveniles shot him mystified looks.

“Alpha is crazy,” Rina muttered.

“Alpha is Alpha,” Glenna said as though that should explain away his idiosyncrasies.

“The sun is setting,” Tianna alerted. All three of them moved to a clear corner of the cave, and as the last rays of the golden disc sank slowly beyond the horizon the change came over them. Faith and Buffy both turned at the sudden cry of agony, they watched fascinated as the three girls were transformed back into three dinosaurs.
Their snouts elongated, their necks grew slightly longer, their skin rippled and undulated as their insides returned to the animal they once were. Tails erupted from their tailbones growing back to full length, their hands lost two fingers as they shrunk into the palms and they became three fingered again with extra long and deadly sharp claws. Their legs thickened in muscle mass and their feet twisted and shifted, the claws grew longer, the middle toe claw bursting forth. Amazingly there wasn’t any blood.

“We’re back, we’re back, we’re back!” Rina hooted loudly her cry echoing through the many chambers.

“Holy shit, they can still talk, I understand them.” Faith stared at the Raptors in surprise.

“Yeah it takes getting used to,” Xander agreed.

“Alpha takes Pack to hunt now?” Tianna asked.

“Yes.” Xander turned to Faith. “Ready to learn how to be a meat-asaurus?”

“Where’d you come up with that?”

“I didn’t,” Xander returned, “it’s up to you if you want to start hunting tonight I can always bring back the food you’ll need,” he offered with a gentle smile.

“No, better start now,” she said with a nervous shudder.

“Bring me back a Pizza,” Buffy requested as they started to leave.

“Sure thing Buffy,” he called back before they all ran off as one.

“Great, so much for sex with Xander any time soon,” Buffy complained once they were gone. “Oh well, after she settles down some I’m sure I’ll get my yummy Xander goodness,” she said with a smile and a twinkle of lust in her eye.

The limo pulled up to the warehouse with Arnold, Sherri and another bimbo in the back seat, when they got out though no one was there to greet them. Well almost no one, Mister Trick emerged from his hiding place in the book store across the street and quickly strode over to the car.

“Where’s the boss?” Arnold asked dumbly.

“He’s indisposed, has a permanent case of fire and brimstone,” Trick replied.

“What do we do?” Sherri asked uncertain as to her future.

“Leave this dusty dump and seek a more lucrative opportunity,” Trick replied, “Arnold let’s go, time to see what’s happening in Sunnydale,” he said climbing into the back seat with the bimbo he smiled revealing his fangs before drinking from her. She didn’t put up much of a fight.

It was pitch dark in the nest, Xander lay breathing softly his eyes opened as he listened to Buffy who was asleep beside him, reflexively his fingers danced through her hair playing with the silky smooth locks of the girl he’d harbored a crush on for two years.
Now at the cusp of almost having her he realized that she wasn’t what he really wanted, physically there was still the attraction, and he’d probably fuck her as many times as she wanted him to, but he wouldn’t mark her as a Mate like Kendra was. He couldn’t do that to Buffy.
Oh sure he could fuck her meaninglessly and a part of him knew that was just using her kind of like Angel did, but he knew she wasn’t Mate material. It was instinct. Buffy was an Alpha, she’d never be content as a Beta, Xander realized this.

“You awake X?” Faith asked softly from somewhere off to his left.

“Mmm hmmmm,” he replied in a whisper.

“I wasn’t expectin’ physical changes,” she said. When they broke off the last of her shackles after the Kakistos incident the glamour Catherine had tied to them had disappeared, she’d gotten a good look at herself, her skin matched Glenna’s in color and markings and her teeth had changed.

“Velociraptors aren’t mammals,” Xander pointed out.

“I get that, but you still hide yourself behind that glamour,” she retorted.

“The people who are close to me will know I’ve already showed Buffy, Kendra, my best friend Willow, you and a girl who will be my soul mate, when she grows up.”

“You into robbin’ the cradle?” Faith demanded.

“Hell no, Lex is twelve, we’re destined. I believe in that sort of thing, because it’s got to be better than the alternatives,” he said with a glower. “As soon as she’s eighteen she’ll probably be all over me,” he added with a resigned sigh.

“Sounds stupid,” Faith said bitterly, “there ain’t no such thing as a prince charming.”

“I’m here for you if you want.”

“No way am I complicating our relationship, I’ve been raped for two months yo, it’ll take time before I’m even ready for sex again with another girl let alone a man,” she stated coldly.

“Another girl,” Xander repeated starry eyed.

“Men,” Faith spat.

“Hey, it’s not my fault I was born a guy,” he said defensively.

“Sorry,” Faith apologized and the two of them fell into silence. It was at least five minutes before she spoke again. “So, how does this whole Alpha thing work as far as you and me go?” she asked. “I gotta tell ya I wasn’t crazy about what happened before the attack.”

“When we’re hunting together you do as I say, when we’re killing vamps and demons together, assuming you decide to join us with that, then you do what I say. You watch our backs and we watch yours, don’t go off half cocked, don’t let your emotions get in your way and if you think you have a better plan share it with me and I’ll be the judge of it, don’t just do it yourself because that could get somebody killed.” Xander paused listening to her heartbeat to find out what she might be feeling; she didn’t seem to be upset with what he was saying so far or pissed by his rules. “Pack means we work as a unit, eat together, play together, live together, hunt together, sleep together, and a Pack is nothing if they don’t follow this structure.”

“Sounds like you had issues before,” she observed.

“Last time it was Hyenas, four class mates and me, they didn’t listen too well and I sucked as an Alpha, they ate the principal,” he revealed with a sigh.

“Ouch,” Faith said.

“Yeah, could be worse, if I wasn’t trying to rape Buffy and getting my clock cleaned by her because of it I would have been eating him too. I liked Principal Flutie, he was way better then Snyder.” Xander growled in his throat at that and then yawned as he began to get tired; movement alerted him to Faith approaching him. She crawled up beside him and looked down into his eyes.

“Where will we stay in Sunnydale? You got another nest?” He shook his head.

“Too dangerous for that,” he stated, “we’ll stay at Buffy’s house for now. Sure it’ll be crowded what with Kendra, Buffy, Joyce, Glenna, Rina, Tianna, you and me staying there, but it’s defensible and Joyce is like the best kind of mom.”

“Do I gotta go to school?” she demanded.

“You’ve been gone two months, I think it’s safe to say you’re legally dead in the eyes of the school system, we’ll work out a home schooling thing for you,” he decided. “Gotta teach the girls too, even if they won’t live as long as us, I wonder how old dinosaurs do get?”

“If they don’t have a human like lifespan they could live as long as gorillas or something,” Faith said with a shrug.

“We should get some rest,” he stated shifting slightly to go to sleep.

“It’s hard, I’ll have nightmares about Diana, about the rapes.” Faith sounded frightened. Xander smiled and reached up to brush a hand through her hair.

“I get nightmares too, if you feel up to it you can sleep here.” He patted beside him and Faith eyed him uncertainly. “There’s strength in numbers.”

“Not exactly like I can curl up next to Glenna,” she said with a smile.

“I’ve slept like that before, they pretty much don’t move in their sleep.” Faith shrugged and settled down next to Xander resting her head on his chest, her face was inches away from Buffy’s chest.

“She won’t move?”


“Good, that’s all I need to suffocate from breasts shoved in my face, God how can she walk with those things,” Faith muttered resting her hand on Xander’s stomach she closed her eyes to fall asleep.

“Night Faith,” Xander said closing his eyes and ignoring the hardening sensation he felt in his cock.

“Yeah whatever.”

Dreams are simply constructs of the subconscious, they are jumbled and chaotic images put together based on memory or some other stimuli and as such they cannot truly hurt us. For Faith Lehane this meant jack shit. Tears fell down her face as her cunt was torn open cut by the horn of Kakistos, she bucked and twisted with each thrust and blood spilled out. She wanted to scream but her mouth was stuffed by the cock of Mister Trick, it didn’t taste like flesh, it had never tasted like flesh only ash and dust.
Vampires had no body fluids to secrete, the blood used to animate their husks was about it and it needed a constant supply, vampires didn’t go to the bathroom, they also couldn’t ejaculate, but they could still get hard. They could still feel pleasure.
Faith had more often than not been forced to suck one of their cocks for hours while she was violated down there, and only she ever produced fluids of any kind, mostly blood which they drank greedily. Cum was rarer for her, half the time she climaxed only because her body could not take the assault any longer and unless she came she would and usually was raped until she either collapsed unconscious or came. She hardly slept. She hardly dreamt.
And even when she did it was not happy memories of her past life, but dark things barely remembered. Now she dreamt that she had not escaped, the dream did not last this way for long. Her fears slowly began to fade until the raping stopped, the image of her tormentors faded away replaced by one of her savior.

“That is no way to pleasure a woman,” Xander said smiling to show his fang filled mouth.

“Xander what are you?” she tried to ask only to find herself suddenly in his arms. He began to lick and suck her breasts biting the sensitive flesh of her areola; these sensations made her feel good. Licking away the blood her vagina healed as Xander assaulted her body, she arched back at his experienced touch and shortly the memories of her repeated rapes were completely gone.
Xander knew how to use that tongue of his very well; it almost seemed to be a little longer then an ordinary man’s, it moved in and out, in and out. Faith felt joy again. She felt the way she should feel when involved in sexual acts, violation, injury the feeling of total helplessness and shame, it no longer bothered her.
In fact it seemed to sit in a corner locked in a cage represented by a different Faith, a shorter more terrified Faith, a seven-year old version of Faith who had just witnessed the act of sex with her mother and her customer de jour.
This Faith sat naked and dirty in the cage huddling in fear eyes staring wide at the Faith being pleasured by Xander. The Faith now licking his hard member and sticking it all the way down her throat until her lips touched his balls, she had to be way more careful in this act for fear of accidentally biting down with her newfound teeth and castrating the boy. A blowjob between a male and female carnivore was a delicate operation. And it was actually superfluous; Xander just wanted sex pure and simple, Faith on the other hand wanted to maintain the illusion of humanity.

“Faith child what’s wrong?” the soft familiar British toned voice asked the caged seven-year old. Faith blinked at this odd switch of perspectives and she watched herself receive the biggest load of semen she’d ever seen.

“Diana am I going to have to do that?” she asked. The British woman smiled as she stepped into the light dressed in her usual clothes, a business style dress with a pair of high heels, stockings and even matching knickers as she always called them. Gone were the signs of the ordeals Kakistos put her through, the scar that had been on her right cheek running up past her eyelid and across her forehead.

“Someday,” Diana replied pulling out a key from her pocket and unlocking the cage. Faith tentatively stepped out and the cage vanished as if it had never been, Diana started dressing her in a cute flower and tree print Sunday dress even while the other Faith began to ride Xander’s cock hard.

“Will it hurt?” seven-year old Faith asked innocently.

“Not anymore,” Diana replied with a wan smile leading Faith over to the two intertwined love makers she placed a hand on her shoulder and waited.

“Why do I have to do that?” she asked unable to look away despite wanting to desperately as the vision seemed to dance between herself and Xander and her mom and that ugly fat man who’d paid her.

“Because Primals must act on their baser instincts or go mad, it was part of the lesson I gave you remember?” Diana coaxed in a gentle tone.

“Oh right, Primals often fail to maintain a balanced lifestyle and will eventually go mad forcing society, the tribe or a hunter to act for the good of us all and killing the one suffering from their own inability, uh, I forgot why do they go mad?” she asked finally turning to look up at Diana. The woman laughed in spite of herself and ran a comforting hand down her young charge’s back.

“Man’s mind cannot stand the regression to the level of an animal, he is bred to be made to feel superior, and the Bible even teaches him that God gave the animals to him, sadly this led many to believe such wild allegations to the extent that many species are now on the verge of extinction.”

“Quit preaching to the little me yo,” teen Faith snapped as she experienced another orgasm.

“Quiet, you are merely a manifestation of the Id presently and require no spoken dialogue.” Diana’s words made teen Faith howl in ecstasy and rage combined as she started to really get into the fucking.

“What’s going to stop me from going mad if I don’t want to have sex with Xander?” young Faith asked a new sense of fear filing her, Diana sighed softly and knelt embracing her in her arms.

“Velociraptors are equal in intelligence to humanity, they may be animals but unlike any you or I have seen before, that level of intelligence allows for an easier and more natural transition,” she explained fussing slightly to fix Faith’s hair and clipping a jeweled clasp to her hair.

“But I’ll still have sex with Xander,” she stated.

“You’ll still have sex with Xander,” Diana agreed with a soft smile.

“Why?” A baby cried and beside her a baby carriage or pram as Diana used to call it appeared with a tiny little green and grey skinned baby girl appeared.

“So I can be reborn,” Diana replied smiling at the young Faith as she passed the baby to her, Faith stared into the little eyes of the tiny infant in wonder.

“She’s you?”

“She carries my soul yes, my name on the other hand is not meant for her,” Diana advised.

“I ain’t breast feeding her boy toy,” teen Faith told Xander covering her nipples.

“Why not Faith, you’ve proved you can handle things with care for a carnivore,” Xander reminded with a knowing smirk as his hard cock stood erect and patiently waiting for Faith to give it another blowjob.

“She’s only two months old yo,” Faith shot back.

“He’s right I use that word too much,” young Faith said handing the infant back to Diana. “When will you be born again?”

“Not for a couple of years at least, you’ll be ready for her when the time comes.” Diana started to fade.

“Wait, please!” young Faith cried out desperate to keep her here.

“My time is almost up, I came to take these from you,” Diana explained holding up a black book with no title.

“You can do that?”

“Yes Faith I can, angels can work miracles and God allowed me to do this for you so you won’t spend years anguishing over the past two months,” Diana said wiping away the tears young Faith started to shed. “It was all my fault anyway; I should not have been so blind.”

“I can’t let you blame yourself,” Faith cried reaching up to grab back the book only for her hands to slip through it as if it didn’t exist.

“But it’s only right that I should, I made a rum dandy of a rookie mistake, and I verbally invited someone in when I should have known better.” Diana looked angry with herself, angry and sad both at the same time. “All this time I was simply receiving what I deserved.”

“No, no, no!” young Faith screamed.

“Yes, yes, yes!” teen Faith screamed still having sex with Xander.

“You did not deserve the hours and days of rape, you didn’t, you didn’t, I should have been able to protect you. You were, you were more of a mommy for me then my birth mom ever was,” she declared rushing up and hugging Diana’s legs while she cried. Diana breathed in a startled gasp and she too started crying, suddenly she was holding two black books and she let them fall, before they hit the floor they disappeared as though having never been.

“Thank you for sharing that Faith, I truly am sorry for what happened and now because of you I can let go of all those negative thoughts and memories too,” she told her charge as she wrapped her in a tight embrace.

“Where do they go?” Faith wondered thoughtfully; Diana smiled as she once again straightened the young girl’s hair and wiped away her tears with a handkerchief.

“To that cold and distant part of your mind where all memories eventually go to fade away and be forgotten.”

“But I still remember, they made me eat you,” Faith said horrified.

“Do the memories hurt though?” Diana asked knowingly.

“I, they, no I don’t feel anything about them anymore except that they make me feel, I don’t know, nervous,” Faith said in a clueless tone.

“Yes well that’s to be expected,” Diana said without going into detail and once again started to fade.

“Do you have to leave now?” Faith demanded trying not to cry again.

“Eventually we all must leave, but I won’t ever truly be gone, a person’s soul is so much bigger than anyone really believes or knows we’ll see each other again someday when you’re old and grey.” Faith watched as Diana disappeared feeling sad, but happy all at the same time, and then she turned back to herself.

“Enough with the sex already me, we need uninterrupted sleep to feel better in the morning,” she told her Id with a pout.

“Ok fine, I was getting sore anyway,” her Id said smiling seductively at Xander before he popped out of existence.

“I still don’t understand sex,” young Faith declared with a frown.

“Yeah, we’re both a little clueless and messed up because of our birth mother and the shit that went down,” her Id agreed. As Faith started to lose sight of her dreams a different girl appeared with a murderous glare in her eyes.

“Xander and I are meant to be, if I have to share him I will, but you aren’t going to take him from me!” she screamed before lashing out with her nails.

Faith woke up with a start her eyes glancing foggily around and she tried to remember what made her wake up, her heart felt a little lighter then when she went to sleep and she couldn’t understand why, but she wasn’t about to complain. Shrugging she yawned and settled back down soon drifting into a dreamless sleep.

In San Diego Lex woke up in her bedroom an anguished and haunted look in her eyes though she couldn’t understand why she’d dreamt of other women with her Xander.

“Oh Xander if only I was old enough,” she lamented reaching out to an empty picture frame on her nightstand. “I really need a picture of him,” she added with a sigh.

“Cheer up kid,” Catherine suddenly whispered in her ear startling her, “Xander may pick up one or two other Mates for his Pack, but you’ll always be first in his eyes.”

“Really,” Lex asked her eyes shining with hope.

“I guarantee it, after all you wouldn’t want an inexperienced lover to be your first now would you? Why else do you think I cast that little attractor spell on him, this way he gets some skill and at the same time we make sure he doesn’t turn into a completely different person or rape you before your time,” she revealed.

“Huh, wait why tell me that and why are you here now?” Lex demanded suspiciously.

“Just to talk about your future Lex, help you make an informed decision when the time comes to join the Pack,” Catherine explained, “it is part of the good deed redemption service God’s messenger got me to agree to.”

“What?” Lex asked a little confused still.

“Oh forget about it, now about becoming a Primal,” Catherine started to say.

Lex woke her mother up early the next morning with breakfast in bed and a big smile, Isabelle grew suspicious almost instantly but didn’t let it show on her face, they talked about generalities among other things while she ate. Once she was finished though Lex decided now was as good a time as any.

“Mom I have an important request to make,” she said softly.

“I suspected as much,” Isabelle returned dryly, “this has something to do with Alexander.”

“I hardly got to know him personally and Tim has been bugging you to go see Doctor Grant’s dig site,” Lex said nervously tugging at the bed sheets, “I want to spend a little more time with him mom.”

“An excellent idea my dear granddaughter,” John Hammond declared striding into the room with a big grin on his face.

“Dad stay out of this,” Isabelle ordered in a sharp tone.

“Honestly Isabelle this is the first real person Lex has ever been interested in, she’s spent far too much time on the computer, it would be good for her to get out and be with young Alexander,” John stated tapping his cane against the floor impatiently, Lex turned from her grandfather to her mom.

“I promise not to sleep in the same tent as he does,” she said placing one hand over her heart even though her mom wouldn’t be able to see the gesture.

“God Lex stop treating this like a game!” Isabelle snapped causing Lex to recoil in shock. “You could get hurt or worse, I want you to understand how serious this is.”

“Ah, so he revealed the supernatural to you as well,” John observed sagely. “Still, I think he’ll be good for Lex, a man of his character. He won’t lead her down a path that she can’t follow.”

“Dad where do you get these wild notions?” Isabelle demanded with a frustrated sigh. John chuckled and moved around the bed to sit on the edge he clasped his hand on his daughter’s knee.

“Your mother mostly, she was a good lady and she meant the world to me. She made me promise that I would look after all of you, Lex and Alexander make a fine pair, don’t look at me like that I’ve known this day was coming since the day she was born.” John shot a wan smile at Lex. “I will not force their being together on you, but Lex needs more than just words and lines on a computer.” Isabelle sighed and shook her head, even blind she could never get away with giving her father ‘the look’.

“I wasn’t going to forbid her, I’m just worried dad, we have no way to protect her from the things Xander fights against,” she stated in a scared tone of voice, the fear was for Lex.

“Mom you don’t have to protect me,” Lex said, “that’s what Xander is for,” she added with a cheeky grin.

“Your mother is absolutely right to be scared Lex,” John said in a serious tone dropping the good natured façade, “that’s why I’ve decided we must get in touch with someone who can properly train you and your brother to defend yourselves. But that doesn’t mean you are to go with Xander when he’s doing his chosen duty,” he stated firmly.

“Someone to teach me self defense?” Lex repeated secretly thrilled that she didn’t have to bring up the matter herself. “Who?”

“I have a person in mind,” John remarked cryptically.

“Dad it isn’t that awful Ed Regis fellow is it?” Isabelle demanded.

“Of course not, Ed can’t stand children and has no talent for that sort of stuff. No, the chap I have in mind is someone you’ve never met before.” John paused and smiled his familiar smile. “I’ll be meeting with him and his comrades, no, colleagues I believe is the more appropriate term. Yes, I’ll be meeting them on Isla Sorna.”

“Isla Sorna,” Isabelle repeated, “whatever for?”

“Ingen is in a spot of financial difficulty, I’m going to Sorna to begin preparations for evacuation of our facilities there, I also have plans to return to Nublar with a team to transport the creatures there back to Sorna.”

“You aren’t going to destroy them are you grandpa?” Lex asked nervously.

“Not if I can help it, this was my mistake therefore it’s my mess to clean up, you know how I feel on the matter,” John said with a soft chuckle.

“You don’t blame people for their mistakes, but you do ask that they pay for them,” Isabelle quoted with a laugh, “oh dad please be careful.”

“Honestly my dear I’ll be nowhere near the danger I was in during the incident, I’ve spared no expense,” he stated with a half smile.

“You are impossible,” Isabelle said with a sigh.

“Does this mean I can go?” Lex asked.

“You can go for a week,” Isabelle replied, “nothing more, you have school coming up shortly I might remind you.”

“Ok mom, I’ll go tell Tim he’ll be ecstatic being able to go on a dig,” Lex declared hugging her mother and kissing her cheek, “thank you,” she whispered before running out of the room.

“That young man will be in for a world of trouble if he fails to treat her properly,” John stated, “I might pop in on him myself to make sure my investment has been well spent.”

“Investment father, whatever do you mean?”

“Oh nothing my dear pay it no mind, you know how it is always thinking about the future… you don’t suppose he’d be interested in a job with our company when the time comes?”

“I hardly think so father,” Isabelle replied knowingly.

“Of course not foolish question on my part, well things to see to and all that, farewell Isabelle,” John said leaning in to kiss her forehead before leaving the room.

“That man is up to something,” she muttered suspiciously. “But I have a feeling Xander can more then take care of himself.”

To Be Continued

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