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Hush Little Baby

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Summary: Rain and fear and whimpers…A flash of blue...Something was missing...Why were her hands so small? (answer to Buffy Mommy Challenge, reverse Anita Mommy)

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Anita Blake > General(Past Donor)lckybrFR1885,90224120,0701 Feb 0921 Apr 11No


Hello All! Two in one day, you are so spoiled ;p




The woman held her as she ran through the rain, splashing in puddles; the axe was strapped to her back, the demon left dead…

She was wrapped in a jacket, the blonde haired woman’s jacket.

She laid her head down.

She laid her head down

It was warm…and there were voices…

She was laying on something soft…

She was in the cemetery…

The ceiling was an off white…

A fireplace…


A white couch…colorful rugs…

There was a brunette girl sitting on the couch across from her, long hair trailing over her shoulder.


She looked up when she made a noise.

Her butt hurt.

“You’re awake!” big blue eyes.

Blue eyes like His

She wasn’t wet…the white t shirt was sizes too big.

Someone saw her naked?!

“I’m Dawn, “she was standing now, coming towards her.


She scooted to the edge of the couch, the blanket she was wrapped in gripped in tiny hands…

It made her hesitate, holding her hands out staring…

Hadn’t she been bigger than this?

She wasn’t sure…

“What’s your name?” soothing, careful.

Big blue eyes…

“Anita Blake…”

That was her name.

She was sure.

“Well Anita, like I said my name is Dawn, “a smile, quick soothing, “I live here with my sister Buffy.”

“She killed that Monster.”

A frown, trying to remember…

“What if the police take her to jail?”

She didn’t want her to go to jail, she did save her right?..

Dawn shook her head, “No they won’t sweetie…Do you think you can answer some questions for me?”

More confusion, random faces she couldn’t remember, but somehow missed.

“I want my mom…” the words were soft, fearful…

She came into the living room then, wearing dry clothes, all light and golden…

Gold like…him…
She was on her feet, the fear biting at her gut.

“I’m not supposed to be here.”

“It’s okay, we’re going to try and find your mom.” This from…Buffy…

Small hand on her small face.

It was wrong.

So very wrong

“I need a mirror.”

Worried glances, she shook her head, “I need a mirror.”


And then they brought her a mirror and she was staring…Staring at a small face with big brown eyes and thick curling hair…

“Something’s wrong.”

She remembered someone older…her, older…

Something was missing.

The mirror fell from limp fingers, cracking against the wooden floor, falling from its frame like glittering diamonds.

She was empty, there should be something else, something here inside with her

“Where’s my Mom?”

Her bottom lip trembled, vision blurring.

“Don’t cry sweetie, “a hand on her arm, cool against her skin.

“We’re trying to find out what’s going on.”

“Are you hungry?” the other one asked, she shifted on her feet looking uncomfortable.

She thought about it…

“I don’t know…I don’t feel hungry…”

More worried glances and then a smile, for her.

“Why don’t we try to eat something?”

And so she followed them into the kitchen, allowed Dawn to place her on the counter, small feet encased in too big socks. Buffy was watching her, Dawn was getting cereal out of the cupboards, the kitchen was neat, tidy, cozy like the living room.

“Why did the Monster want to hurt me?” a small question curious…”Where did it come from?”

“Uh…” shifty looks, unsure…

“How about Cinnamon Toast Crunch?” a falsely bright voice, meant to distract her.

“I guess.”

“What can you tell me about your Mom?”

She played with the hem of the shirt, thinking hard.

“She smells good…” a smile, soft, wistful, “She has hair like me…And she’s the best Mom in the whole entire world…”

Because she was…

They smile, placing a bowl of cereal by her on the counter, she starts to eat.

“What’s her name?”


“Do you remember how you got to the cemetery?”

She paused with the spoon half way to her mouth…




Whispered words, a spell…

The bowl fell from her hands, eyes going wide.


Something was wrong…


And a shadow…a shadow man…

“I need to go home!”

Fear, sharp and raw and biting and drowning.


Hands on her shoulders, keeping her still.

“Don’t touch me!”

Angry words, she pushed, pushed her away.

Into the sink, harder than she meant to, harder than she knew she could and then she was on the floor backing away from them hands itching to hold something, something heavy and made for her hand.

She never left home without it…

But home was with Mom and Mom didn’t like guns…

Lavender Eyes

Safe and warm and bodies…

Too small…

Something was missing.

“What did you do?” angry words, accusatory. “Are you witches?”

They were staring at her, hands held out in front of them, harmless.

“Calm down…”

‘Don’t tell me to fucking calm down!”

A pause, surprise.

Mom would never let her talk like that, why did she say that?

“I’m sorry.” Hands on her mouth, “Please don’t tell my Mom…”

Dad would be at work maybe…

Why would they leave her there, how did she get there surround by dirt and rain and stone in a place she’s never seen before…

Okay, be calm just calm down Anita…




“Where do you live?”

“In St. Louis with my Mom and Dad…”

And then the doorbell rang, it made her jump, Buffy gave her a look and then she went to get the door, and she moved around the counter hesitantly picking up the bowl, helping Dawn clean up the mess.

“I’m sorry.”

She shouldn’t have made a mess, but Dawn smiled wiping it up with a wet towel.

“It’s okay sweetie, don’t worry…”

That’s what her Mom called her…She helped clean up the cereal, and then Dawn took her hand and led her back to the living room. There were more people now, two women. One with long red hair falling over her shoulders, she was sitting on the couch with Buffy the two talking with their heads bent.

The other one saw her first, she had dark hair and brown eyes, pretty. The woman sized her up, calculating.

“Staring problem?” she placed small hands on her hips with a glare.

The woman smiled, “She looks like a bitty Faith.”

The redhead was looking at her now, and the look was different, soothing motherly.

“Hi.” She stood coming towards her, Anita glanced at Dawn. The brunette smiled soothingly, “I’m Willow and that’s Kennedy.”

“I’m Anita.” The small child held out her hand, the redhead took it shaking it softly. There was a small tingle of power, almost recognition…

She jerked her hand away, breathing a little too fast.

“You’re a witch.”

Not a question.

She didn’t seem surprised, “I am.”

She remembered a witch…she was pregnant…

“I want my Mom…” wide brown eyes, “Are you going to find her?”

“I’m going to try…” she held out her hand.

She held out her hand, unable to leave him without help

They were waiting…


She took it.
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