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Secrets She Holds

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Summary: She caught Harry Potter's eyes, but there's something about her that puzzles everyone...what was her secret? Who was this girl who was a Slytherin and yet she doesn't act like a typical Slytherin?

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Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Theme: DramaPhoenixRaeFR1359,371051,3692 Feb 092 Feb 09No

CHAPTER FOUR: A Surprise Discovery

Disclaimer:  None of the characters (save the original ones that were of my own creation) belonged to me.  I am merely borrowing them to please my nagging plot bunny idea.

Author's Note:  Originally this next few scenes here was written as two separate chapters, but when I looked back and re-read it, I figured the next two chapters could be combined and made to one as opposed to the next chapter appearing as more like a filler chapter instead.

CHAPTER FOUR: A Surprise Discovery

"Is this corner quiet enough for you?" Harry asked when he finally mustered the courage to approach the table where the Slytherin newcomer sat, alone of course, with a pile of books surrounding her.  He had been watching her like a stalker for the past couple of weeks now and noticed that she often studied by herself when she was in the library.  When he happened to see her up and about in the courtyard she often walked by herself as well.  He knew the other students were very much intrigued by the newcomer and yet none of them bothered to befriend her, which was sad really.  And that was what he was attempting to do today provided he doesn’t bungle up and mess up any chance of becoming friends with Mystyk Rydell.

            Mystyk lifted her jet-black head from the book she was reading, a look of surprise crossing her rare shade of violet eyes.

            "I'm-I'm sorry. I-I didn't mean to bother you." Harry apologized awkwardly, stepping away from the new girl's table.

            "Oh, it's no bother. You just...caught me unaware, that's all." She smiled encouragingly at Harry and motioned for the seat across from her, "Please, do join me. It's been awfully quiet on this side of the library for me."  She started moving some of her books aside to make room for some of Harry's stuff on the table.

            "Are-are you sure I'm not interrupting you?" Harry was still unsure if he was indeed welcome at this table. After all she was a member of the Slytherin House.  In the years since he first started at Hogwarts he knew students residing in Slytherin weren’t all that trustworthy nor friendly.

            "Don't worry. I'm not like my other housemates. You can trust me, but I know you can't just take my word for it. I must earn your trust, mustn't I?" she quickly reassured him, surprising Harry at how well she knew what he was thinking about. "You looked surprised." she noted of Harry's dumbstruck expression.

            "Uh...actually I am surprised." There was no point denying the obvious. His face told him away and it would be bad to pretend that he wasn't surprised at what she just said. "How—”

            "I'm psychic," she replied as if that answer alone would explain everything he needed to know before he could finish his question.  "At least that's what Professor Dumbledore told me,” she shrugged and sat back, smiling rather shyly at him. "I'm Mystyk, by the way." She reached over the table and over the books lying before her.

            Harry clasped her outstretched hand and gave it a firm shake, noticing how smooth her hand felt, and how small it is in his hand.

            "I know who you are already, Mystyk Rydel." Harry grinned.

            Mystyk blushed and took her hand back. "Oh yeah, Professor Dumbledore made that announcement to everyone."

            "Yeah. Must be very embarrassing for you to walk out in front of everybody like that, huh?”

            "Oh, you have no idea.  I wasn’t exactly Miss Popular back in my old school.”

            Harry chuckled, "I'm Harry, by the way."

            "Hello, Harry." she smiled sweetly, her head slightly tilted to the side as she gazed at him.

            "Hullo, Mystyk." Harry lowered his gaze to the book he placed before him. He couldn't concentrate much when she was looking at him like that.

            "Well, well, if it isn't Harry Pothead making friends with the new girl." Came Draco's sneering remark from behind Harry.

            Both Mystyk and Harry's gaze snapped up and turned to look at Draco flanked by his usual trusty—if not empty-headed—bodyguards, Crabbe and Goyle.

            "Draco!" Mystyk scolded, "That's not a good thing to say. Besides, what has Harry done to you for you to be this mean to him?" she questioned, crossing her arms over the page of the book she was reading.

            Draco looked flustered at the condescending tone Mystyk just used on him. For a couple of weeks now since Mystyk started at Hogwarts Draco tried to win her affection, get her to like him and talk to him with the same expression he glimpsed on her pretty face when she and Potter were sitting alone in this little corner of the library.

            But every time he opened his mouth he gets the feeling that Mystyk was only pretending to be nice to him. He wasn’t used to having that kind of feeling, especially when the cause of him feeling that way comes from a girl nonetheless of questionable familial background.  She might be a Slytherin, which gave them something in common, but she doesn’t act like what a true Slytherin should act like.  At least he hadn’t noticed her conniving, manipulative, scheming self yet.  He wondered if that would ever resurface and when?

            Mystyk heard each and every word Draco's thought uttered, and she couldn't help herself from feeling guilty for the way she has been treating him since her first night at Hogwarts, when Pansy Parkinson made sure that Mystyk was well aware of the other girl's claim on Draco Malfoy.

            "What do you care, Rydel? You're a fifth year student stuck with the first years, and yet I don't see you coming or going from one class to another." Draco barked at her.

            "That's because I don't have classes with the first years, Malfoy." Mystyk replied calmly, her smile never faltering. She knew what was going on inside Draco's head. He was trying to be mean to her to hide what he was really feeling, but too bad for him she can read minds—and no matter what she does, she couldn’t possibly return his feelings. She knows exactly what was going through his head right now.

            "You don't?" Draco couldn't help himself from looking flabbergasted. "H-how—”

            "I am being tutored and I think I'm ready to tackle fifth-year lessons after the Christmas holiday," she announced with a hint of pride in her tone.  Finally she was able to join a classroom full of kids her age and actually interact with other students.  "Now, is there anything else you need from Harry or myself? If there isn't any more would you three mind leaving Harry and I alone please? We've got a whole lot of studying to do."

            Draco knew when he had been dismissed. Bowing his head stiffly at Mystyk's direction, he silently backed away from the table Harry and Mystyk were occupying, but before he turned his back to them he sent Harry a chilling glare, warning him of a payback worse than most of the things he has done to him in the past.

            "Uh-oh." Mystyk sighed once Draco and company were out of earshot.

            Harry frowned and turned to her, "Uh-oh what? Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

            "I'm fine, Harry. It's just that...I read Draco's thoughts and...well, let's just say that what I read didn't sound at all too good." she bit on her lower lip as she turned to look at Harry, "I'm sorry Harry. I shouldn't have goaded Draco like that. Now he's really mad at you."

            "Mad at me?" Harry's eyes grew wider behind his round specs, "What did I do to him?"

            By simply getting in his way. Mystyk didn't want to tell him that. He wouldn't understand. It will only confuse him more.

            "Getting in his way to what?" Harry asked, a frown creasing his forehead, the lightning scar on his forehead visible through his messy dark hair concealing it from everyone being scrunched as well.

            Mystyk looked horrified when Harry voiced out his question.

            "W-what did you just say?"

            "You said I'm standing against Draco's way." Harry said casually.

            "I didn't say anything, Harry," she denied. Of course she said it, but she said it in her head not out loud!

            "But I heard you say it." he insisted.

            "Harry, listen to me. I didn't say anything out loud."


            "I was thinking about what you said you heard me say."

            "What?" Harry blanched. "Are-are you sure?"

            "Yes." she nodded.  Oh hell yes she was certain!  She hasn’t completely lost her mind yet.  And didn’t the Headmaster tell her that unless the other witch or wizard she come across is a psychic like herself, he or she wouldn’t be able to read or hear her thoughts.

            "Then why did I hear it?"

            Mystyk shrugged. She doesn't know either, but the nagging thought that Harry might be psychic kept on pestering her.

            "I couldn't be a psychic too, could I now?" he asked after a while.

            "Has this happened to you before?"

            "You mean hear what others are thinking?"


            "No. But there was that incident back in my second year at Hogwarts when I could hear voices and nobody else can. Turns out I am a Parseltongue." he shrugged.

            "A parsel-what?"

            "A Parseltongue. I can understand the language snakes uses. And there was that incident three years ago where a large snake was on the loose here in school. It uses the pipes hidden behind walls to get around that's why I could hear it." he explained.


            "It was scary, but cool too when I come to think about it now." he chuckled.

            "But Harry, I am not a snake and I obviously am not a Parseltongue." she pointed out.  “Hell, I can barely speak fluent French or German so there’s no way I can speak a completely out of this world language!”

            "I know. And you didn't say anything out loud?"

            "No." she shook her head firmly.

            "Then that could only mean..." his voice faltered and slowly his gaze sought and met Mystyk's; the answer to what just happened quite obvious as it was written in those violet eyes of hers.

Ron and Hermoine sat across from Harry inside the Gryffindor Common Room with their mouths hanging open. Harry just told them the most bizarre thing that happened earlier at the library.

            "Harry, are you sure about this?" Hermoine asked after she has overcome her initial shock at the news.

            "I couldn't believe it myself either, Hermoine." Harry reassured his best friend.

            "Are you serious?" Ron still looked very much shocked after hearing the news, "You read Mystyk's mind?"

            "Seems like it." Harry nodded.

            "But how?" Hermoine questioned, "Harry, how could that have happened? You guys haven't gone that far ahead yet in Divinations, have you?"

            "I don’t think so. And would we even cover telepathy in Divinations?  I mean, we have touched it at one point or the other, but I just couldn't seem to get it together. Seems like I don't have the Inner Eye for paranormal stuff." Harry frowned, slumping against one of the big, dark leather couches by the fireplace.

            "So you are not that familiar with the basics of mind-reading?" she frowned.


            She took a deep breath and slumped deeper into the big couch she was occupying. This was one puzzle even she couldn't figure out.  And she was said to be one of the smartest student at Hogwarts.

"Professor, mind if I ask you something that is not related to any of these subjects we're discussing right now?" Mystyk asked Professor Dumbledore the next day for her History of Magic Year 3 class.

            "Certainly, Ms. Rydel. What seems to be bothering you?" Dumbledore put down the eagle-feather quill he was using and turned his full attention to his young student.

            Mystyk took a deep breath to calm her nerves. All day yesterday and all night she couldn't stop thinking about that weird incident in the library between her and a fifth-year Gryffindor student, Harry.

            "Well you see professor, yesterday afternoon while I was busy studying alone in the library, a boy named Harry approached me and sat down at my table," she began, chewing on her bottom lip as she nervously twirled the feathered end of her quill over and over her finger.

            "Go on." Professor Dumbledore prodded his face remained expressionless as he continued to listen to her.

            Mystyk took another deep breath and continued, "Well, he is a nice boy and we were just sitting across from each other discussing something when suddenly he read my thoughts. He looked as shocked as I was when he mentioned something about what I just thought about."

            "I see." Professor Dumbledore nodded still not reacting to the news that there could be a possibility of another psychic student attending Hogwarts other than herself.

            "I know it shouldn't really bother me much, but according to Harry this has never happened to him before. I mean, he said he hasn't read or even heard someone else's thoughts before." Mystyk met the elder Headmaster's gaze and sighed, "I thought you said I'm the only student here at Hogwarts that has psychic abilities. If so, Professor, how did Harry read my mind?"

            "Good question, Ms. Rydel. A very good question indeed,” the Headmaster murmured and sat back in his chair stapling his fingers together while he rested his elbows on his seat’s armrests.

            Mystyk waited for the Headmaster to say anything else, but after a few minutes lapsed and he remained mute and deep in thought, Mystyk gave up waiting and just concentrated on her lesson.  But the thought that Harry could be another gifted student didn’t flitter that far away from her mind at all.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Secrets She Holds" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 2 Feb 09.

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