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Friends, Or Something Like Them

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Summary: Larry got away at the end of Double Down...or did he?

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Television > Burn NoticeTelumielFR1341,346042,9492 Feb 092 Feb 09Yes

How gone?

Property Disclaimer I don't own anything. Not even the three dying plants in my living room.

Insanity Disclaimer This is what happens when A) the only thing you have to watch is Burn Notice, B) you are stuck in negative 20 Celsius with no internet and C) no one else speaks English. After watching the episode Double Down for the umpteenth time, I got to wondering if there was more going on. This is what my brain came up with. Enjoy!

Promotion Watch Burn Notice! Now back to your regularly scheduled drivel, er, entertainment...


In the special ops “community,” it’s easy to lose track of people. Spend a few of years undercover and everyone not in your op disappears on their own undercover op as well. Sometimes that is good. But it also makes it easy for the guy you need to keep your eye on to vanish. And that’s when it’s bad.

“So did our buddy Larry say who he was deading next?” Sam broached the subject as they tailed Bill Johnson to his meeting.

“No. Just said he was ‘shuffling off to Buffalo.’” Michael sounded indifferent just enough to mask the anger from anyone who didn’t know him.

Sam knew him. “Don’t think we could hope he is the one who’s doing the shuffling off?”

“I wouldn’t count on it. But he won’t be coming back to Miami.” Michael closed the subject.

“Well, thank God for small things. So what do you think our favorite Bill is up to in there?” Sam nodded and turned the matter to the game at hand.

There would be time enough to make sure that Larry stayed gone for good. It would be asking a favor, but it would be worth owing them.


The scenes broke themselves up and insisted upon being posted as different chapters. I am their slave.
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