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Welcome To My World

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Summary: Trouble finds Xander no matter where he goes.

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Television > Heroes > Xander-CenteredMistressTitaniaFR181543292,5452 Feb 092 Feb 09Yes
Disclaimer: I don't own Heroes or Buffy the Vampire Slayer; just writing this for fun and not profit
Spoilers: Season 1 of Heroes; All of Buffy series
Warnings: Crack
Word Count: 520
Rating: FRA
Pairings: none but hints of slash
Summary: Trouble finds Xander no matter what.

Note: I’m working on clearing old files off my laptop. This was originally going to be another series but I just can’t right now. So it will either stay a one-shot or someone is welcomed to adopt it.


Xander had been in New York for about a week and was enjoying the time off immensely. It was nice not to have to go search for slayers and just relax, no apocalyptic battles or anything. This evening he was to Kirby Plaza to look at the fountain. Afterward of course part of Xander would curse fate, the other part was grateful.

Just as Xander stepped foot into the Plaza he heard a gun go off. Pulling out his dagger Xander went running towards the noise but stopped to figure things out for a moment, he'd hate to attack the wrong person. He watched in shock as bullets were stopped in mid-air and sent back into the man who shot them. He blinked as he watched two beautiful men fighting each other. He glanced and saw several wounded one who looked like he was at death's door. Xander raced over to the man, there was a woman and two children, both look scared stiff.

Yanking open his backpack Xander thrust his extremely well stocked first aide kit into the woman's hands.

"Here, pour the green vile on the wound, it will stop the bleeding. The purple will help with his pain. Can you tell me what's going on? I'm Xander by the way."

"Nikki and thank you, this is my husband, DL, my son Micah, and Molly, not sure really who she is. Sylar, the one on the left, he's a killer, and Peter is trying to stop him. But were a little concerned because Peter doesn't have much control."

Xander stood and quickly raced over tapped Peter's shoulder. Glancing over his shoulder Peter stared in shock.

"Nighthawk, the stripper, what the hell?" asked Peter.

Xander blushed brightly when he realized he'd seen this guy once before doing his stripper routine.

"Um, yeah don't go by that anymore; I go by Xander or Her White Knight."

Bennet heard this and started to choke in shock.

"Oh, great, so he knows me, joy. So need some back up?" asked Xander.

"You should get out of here it's not safe."

"Please, as if this guy is any threat!"

Sylar growled and attempted to use his power send Xander into a wall but frowned when nothing happened.

"Nice try buddy, but I've got a half dozen protection spells on me."

"Spells? Like magic, that doesn't exist. That would be like saying vampires or witches exist." snarked Mohinder unable to stop himself.

"You mean like me, mate?" asked a vamped out Spike.

"Damnit Spike, why must you follow me everywhere?"

"Cause you always find the best fights."

Spike stepped into the light letting everyone see his fangs and ridges. A lot let out a shriek, except Molly who ran to hug Spike, baffling everyone.

"Well, if it isn't mini-platelet, how are you sweetie?"

"Not good, Mommy and Daddy where killed by the boogieman, and then I got sick, but my Heroes helped me! My other heroes, you were my first hero!" She hugged Spike tightly.

"And who is this Boogie-Man?” asked an angry Spike.

Sylar was starting to think now might be a time to run.

The End

You have reached the end of "Welcome To My World". This story is complete.

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