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Precious Times Two

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Summary: Abby’s not a conventional sort of girl so why should her relationships be any different? D/s Femdom, F/m/m, Abby/Xander/Greg

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NCIS > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Abby Sciuto
CSI > CSI Las Vegas
AzureChaosFR1811,1413113,0412 Feb 092 Feb 09Yes
Pairing: Abby Sciuto/Xander Harris/Greg Sanders
Rating: 18+
Warnings: Dom/sub, F/m/m, Femdom, nothing graphic
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters or the shows that they come from. No money has or will be made from this fic.
Word count: 1,112 – written for halfamoon on LJ
Summary: Abby’s not a conventional sort of girl so why should her relationships be any different?

She doesn’t know if her friends would be surprised to see her right now or not. She knows that they’re aware of her alternate view of the world. They know that she likes men that range from the androgynous to the macho, but she’s not sure if she knows she likes them on their knees at her feet or that she likes more than one at a time.

Abby Sciuto smirks at the thought of what the likes of Tony might say if he was to see her now. Actually, she’s often imagined him on his knees at her feet, her favourite crop sliding up and down his bare back in a manner that suggests he’s about to feel it’s sting and sending shivers down his spine in response. Of course she’s thought about him like that. She’s considered tying him to her bondage bench and slowly stripping away that excessive body hair to reveal the strong muscles that it hides. She’s even fantasised about watching him with one of her other boy’s. He’s pretty; she can’t help herself.

Right now though, the men she has at her feet are every bit as handsome as Anthony DiNozzo; one of them is even every bit as much a trouble magnet as her workmate. She runs her hand through boy number one’s thick loose curls and smiles. Xander is strong; he’s seen action and has come through the other side, scars and all. He’s known heartache and injury and he’s faced unbelievable odds, but every time he’s picked himself up and rejoined the fight. He’s a force of nature, he doesn’t always do what’s right but he always does what’s best. Xander Harris doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. She adores him and she can see in those liquid brown eyes that he adores her right back; what’s more, he’s not afraid of showing it. There are times when she’s not even sure what she’s done to deserve him looking at her like that: like she’s the centre of his universe.

Boy number two is far more cerebral; he fights with words rather than weapons. His knowledge is his power but he is no weaker than Xander. Greg Sanders is smart and intelligent, he’s seen his own battles and he bears as many scars as Xander both inside and out. They complement each other so well but they’re not opposites by any stretch of the imagination.

They’re both playful and eager, as hyperactive as she is when hopped up on sugar and caffeine. Greg can keep up with her science geekiness, he understands her when she talks about her babies and can even give her advice on them. He’s witnessed the worst kind of betrayal from the people he’s trusted most to have his back but he’s not in the slightest bit jaded. Xander, on the other hand, is a cynic, he’s all strategy and cunning, he can plan his way out of the worst possible scenario. He’s glimpsed the end of the world and brought them back from the brink of apocalypse, not once but several times… he even has a t-shirt that says as much. He lets her wear it sometimes and there was even one time when he put it on Greg declaring that he’d earned it after the terrible time he’d just come through.

She imagines Tim’s slightly jealous response if he were to find her here like this. Sure, she thought he was cute in a completely unconventional way but they’ve been over for years. Yet, for some reason, he’s continued to think he has some kind of claim on her. It bothers her and she’s been known to deliberately antagonise his possessiveness more than once…it serves him right; after all, it was him who ended it, not her. Abby’s not bitter though. It’s not like with Gibbs: he’s protective of her, but it’s because he cares and not because he thinks he’s owns her.

Gibbs just wants what is best for her, wants someone who is worthy of his surrogate daughter. And she has them, she really does…she’s sure her boss would approve of her choices; in fact she has plans to introduce him to them. She’s still not sure how he might react to her having more than one, but she appreciates his concern and his approval matters to her.

Abby isn’t entirely sure how Ziva might react, they get on more now than they used to but they aren’t close like she used to be with Kate. Of course, Kate would have given her that dirty smile and said good for her. She gets the feeling that Ziva would probably approve as well. Despite being a good Jewish girl she’s a strong woman, she understands these things…probably.

Sitting in the club she is aware of the envious stares, knows that people are jealous of her for the two boys who have given themselves to her so completely. They’re hers to play with, to tease and torment, to protect and cherish, and she would do anything for them.

Abby runs a hand through their hair and they both look up at her, impish smiles quirking their lips and she can’t help but smile back at them. They know what they do to her when they look at her like that and she has to resist the urge to drag them up and kiss them until they’re panting and hard. Actually, she’s fairly sure that they’re both hard anyway…they probably have been since they left the apartment to come to the club. Her devilish boys know what can happen there, expect that at any minute she might say or do something that will make Greg blush and Xander babble in nervous embarrassment. They put themselves in her capable hands and accept whatever she chooses to give them. Of course, it helps that she treats them well; they’re devoted to her because she’s devoted to them.

Her eyes slowly flicker over Greg’s face and her lips curve upwards in a teasing smile then she signs at him to kiss Xander. His cheeks pink slightly but he does as she’s told him and leans across to devour his brother in submission in a passionate kiss. It leaves her gasping almost as much as it does them and her clit tingles in anticipation of where this evening will lead.

A sharp tug on Xander’s hair has him looking up at her and she leans down to claim his kiss-swollen lips. These boys, these handsome, strong and wonderful men choose to give themselves to her completely and she treasures that submission as the most important gift anyone could ever receive.

The End

You have reached the end of "Precious Times Two". This story is complete.

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