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So Buffy Met Jack...

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This story is No. 1 in the series "So Buffy Met Jack". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: After spending a few weeks trapped in an extratemporal holding cell together, Captain Jack Harkness offered Buffy Summers a job at Torchwood. And how could she ever turn down an offer like that? (Guest stars: Capt. John, Spike)

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredtaintedcrimsonFR1528131,8922118481,7553 Feb 0922 Dec 10No

Morning Routine

Title: So Buffy Met Jack...
Authors: Amy (taintedcrimson & Sarah; Guest writer Danielle
Crossover: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Torchwood
Spoilers: Through Buffy / Angel series finales and Torchwood Series 2 / Doctor Who Series 4. (Some elements borrowed from Season 8 comics)
Rating: FR-15 (for usual Torchwood-ness)
Disclaimer: Everything is owned by Joss/Fox and Russell/BBC!

Summary: After spending a few weeks trapped in an extratemporal holding cell together, Captain Jack Harkness offered Buffy Summers a job at Torchwood. And how could she ever turn down an offer like that?

Notes: Happy Holidays! We're not dead!


Ianto left Jack in his office with his coffee and a danish to bring a mug of non-fat mocha and a mug of hot chocolate on a silver tray up the lift to the tourist office just before nine in the morning, as he'd done every day for over a week. The hidden door in the wall slid back and allowed him entrance to the tight space where Spike sat on the floor with his back against the counter and Buffy curled up in his lap, sound asleep.

"Morning," Ianto told them mildly, setting the tray on the counter. He looked down at where Buffy had yet to stir before turning his attention to Spike. "She's an astoundingly heavy sleeper," he remarked. Either that or, morning after morning, she just pretended not to hear him come in.

"Mornin'," Spike replied glancing up from the paper he was reading while Buffy slept.

"She's not usually this heavy of a sleeper," he replied, folding the paper with one hand, while the other continued to stroke her hair soothingly. "She's just had a lot of late nights lately," he said with a smirk.

Ianto snorted slightly. "Jack says she can have until 9:30," he told Spike, passing on the message he was given. "Since last night's hunt ran so late."

"Oh right, the hunt, that was fun too," he grinned, reaching up for the mug of hot chocolate, taking care not to disturb the woman settled on his lap.

When Ianto saw him straining slightly to reach the tray without moving, he grabbed it and lowered it to within Spike's reach until the vampire could take the mug.

"'Fun' is one word for it," Ianto said dryly, putting the tray back on the counter. "But I suppose chasing flesh-eating monsters from space is more fun for people who are less susceptible to contusions, lacerations and death," he pointed out, turning back towards the hidden door, which still stood open.

"You're probably right about that one mate," he conceded with a shrug, taking a sip of cocoa and raising it towards the administrator in thanks before turning back to his paper.

Ianto gave a small shrug and headed back down the hallway to the lift, allowing the secret door to slide closed behind him.

He thought over the previous night's mission, capturing a very dangerous creature, brought to Cardiff courtesy of the Rift. He'd been in the Hub, tracking the creature's movements for the field team. Jack hadn't allowed him back into the field yet, though his injuries were healing. Sometimes he missed it... but the previous night had not been one of those times. Hunting weevils with Jack was one thing. They were a known quantity in strength, speed and proclivities. The creature the previous night was not and had turned out to be ten times more dangerous than even the most crazed weevil. It was probably a good thing that three-quarters of the team hunting it was not easily harmed.

He stepped through the cog door back into the Hub and made a coffee for himself before heading back up to Jack's office. Jack was signing some documents from the pile Ianto had left him, but took the opportunity to stop when Ianto walked in.

"Don't let me interrupt you," Ianto said with a bit of a smile, leaning on the door frame.

Jack grinned and took a sip of his coffee. "How are Buffy and Spike this morning?" he asked.

Ianto shrugged with one shoulder. "Spike was Spike and Buffy was asleep."

When Buffy woke around ten minutes later, she had a slight smile curling up the corners of her lips. Her gaze fell on the blonde man above her and the smile grew. She could smell coffee and chocolate and knew Ianto had already been by with their morning round; Spike didn't seem to be in a hurry though, so Jack must have been having a good morning.

"That was a nice dream," she murmured, in no hurry to move, even if one of the Coffee God's drinks waited for her if she did.

"Mornin' luv, welcome back to the land of the livin'," he greeted when she stirred, reaching out to run a couple fingers down her cheek. "Dreamin' about me then were ya?" he asked cockily, reaching out to grab her coffee to bring it easily within her reach for when she wanted it.

"Mmhmm," she smiled as she nodded lazily, stretching like a cat before taking her drink. She didn't sit up yet though, just looked up at the literal man of her dreams with a contented expression.

"I was back in heaven," she told him without hesitation, the topics not causing her the discomfort and remembered pain it normally did. "It was warm and soft... And you were there with me."

"Anywhere where you are, is my heaven, kitten," he replied giving her that smile that he saved just for her. He was mildly surprised at the location of her dream but was more than pleased to hear he was included. Although he couldn't help but be saddened by what the dream represented, what she had lost.

Buffy grinned up at him before carefully sitting up in a movement graceful enough to not spill coffee all over herself. After a long drink of her caffeine-coated chocolate, she let out a deep and happy sigh. "I love mornings like that."

"Well the boss man wants you at 9:30," he mentioned downing the rest of his hot chocolate, passing the news along. "So mornin' is just about over."

A groan was her only response to that as she hid her face against his shoulder.

"Or we could make a break for it," he offered at her underwhelming response to the idea of work. "Could play hooky for the day. There has to a blanket around here somewhere."

Buffy chuckled quietly at the idea. "And Jack would suddenly pop up and give me one of those disapproving looks of his before informing me that if I want vacation time, I have to go through Ianto's paperwork channels," she said with a shake of her head. "No thanks. I'll take the alien hunting."

"Do I look like I do paperwork?" he replied, one eyebrow raised at the idea of going through the proper channels for anything. "But if you inist, I suppose alien hunting it is," he conceeded with a heavy sigh.

"That's my cuddly fanged teddy bear," she teased, wrapping her free arm around him to give him a hug. She was hoping he made a face, she loved it when he made those faces.

"Oi!" he protested, only half convincingly. "I'll show you a fanged teddy bear," he retorted, grabbing the slayer around her waist, hauling her across his lap and playfully attacking her neck.

Luckily, Buffy's reflexes were quick enough to have her plopping down her coffee mug with only minimal sloshing before she was so viciously attacked by the evil, evil vampire. An attack which left her in a fit of high giggles, making her feel like she was a teenager again. Spike just had a way of making everything better for her, without even really trying.

"Well come on luv, since you decided playin' hooky is off the table," he said, tossing the slayer over one shoulder, picking up their mugs and standing, making his way down to the hub. "Hi ho, hi ho, its off to work and all that rot."

She laughed the entire way to the elevator and down, her giggles filling the air as the cog door rolled to the side. "Okay, you're hilarious," she said with only a bit of sarcasm. "But you can put me down now."

The last thing she needed was Jack getting ideas for new team bonding exercises.

He tilted his head and pretended to consider her statement even though she couldn't see his face since she was hanging upside down over his back. "I could, but I think I won't," he said easily, his stride never faltering.

Her jaw dropped, even though she hadn't really expected him to let her go so easily. She was just betting Jack was watching from his office and having a good chuckle. Well, this next bit would get a laugh out of anyone.

She gave him a good smack on the rear. If it didn't get her put down, then at least he'd probably like it and that would eventually get her a very nice kiss for her efforts.

"Oh, do it again," he said lecherously, knowing she wouldn't expect any different from him.

Buffy groaned in a not sexually frustrated way. And she did it loudly.

"Why are the men in my life so crazy?" she demanded to know, though she really wouldn't have it any other way. "The only sane one seems to be Ianto, and he's with Jack, so that really doesn't give him all that many points..."

Jack, emerging from his office and unfazed by the upsidedown Slayer, was quite prepared to agree with Buffy until she got to the part about Ianto not getting points for dating him.

"Oi!" he said with mock affront. "I know I'm dating up, okay. Don't rub it in," he teased, shooting Ianto a wink. Inwardly, Ianto was quite moved by the statement, joking or not, but he wouldn't let the others see it. He rolled his eyes and Jack laughed, which was a good result in and of itself.

Buffy managed to give Jack a not-quite-heartfelt glare before Gwen's arrival distracted her from whatever she'd been about to say. The dark haired woman was chewing a bite of pastry as she entered the room, stopping beside her desk to raise an eyebrow at her teammates. "Why is Spike holding Buffy like she's potatoes?" she asked around her breakfast, then continued eating and putting away her things without being at all concerned with the answer to her query.

"Well the Slayer here was tryin' to convince me that it would be a good idea to bunk off for the day. But bein' the responsible Vamp I am took it upon myself to make sure she got to work on time, even if that meant using force. At great physical risk to myself I might add," Spike explained, the picture of innocence.

Jack put on his Serious Face and nodded gravely at Spike's clearly insincere words.

"Skipping work?" Jack echoed. He looked at Ianto. "Isn't that a spanking offense?" he asked, matching the innocence in Spike's tone with his own.

"I think it is Capt'n," Spike replied matching his tone.

"I wouldn't know," Ianto intoned without even looking up from his work. "Perhaps unbelievably, I've never considered doing it."

"Spanking? I'd like to dispute that claim," Jack answered with a smirk.

Ianto rolled his eyes with a great deal more sincere exasperation and picked up some files from his desk, heading towards the archives with them.

Buffy narrowed her eyes at Jack before doing her best contortionist impression to reach up and swat the back of Spike's head. "Okay, really, time to put me down," she said with an even dose of seriousness, but not enough to give the impression that she was mad about it.

Gwen just shook her head and stuffed the last bit of pastry into her mouth before pulling up a report she hadn't finished yet.

Never one not to follow through on a threat, or promise, whichever the case may be, Spike gave Buffy a couple quick swats on the bum before setting her back down on her feet, flashing her a shameless grin.

She, in return, gave him a look of almost death and declared, "You're so not getting any tonight," then turned and headed to her desk.

Gwen nearly choked on said pastry.

Jack chuckled as Ianto disappeared in the direction of the archives and shook his head at Spike before heading back towards his office. He was stopped in his tracks when the Rift alarm went off and Ianto came hurrying back from the archives to check the reading.

Spike on the other hand was wholly unconcerned, completely confident in his abilities to change the Slayer's mind, having no doubts that she would be singing a completely different tune come nightfall.

His interest piqued however when the alarms went off, hoping there was something that needed killing and it would be a venue where he could play too.

Gwen tossed the pen she'd just picked up back onto her desk with a frustrated look. She was never going to get that report done and Ianto was going to start docking her caffeine allotment when she got behind.

Buffy, for her part, just scowled and headed over to Ianto, who would undoubtedly be pulling up the information on whatever was causing all the racket.

Ianto was dimly aware that everyone had gathered around him, but he was too focused on what he was doing to take much more notice than that, with the exception of his very keen awareness that Jack was standing at his elbow. He was always keenly aware of Jack's presence or lack of it.

He scanned the information that came up on his screen, then looked up at Jack. "There's a major disturbance just outside of Cardiff," he explained. "It's not a standard rift spike. It's..." He looked back at the screen, frowning at the readings slightly. "Almost like it's being manipulated, somehow," he said. "There's a discernable pattern in the energy signature's oscillations."

"And in English that means-" Spike asked over Buffy's shoulder, not having bothered to take the time

Gwen frowned as she looked over the readings. "It means someone, or something, is doing this on purpose," she surmised for the vampire.

Buffy's scowl deepened. "Great," she muttered with a roll of her eyes. "Just what we need."

Jack looked at the screen for a long moment before almost subconsciously laying a hand on Ianto's shoulder and glancing around at the team.

"Okay, so it looks like someone is trying to open the Rift somehow," he announced. "We should be able to get a location trace for the disturbance, so get your gear together." He looked down at Ianto. "I want you to come along, but you're working on the scientific side of things only. If there's an altercation, you stay out of it. You haven't been cleared. Don't make me send you back here. Understood?"

Ianto nodded, trying not to look too pleased about getting out of the Hub as he slid out of his seat and began gathering his equipment.

"Does that mean I'm manning the bat cave?" Spike asked nonchallantly, in an attempt to not draw attention to the fact that they had never left him alone in the hub before.

Buffy became very still, waiting to hear the answer with as much anticipation as Spike. It was Jack's call, but... everyone already knew what her vote would be.

Jack turned and looked at Spike. "If you wouldn't mind," he replied. "We've gotten along without someone here when we've had to, but it's easier if we have someone to keep an eye on the monitors."

"Well arighty then," he said taking said position in front of the monitors and spinning around once in the chair, more surprised and pleased then he would ever show or admit by the acceptance and trust he was being shown. It was something that he had fought to hard and so long from the Scoobys, and half the time he still didn't have it from them. "But the first person who calls me Alfred get's their tongue ripped out," he threatened unconvincingly.

Buffy grinned like someone had just given her a shiny new sharp object; words couldn't express how happy she was for him to be accepted into her new family. It erased any lingering doubt that she might not have made the right decision in joining Torchwood.

Leaning down, she gave him a sound kiss, her hands framing his face. "Don't blow anything up," she whispered playfully before pulling back to grab her things from her desk. With her earpiece securely in place and gun tucked out of sight, she turned at Gwen's call.

"We've got a location!" the dark-haired woman pronounced as she tapped a few more keys on the pad in her hands, a bag full of equipment on her shoulder.

Buffy hoisted a much larger and heavier bag of equipment onto her own shoulder before giving the Y chromosomes of the team a raised eyebrow. "Well, come on, boys, we don't wanna be late to the party!"
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