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Internal Affairs

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Summary: Sick and tired of Angel's secrets, Kate Lockley hires a private investigator named Dennis Booker to dig up some dirt. Soon, sparks fly between them and Booker finds out that Angel has darker secrets than they thought. Booker/Kate

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Television > 21 Jump StreetTDWidowFR131214,761194,4493 Feb 0912 Jun 09Yes

Chapter Ten - Learning the Truth

AUTHOR’S NOTE Booker doesn’t take nearly as long as he probably should to accept all that’s going on, but I didn’t feel like writing three or four filler chapters of him figuring it out. After all, Kate accepts it pretty quickly once she finds out.

DISCLAIMER I don’t own anything from either Angel or 21 Jump Street.

Chapter Ten

“What the Hell?” Booker cried as he stumbled backwards and groped blindly for the door.

A low growl escaped Angel’s throat before his features seemed to melt and shift back to normal and his eyes turned brown again. “I told you, you didn’t want to get involved in this,” he said, his voice deathly quiet. “Get out of here.”

Booker did not need to be told again. He yanked the door open and ran back through the garage as fast as he could. In the background, he vaguely heard Cordelia’s and Wesley’s voices anxiously calling to Angel, wondering if everything was okay.

He dodged the oncoming traffic and leapt into the rental car. Gunning the engines, he pulled out onto the street, cutting off at least three cars as he raced toward the freeway. He wanted as many miles between himself and Angel Investigations as possible.

When he reached the exit for the Burbank Airport, he got off the freeway and pulled into the nearest empty parking lot. There, he put his head against the steering wheel and tried to will his body to stop shaking. “Dammit!” he shouted.

He tried to take deep breaths, but it did not do him any good. He could not get the image of those yellow eyes and the fangs out of his head. The tiny car suddenly made him claustrophobic and he wrenched the door open. He paced around the car as the Southern California sun sank closer and closer to the horizon.

Suddenly he stopped and stared at the setting sun. Angel didn’t like light. Booker had never seen him out during the day. Just now, he had looked like he had just woken up. The windows in his office were heavily curtained.

And then, when he had showed up at Booker’s apartment, he had not been able to actually enter the apartment. Not to mention the fact that he had fangs.

Booker nearly fell against the side of his car. “Holy…” he muttered. “He’s a vampire.”

It did not make any sense. Vampires were movie monsters. They were supposed to look like Bela Lugosi, walking around with black capes and thick accents. They weren’t real.

He felt his knees start to feel like they might give out. “Angel’s a vampire,” he repeated. Maybe if he said it out loud enough times, he might begin to believe it.

He tried to remember everything he could about vampires. They did not like garlic. The only way to kill them was to drive a stake through their hearts. They drank blood. They could not come out in sunlight.

Nervously, Booker looked back at the horizon. He had to get somewhere safe before the sun set. Again he jumped back in the car and headed for the rental lot where his motorcycle waited for him.

Once he had the bike back, he was suddenly unsure where he could go. Angel knew where he lived, but as far as he knew, his actual apartment was safe. Any public place was not.

At first he turned and headed toward Ioki’s apartment, but then realized that there was nothing to say. How was he supposed to tell one of his oldest friends that he had discovered a vampire living in Los Angeles without that friend thinking that he had lost his mind?

No, Ioki was definitely not an option. And the last person he wanted to see right now was Kate. He briefly wondered why he did not feel that he had to run straight to her side to warn her of the danger that she was in just by knowing Angel.

Speaking of which, why did Angel have two people working for him? Booker had seen both Cordelia and Wesley out in the sunlight. They were obviously not vampires. What in the world were they doing with a monster?

He had no answers to any of the questions. Finally he figured that if Angel could not enter his apartment before, he probably still could not get in. The apartment was most likely safe. He pulled his bike into its parking spot and ran up the stairs. His heart pounded until he had closed the door behind him, locked the deadbolt and pulled the chain. He sat on the couch and kept one eye on the door until the sun rose in the morning.

Kate got off the elevator on Booker’s floor. She knocked on his door, but no one answered. “Hello?” she called.

Again, no answer. “Huh,” she said, frowning. “Dennis?” she tried again.

Nothing. Disappointed, she turned to go back to the elevator when a man stepped out of a nearby doorway. “Kate.”

She stopped dead. “Angel,” she said.

Angel gave her his trademarked piercing look. “What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Looking for a friend,” she replied warily. “What are you doing here?”

“Looking for the same friend,” Angel said. “How have you been?”

She shifted uncomfortably. “I’ve been okay. What about you? You haven’t come by in a while.”

Angel looked at the ground sadly. “It’s been a rough time. We, uh, we lost someone.”

Even though she already knew that Angel had lost one of his team, she still felt for his loss. “I’m so sorry, Angel. Is there anything I can do?”

He shook his head. Then gesturing toward the door, he asked, “Does he make you happy?”

She should have known that she could not keep anything from him. “Yeah,” she finally said. “He does.”

“He’s a pretty good private investigator,” Angel said begrudgingly.

Kate laughed. “You’d know, of course.”

With a small smile, Angel said, “Thanks. But I’ve got to know something.”

She felt her face flush. “Why?”

Angel nodded. Kate sighed. “I’m sorry. I just – I don’t know. I help you so often and there are so many unanswered questions. I’m so sorry.”

Why was she apologizing? She was entitled to know about the man who she broke regulations for on a regular basis. She deserved to know what he was hiding.

But now that she looked at him and saw the hurt in his eyes that she would have him investigated, she knew that he could trust him. “I’m sorry,” she said again.

He shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.”

They stood in an awkward silence. Finally Kate said, “Well if you’re looking for Dennis, he’s not here I guess. No one’s answering the door.”

He did not seem to believe her, but he nodded anyway. “Take care of yourself, Kate,” he said, then disappeared back through the doorway.

She watched him go, mysterious as always, and shook her head. Taking one last look at Booker’s closed door, she took the elevator back down to the street.

Booker sat in his living room in silence. What in the world was Kate thinking? Why had Angel come looking for him, in the middle of the day, no less? Why hadn’t he attacked her?

There was obviously something that he was missing. He had no idea what was going on and that irked him. Kate could not answer his questions. Ioki couldn’t either. They had both risked enough for him in the past week. He had to figure this one out on his own.

As much as he was terrified to do it, he knew whom he needed to talk to. Only one person could explain all of the weird things that he had seen and discovered. After a few minutes of getting up his nerve, Booker grabbed the keys to his bike and sped off toward Angel Investigations.
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