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Weapon X - The Halloween Project

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Summary: YAHF. Xander inadvertently dresses as Wolverine for Halloween, but can he contain the feral killer within as well as Logan does? Crossover with X-Men/Wolverine.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTheHeartistFR1845,15613816,9893 Feb 0912 Feb 09No

The transformation

A/N: Wasn't gonna put this up until I'd actually written a bit more, but I really didn't expect so many reviews from a mere teaser, so here's the first full chapter. Chapter lengths will vary, I merely call a chapter a chapter when it reaches a suitable peak or climax of a story arc.

Disclaimer: The usual, I don't own any of this, see the prologue for the full thing. Some of the dialogue comes from the season two episode "Halloween"


Okay, camouflage, check, toy gun, check. Details though, every fancy dress costume is in the details.

Xander rifled through his dad's old war chest, looking for just that little detail.

Tony Harris may have been a lay about drunk now, but back in the day, he apparently served the Canadian government with some sort of honour.

'Honour,' Xander thought, chuckling as he dug his way through a pile of newspaper clippings, medals and suddenly found what he was looking for.

He remembered once, was he was around twelve years old having dug through here and found these before, a pair of dog tags with nothing but the word “Wolverine” inscribed on them. He had put them on and worn them for around three weeks before his father had noticed and blown his top, snatching them from his neck and throwing them back in the box, before receding into an even more drunken stupor than usual.

Sitting up and closing the chest, he put the tags on, and hid them under his shirt.

'Perfect,' he thought, 'now to put the rest on, and on to Buffy's.'


Buffy grinned as she opened the door and Xander stepped inside.

“Private Harris, reporting for-” Xander began, before seeing her in the beautiful dress she had picked up from the costume shop, and bowed on one knee.

“Buffy. My Lady Of Buffdom. Duchess Of Buffonia. I am in awe. I completely renounce spandex,” Xander said, thinking that even though she looked beautiful, she was really dressed like that for the wrong reasons.

Deadboy-related reasons. Ah, he'd have his moment in the sun, as soon as she woke up from her Anne Rice fantasy and realised Angel was a VAMPIRE.

“Thank you kind sir “, Buffy replied, “but wait till you see-”

Xander and Buffy turned to see Willow at the top of the stairs, with her usual gigantic ghost outfit on.

“Hi...” she said sheepishly, with a little wave.

“-Casper,” Buffy finished, looking utterly disappointed.

“Hey Will, that's a fine boo you have there,” Xander said with a big smile, knowing that Willow would be straying too far out of her comfort zone with any other costume.


Xander crouched to be face-to-face with the assorted children he'd be tasked with taking trick-or-treating.

“Okay. On sleazing extra candy. Tears are key. Tears'll usually get you a double-bagger. You can also try the old "you missed me" routine - but it's risky. Only go there for chocolate. Understood?”

Xander watched as the kids' faces lit up, and said “, Good. Troops...let's move out.”


In the darkest recesses of Ethan's Costume Store, Ethan Rayne stood in front of a bust of the Chaos God, Janus. As he read the incantations he had prepared, chaos magic surged within it until he finished, and when suddenly, a powerful wave of chaos energy washed over the town.


Professor Charles Xavier's eye shot open, and he quickly removed the Cerebro helmet, before tuning his mental waves towards Jean Grey.

'Jean,' he said silently, 'where is Logan?'

'Professor, something is wrong. Logan was in the Danger Room, exercising when he suddenly passed out. Colossus was in there with him, took him to the medical bay,' Jean replied with a tone of worry in her thoughts.

'Alright Jean, I'm on my way,' Charles replied, wheeling out of the Cerebro room and towards the med bay.


Logan sat up, rubbing his head.

“Where in the hell...” he grumbled, as he looked around to see that he was now on a noisy street, and that he was wearing army fatigues, and carrying an M16.

Not one moment ago, he was in the Danger Room, exercising. Then suddenly, he was here.

“Whoever did this...I'm gonna tear 'em a new one,” Logan growled to no one in particular, as he picked himself up off the ground and started to walk down the street.


A/N: I'll try and have AT LEAST two more parts up by the end of the week. Peace out.
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