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Weapon X - The Halloween Project

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Summary: YAHF. Xander inadvertently dresses as Wolverine for Halloween, but can he contain the feral killer within as well as Logan does? Crossover with X-Men/Wolverine.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTheHeartistFR1845,15613816,9943 Feb 0912 Feb 09No

Chapter Three: Old enemies and brand new friends

A/N: Each chapter will take a little lomger, now that a.) my schedule is more hectic and b.) I plan to make them longer from now on than they have been, if I can. Enjoy :)


“What do you mean, we can't interfere?! Logan is in danger, we can't just sit here and wait-” Rogue began protesting, before the new mysterious arrival silenced her with a gesture.

“Child, I understand your concern. But you cannot interfere, and that is that. Events are transpiring that will tip the scales of this world and others. Evil has made an unfair move, so now good is restoring the balance. As Sorcerer Supreme of this realm, I must safeguard this balance,” the tall moustachioed man who had suddenly appeared in front of the Blackbird in the hanger told them.

The 'them' in question being the current gathered X-Men Rogue, Beast, Forge, Nightcrawler and Gambit. At that point, Xavier entered the hanger with Jean, Cyclops and a comatose Logan on a stretcher being levitated by Xavier in tow.

“Doctor Strange,” Xavier said, eyeing the Sorcerer Supreme as he made his way across the hanger.

“Professor Xavier,” Strange replied “, I will allow you to read my mind. You alone will need to know why you cannot venture to Sunnydale at this time.”

There was a moment of silence, before Xavier raised his head a little and began stroking his chin.

“I see...” he said “, X-Men...stand down. We remain on standby until tomorrow morning. At 6:00 am sharp, we set off for Sunnydale in the Blackbird.”

“What?!” Rogue protested, flinging her arms outwards in dismay.

“Do not question me, Rogue. And do not question the Sorcerer Supreme of heading to Sunnydale now will do more harm than good. We must wait until the time is right,” Xavier said in a commanding tone, before turning both himself and the floating stretcher back out the way they came in.


Willow ran through the wall of the library, startling Giles right out of his chair.

“Argh! What in the...Willow, what's going on?!” Giles quickly demanded.

“It's chaos outside Giles! Everyone has been turned into their costumes! I went as a ghost, so now I'm a ghost, Buffy is a noblewoman, and Xander...well, I don't know what kind of soldier he is, but he's run off on his own...” Willow began in a torrent of Willow babble, before Giles raised a hand and cut her off.

“Willow, Willow please, Xander or Buffy aren't here to translate...wait, ghost? Ghost of what?” Giles said, referring to her rather revealing outfit.

“This is nothing, you should have seen Cordelia's cat outfit-” Willow began before Giles once again interrupted.

“Good lord, she thinks she's a feline?” Giles asked, hurriedly cleaning his glasses.

“No, but the thing was skin-tight, I mean...wait, Cordelia hasn't changed. She mentioned after Xander left us that she got her costume at Party Town, we got ours at the new place, ahhhh...Ethan's,” Willow said, as Giles' demeanour turned from shocked to grim in two seconds flat.

“Did you just say Ethan's?” Giles asked darkly, leaving Willow to stutter out a feeble “yes.”

Before Willow could protest, Giles picked up his car keys and headed out of the library, leaving Willow to simply stand there completely bemused.


“Alright, Sabretooth, how in the hell did you get here? It's not as if you're a public figure on the six o'clock news like the web head over here!” Logan growled, staring down the now unfamiliar form of his old enemy.

“Beats me. This coat seems familiar, but the rest of this damn outfit...ah hell, like I owe you an explanation runt! You just drop into my lap and there none of Xavier's little creeps around to stop me tearing you to shreds!” Sabretooth growled right back, before pouncing on Wolverine.

The two feral combatants proceeded to wrestle around on the ground, each of them trying to gain the upper hand to finish the other one off. Unfortunately for Logan, the body Sabretooth now possessed was a damn sight larger than Logan's, and even against both the body's and Logan's combined strength, proved too much for him to counter. Sabretooth was soon sitting astride Logan, one hand raised ready to deliver the killing blow.

Just as Sabretooth was about to finish Logan off however, a stream of webbing stuck Sabretooth's raised hand to a nearby wall, the force of the unexpected impact throwing Creed clear of Logan.

“Goddamn webslinger! I'll eat your heart!” Sabretooth yelled, tearing his hand away from the wall before turning to the nearby Spider-Man, who clung to the wall of yet another nearby building.

“Gotta say, not very inventive with your bad guy trash talking there cat boy. Sure, evisceration is probably a hoot for you villainous types, but come on! Don't you evil people just wanna take over the world anymore?” Spider-Man chirped, before leaping out of the way of an incoming piece of wall Sabretooth had thrown at him.

Landing on his feet next to a now recovered Logan, he was suddenly swatted aside by an incoming fist. Looking to the direction of the attack, Logan saw a man wearing a leather duster with bleach blonde hair standing there next to a strangely beautiful woman wearing a old fashioned Gothic dress, both of them backed by a cadre of heavies.

“Always wanted to do that, bloody Spider-git,” the blonde man said with a distinctly Cockney accent.

“Ah Logan, see you met my new best buddy! Me and Spike here were just enjoying tearing up this rat hole town!” Sabretooth grunted, walking up alongside Spike.

“Not even your nose is so bad as to not notice that this guy's a stinking vampire, right?” Logan said, eyeing the blonde newcomer.

“Ah, you gotta learn to see past cultural differences! Spike here's a dab hand at some of my favourite past-times!” Sabretooth growled with a vicious smirk.

“Trust me though, he's a sore loser when it comes to a spot of friendly competition, isn't that right Spike?” said another voice from behind Logan.

Logan turned to see a tall, dark man wearing a long coat, his hair going up at the front. He recognised him from somewhere but...

“Hey Logan. I see you're having quite the out of body experience there,” the man said, standing alongside him.

“You. Angel, I'd never have thought I'd see you again,” Logan grunted.

“Just like old times, right?” Angel replied.

“Naw, Deadpool's not here to jabber on in my ear until you punch him,” Logan replied with a grin, turning back to their adversaries.

Logan's odds were definitely improving.


Giles pushed forward the ajar door of Ethan's Costume Shop, peering around the dark dusky vacant shop floor to see row upon row of costumes hanging up, and a faint light coming from the back room.

Moving through the shop, Giles opened to the door see a very old, very grey man standing there in front of a bust of Janus.

“Who in the hell are you?” Giles asked “, and where is Ethan?”

“Ah, Ripper, old mate, don't you recognise me?” the man said with a smirk.

Peering through the many wrinkles and grey hairs, Giles suddenly recognised his old nemesis, the chaos sorcerer Ethan Rayne.

“What...what in the hell happened to you?” Giles asked.

“I'm Ethan mate, but not as you remember him,” Ethan explained, before pointing to a nearby dead body.

Lying on the floor, was a much younger Ethan Rayne, around the age Ethan should have been.

“Who are you? And what in the hell is going on?” Giles demanded, his voice beginning to raise in volume.

“I'm here, Ripper old mate, to correct past mistakes. This is where it all went wrong for me, and so I've returned to fix it,” Ethan said cryptically.

“Returned? Where have you been? Ethan, this is madness, stop-” Giles began, before Ethan waved a hand and froze Giles on the spot with a gesture.

“Don't worry Ripper...I'm not going to kill you. Don't see the point, I never really had much against you, other than you going a bit soft,” Ethan said with a slight grin “, no, you get to watch the rest of tonight fireworks with me. Things will never be the same.”


“Angel, the only member of Weapon X that was more of a pansy than Logan! Haha, two birds with one stone, I'm going to feed you Logan's spine maggot!” Sabretooth declared, interrupting Logan and Angel's impromptu reunion.

“You know, I never liked you Sabretooth. Not that anyone else in Weapon X did, but still...” Angel replied.

“You know this poof mate?” Spike asked Sabretooth, to which Sabretooth simply nodded.

“Well, looks like we got ourselves a little reunion of sorts then. You can all thank me later. Let's get this party going, shall we?” Spike said with a tone of bluster, as he quickly darted toward Angel and swung a fist, which Angel blocked and counter with a jab to the stomach.

“Never liked parties much Spike, always more of a gig kinda guy!” Angel snapped back, as the battle between the four combatants begun in its earnest.


Willow ran back through the wall of Buffy's house to where Cordelia and Buffy were hiding out.

“Did you talk to Giles?” Cordelia asked.

“Yeah, and as soon as I mentioned Ethan's Costume Shop, he got all scary and took off,” Willow explained.

“Dammit...we can't stay here much longer, we're gonna get found out,” Cordelia said, as the now passed out and fast asleep Lady Buffy mumbled and rolled over on the couch.

“Which is why I am here,” came a voice from behind Willow.

Willow and Cordelia turned to see a tall dark, rather handsome stranger sporting an Errol Flynn moustache and rather extravagant looking clothing.

“Okay Captain Blood, who are you and why the hell are you in here?” Cordelia asked, using a front of false courage to mask the fact that she was now terrified.

“Do not fear. I am Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. I am here to safeguard the two of you until tonight's events have transpired,” the man explained.

“Tonight's events? This whole town is tearing itself apart, can't you do something?” Willow asked, her face crossed with bemusement.

“It is not within my power, nor my responsibility to change what must happen. I must take my leave now, and bring things to their conclusion. Know that this house has a ward over it until morning, barring anyone who bears ill threat toward you entry, not just vampires. I will be seeing you again very soon,” Strange declared, before melting back into the shadows and disappearing.

“Wow, Angel has nothing on that guy...” Cordelia remarked “, I just hope he's here to help like he says he is.”


Giles watched on as Ethan gazed directly into this newcomer's eyes.

“How did you find me?” Ethan asked Doctor Stephen Strange, who now had him held aloft within the centre of the room with a simple yet effective binding spell.

“Did you think your actions would go unnoticed? You are out of place, Ethan Rayne, and out of time. But what you have are a mere pawn, and you do not even realise it. And now, foolish chaos mage...I banish you from this plane, upon which you have no right to exist!” Doctor Strange declared with a rising boom.

And with a wave of his hand, Ethan Rayne was bathed with a white light, and then literally, winked out of existence.

Doctor Strange turned to a perplexed Rupert Giles, who hurriedly cleaned his glasses and replaced them.

“Who are you? And perhaps you wouldn't mind telling me what was going on?” Giles asked, anger growing in his voice.

“As I have explained to many of your colleagues this evening, I am Doctor Stephen Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth,” Strange told him with a polite bow.

This meant a little more to Giles than the others, and he simply stood there, open mouthed.

“THE Sorcerer Supreme? What are you doing here?” Giles asked once more, this time with slightly more respect and reverence in his voice.

“The time for explanations is coming, for now Watcher, smash the Janus bust on the table. It will end the spell,” Strange told him “, I will contact you very soon.”

And just like that, Doctor Strange was gone.

“Bloody Hellmouth...” Giles muttered to himself, before grabbing the statue and smashing it upon the ground.


Xander shook his head to clear the cobwebs, and got up off all fours. The street around him was a picture of destruction. Behind him, Angel and Spike were still going at it like cats and dogs, until they both stopped, realising that everyone had gone back to normal. Outnumbered, Spike knew better, and suddenly took off, leaving Angel to help Xander fully to his feet.

“What in the hell...Angel? How do you know Logan?” Xander asked.

“You remember everything?” Angel questioned back before adding “, look, we can do explanations later, let's go find Buffy and Willow.”

Too tired to argue, Xander nodded in assent and the two of them hurriedly left a scene of destruction that not even the Sunnydale P.D could sit there and ignore.


Dragging his wary body up the stairs of his house, Xander Harris entered his room and with an exhausted finality, collapsed on his bed. However exhausted he was however, he could not sleep. His whole body was still buzzing. Xander had been feeling it ever since the transformation had apparently ended. Angel continued to dodge questions about his involvement with Logan, whose memories were still fresh in Xander's mind. Xander kept quiet when they got to the girls and escorted them home safely, and Angel had disappeared shortly after Xander got within a safe distance of his place.

Standing up, Xander walked over to his mirror, noticing that his body was certainly bulkier than usual.

'Almost like I've been going to the gym...what in the hell?' Xander thought, flexing a bicep in the mirror.

At that moment, three blades shot out from between his knuckles, just like Logan's, and upon that sudden action, Xander jumped with fright and fainted.


Rupert Giles paced the library. Last night had bought many, many questions to his mind, and the man who had all the answers simply sat silent in a chair at the end of the library table, Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Earth. Everyone had assembled bar Xander, who was apparently running late, but Strange insisted on waiting for him, remarking that he was “a key player in this event.” That remark had gotten everyone's back up and raised a question in their minds: just exactly who had Xander gone as last night?

Willow's recollection of a man with blades protruding from his hands certainly didn't fit the profile of any soldier Giles knew...

It was at that point in Giles' train of thought that a bleary-eyed Xander Harris dragged himself into the library and threw himself back on to a chair.

“Right, Xander is here, may we proceed Mr. Strange?” Giles said, getting testy.

“That's DOCTOR Strange Mr. Giles, I am actually a gifted neurosurgeon,” Strange said, rising from his chair “, and besides, everyone is not here yet.”

“Yes they are, look around you-,” Giles began, before he was cut off by a voice entering the library from behind him.

“I believe he is referring to us,” said a bald man in a wheelchair being pushed by an athletic African looking woman. But it was the man to his left that caught the eye of Xander.

“Logan,” Xander said, gaze levelled straight at him.

“Yes it is, kid. Now we get to find out why I was forced to take your body for a joyride last night,” Logan grumbled, clearly annoyed that he didn't have a clue what was going on.

“Professor Charles Xavier? What would bring you here?” Giles asked, recognising the man that Giles had come to respect as a forerunner for mutant civil rights, and an overall brilliant mind.

“I am here so that, along with Doctor Strange, I can explain what happened last night. And why these events will change the course of our history,” Xavier answered, leaving Giles stunned and without response.

“Yes, the professor is here now because I asked him to be,” Doctor Strange explained “, as a great many things have come to pass, both here, and in other dimensions. And if not given the proper attention...we could be looking at the end of days.”


A/N: Next chapter, y'all are getting answers. But not all of them, that'd ruin the fun ;) Reviews are nice please!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Weapon X - The Halloween Project" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Feb 09.

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