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Weapon X - The Halloween Project

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Summary: YAHF. Xander inadvertently dresses as Wolverine for Halloween, but can he contain the feral killer within as well as Logan does? Crossover with X-Men/Wolverine.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredTheHeartistFR1845,15613816,9843 Feb 0912 Feb 09No


Disclaimer: I in no way own either the X-Men or Wolverine (owned by Marvel) or Buffy or Angel (Joss Whedon et al) If I did, Xander would have totally had the X-gene from the beginning!

A/N: Searching this site and I realised there were no (to my knowledge at least) Xander-goes-as-Wolverine-on-Halloween fics. So here's my stab at it! Reviews are brain food!


“You've got too far this time Xander! You had no right to kill him!” Buffy screamed, the tears streaming down her face as she gripped the sword Kendra had given her tightly.

“You wouldn't do what had to be done. How many more dead Buffy? How many?!” Xander yelled back, his blood boiling.

“He was MY responsibility! Mine and mine alone! What gives you the right to cast judgement and execute who ever you like?!” Buffy yelled, even louder this time as her rage at the former friend who destroyed the only man she ever loved swelled to exploding point.

Xander stopped, eyes locked with Buffy as she faced him down, the statue of Acathla standing still dormant between them, stopped dead before Angeleus ever had the chance to activate it.

“You're completely right Buffy,” Xander replied in a low growl, “it was your responsibility. And you did nothing. I had to step in. And I warn you now Buffy...don't do this. This Hellmouth needs its Slayer...but I'll protect myself if I have to.”

“Xander, I...I can't forgive this. You've've become a killer. I ignored it until now, but this is the last straw. You need to be put down,” Buffy replied quietly.

“I never pretended to be anything else Buffy. I'm the best at what I do...but what I do isn't nice,” Xander growled, as he popped his claws and charged at Buffy, his claws clashing against the sword she bought up to defend herself.


A/N: As stated above, reviews please! And more is on the way, tis just a teaser!
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