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Drabble to the Top

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Tthdrabbles Responses". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A drabble a day until March 10. Today: The Double Edged Sword Of Chastity (Done in Four Parts)

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OtherziliFR1351,042012,2353 Feb 0910 Feb 09No

The Double Edged Sword Of Chastity

Series: The Double Edged Sword of Chastity (Done in Four Parts)

Word Count: 100

Fandom: SG1 and Hocus Pocus

Challenge: 83 Virtue and Vice

Disclaimer: Don’t own any of them

Part 1


Vi looked at Cassie shaking her head. “I don’t get it.”

“Don’t get what?” Cassie asked.

“How you can still be a virgin.” Vi said loudly causing Cassie to blush. “That was the 12th guy in the last hour that has made a pass at you, not counting all the ones that just stared at you. You are missing out.”

“I told you, chastity is considered a big deal where I come from. It’s one of our virtues.”

“Just keep telling yourself that when you get kidnapped for virgin blood for the third week in a row.”

“Don’t jinx me.”

Part 2


“A virgin.”

Cassie and Vi turned to look at the group of demons that seemed to appear out of nowhere. Cassie hit Vi in the arm. “You jinxed me you jerk.”

Vi pulled out a short sword from her back. “No wonder you kept shifting during the movie.” Cassie pulled out her phone.

“We don’t need help I can handle these guys.” Vi decapitated one demon.

“What about those guys?”


“What happens if we both get knocked out? I paged him but what if he can’t find us?”

“Tracking device in the butt.”

“…You better be talking about yourself.”

Part 3


“What is with this town?” Connor asked as he quickly killed the three demons surrounding a guy from his class. “It’s getting annoying the amount of virgins I have to save.”

Max sighed, “I really need to fix that. Seriously after last year. Freaking witches.”

Connor untied him, “You’re in the know?” He looked him over, “Do you have a girlfriend? Any plans to turn evil? Why are you still a virgin? What are you doing tonight?”

“Yes. No. No. Because. Nothing.” Max looked confused. “Why?”

“Any good with a sword?”

“Does an axe count?”

“Oh yeah.”

Connor’s phone rang.

Part 4


“It’s freaking huge!”

“Look out!”

“Don’t aim for the tentacles!”

“For the love God someone throw me the sword!”

There was a loud splat as the newly risen demon exploded over everything. Connor looked around before whispering to Vi, “Wow girl and guy virgin blood equals big demon.”

She nodded, “Really big.”

Max helped Cassie up off the floor, “Hi. I’m Max.”

“I’m Cassie.” She smiled at him.

“You want to go out sometime?”

“I think we just got rid of Cassie’s pesky little virtue problem.” Connor smiled.

“Please call it what it is.” Vi rolled her eyes. “A vice.”


The End?

You have reached the end of "Drabble to the Top" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Feb 09.

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